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Justin Gaston Scores 'Just Cavalli' Campaign

Justin Gaston Scores 'Just Cavalli' Campaign

Miley Cyrus‘s “special friend” Justin Gaston just shot the new Just Cavalli Spring 2009 worldwide campaign with British supermodel Kate Moss, according to his modeling agency Vision Model Management.

The campaign was shot in Los Angeles by famed photographers Mert & Marcus. (They are the same team who is shooting Victoria Beckham‘s new ads for Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani women’s underwear collection.)

TMZ is reporting that Justin only got paid $500 for the modeling gig. That’s peanuts!

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  • Anna

    omfg, the pose xp

  • jo

    uh no. he’s only known cos of miley.

  • jessica


  • not me

    Ewww… such ugly, hairy legs. it is in a way good to see that a bad pose is a bad pose whether it is a woman or a man.

  • Rita

    How excited you ask?

  • Sharon D.

    Hmm, looks like there’s nothing between his legs.

  • Rosebud

    oh come on–puleeze put your legs together. that pose just makes me want to throw up. and who are you anyways???

  • kate

    I mean, he’s a good looking guy. Why not?

    People need to understand modeling is a way this guy makes money. It doesn’t say anything about who he is as a person.

    He’s primarily a SINGER. As i’ve heard, modeling is his side job, a way to earn some cash. He’s a regular joe.

  • anon

    Not that excited.

  • Rach

    Not remotely excited. I mean come on, what kind of 20 year old dates a 15 year old girl?! Sick in the head, mate. Sick in the head.

  • love

    HE’S HOT


  • ashley

    i hate it when guys were sppedos or tight stuff its just gross n eww can he close his hairy legs…it look like he has no dick hahahaahh its either he doesnt have 1 or its realllly small

  • rachel

    his face is cute
    but he looks too desperate there

  • Kristinaa

    He’s hot but i hate him…

    Miley, can’t you see, that he plays with you? :(

  • Rach

    There’s no package there, man. It’s flat!

  • MOALy

    he probably is dating her for the fame
    and btw he is hot
    but too old for her
    and i am a little excited
    just a little

  • Ronja

    male slut

  • yo yo

    WOW I guess when Miley opens her legs, she also opens doors to opportunities like this to people who don’t deserve it. He is definitely not good looking/experienced enough to be doing a Cavalli shoot with Kate Moss.

  • jessica

    special friend that’s her boyfriend

  • marisa

    he’s hot! but i think he’s just toying with miley to get where he wants to be. sorry had to say it.

  • Zoe

    Won’t be long before Miley gets between those legs.

  • mirabel

    he better close his legs

  • EvilLynn

    um….yeah. I wouldn’t worry too much about Miss Cyrus and this dude. It’s quite obvious that he, um…”bats for the other team.” Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a fairly good strategy on the part of her publicists: the gossip keeps her relevant, and her parents can sleep at night, because the only thing these two are doing together is shopping for matching mascara.

  • bruna

    ohh yeahh he is hot!
    and miley knows that…taylor swift either!

  • http://justjared tanii

    he only got that cuz of miley. he’ll probably dump her for mossy

  • leila

    Ew. Pig.

  • leila


  • Omgggg

    Omg HOT :o

    Lucky Miley !!! :P

  • LuckyL

    MiHoley is really boosting this average boy’s career

  • bnhjfg

    yea…there is no doubt miley is still a virgin


    He looks gross. Spread Hairy Legs and not a matching tan down there either. Yuck yuck yuck. Nice abs though!


    Come to think of it. I bet Daddy(Mullet Man) brought Miley this nice gift home(Justin) to help get her mind off of Nick Jonas. He might have even paid Justin to escort Miley around…

  • Tug

    Oh you mean her public relation’s team publicity stunt? Um no, I’m not excited and could care less about him or Miley’s annoying bucktooth ass.

  • Christina

    “Won’t be long before Miley gets between those legs.” -Zoe

    LMAO!! Sorry Justin Gaston. I find you really creepy for dating a minor.

  • groovacious

    miley cyrus doesn’t deserve him.

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    OK he’s hot
    but like this..
    hairy legs – just not sexy at hot
    and opening them..WOW.
    before any minute miley for sure is gonna get onto that action
    and be longer a virgin
    i think she only wears the ring just to fool people
    she can NOT keep straight face & try to be like everyone else – NORMAL
    MILEY posing naked & ending up with a GUY that poses half naked as well
    doesn’t just cut it.
    the real deal will happen any time soon, and you WILL def take that ring off

    we DON’T need to c his private part ..
    like seriously.
    Zac efron can do better than him.
    WAY BETTER!!!!
    even the abs part..

    Id rather see Zac Efron, or the JONAS bros, than some loser
    that’s miley boyfriend.
    how can any one find this appealing.
    so not excited.
    more like..
    excited to run away for my life :P

    Once again:

  • S

    Who the fuck cares about that guy!

  • mcgriff

    You people are crazy!!!! He is incredibly HOT!

  • .

    no no no no no no!! this just looks gross, not sexy or anything :|

  • chicken legs!

    Ick. Skinny Chicken Legs.

    This is what happens when men get too manorexic. It is not attractive.
    I can break them chicken legs.

  • OMG

    LOL. . . no one would ever of known this guy if it wasn’t for Miley.
    What young people will do for publicity.

  • WakeUpPeople

    Dating Miley finally paid off, good for him!

  • lv

    Forget about him, is that a Chevelle he’s sitting in front of? I’d rather see the car.

  • andriia

    EW, he doesn’t do anything for me =\

  • xoxo

    looks like all that time spent with Miley is really paying off…

  • hhot!

    He’s so hhot!


    Wait til he meets up with Taylor Swift again on Wednesday night at the Country Music Awards in Nashville. He will appear with Taylor on stage in her band when she sings Love Story, the video that he is in with her. Miley will be so jealous just sitting in the audience. Maybe she can stick her tongue out at him!

  • People Are SICK!

    YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK TO BE DISCUSSING A 15 YEAR OLD GIRLS SUPPOSED “SEX” LIFE. SERIOUSLY, DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVES? yeah I think the “relationship” is gross, but that doesn’t mean you have to say perverted things dealing with a KID! you guys are sick! it’s a shame what the world has come to….PERVERTS!

  • Enough

    Just Jared do us all a favor and stop posting about this guy!!! Listen to your readers!!!

  • Weqp

    He is male sl ut probably screws guys behind Miley’s back. I really smell a gold digger, WATCH OUT MILEY