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Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Farm House Happy

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Farm House Happy

Hayden Christensen and girlfriend Rachel Bilson go up a construction boom lift and check in on the progress of the new farmhouse they are having built in Uxbridge, Ontario on Sunday.

Accompanying the couple in Canada was Hayden‘s mom, Alie. The trio then went to the bank and then did some early Christmas shopping.

“I recently acquired a farm north of Toronto,” Hayden has said. “And I just bought a big excavator and a dump truck and a bobcat – construction toys. I plan to start building soon. I can’t wait to go out there and move dirt and get my hands dirty. It’s currently a hay farm, but I want it to be a working farm. I want to fill the barn with livestock. First pigs, then cattle and horses. Get some sheep, some goats. Maybe an alpaca.”

He has also spoken of planting lavender fields: “It doesn’t require much maintenance, but apparently it’s a b—- to harvest, because you have to cut it all by hand.”

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Credit: Todd G; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • a

    team rachel

  • b

    team rachel

  • Frankie

    Seeing her at LAX the other day gave me false hope that we may have at least 3 Rachel Bilson free days, but no it seems like you really do have an obsession.
    Just be done with it and call your site “Just Rachel” – stop faking it and pretending this is a gossip site.

  • Wendy

    omggg she is soo cute

  • jenny

    sooo cute all huddled up

  • done

    fvck them!

  • anne

    That’s the new name of this site

  • Smilehexe

    See a new thread is up, about the farm… another “coincidence” event to get a further thread for… And don’t tell me Bilson alone has such good contact to the Canadian paps, or that L.A.-paps traveled after them.
    HC is fully in with her, case closed.

  • not again

    maybe hayden is into kids? she sure looks like one. i cant see a brain dead cali girl being there. her voice is cringing!!

  • done

    of all the women out there….why? seriously

  • Christine

    She certainly is cute..keep on posting jared!!!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Hey Smilehexe!
    How did I know there would be again another thread of the two love birds?! Hayden alway’s preaching how private he is and he loved the purchase of his farm b/c that was his sanctuary! Oh yeah right?! He is media wh*ring and long with Bilson on his farm. God! The two must need the money or something. Well. Look at all the expensive farm toy’s Hayden has purchased.

    Indeed they are an item and this is so stupid. They have been together for quite sometime and now to all the sudden come out? Oh well. Those two belong in the cold. Both are as cold as ice! :lol: I mean I don’t see a lot of huggy kissy still. I bet the sex between them is like gone in 60 seconds. :lol:

  • cew

    Smilehexe, I’m finally agreeing with you.

  • done

    we wouldnt see anything of hayden up there if it wasnt for RB.

  • cew

    At this point, I think he enjoys it as much as she does. I’m done defending him.

  • done

    Im just confused how he deals with her annoying voice and simple words”like…totally” “awesome” come on! i garantee he hasnt had to much a$$. a man acts like this when he is inexperienced. he fears loosing her. there are plenty of good women on there, he just gets attached to costars and women who give it up easy

  • done

    im not defending him anymore. he cleary has lost his mind. he isnt the hayden he used to be. thanks soul sucking RB, now go suck someone elses life from them!!! latch onto another guy you can use

  • Anon

    I love Rachel Bilson so no complaints from me!!! This sounds serious. As in maybe they will get married. They are old enough and they’ve been together for a while now.

    I think it’s cool Hayden wants to develop a working farm in Canada.
    Fifteen or so years from now, it might be the smartest thing he ever did. Things look pretty bad for the environment and the economy is in the crapper and it is affecting the entire world. It is a scarey time. Running off to a farm in Canada isn’t such a bad idea.

  • Smilehexe

    @#13 – Gasol_fan16
    Hi dear! :-) Check your mail-account please. Tried to answer your other post but couldn’t?

    @#14 – cew
    Nice of you, but it would please me even more if I knew where we know each other from? Sorry but I don’t recognize your ID…

    @#15 – done
    Open your eyes and stop blaming just the girl. He is fully involved, otherwise not one of all these things were ever possible to happen.
    He even covered her up with sightings in L.A. during the week she was filming somewhere else recently, it’s so very obvious what’s going on here. I cannot understand that some people are STILL in denial. Sigh. What more proof do you need?

    You know what? There’s a German saying: Better an ending with a horror than a horror without ending.
    Please stop seeing everything through pink glasses and admit to yourself that you have been fooled by HC. Hurts for a while, but afterwards you feel free. Trust me, gone through this experience myself. And took the lesson with me not to ever become a real fan of anybody ever again. These people are far off, like living in another world which has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Enjoy watching the movies of the ones you like, and forget everything private about them. They are so not worth it.

  • l

    I’m a Hayden fan but this is just disturbing. I thought his farm was his haven away from pap and such. Is she really going to live in Canada? It looks so cold there already and she is from LA. Sh**, I don’t know what to think of Hayden now.

  • done

    i cant stand either one of them. hayden did this to himself. he has only dated costars except 1 g/f prior to getting famous. he has no clu how a real lady should be. i bet she bitches about the dirt on her precious designer boots

    why do people love her? seriously? she has no talent and is annoying

  • otelia

    it is getting serious with these two

  • done

    he allowed himself to gt sucked into hollywood;something i feared when i first saw him in those SW interviews.

    i wil admit, i watched her on youtube with adam her ex, they look great together; they compliment each other. i also notice she likes to hit guys…physically hit them. i remember her saying it was fun to hit hayden………kind of weird to me. i dont see how hitting someone is enjoyable. perhaps some sort of validation technique.

    I will admit when a woman looks good with H. RB doesnt, sienna didnt, Nat did. he looks good with educated, sophisticated, classy women. not a brain dad twit surfer girl

  • pri

    They will get married!

  • aure

    Hayden talked a lot about his farm in talkshows, so i doubt it is very private for him. Hayden is with her, maybe you should ask him why he loves her?

  • curb1510

    I love the fourth picture…Hayden looks like a complete hoser. Hey, I’m aloud to say that, I’m Canadian.

  • done

    rb has been eluding to that. including kids. one of 2 things: since H is inexerienced in relationships, he will deal with a bad relationship if it ever got to be bad. fear of loosing her OR
    He will (hopefully) open his damn eyes and meet a real woman! but he wouldnt leave her until he was fed up and someone else came along. i have seen this many times in many people

  • Smilehexe

    I think he is just as silly as she is – he has to be in order to stand her… that’s why he can deal with her limited vocabulary (and everything else).
    And for reaching the “plenty of good women out there” he would have to lift his lazy a$$ first – which won’t happen. That’s why he hooks up with co-stars: It’s easy and needs no effort, so: Just his thing.

    @#19 – Anon
    I agree that the farm itself is a wonderful idea, and especially in these times, as you say. I just doubt that this particular guy will ever make something of it, and I doubt even more that a RB is ever ready to share her life there with him. She loves L.A. (especially the attention she gets there very easily, and the shopping availabilities, clearing my throat) far too much.
    But as his acting career is over anyway, the farm might be his last chance. I just don’t believe he has in him what it would need to make it successful. He’s neither bright, nor efficient, nor has any other “business man quality”, and a farmer has to be an organizer and “manager” as well. He does not even know the slightest about farming yet, although many years he could have taken the time to learn something about it.

  • nina

    This is what you get being a celebrity,I am afraid this is only the beginning. But they are not that naive, hayden is surely very much aware of this.But, i am still a fan.

  • o brother

    He looks bad these days, has this ugly look to him, gross and disgusting. He is NOT going to farm, knows NOTHING about farming, doesn’t even live at the farm more than a few weeks out of the year (rest of the time in LA or Bahamas.) If there ever is a working farm there it will be because he’s hired someone else to do it and he will have contributed NOTHING.

    HC’s acting days are over. He’s too big of a drug addict to be a serious anything. All he can do now is **** RB and inseminate her babies (if he can, if the drugs, alcohol and tobacco haven’t killed his sperm count.) He is a press/media wh*** just like she is and they totally deserve each other.

  • done

    he is willing to give up his privacy….WOW he is whipped like a dog

  • cew

    Smilehexe, I only know you from here.

  • done

    i think he will see this farming thing through. he is determined.
    drugs? i would never make such an alligation.

    i think they both are insecure. Natalie didnt like him that way, jessica alba would have done the same if she was single when they worked togther. he lowers his standards and settles with any costar willing to. oh yeah and sienna used him and dumped him. Rb was on the rebound with adam and needed new dick. this is a formula i have seen before. like i said, they will endure it even when it gets shitty just because they fear loosing this person because they are sheltered. OR if they manage to get fed up and meet another person, then they will move on. Trust me an insecure man will do ANYTHING to keep his woman, even have kids

  • lou

    I try to avoid reading comments when there are posts from these two, but one thing that strikes me as funny is how HC’s fans blame Rachel on him becoming Hollywood and being photographed all the time.

    The way I see it this is all him. He fell in love, follows her around everywhere and sold her the Canada idea very well. She’s from California and prior to Hayden all she could talk about was how much she loved spending time with her family. Her friends and her entire family, mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and her little sisters. Somehow, when she met him she forgot all about that to get herself holled up in a cold place most of the time, because as much as he follows her around, she does more of it. She stays in LA so little time and frankly I don’t think one can get enough time through these visits to be with your family and friends enough.

    So, to me, she got sucked in Hayden world because I -as her fan- do admit she is naive and looks like someone who is easily influenced. I’m guessing if someone had asked her before meeting Hayden if she would like to live in a cold farm most of the year she would have probably shot the idea down immediately. I’ve seen her change since she got together with him and this is obviously just through interviews and what she has to say in them. She’s not the girl she was before, she is an entire new person. I do know how Hayden fans feel when they read what he has to say or watch him getting photographed. I got nothing against his fans because I’m one of them but on the Rachel side. We both got disappointed by our favorite actors. I’ve decided not to read anymore of her interviews, just pictures where she is alone and once again I avoid reading comments from sites. But, sometimes, I sort of fall of the wagon and read them again. Believe me for me it’s hard because I liked her so much because she seemed so sweet and her mind seemed to be set of right. It’s not longer like that, she’s now cranky most of the time and different all together. I guess I will eventually get over it all. I hope Hayden’s fans will to.

  • hey guys,

    Why are you so disappointed? This has been going on for almost two years. She has been there a couple of times. It was very obvious that they have been dating. You were denying it, now it is very clear, and it is even getting serious. Get over it.

  • Smilehexe

    @#31 – o brother
    I agree to everything you’ve said, except the drug issue, as there is no proof for it (yet).
    I do hope nature is selective enough to spare those two with children, for whatever reason, as they are both like kids in their minds themselves and surely not able to raise a child well. This would be a very poor being, pulled into limelight and not learning any real value in life except that “money and fashion rule”. So I really hope nature shows some consideration in this case.

    @#33 – cew
    Thanks for the answer. Well then, hello! :-)

  • lou

    I’m sorry but if the denying thing was directed to me, then you’re wrong. I knew they were together from the first pictures of them in LA when she was feeding him something. I was actually the one laughing when people around here would say: how can you prove they are together?
    It was alway too obvious to me and I got it a long time ago.

  • Smilehexe

    @#35 – lou
    Where have you been living during the past one and a half years? He spends all his time in L.A. and Bahamas for her, not seeing his family. JFYI. In Canada they are not more than about four weeks a year. Ts, ts…

    As a former HC-fan I don’t listen to/read anymore what he has to say now, so I cannot answer that question. He surely does not live up to what he has stated in earlier days, that I can tell for sure.

    @#36 – hey guys,
    I have never denied they are together. I saw that pretty soon, and it opened my eyes very well who HC is, together with all the bad things he’s done during the past few years (it started already before RB). Concerning his actions, she’s not the one to blame, but he is.

  • hey guys,

    my comments are only for those who were in denials, no offense

  • pri

    39) Smilehexe:

    If you are no longer a fan of Hayden what are you doing here?

    sorry my english, I’m brazilian

  • kate

    Bilson is an awful person, has no integrity, she is also not beautiful, just cute and has absolutely no talent or intellect or brains SO who would fall for her? Hayden !

  • Smilehexe

    @#30 – nina
    This is not the beginning, but the ENDING – of HC’s career. LOL

    @#40 – hey guys,
    I didn’t feel offended, just wanted to set the record straight. Don’t worry, okay?

    @#41 – pri
    When has this become a fan board? Did I miss something? As I entered here the last time it was still a public gossip board, free for both, positive and negative opinions.
    I’m here because I know many of the girls around here and try to understand what more it takes for them to finally wake up too concerning this guy.
    I’m here because I’ve been a fan of HC for six long years and there is no other celebrity I know as much about. And as I do not like to talk about things I’m not well informed about, I stay around here. That’s all.

  • lou

    I’m glad to see you and I think someone else saying his bad actions started already before Rachel. I’m not his fan so I’m glad people who actually know more of him from the past are honest enough to admit that he is not doing well with alcohol and such, and other things too.
    And about our opinions about each of them keeping each other away from their families… Well we can both have our opinions about it. One thing that is clear is that if they spend all of time in the Bahamas that’s all about them not caring about each others families. Unless they have taken members of their family with them, which I don’t know if it’s true or not.

  • cew

    Hi Smilehexe!

  • done

    true smilie, we dont see him much with his family anymore. gosh havent seen tove in forever. we used to see him all the time with family especially tove. they are isolating themselves from the world. this is dangerous becuse once the novelty of the relationship wears, they are in a bad relationship and feeling stuck and have deserted their loved ones. so they stay with that person.
    thats how i see it

    thank you everyone for being respectful to each other =) nice to see that. i love talking on here when you can actually talk without getting

  • pri


    Just Jated is public you know

  • Smilehexe

    @#43 – lou
    Heard he had Tove (his brother) and a sister of him with him at the Bahamas once. But there were no pictures as proof (from the siblings).
    Generally I have the impression that all his “family-talk” was just as made up as many other things he had claimed during the years.

    I cannot tell about his alcohol use. I know he drank a little too much sometimes (e.g. his 23rd birthday) but if that’s become a problem I cannot tell. And I don’t want to start rumors like that without any solid proof.
    What I can say is that he has changed a lot, his behavior in general. He doesn’t seem just half as intelligent as he always was described before, his actions just don’t fit. He’s been lying in many cases, and he made a habit of backing out on long set events at the last minute, disappointing his fans. His acting ability has literally vanished. He’s become very arrogant and he always takes the easiest way which does not need any work or effort from his side. He starts many projects but never finishes one of them (e.g. the farm, flying lessons etc.). That’s how I would describe him in a few words. ;-)

  • done

    5th one down, its jenn!! she has kaylen as her friend. im suprised rb doesnt plaster herself all over the social sites

  • pri


    just because he’s dating you is no longer a fan of it, has to be really stupid to believe that one day he would be with you. hehe …
    To my knowledge no fan abandons his idol at a difficult time in his career