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Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Escape 2 Africa

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Escape 2 Africa

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston catch a late-night showing of the animated film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa on Friday night in Burbank, Calif.

The 15-year-old starlet will be performing in the 82nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on November 27th on the lead float with American Idol finalist David Archuleta.

The Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season is now on DVD. You can pre-order the sparkly box set from The four-disc DVD box set is loaded with must-see bonus features, a visit to Miley‘s hometown, and lots of guest stars including Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, and Cody Linley.

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  • .

    i really hate him with her cuz hes so old n seems like hes fame hungry miley DITCH HIM pleaseeeeeee #1?

  • T.I

    ew! i hate her outfit..she looks bad this time i like justin he’s hot ;)

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    yayy ashley <3♥♥
    miley is great love her 2 =)

  • .

    well hes old FOR her

  • Disgusting

    Aw, look, the pedophile takes his prey to see a cartoon. This is disgusting.

  • amyy

    i like her but im not rlii sure about him though.. (:
    but she looks pretty there ! :)

  • Yasmin

    aah eles tão fofos <3 MILEY.

  • JJ



  • Anna

    she looks so pretty:)

  • AJ

    she’s wearing a ring on her left ring finger

  • adri

    she looks fugly, as usual

  • Anonymous

    she’s wearing a ring on her left ring finger
    Yes. It’s her purity ring.

  • diama

    they’re cute

  • MileyFan

    their a cute couple
    if ur a real fan you would just be happy that she’s happy
    anyway love Miley!
    & he’s hot!

  • pup

    now that’s just sick.

  • beauti

    She looks happy with him =)

    Aww puppy love <3

  • amy the lovely

    EWWW they look like a big brother with is sister
    It’s DEFINITELY not Hot at all

    And BY THE WAY Miley u r freakin rich go get a fashion coach or somehin’ DAMN

  • LolaSvelt

    Bítch is trying to be politically correct. She probably snuck out and went to the pórno cinema, instead.

  • Mileyyyfann!

    There very cute togetherr..
    Miley is gorgeous but the outfit isntt.
    She has tooo much on.
    Its tooo muchh..It doesnt look good.
    It makes her look chubby.
    And her bangs make her face look like a circlee.
    Its okk mileyy..You have better outfits

  • marisa

    miley- what happened to you?
    you used to be my role model. now you have a 20 year-old boyfriend and your image has totally changed. you dress too old for your age and i can no longer look up to you. you have really let me down. how can you date a guy that’s 5 years older? that’s just sick. not so much on your part, but on justin’s too. He could seriously be your brother, miley. i just think the whole thing is sad. once you get a reputation like that, you can’t get rid of it. so thanks miley for letting me down. i can no longer be inspired by you.

  • jo

    Ummm. She is FULL clothed. Most 15 year olds at your local high school are doing worse than you could ever imagine.
    Wow, a quiet evening at a movie theatre- she is soooo rebellious.

    Leave this girl alone. It’s not about the guy’s age, it’s about the GUY, and from what I have heard, he’s pretty great.

    She is doing just fine.

  • .

    #20 i feel the same way and #14 if YOU were a real fan u would be concerned because this guy is an adult!!!! she is a minor if u were a real fan u would see that this is terribly wrong and care enough for her to see that this isnt alright if u were a real fan u would go beyond seeing that she is happy and notice what he does to her image so please dont start with the “if u were a REAL fan” bull cuz ur WRONG and this relationship is WRONG

  • kate

    And YES that is a purity ring, which she has been wearing since the age of 12.

    Apparently, he has one tatooed on.

    People need to let this girl LIVE. So, she met Justin and they liked each other.. why should she hold back if he’s a good guy?? Let her be happy.

  • .

    #21 stop comparing her to most 15yr olds ALL 15yr olds are not in the spotlight she is not like the rest of us she has millions of fans looking up to her and age stops being more than just a number when youre an adult!!!!

  • dd

    this MAN needs to be put in jail she is a CHILD and her parents need to be in jail with him this is soooooooo SICK

  • tia

    hahahahahah they went to see madagascar! lmfao! its like hes her babysitter!

  • michelle

    i love miley! bt i wish she was still dating nick!

  • lizz

    love her outfit.

  • urgrl

    miley look lik a old ladyyy
    dey really dont go 2gethrrr

  • LuckyL

    No longer a virgin

  • kate

    #21 stop comparing her to most 15yr olds ALL 15yr olds are not in the spotlight she is not like the rest of us she has millions of fans looking up to her and age stops being more than just a number when youre an adult!!!!

    So!? Just because she is in the spotlight does not make her superhuman. No one should expect any differently of her than they would any other teenager. It’s just not fair. It’s stupid.
    Kids role models should be thier parents. Miley should be allowed to live her life. Mistakes and all.

  • jen

    you really think they are actually a couple? shes gonna be seen w/ this guy until HM the movie comes out that way she will be on blogs like this and in the news. Plus the new season of HM is starting right now. Other disney people do it too not just her she goes to more well known places than them and i think her picture is worth more.

  • Nick :]

    up ; )

  • leighton meester

    Can she brush her hair?
    & her outfit is eww.
    But Justin’s haute as always !



  • qwerty

    I don’t care if he was a good guy or not. I wouldn’t care if he was 20 and she was 18. I wouldn’t care if he was 40 and she was 32. But at 15, she is really fragile, whether she is in the spotlight or not. She is at her most vulnerable point, and someone in her life needs to step in and say, “Hey, Miley, you are 15, and you need to start looking out for your best interest. Dating a 20 year old is only going to get you into trouble.”

    I don’t really care if they wear purity rings or not. A purity ring obviously hasn’t stopped her from taking half naked pictures of herself and sending them to her boyfriend. Someone in her life, (Mandy or Brandi) needs to serve her a reality check and start looking out for her safety.

    Imagine if a 10 year old were dating 15 year old. That 10 year old would be in a lot of danger. She would be completely overpowered physically, mentally, and sexually.

    Miley and Justin have the same age difference. And look at Justin… he is not a small guy. He’s almost a foot taller than her, muscley, and not worried about bearing it all. He knows what he’s got, and he knows how to use it. There is no way that this guy is a virgin, and if someone does not give Miley a major intervention fast, she’s gonna see her career go straight down the tubes in the eyes of a teenage mother.


    EW David Archuleta has the share the float with this old hag?

    Poor David :(

  • alllthegossip
  • .

    #31 i think its appropriate at this time to say ur a complete idiot no she should not be compared to most 15yr olds she is a STAR nobody cares who u THINK kids should look up to a lot look up to her!! yes she can make mistakes but this one is completely avoidable ur looking at this in a diff perspective than me i know how the industry works n if she keeps going down this road her career will be OVER

  • .

    no disney channel star should date a 20yr old MAN r u serious??? her image is trashed

  • junior

    EWWW. I can’t stand this fuckin cunt! The guy is a famewhore but he’s sooo haute!

  • mandy

    miley cyrus is awesome
    and if my boyfriend looked like that
    i will probably be the luckiest girl ever

  • amy

    No longer a virgin


    she has a purity ring
    can’t u see it

  • LMS

    David Archuleta is way too good for Miley! He’s such a nice humble kid and she is so…not. Why do they keep trying to throw them together? I am pretty open minded but I would never let any 15 year old girl that I cared about date a 20 year old guy, period. He could be the nicest guy in the world and a complete gentleman but it’s just not worth the risk. She needs to grow up a lot before she is ready for a real relationship and everything that comes with it so I hope for her sake, her parents put an end to this nonsense. It’s just…icky.

  • sama

    defff not my business & I really likeeee miley!! Butttt you gotta wonder if they’re “youu knowww.. doing it” lol how much cuddling could a 20yr old do with a 15yr and everntually not want more? But I dont know him nor do I know her.. but it makes ya wonder.

    Perez Hilton just posted pics of her saying shes gotta be on birth control bc her face is heavier.. Im on it and I never had that problem ever so I don’t think he should say that — idk what to think.. what do u think??!!!

  • Kristen

    This is such a ridiculous pairing. How in the hell can a 20-year-old feel right dating a 15-year-old? I’m only 18, and I can’t even imagine dating a 15-year-old! What does someone who doesn’t live with their parents, has to be independent, has finished high school, etc, have in common with a kid who still lives under their parents’ thumb, has handlers, is still in school, and is so much less mentally mature? He must feel like he’s talking to an idiot.

  • Jitrew

    they don’y look like a couple. from the body language it just looks like they’re friends!

  • Edie

    Miley Cyrus’ parents need to be investigated by social services- first allowing her to pose topless for Vanity Fair (I don’t care that it was only her back) and now allowing her to date a 20-year-old man. A true fan would care that this girl is obviously not being protected the way a 15-year-old KID should be protected. It doesn’t matter that she’s famous; she actually needs MORE protection because of that. This whole thing is just horrible. In 20 years, she’ll have quite the book to publish.

  • lainey

    Bad hair day, much? She looks like her hair is wet, like she stood under a shower and just let her hair hang.

  • bond007

    love miley