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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Have The Perfect Family

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Have The Perfect Family

Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner drop off their two-year-old daughter Violet Affleck at school in Santa Monica on Monday morning.

Later in the day, Jennifer, 36, and Violet had their own little adventure as they stopped by The Rehwold Chapel in Los Angeles.

Jennifer‘s former co-star and close friend of the family, Victor Garber, told OK! Magazine that he’s very happy about the new addition to their growing family: “I’m very excited about the new child and I just love spending time with them. They’re a great family.”

10+ pictures of Ben, Jennifer and Violet being the “perfect family”…

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ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 01
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 02
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 03
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 04
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 05
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 06
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 07
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 08
ben jennifer violet affleck perfect 09

Credit: VAH/ZNK; Photos: FamePictures
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  • super fan ashley

    They are really cute.
    Perfect family!!!

  • anon

    Now this is a sweet family, with a happy, glowing little girl! Such a stark contrast to the crazy Cruises with their sadd little Suri.

  • Cassie

    Violet is adorable! ^_^

  • rmpc

    if they are the “perfect family”….how come you never see Ben smiling in any of the pics ????

  • Lizzy-Starr

    What a cute family. Can’t wait to see the new addition.

  • Lizzy-Starr

    rmpc — Because he hates the paps. You only don’t see him smiling when they are around. You don’t see him 24/7. He almost attacked the paps a few weeks ago.

  • brenda

    Violet is such a happy looking child who seems to have a lot of personality. It was funny to hear her talking to the paps on a video from a while ago.

  • AMy

    They ARE an adorable family!

    Also, I think it’s Victor Garber – not Garner.

  • Laura

    Ben is the perfect father because he is a protective father. I’m postive he hates the fact they follow him on weekend outings and camp out at his daughter’s school. Its ridiculous when you think about it. There really SHOULD be a law against greasy, ugly men (and women) hanging out right outside a school.

  • Ci-Ci

    There were actually some photos of Ben smiling on another gossip site taken yesterday. You only get some of the many pap photos taken during the time on here and each site.

    They seem like a cute, tight-knit little family.

  • ben’s fan

    Ben’s a cutie and funny at the same time, i miss him acting, i think he’s a great actor, the new comers of actors are shallow, and untrained, not believable, what a beautiful family Ben has.

  • godzillaxoxo1234

    love them

  • Skylar

    I remember that video you’re referring to when he got angry and the paps were getting in Violet’s face. I think that’s why he usually makes sure to walk in front of her so that they don’t get too close.

  • Laura

    Yes, its victor GARBER not GARNER. He is not family, only a friend and former co=worker. By the way, I have nothing against ugly men and women per se, they should just not be allowed to TAKE PICTURES outside schools.

  • Jane

    Jen looks like she is about to burst. She’ll probably be having the baby really soon.

  • n

    shes only 2?! i think she looks about 5!

  • Jane

    The schools should have rules against having the paps on school property. The paps have taken pictures of other celeb kids at school too.

  • Milly

    Yeah, n she does look tall. It’s funny in the other photos she looked younger. I guess it was just the lighting.

  • Claire

    She’ll be turning 3 next month.

  • deb

    I totally agree. There a beautiful and happy family, and that gorgeous violet is her moms twin it amazing!

  • Heather-Angel

    The older Vi gets the more she looks like her mom. It would be cool if the next baby is a boy.

  • Heather-Angel

    By the way I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I think Jen is pretty and Violet looks like her little clone. I wonder if they have a boy if he will look like Ben.

  • Marie

    Both of Violet’s parents are tall so she’ll probably be tall too. You can tell already!

  • Karla

    Love them. One of the few celeb families that seem normal.

  • kelly

    i think they’re the best family in hollywood…surpried some of u crazies are not bashing them and saying jolie-pitts are the best.
    go on go ahead..bash i give a f*ck

  • Lainey

    Kelly, they have been bashed before by some people, mainly the same few people changing their user names or Lopez fans. I guess they’re taking the day off. LOL. Then again everyone gets bashed on here.

    They’re one of my fav. families in Hollywood too.

  • Lainey

    And I don’t have anything against Lopez, it’s just that some of her obsessive fans always come on Garner/Affleck posts just to spew their hatred and it’s annoying since they type the same things.

  • Kbax

    How refreshing that everyone has something nice to say! Kudos!

    They really are a lovely family, and you can tell they work very hard at keeping things “normal”.

    It must be frightening to always have people mobbing you outside of your home and your child’s school. No wonder he doesn’t smile – when it comes to protecting his daughter and wife.

    Ben is such a cutie – he’s looking mighty fine these days, and how sexy is he as a daddy!?

  • Cassie

    I agree so much Lainey! They need to give it a rest. Jen Lopez is married with a family and happy and so is Ben… so there’s no problem. If you’re not a fan of someone what is the point in looking at pictures of them anyways? Just scroll past. Only my two cents… though.

    What a cute family. Violet is always smiles.

  • Cassie

    And what a nice change it is when there aren’t negative comments. Such a nicer place to be without negativity and bickering.

  • Rita

    Such a cute little family. I enjoy seeing pictures of them.

  • ali

    they make a beautiful family!

  • Rain

    Jen is probably due any day now. Another member to this cute family.

  • boogie

    they seem like a normal celebrity family.

    Violet is cute and always looks happy.

  • Hailey

    Violet is such a cutie.

  • Hailey

    I like how they dress casual.

  • Bree

    A celeb family that I actually like looking at photos of. Nice to see Violet looking happy as usual.

  • Daisy

    Violet is a little ray of sunshine. :)

  • deb

    # 30 Cassie @ 11/10/2008 at 10:29 pm And what a nice change it is when there aren’t negative comments. Such a nicer place to be without negativity and bickering.

    Hi Cassie
    oh how i totally agree what a beautiful family. and nothing happens its magic!

  • Cassie

    Hey Deb,
    Thanks for agreeing. It’s a nice change from some of the constant arguments I see going on, on other posts. Especially on the Aniston/Jolie posts. I couldn’t help but notice your posts on the John Mayer topic and how negative the people are over there. I wouldn’t bother responding to them. Yikes!

  • WhosDat

    do you know what jennifer garner wanted to be instead of an actress?

  • sUSAN


  • Susan

    If they were normal violet wouldn’t be going to pre school with an entourage that includes a bodyguard, an assistant and her wacko and jacko parents. if they were normal they wouldn’t exploit violet to keep themselves famous. If you want to see a normal family have a look at julia roberts but don’t expect to see pictures of her children, she never lets the paparazzi photograph them unlike jennifer garner and ben affleck.

  • buckeyegurl

    Love them! Such a sweet family.

  • Penn Vadgely

    Good to see Jenn never forgets to call the pappis when she goes out with her daughter. Shameless fame seeker, leave your child out of it

  • Reesefan

    I thought Reese had the perfect family too, but then she got divorced. Jennifer Garner and her husband Affleck will too one day.

  • MR

    Why are we seeing pictures of this child too often? I have nothing against them; but we don’t need to see her pics almost every day.

    Is it because she’s cute and paps are standing by at her school?

  • anna

    I love the picture of this family, thanks jared

  • Adoring Fan

    Gee, I almost missed the love fest. I was on another site and saw this and I just had to get my two cents in. Everybody knows how much I adore this beautiful family. I say scat to the few miserable guys trying to rain on this parade, you are so pathetic. Get lost in a s.h.i.t. storm. Thanks Jared for these lovely photos.

  • Rebecca

    It’s always the same with them, Jennifer and Violet are smiling for the paparazzi but Ben looks like he wishes he was living another life. They look like a couple who are together but emotionally are worlds apart. These pictures show that the only attention Jennifer gets is from Violet and the paparazzi.