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High School Musical 3 Premieres in Australia

High School Musical 3 Premieres in Australia

Ashley Tisdale (in Camilla and Marc) and Vanessa Hudgens (in BCBG Max Azria) sandwich in Zac Efron (in Arthur Galan) at the the premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year at the Greater Union George Street cinemas on Monday in Sydney, Australia.

The trio was accompanied by director Kenny Ortega, who said, “I never would have thought this film would have had the global reach it has. I wept my eyes out on our final scene when the curtain came down. I had that bitter-sweet moment parents have when they send their kids off to college. I do fear for them because it’s a fickle industry and there’s lots of traps. But I have great confidence … that they are going to make good decisions and stay around for a minute.”

35+ pictures inside of High School Musical 3 premiering in Australia…

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high school musical 3 australia premiere 01
high school musical 3 australia premiere 02
high school musical 3 australia premiere 03
high school musical 3 australia premiere 04
high school musical 3 australia premiere 05
high school musical 3 australia premiere 06
high school musical 3 australia premiere 07
high school musical 3 australia premiere 08
high school musical 3 australia premiere 09
high school musical 3 australia premiere 10
high school musical 3 australia premiere 11
high school musical 3 australia premiere 12
high school musical 3 australia premiere 13
high school musical 3 australia premiere 14
high school musical 3 australia premiere 15
high school musical 3 australia premiere 16
high school musical 3 australia premiere 17
high school musical 3 australia premiere 18
high school musical 3 australia premiere 19
high school musical 3 australia premiere 20
high school musical 3 australia premiere 21
high school musical 3 australia premiere 22
high school musical 3 australia premiere 23
high school musical 3 australia premiere 24
high school musical 3 australia premiere 25
high school musical 3 australia premiere 26
high school musical 3 australia premiere 27
high school musical 3 australia premiere 28
high school musical 3 australia premiere 29
high school musical 3 australia premiere 30
high school musical 3 australia premiere 31
high school musical 3 australia premiere 32
high school musical 3 australia premiere 33
high school musical 3 australia premiere 34
high school musical 3 australia premiere 35

Credit: Robert Wallace/WENN; Photos: Don Arnold/WireImage, Mike Flokis/Getty
Posted to: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron

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  • rach


  • Mariaa

    awww love them <3

  • zane

    sweet! Love HSM3 esp ZANESSA!

  • Mandy

    Ok what is Ashley wearing? A tablecloth or a giant doily?

  • Ashlee


  • van

    Vanessa is so beautiful!!!!!!!
    Zanessa forever :* <3

  • zac is a rat

    Seems like Vanessa has finally had enough of Zac’s lack of interest and taken her ring off good for her.

  • Vicky

    Yay! They look great! Hope they all had fun in Oz! Thanks JJ!


    Ashley looks sooooo beautiful!!!
    i luv her dress its soo beautiful!!
    and her hair is amazing!!
    totally flawless ash keep up the great work!!
    we all love u and cant wait till ur upcoming album thats going to be number 1!!!!!!

  • Yli ^^

    Zanessa <3


    don’t start with the whole Zanessa thing, see them as individuals who will go on to do lots of things by themselves. They are Zac and Vanessa they are not together they just have to work together and do a job. Disney have them tied up to do their PR stuff, which they are contracted to do but just watch after all this has gone by it will leak that they have both gone their separate ways but are still friends.
    Enjoyed the movie and glad to see they are as popular in Oz as everywhere else they have been.

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    #9 i totally agree with you
    ash looks soooooo stunnig with that dress
    i mean she always looks stunning =)
    v looks like a grandma haha
    zac is so sweet ^^
    but ASH IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!
    i love you ashley ur my rolemodel ♥♥♥♥

  • me…

    look look!
    Ash has a birthmark on her right arm cute x

  • Melody

    UKGIRL, are you kidding me? Zanessa is for real, get a life!
    - I guess you haven’t seen their vaca photos.. lol

    ZANESSA <3

  • Gorgeous!

    Way to dig it in deep, Jared. You left out about half of the pictures. There were some Zac/Ashley ones from that premiere. Really cute. You left those out on purpose huh?

  • me…
  • zanessalover

    wt hell ashley wearing ???????????? vanessa loooooooooooks amazing zanessa <3

  • HeSaidSheSaidx

    Before any Zanessa fans start screaming at me, I’m just pointing out that Vanessa nor Zac has those rings on and Zac hasn’t seemed interested in her in a while. And don’t say it’s cuz he doesn’t want to flaunt his relationship, he never even does as much as smile at the girl. Zanessa is so on the rocks.

  • zv

    love zanessa
    love zanessa
    love zanessa
    love zanessa
    love zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    whats wrong with ashley?? she changed I think so

  • HeSaidSheSaidx

    I agree with #9 and #12! she’s awesome!!!!!!! <3

  • viki_vikito

    zanessa = love

  • kathy

    wtf ashley! what are you wearing? you look like a granny. and your hair. not good with an up do. her face doesn’t have a shape.

  • lol

    nosedale looks ugly as usual


    Melody – I have a great life thank you very much.

    All I will say is do not believe everything you see – also anything can be staged and Disney are very good at this. I will say nothing else except watch after the DVD comes out and see if what I say comes about!

  • zacefron

    Zac Efron looks hot in the pictures.

  • kimmzz

    omg i woz dere!!! it woz soo awesome!! dey look even better in person!!! n i got d best seats too!!! vanessa hudgens is so beautiful!!!! it woz such an amazing experience! woohoo.. d footage i got of them is awesome!!! i love them all!! o n zac’s eyes are even bluer in person!!! awww =D

  • sara

    How can vanessa always be gorgeous?
    I hope that she can have succes in the future with other projects, she have a big talent

  • me


    Darling, we can’t spare time from gazing at ZV to scream at you.

    Get in line!
    Since 2006, we’ve been hearing those: ‘They’re not wearing their rings’, ‘Zac has not been interested’, ‘they’ve been on the rocks’ and people like you have been observing and commenting on it. Nothing has changed. They have been together over 3 years and ARE still together.

    Comment away, post it 20 times on this thread and other threads, it doesn’t affect them or their relationship, it just provides entertainment on JJ.

    As you are and your mates are posting, ZV are probably tangled in each other’s arms discussing both mundane and meaningful stuff only intimate couples talk about.

  • Kay

    ashley looks like my 85 year-old grandmother

  • V-loyalist

    The cast all look great especially Vanessa, she looks Devine in that ensemble, love the simple accessories she matches with it and how her hair pulled up.. love her!!

    It’s sad to know that this is their last promo tour of the gang, I’m sure they will miss each other. Hopefully the planned get together holiday of the cast that V once mentioned before would materialize.

  • misty

    i love vanessa ,s dress she looks hoooot and so is zac wow

  • ^^

    PIC 5 is so cute !
    hav anyone notice dat zanessa always look in each other’s eyes in premieres ??
    ITS SO CUTE !!

  • Curiosity

    Geat pix… they all look beautiful.

    Vanessa GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! love her dress, she looks stunning………..

    Zac’s hair should have been slick back.

  • girlintheknow

    I have to agree #11 &18. and before your all start moaning its not because I dont agree with Zanessa or whatever its just the evidence is pointed towards there being serious problems with the whole “zanessa” relationship.
    How would all the “zanessa” fans like it if when they walked down the red carpet and all people shouted was “zanessa ” and not your actual name.Id hate it if it was me. So i think you ALL “zanessa” fans or not need to remeber they are on a PROMOTIONAL tour they are not there to promote there relationship or lack of depending on your point view. They are there to promote HSM3 a movie in which they happen to play to characters in love.
    Also I think Ashley looks amazing that dress is stunning,im not too keen on Vanessas dress it looks a little big at the back,also white isnt her colour,she should have wore puple or something coz that colour suits her!
    As im not keen on neither giirls hair they both suit it better down!

  • ahh cmon

    ahh cmon guys cut ashley sum slack..shes stunning.Some of you ashley haters really need to get a life. It’s getting old now lyk.! luv zac nd v aswell..!!!

    does ny1 kno if dare going to be in new york anytym soon?!

  • suzy

    Love the back of V’s dress.

  • me


    I thought we were waiting till after the promo. Has it been pushed back to after the DVD comes out?

    Maybe after the DVD comes out, we will start waiting for after the Dance-edition DVD comes out. You gotta make-up your mind dears, it’s going on 4 years now.

    Disney is very good indeed and yet could not stage Zashley the way they started to nor Jemi, perhaps because as imperfect as the Stars maybe, some of them like Zac know who they want to be with and would not be coerced.

    We’re still open to your other theories, Zac and Van are such a phenomenon that invariably theories would always abound about them. They are easier to believe than the truth.


    GOSHHH ashley s dress is sooo gross
    i mean she s soo pretty but why does ashley dress like a grandmotha??
    ZAC IS HOT like my BF

  • desiree

    HeSaidSheSaid and all you other silly people:

    Get over the rings! She had her ring on yesterday she doesn’t wear it all the time. Also I guess you didn’t see the Hawaii pix where they went to a “private” wedding if they weren’t for real he didn’t have to take her it wasn’t a disney event it was HIS agent.

    I guess you missed the photo call pix with his arm around Van or the pix of his hand on her butt from last night.

    As for the Zac/Ashley pixs they not romantic in the least unless you count her oogling at him as usual.

    Every day you haters start the Zanessa break up crap and get proven wrong as usual-it’s been going on for years now. Get a Life!!

    Go or VABN and see the rest of the pixs

  • tia

    ashley AND vanessa’s dresses are both FUG!!!!!!! but ofcourse, all the vanessa fans are only going to hate on what ashleys wearing, even though vanessa looks just as retarded!

  • zanessafan4ever

    zac’s so hot!!!!!!!!!!

    v looks beautiful!!!!
    ashley is so sweet!!!!!!!!

    go zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go zac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go hsm 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • larissa

    zanessa 4-ever:):):):):):]

  • lauren

    ok im not an ash fan at al but come on guys! click on the pics! she looks GREAT! her dress is gorjuzz. and vanessa is just like wearing a big white sack. its so weird that people who worship vanessa cant find fault in her even when she doesnt look that good, and when ashley actually does look good you all bash the hell out of her..

  • Zanessaluver xoxo

    LOOK at that UGLY dress that Brunette is wearin!
    HAHA! Vanessa looks like grandma?! RU BLIND? Maybe you’re confusin Ashley to Vanessa .. Vanessa is the gorgeous one with the beautiful dress and has a SUPER HOT Boyfriend .. And Ashley is the one with the weird dress and looks like plastic and looks like a tramp.. There you go, see the difference? ZANESSA is not a PR… and I repeat its Z-A-N-E-S-S-A! <33

  • kate

    ashley has on my grandmother’s tablecloth lol
    and v’s dress looks fab

  • Mac

    No rings, PR stunt, faking it, not in the least bit interest in each other, will end things after the promo…blah, blah, blah. *yawn*. Same recycled bits from the same usual peeps and yet Z&V keep on surprising us with vacation photos, mundane day to day candids, hotel candids, off set bts….Oh well, life must really suck for other Z&?shippers.

  • ashles love

    ashley is soo nice and cute

    i love her soo much

    love ashley 4 ever

  • Naomi

    Love V’s outfit. She looks simple and stunning. Very Grecian.

    The open back is sexy and alluring in an understated way.

    Simple outfits and make-up enhance her natural beauty and flawless skin.

    She just brings it home for me. Love her.

  • .

    #15 of course jared left them out, he’s obsessed with zanessa, it’s so pathetic