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Cruz Beckham is Santa Hat Happy

Cruz Beckham is Santa Hat Happy


Victoria Beckham takes her youngest son, Cruz, 3, to The Grove for a little shopping in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Cruz, the breakdancer of the family, looked ready for Christmas with his Santa hat! He also wore a mini-San Diego Zoo Jr. zookeeper uniform. There’s even a key hanging from the belt! How adorable.

Vicky B‘s black suede boots by Christian Louboutin.

20+ pictures inside of Santa Hat-happy Cruz Beckham

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cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 01
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 02
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 03
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 04
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 05
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 06
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 07
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 08
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 09
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 10
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 11
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 12
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 13
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 14
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 15
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 16
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 17
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 18
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 19
cruz beckham santa hat zookeeper 20

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  • Maya

    This chick is simply AMAZING, always in a league of her own, style for miles, LOVE HER!

  • stace

    that kid is soo cute. hes a mini david!

    love victorias boots. she looks amzing here.

  • docomo

    fantastic )

  • Kelly

    aww bless him. david said in a recent interview that cruz is obsessed with dressing up an puts a different costume on everyday!lol! apparently they went to the santas grotto – hence the hat and balloon!

    oh and victoria looks really lovely here.

  • jo

    he’s so cute. i wonder if they went to san diego zoo?

  • e.

    OK, clearly you all think this is marvelous. And the look IS terrific. But, really? To hang out with your kid this is what you wear? To an event, or even to dinner or a club, yes, that makes sense. But shopping with the kid, this is the outfit? She never wears normal clothes, not even when they stalk them to soccer practice. Sometimes it’s OK to be practical for goodness sake.


    Little Beckham is absolutely adorable….I don’t think I have EVER seen anyone dressed like Victoria at our zoo….She looks a little silly and out of place.

  • Lea

    Amen to that #6. I thought the same thing. I am not hating but Victoria need to chill/relax because that is work to look always put together no matter the case. That make me wonder if she is too obssessed with what the public will think every time she leaves her house

  • Jay

    ^actually the last time she was pictured watching brooklyn play football she was wearing baggy jeans a t-shirt and flip flops. but just because shes a mother doesn’t mean she has to dress like a slob!

    it doesn’t stop her doing anything – there are pictures on wenn of her carrying him, she can do everything in heels.

  • Louisa

    apparently she did just come from an interview and photoshoot. last time she was out with her oldest at his soccer match she was wearing just jeans tshirt and flipflops and she wore basically the same to disney.

    shes clearly a very good mom and they seem to adore her. the pictures of her carrying and cuddling him are adorable. oh and i love that she lets him wear what he wants! this kid must love halloween – my boy refuses to wear fancy dress!

  • WhosDat
  • alanna

    would it kill her to SMILE at least once a year??

    I saw a picture of her at a basketball game with David and she covered her mouth when she smiled, I noticed she covers her mouth a lot if she is on the verge on looking happy

  • ME

    ok who ever cut her hair needs 2 b FIRED!

  • marisa

    hate her hair. but her kid is ADORABLE!

  • keke7

    alanna – thats because she hates her smile. she has said so loads – and when she is pictured smiling the magazines take the piss out of the way she looks – so she cant win!

  • flae07

    cruz is so adorable! i am not a big fan of victoria’s haircut though. still love this family though!

  • atelier

    I cannot get enough of Victoria Beckham…she is simply soooooooo Stunning, So beautiful, So chic, sooooooooo glamorous and sooo sophisticated…just look at her… always in heels, always with that “im so much better than you” attitude.. .always so classy and with that flamboyant air in her.
    No one in the world is like her….she is simply the best…fashion queen…she makes fashion statementes everytime she goes out…..LoVe HeR!!!!!!!!!! LoVe HeR eVeN mOrE nOw!!! ;) :)

  • Sheri

    Is that really the way one dresses (with the dress up to your a** and the stiletto boots) to go “shopping”? If that were me with those boots, my heel would be caught in that track she’s walking along in about 10 seconds. Not practical or appropriate.


    Most mothers give up on their appearance and weight as soon as they have children. They eventually become large and physically unattrative or lazy to exercise.

    Victoria Beckham was a chubby teenager and she has worked so hard ever since the spice girls days to make her body slimmer no matter what. I don’t think she wants to go back to her pre-spice girl days and i say good for her.

    If she wants to look like 0.1% of the mothering population then that is up to her.

  • Amy the lovely

    she ‘s creepy me ut doesn’t she ever loosen up

  • Amy the lovely

    She’s creepy me out Doesn’t she EVER loosen UPPP

  • Amy the lovely

    She’s creepy me out Doesn’t she EVER loosen UPPP

  • Obama supporter

    awwwww he’s so cute.

  • e.

    Bradley, your Mom thinks you’re an idiot. I am a mother and I know plenty of us, like myself, that dress up and look great when the time calls for it. I’m not gonna wear expensive clothes out to go shopping or to the park with my son though. That’s absurd. When I go out to dinner, or hanging out with friends or any appropriate time I dress to the T’s as do most of the mother’s I know. What you said was insulting to most Mom’s because someone being sloppy has nothing to do with the fact they are a Mom but rather the fact that they are just a sloppy person, mother or not.

  • ella

    ^^victoria went out to dinner straight from here, there are pictures on wenn. so how she is dressed is justified.

  • woohoo

    yeah in response to “e” – did you not consider the fact she was going somewhere after. she went out to dinner with her husband and some friends. so just like you dress up when you go out – so has victoria beckham, she just stopped by the santas grotto with her kid on the way!

  • e.

    OK, so this time she was going to dinner after. But they have shown pictures of her at soccer games dressed like this. Maybe she always has something planned next but somehow I doubt it.

    That said, I do love those damn boots.

  • Lisa

    why cant she just try to blend in , whats one day with her son as the center of attention, rather than her high heals and mini dress. pa’lease

  • kel

    lisa – her son is dressed in a zoo keepers outfit with a santa hat look totally adorable – he is the one who’s center of attention!lol!

  • Sue

    Cute kid, and whats wrong with how she dresses? its her life, right??

  • Larice

    Little Cruz is adorable, but Victoria is silly as usual. Little Cruz must meet up with Violet Affleck. Though Jennifer Garner would be laughing her ass off at Victoria.

  • louisa

    “e” – the pictures your on about of her at her kids soccer match dressed up, she had just come from a garden party at heidi klums house. the last time she was pictured at brooklyns match she was wearing baggy jeans a tshirt and flip flops!

    but either way it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t stop her ability as a good mother – there are pictures on other blogs of her comforting cruz picking him up and carrying him after he got scared when his balloon poped!

    shes appears to be lovely mum, and so says those who actually know her – seal recently said how daid and victorias children are the most polite lovely children he had ever met and they were a really nice down to earth family. these are comments from someone who actually knows them and has seen them in person with their children – not someone who just judges them based on a photograph! its ridiculous when people use how she dresses as a reason to doubt her as a mother.

  • bonzo

    does this woman ever look in the mirror? gosh, she walks around looking so ridiculous all the time


    HE’S Cute kid

    victoria look super hot i love her

  • e.

    Uhhh, who said she was a bad mother? I said her outfit seemed silly for a shopping trip (and I digressed when it was pointed out she was going to dinner after) but I didn’t see anyone suggest that she’s a bad mother. I certainly didn’t.

  • Courtney

    If you are slender, stylish and attractive you don’t need to wear baggy jeans, shorts and flip flops like most overweight, sloppy American women who look like slobs. Victoria always looks neat as a pin, stylish and feminine. She is lucky to have a gorgeous husband and beautiful children and enjoys her life. She is also supposed to be very down to earth, funny and friendly…not snobby at all.

  • emz

    I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but he’s missing a front tooth! He’s only 3 years old, kids don’t usually loose their front teeth until they are about 7 or so. Yes it could have been knocked out, but if this is due to lazy parenting – ie: not helping your kids brush their teeth – then I think it’s disgusting!

  • yuck

    why does she have to be a fashion plate at every outing? Even her son here is on his way doing the same thing.

    it;s hilarous!

  • not me

    She looks like some village boy who was dressed in drag by bullies.

    I think Cruz is laughing at mummy. Now he is a cutie.

  • somebody

    To Sheri #18….that’s why you are sitting there writing nasty comments about her..coz you are not her and you’ll never be like her! Please…go out and do something similar with her like auditioning for a girl group or singing competition or something, or find a job somewhere in the fashion industry, and get famous and super rich. THEN you can talk.

    By the way, Posh is posh and pretty as always and Cruz is so cute!

  • mirabel

    Poor woman. She has become the slafe of her own fantasies.

  • zoe

    such a cute kid. victoria looks fab but its pretty ridiculous dressing up like tht all the time to shop. i wonder how the kid feels. anyhow, she is a style icon.

  • teddy


  • ****

    Why is that little boy wearing a smock and heels?

  • jody

    This chick is a freak.
    I feel sorry for her kids.
    Can you imagine your mother taking you shopping dressed like a

  • andamentothat

    ooh.. this is going to be a tough one for Katie Holmes to follow. Vicky B as Jared calls her is rocking the look.. yeah a little wrong place wrong time thing, but otherwise the look is good. The kid is absolutely delightful.

  • Re: # 37

    emz: #37: Who ever said they parent the children?

    Isn’t that what they employ the nannies for?

    The Beckhams’ are the epitome of selfishness, materialism, over-indulgence, greed, and lets not forget narcissism!

    They are V-I-L-E!

  • julia

    #37 emz – david recently said he lost his toothing when he was kicked playing football with his brothers. but seeing as he will loose his teeth in the next few years the dentist said they should just leave it the way it is.

    oh and to #47 what a load of rubbish. people who actually know this couple always say how good they are as parents – and how close they are to their children, go have a look what seal recently said about them. you only have to look at the pictures of brooklyn and david at the basketball the other night to see that. so nice try but move your bitterness somewhere else. and the only VILE one here is you.

  • Re: # 48

    WOW! “Defending” the Beckhams- how noble of you! (Do you have any sort of life? Hmmm)

    The comment above is MY OPINION of them (I totally 100% believe that they are a VILE couple/family)… you don’t like my OPINION/ASSESSMENT of this VILE family- Too Bad! It is my opinion and I am totally 100% entitled to it!

  • :)

    Her sheer stupidity defies belief!
    She truly is an “alien” creature far and away removed from the “real” world!
    What a moron!