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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Split

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Split

Sienna Miller has confirmed her split from Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty.

“I’m single at the moment, and I’m completely happy with that,” she told Us Weekly Friday at the Hollywood Dominoes: VIP Launch in London. “It’s nice not to have a relationship that the press constantly want to scrutinize and discuss. I’m cool with being on my own.”

The couple went public with their romance back in July when Balthazar — who was married at the time — was photographed kissing a topless Sienna.

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  • LolaSvelt

    Shocker…lol. I think it’s best for Miller to stay single and keep a low profile for a while. That’s just my opinion. I admire her as an actress and I’m not really going to judge her as a person.

  • Sarah

    how intresting,
    wonder if that dude will ever get a girl again,after serena..

  • Karin

    Shocking. :D

  • LolaSvelt

    Don’t you mean Sienna? Someone’s a Gossip Girl fan. :)

  • lizzie

    She’ll be screwing someone by the New Year.

  • good for her

    Best decision on your part, Sienna. The guy is not worth all the trouble.

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    don’t know who these two are
    but that’s really sad :(

    i hate it when the press knows the relationship and tries to do everything in their power, just to get that information..then end up going too far and breaking the couple up.
    seriously low.
    and it’s even more sadder, when they have to go separate ways, not to get caught.
    OR brave enough to show’s also another reason.

    but if she’s happy being single..that’s cool
    being single rocks^^ :)
    and also, the press doesn’t bother you either way , cuz there’s nothing more to hide about love :P

  • xoxo

    shes a F-ing b**ch.. stay away from married men you whore…

  • xoxo

    shes a F-ing b**ch.. stay away from married men you whore…

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    i can’t believe she still dated someone who was already married at the time :S
    that seriously must suck =/

    AS i said before idk them personally.
    but ill just comment since it’s the first thing on here LOL:P

    he’s totally not worth it :P
    good job. you did the right thing.
    find someone who’s single. better looking. worth the heart & the right moment :)

  • RIa

    She’s already trying to hook up with Josh Hartnett and Olivier Martinez.

    She’ll be with the “love of her life” in another week.

  • naty

    I don not agree with what she did, getting involve with a married men, but I must admit that breaking up with this guy was the best thing that could of happened to her career.

  • alicia

    its the best decision she could have made

  • RIa

    Please. She’s just worried about her career.

  • Lexi

    Whose husband is she going to go after this time? Ladies, keep your sugar daddys locked up.

  • ???

    And??? This is news? I could’ve told JJ to write this story up and store it for when the formal announcement came. They’re both still skank hos, together or apart.



  • RIa

    Sienna meets “the love of her life” every 6 months.

    Watch out. she’ll be with another guy by the end of this week.

  • Nylah

    why blame everything on Sienna?
    it was Balthazar Getty who made the final decision of getting divorced and now look who’s all alone? moron! guys are so stupid!
    Team Sienna!
    you’re a great model for all women out there who are crying over their ex-es!!

  • not me

    That dude must be so depressed by now. went after a celebrity leaving wife and kids… now the celebrity is gone and he has no one. Good lesson to him. She is of course free to find some one to date.

  • whatever

    She really hasn’t got a clue, has she? She doesn’t seem able to stay away from a man (any man) for more than 5 minutes. I’m sure she’ll be wrapped around another one soon enough. Too bad she doesn’t apply more energy to her career.

  • mju8

    HAHAHAHA karma’s a bitch
    he probably realised what a HUGE mistake he made once he got sober.
    no-one expected them to last anyway
    sienna is a b i t c h for breaking up a family all for a stupid fling!
    let’s see which married man she goes after next…

  • alania

    seriously- an 8 year marriage destroyed for an 4-5 month fling??
    they’ve both shot their reputations to pieces, and it will take a VERY long time for people to forgive and forget

  • SF

    Stupid isn’t she? Ruining her career and her reputation by having relationship with a very married man for how long? Dumb woman.

  • Sculpture Of Caramel

    Hahahaha….. Lexi (#16) well say :D

    Girls it’s a good warning which Lexi gives you!!

    So lock up your men or Sienna the shark will fish your men!! :lol:

  • Chaucee

    Thank goodness. I’m sure tired of hearing about this couple. It’s disgusting what she did with him.

  • Ab

    Yeah, well, who didn’t see that coming? Hope the fling was worth it, Balty!

    On a semi related note, Rosetta Getty’s fashion label, Riser Goodwyn, just had a very successful launch of their new Riser line last week. Look for it in stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s this spring!

    Rosetta’s career has never been better. Balt’s career is in the toilet. LOL.

  • Shell

    Marrried woman of the world BEWARE!!!. Once again Sienna is on the hunt.

  • Michelle

    Sienna was seen partying with Leo at the Hollywood Dominoes club on Friday night. I don’t think she’s Leo’s type but maybe she was for just one night if you get my drift.

  • Ruth

    Is anyone seriously surprised by this? I just hope that she has learnt her lesson and won’t believe every single lie told her by a married man. And if it does happen, Sienna, then BE DISCREET. KEEP IT QUIET. DON’T GET CAUGHT NAKED ON THE FRONT PAGES!
    Women always take the flack for these things, men never.

    He is the Jerk of Jerks, the lowest of the low to humiliate his wife and family as he did in such a public way. Yuck….money doesn’t always equate class.

  • I am sienna

    I fucked a married man, now i am looking for another married man to fuck and have my fat breasts squeezed in public

    he just wouldn’t give me his money!

  • I am sienna

    i did blow jobs for him daily too!

  • I am sienna

    i am now ready to fuckk more men! I am so wonderful! I always get the married man!!! just like the whore i am

  • shea

    Who is surprised by this???? anyone??

    It figures all the Sienna lovers come out to say “she did the right thing” and blah blah blah…
    give me a break people…once a skank always a skank. She could have cared less that she broke Rhys’ heart and moved onto a married man so quickly and tramped around naked with him for the whole world to see (including his four little children!) Now she is crying the blues….I have absolutely NO sympathy for this woman.

  • More Idiocy

    What a self-important bimbo. Who cares? My God, now she’s issuing press releases when she stops boffing married men!

    You’ve always been single Sienna. crewing married men, Jude, Balthazar, etc, doesn’t take away your single status.

  • tammy

    He finally figured out his wife was just as hot as Sienna is.
    Sienna is a joke.
    All her movies stink.
    GETTY money is too smart to fall for her.

  • sandy

    her movies are shit…

    she’s a lousy actress…

    Keira Knightley on the other hand is a great actress.

  • sunseeker

    i honestly don’t think miller did the walking I think getty did not want to divorce just yet for whatever reason and if you look at the last photo of them in NYC getty is very detached, it’s miller that is hanging onto him. miller always was more involved than getty.

  • karen

    hmmmm…… its okay when angelina jolie did it, but not for sienna.. im a bit confused now.

  • chris

    What a waste of a marriage then considering he left his wife for her and they weren’t even together, what, 6 months?

  • chris

    By the way, sunseeker, I agree. In the photos I saw of them, Getty never seemed to look particularly happy.

  • RM

    Ah don’t worry Sienna I am sure there’s lots of other women’s husband you can seduce!

  • Bepbop111

    As if she is cool with being on her own!
    This girl is so obviously afraid of not being the centre of attention.. she craves it like we crave air for air, food or water. Without male attention how on earth could she function on a day-to-day basis?

    Let’s see her try to play “victim” in interviews, public appearances, phoney PR media releases – nobody is going to buy it!!
    The only victims in this whole thing are Rosetta and her children.

  • sienna milllaa

    No Sh*t, Sherlock?!?!?!!! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Snowhite

    She’s such a hoe

  • sunseeker

    miller has just signed a deal with BOSS for their new fragance, well I sure won’t buy any.

  • A

    what were the odds )
    poor Si.

  • J

    Poor Sienna, she couldn’t maintain this relationship because the big bad media wouldn’t leave her alone. Never mind the fact he was married with kids. Look for this skank to start playing the victim now, well until she moves onto the next man. So she’s ok with being single? Pity she didn’t realise that before she started screwing a married man with four innocent children.

  • Cunt

    Why use a fund raising event to announce her relationship split, I thought the event was to raise funds for Africa, she just has to be the centre attention even if it means overshadowing a charity event. Vacant Bitch.