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Lance Armstrong to Barack Obama: Strengthen Fight Against Cancer

Lance Armstrong to Barack Obama: Strengthen Fight Against Cancer

Lance Armstrong has taken to to give some commentary to President-elect Barack Obama. Here’a a sampling:

“Throughout my conversations with [Obama], I’ve been impressed with his commitment to fighting cancer and have gained a sense of optimism about the future. And looking back on recent years, that optimism is a big improvement.

“The American people are doing their part, especially against tobacco, the No. 1 cause of cancer. Twenty-four states as well as the District of Columbia have strong smoke-free workplace measures in place. Cities all over America are banning smoking. And Americans are far more aware and motivated to lead healthy lifestyles than they were even twenty years ago.”

Lance‘s full article can be read at

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  • OMG

    First :)

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    Amazing (L)
    love it!!!!
    go obama <333

  • HAIL!


  • mike

    omg lol

  • Karissa

    Yes, your Savious Obama will fix all of your problems.

  • Karissa

    Saviour, obviously, sorry.

  • kelsey

    um, NO. Fighting against smokers and limiting the places they can smoke is just taking away their rights. If the place of business or property owner wants to ban smoking, that should be their decision. We are asking the government to get way to involved and close in our lives and I’m sorry that is just wrong!

    Put more funding into cancer cure research, but dont attack smoker’s rights!

  • yep

    He’s a fraud.

  • lylian

    kelsey @ 11/10/2008 at 9:04 pm


    But a smoker affects my right. The smoke gets into my eyes, on my hair, in my lungs – secondary smoking is a very big cause of cancer.

    Also the residual smoke particles laden with toxic chemicals, stay in the air or settle on the surfaces of our desks, our floors, our streets, where they can churned up in the dust, or where they get dissolved by the rain and flow into our rivers and our streams.

    So, protect the non smokers rights!!

  • Mel

    LOL lylian… LOL – you need to get a grip… it gets in your eyes when you are walking down the street? ahahahahahah!! thats a good one!! LMFAO! i can totally agree with not smoking in a workplace. but on the street, in a bar, i think you should be able to do what the owner of that property feel they want to do… i am a non-smoker, but i know many restaurant owners that have gone out of business due to the non-smoking rule in bars and restaurants… a lot of people smoke, a lot of people like to sit a bar with their drink and smoke… who is the government to say they cant!!! I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT LYLIAN’S COMMENT… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROTFLMAO! and banning smoking OUTSIDE, get fucking real – wow, it is getting ridiculous… lets ban alcohol next, cause that causes liver problems! if people wanna drink, smoke, whatever, it is legal… guess you forgot about the past where they did ban drinking and you had to basically get it on the black market, that is where we are headed once again with both smokes and cigarettes… if people wanna pay $7+ for a pack of smokes, let them fucking smoke…

  • Mel

    i meant with both alcohol and cigarettes, excuse my mistake

  • I think Lylian has confused cigarette smoke with depleted uranium!?

  • Cassie

    “44″…. Despite the shocking economy, we Americans appear much calmer and lighter in spirit since having exercised our voting rights to sweep into office President-elect Obama as a leader with “dignity” and competence!!!! Hopefully, he won’t permit Washington, D.C. to corrupt his inherent good values.

    The changes that began in the 1960′s ended with a quiet and peaceful conclusion on election day 2008! “Yes, we (all) can”….

  • Ha!

    Perhaps Obama’s first step can be quitting smoking himself? Just sayin….

  • dianel

    Right on Lance

  • anderson pooper

    Poor thing. He beat cancer then he contracts AIDS. He just can’t catch a break.