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Casey Affleck: The Killer Inside Me

Casey Affleck: The Killer Inside Me

Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix take their two sons, Indiana, 4, and Atticus, 1, to the Los Feliz Public Library in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 33-year-old actor and Jessica Alba just teamed up with director Michael Winterbottom for The Killer Inside Me, an adaptation of a novel from noir author Jim Thompson.

According to THR, the story follows a West Texas sheriff (Affleck) and his downward spiral from a boring small-town cop into a ruthless, sociopathic murderer. Alba plays a prostitute.

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  • danielle

    his kids names are cute

  • phelps is the new hot

    he’s a brilliant actor

  • nice

    he is a great actor, but we hardly know much about him, i don’t know if that’s good or bad, he’s a cutie too, what a wonderful family, i would like to see more of him and Ben, Ben was hilarious on Saturday night live the other week, i hope people know that Casey is a celebrity in his own right, he well deserves it, good luck to both.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like enrique iglesias

  • Katie

    Jessica Alba in a Michael Winterbottom film? What’s next, Paris Hilton in the new Ken Loach. Jesus!

  • anne

    Jessica Alba plays a prostitute in the movie. Not a difficult role for her to play.

  • sofia

    Wife looks is average. Coolio! Hope their marriage will last, since it rarely last in Tinseltown


    To sofia:
    wife avergae! I think she’s gorgeous – looks like she’s wearing minimal, if any make up at all! She may not be dressed up to the nines but naturally I think she’s really pretty. If she’s average by your standards, you must be a stunner! Besides, I love it when celebs are married to normal people – and usually, correct me if i’m wrong but I think they have a higher rate of success?

  • beauti

    I agree with Daisy, his wife is gorgeous and whats without the makeup, imagen how she will look with makeup.. her eyes are amazing! they shine from far away.. and he youngest son seem to have got her eyes .. gorgeous!

  • Camille

    @ Daisy : she’s a normal person, yes, but also an actress and Joaquin Phoenix’s sister…

  • riley

    I love them! I think they are gonna last forever.
    Casey is such a talented actor, I hope we’ll see more of him in the future. But what has he done to his hair? ^^
    Summer is a natural beauty, she doesn’t need make-up at all.
    It’s a shame we haven’t seen her on screen for a long time. I liked her in Suzie Gold :)
    and the boys are so cute, the names are so beautiful.

  • junior

    Jessica Alba plays a prostitute in the movie. Not a difficult role for her to play [2].

    Casey is kinda hawt altough he’s much shorter than his brother.


    To camille – I knew that but she doesn’t seem like your avergae hoolywood celeb

  • Leena

    In the actual book the prostitute gets killed early on so she doesn’t act for very long

  • jen

    I just don’t understand why was Jessica Alba keep getting role. she was such a terrible actress, and was not even a box office draw, most movie with her as the leading role fail miserably in the market.

  • Katie

    A Michael Winterbottom is never going to be a box office hit, so that’s why casting Alba is so weird. It’s not cause he wants a hit. The man’s a serious indie avant-garde director, why the fuck would he cast a no talent ‘actress’ like Alba?

  • pop

    Casey comes off as a nice guy who wants a nice private life which equals death in Hollywood. He lacks one key ingredient that Ben has. Its the one quality that keeps Ben alive and thriving in Hollywood and that is CHARISMA and SEX APPEAL. For all the hate Ben gets, millions of women find him hot and are interested in him because of his charisma and sex appeal. You can’t buy it, make it, or ship it. You are BORN with it. Im sure Casey is talented in every other way but as for being a Box Office Draw, time will tell.

  • dooda!

    I think jessica alba sucks as an actress so this movie won’t be any good…plus, casey is ok but let’s face it…not that great himself (tries too hard I think)…he should have retired instead of Joaquin! Now that is a brilliant actor!

  • jughed

    looks like a normal family

    where’s the sizzle?

  • h.

    Casey was adorable in the ensemble (which included his brother) film, 200 Cigarettes. He was great in Drowning Mona even though he says it’s his worst film. =/ And he finally came into his own in Gone, Baby, Gone.

    Casey is an amazing actor. I’m glad to see everyone else is finally figuring that out.

  • lene

    Their kids are adorable. awww!

    Casey is HOT!

    and Summer is stunningly beautiful. wow.

  • Lara

    That’s right, stick t what you’re good at, Alba! Ah, because she can’t act.
    Affleck, on the ot her hand, is so great. Assassination of Jesse James, for example.


    Casey could teach his big brother how to dress… Ben use to dress wear shirts with his jeans .. And having Joaquin Pheonix as a brother in law is kind of interesting. Summer owns a store with Ben’s ex assistant..

    Wonder where they went before.. because Casey’s son Indiana is also wearing a tie..Love the untucked shirts

  • sueli

    I think Summer is beautiful like her siblings.

  • SofiaRocket

    How typical and pathetic – bullying sex symbol Jessica Alba and calling khm, average looking Summer a beauty. Envy, envy…


    The name of Summer’ s store and website is Some Odd Rubies..
    With Ben’s old assistant named Odessa Whitmore.. who also dated
    Matt Damon..

  • anoano

    Both Afflecks always look so grouchy and in a bad mood. Sheesh, we get it, you hate the paps, but would it kill them to smile or be pleasant once in awhile?! They look like they have mean tempers, like they have short fuses.

  • librarian

    What a beautiful family. Hooray for them for making a family visit to the public library. Summer is an immensely talented actress; I hope we’ll see her on screen in the future. I like both Affleck brothers, but Casey is clearly the superior actor. He’s almost as good as Joaquin, but Joaquin is really in a league of his own.

  • Camille

    @ Daisy : ok sorry ! I agree.

  • Adoring Fan

    Wow! Another beautiful Affleck Family. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the whole family out. I love how both he and his brother Ben married women who are naturally beautiful and are not afraid to appear in public without tons of makeup and hairdos that look like they just stepped out of the beauty salon. So real and refreshing. The Affleck brother have got some strong genes too. All the kids bear a strong resemblance to each other, including but not limited to cousin Violet. Indiana is looking so much like Casey. I adore them.

  • LolaSvelt

    I wish Jessica Alba wasn’t going to be in The Killer Inside Me. Her acting is so stale.

  • Hillary

    casey looks like crap and he speaks with a boston accent, it sounds like he has marbels in his mouth. At least he doesn’t drool like his brother ben notice when ben speaks he has all this saliva on his mouth. At least he is the better actor of the two!

  • Liz

    Casey doesn’t look like crap at all. He looks fine and Summer is far from average. The reason Jessica Alba gets hated on is simply because she can’t act not to do with her looks. Nothing typical or pathetic, just the truth. What the heck is “khm”? And Casey looks nothing like Enrique Iglesias. Jughed what do you mean by sizzle? It’s nice to see a normal looking family in Hollywood. As for the person talking about how Ben dresses, he dresses as he wants, why do you care how a complete stranger dresses? Anoano do you know them personally to talk about their tempers or short fuses? Try being followed by paps and giving that advice.

  • 35

    WHY?!?!? He can’t be in a movie with Alba, I think he is great, but she just brings every movie she is in way down.

  • Cassie

    Pop — That is only your opinion about him. Many women think that Casey is attractive and has sex appeal in a non-traditional way and charisma. You don’t know that’s the reason why Ben has made many movies.

  • evie

    Casey is a good actor but he will probably get better as time progresses. Summer Phoenix is very beautiful and a natural one! She is luckily by no means a typical Hollywood bimbo and is much more beautiful than Alba and other Hollywood tramps want to be actresses!! They both scored and have beautiful children!

    I can see why certain people retire from Hollywood because they are sick of the bullshit and crap being made and it truly shows when talentless actresses like Alba keep getting roles… There is much more talent out there, Rachel Mcadams, Cate Blanchette, Kate Winslet and so many others who are much more beautiful than most of them!

  • arsen12

    i am sick of you people saying alba is a bad actress, u all jsut tlak shit thats it she is actually a great actress and very beautiful and talented and has a better life that all u people who talk shit aobut her

  • Jay1991

    man jessica alba is hot she should try modeling:)
    she is good at what she does if she wasnt ppl wouldnt hire her
    so there for stfu loser ass ppl. u jealous cus ur not famous but holes:)

  • Elena

    Casey is like, the best actor ever!
    he’s so hot too.