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Jayden Federline Hospitalized For Food Allergies

Jayden Federline Hospitalized For Food Allergies

Britney Spears holds her youngest son, Jayden Federline, 2, tight as they leave the hospital in McComb, Mississippi on Monday evening.

The Womanizer singer’s official site,, released this official statement: “Jayden James Federline was admitted to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on Sunday, November 9th. Doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow.”

A friend of Britney‘s mother, Lynne, told, that Jayden had had “a terrible allergic reaction. He had hives, was itchy and irritable.”

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  • newport beach, 92660

    noo . :(

    the poor thing.

  • ruby



  • jUSTIN

    Poor kid I hope he’s okay


    That is scarey when your child is sick and has to be hospitalized !!!……..I’m glad it was only food allergies, and that he will be fine soon.. Poor Baby !!

  • Tata

    I hope he’s okay too!

    Poor baby!

  • dani

    hope he is well! eh is so cute..britney is a great mother!

  • dave b

    How terrible for her to be pestered by the paps at a time like that. There shouldn’t even be an article about this. This is family business.

  • marisa

    ohh gosh! jayden, get well soon!
    you’re in my prayers! : )

  • Jessica

    Aww poor Jayden.

    I’m glad to hear he’s doing okay.

  • alanna

    aw he is such a cutie I love him and is glad he is doing good

  • qwerty

    Poor Jayden! Get better soon litte JJ!

    Looks like Momma Brit is taking good care of her little duck,

    Great job Brit Brit!

  • mike


  • nic b

    When he’s with Kevin this never happens. If I were Kevin I would make sure a responsible adult is with Britney when she is with Jayden. Jayden is her favorite, in fact he was the one she locked herself in the bathroom with, and she shows her dislike for the older one in some pictures. I wonder why? She is always carrying Jayden and smiling and stroking him and she ignores the older one who is always being held by a handler when he isn’t with K-Fed. Britney definitely has a mental illness and probably will for the rest of her life and this needs to be taken into consideration when caring for her younger child.

  • Rita

    Aww. poor little guy. Glad he’s doing okay.

  • Sarah

    dammit NIC B the child had food allergies it could of also happened under Kevins care…obviously they found out sooner than later when hes older…GREAT JOB BRIT

  • GC

    nic b, you call Kevin a good father? phuleeeze. I’ve hardly seen Kevin with his kids. It’s usually his bodyguards or assistants who are with the boys. And you know, these things happen. Jayden is 2 yrs old, there’s no way that anyone could’ve known about the allergies. That’s how you find out you have allergies to begin with, when you show symptoms. I’m sure it’s not her fault it happened. No one is to blame. Things like that just happen.

  • lylian

    Sarah @ 11/10/2008 at 10:51 pm

    dammit NIC B the child had food allergies it could of also happened under Kevins care…obviously they found out sooner than later when hes older…GREAT JOB BRIT


    ITA. Not to mention that at his age, it’s very easy not to know what sorts of food he is allergic to coz he’s only just starting to eat a variety of solid foods.

  • Rain

    Nic B – It wasn’t Britney’s fault. It was a food allergy. It could have happened when he was with Kevin. At least Britney actually spends time with her children. Every time they are with Kevin he isn’t even there and the nannies take care of them. You’re not Kevin and it isn’t your business. How can you say Jayden is her favorite? She holds him all the time because he is the youngest. Before he was born she always held Sean. She doesn’t show dislike for her child at all. She doesn’t ignore Sean, Jayden being younger needs more attention. Sean might not have been with her when she locked herself in the bathroom. You aren’t a doctor to diagnose people, people you don’t even know.

  • WhosDat
  • Angeline

    poor jayden :(

    glad he’s better though.

  • Rose

    Awwwww…poor Jayden. Hope the little tike is alright *hugs*

  • dont like her

    poor child for having such a bad mother

  • Maxm

    Love Britney and her sons.

  • laura

    im glad he is doing better now!
    i was praying a lot for him and britney..what a relief!
    much love for spears family!

  • Kool

    Britney Is a mother like any mother she treats her children equally and when she was a bit coo coo it was because she had mentally ill problems, but now shes trying. Britney is a true rolemodel!

  • bella

    Poor kid. Food allergies are no joke. I hope it is not a peanut allergy.

  • dialectic

    wow brit takes the kids out of town and shocker! one has to go to the hospital, i hope the judge is watching because thats bullshit,please keep crazy people away from children!

  • lala

    it’s funny how people have always criticized britney when she hit the bottom and now that she’s getting her life back on track evryone keeps saying she’s a great mother bla bla bla..
    if this was a year ago i bet all of you would be bringing her down
    anyway, i hope the little one gets better soon, britney doesn’t deserve more problems

  • lala

    Kool @ 11/11/2008 at 6:57 am Britney Is a mother like any mother she treats her children equally and when she was a bit coo coo it was because she had mentally ill problems, but now shes trying. Britney is a true rolemodel!

    i absolutely agree with this comment but this is the kind of thing i was talking about. Most people would never call britney a role model a year ago. that’s all i’m saying, not criticizing the person who wrote this at all! :)

  • Shawna

    Everyone who is implying this is Britney’s fault is ridiculous – and obviously you people do not have children. Accidents happen, children have allergies, it’s just the way it is. Thank God I’m not a star or there would be footage splashed all over of me rushing my 18 month old to the hospital when she ingested poison berries, or my 5 month old when she fell off the change table. Not to mention the car accident when I was driving too fast in the snow with my 5 mth old and 2.5 year old in the car. Stuff happens! And this isn’t even accident – the child has food allergies. There is nothing Britney could have done to cause that. Most likely it was a new type of food he had not tried previously, some type of Louisiana food or something. I hope when all of you become parents you are as perfect as you expect her to be. Better yet, I hope you don’t procreate because we don’t need more close-minded people in the world. Having bipolar does not make someone crazy. It is a medical condition.

  • Marie

    Don’t Like Her — She may have been a bad mother, but at least she is trying to get her life back on track. And if you don’t like her, don’t bother searching up stories about her.

    Dialectic — He had a food allergy. It could have happened anywhere. She may have been a little crazy at a time but at least now she is getting better.

  • nic b

    Look at the recent pics on JJ site guess who she is holding? Oh, but I know you all will say that Jayden just had a traumatic event so she needs to hold him. Poor Sean Preston, as usual he’s being held by either her mother or a handler, but that’s okay because he has Kevin and Shar, who is not mentally unstable. Shar loves both boys the same and shows them both affection, unlike their crazy mother.

  • nic b

    Shawna, I hope you treat both your children the same and show them the same love, not hating one because he reminds you of your ex-husband and loving the other because he looks and acts like you and “close-minded” people won’t judge you. But then you need to think rationale before you would even use this scenario and I assume you’re not mentally unstable like Britney so you can’t think like her.

  • Liz

    Nic B – Yes, Britney is holding Jayden because he is the youngest and has been through a traumatic event. You seem to have some obsession with who she holds. Why do you care? Poor you for caring so much. Britney isn’t crazy but people like you will always try to keep her down. You don’t know anything about Britney or Shar. At least Britney actually is seen with her kids unlike Kevin.

    How do you know who Britney hates and that her child reminds her of her ex? Because she holds her youngest child, just like every parent does. Your only projecting on the hatred you probably experienced. You’re the close-minded person here talking about complete stranger’s parenting. Britney is probably more stable than you are.