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Jaden Smith is The Karate Kid

Jaden Smith is The Karate Kid

Jaden Smith, the 10-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, will star in the refashioned 1984 hit The Karate Kid, reports Variety.

The film will be produced by his dad, Will, as well as Jerry Weintraub (who launched the original franchise) and Overbrook Entertainment’s James Lassiter, and Ken Stovitz. The film will shoot next year in Beijing and other cities.

Jaden costarred alongside Will in his feature debut, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Ralph Macchio was about 20 when he played Daniel Larusso in The Karate Kid.

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  • Eky

    he’s so cute!!

  • MovieMadness

    He is SO cute. Likely be a kids movie as opposed to a teen movie like the original though. Little kids will like it

  • huh

    what? he is a very cute kid, but what are they thinking? why must they ruin every remake? he is too young.

  • elle

    he definitely got his parents acting genes.

    he was great in the pursuit of happiness.

  • anon

    Awww, I love that movei, but I agree, he’s too young. This is really a coming of a ge movie, and they should wait at least a couple more years for Jaden to be older.

  • drew

    What an adorable child he is. I love him and his parents! Good luck to him!

  • The real deal

    Is there no originality left in Hollywood?

  • Tinaverse

    I wonder if he knows karate in real life or if he will train for the 1st time for this movie. It would be cool if he is taking Karate classes in real life.

  • marie

    he is so cute!

  • Rita

    Hopefully the cute kid will grow up to earn his own movie roles in the future.

  • Katie

    he’s cute and a good actor so good for him! i bet he’ll make it big as he grows up





  • Asmo

    Jaden does take Karate, and he is pretty good. He is just so cute!

  • buckley

    totally agree with you #10

    I just don’t like these precocious cutesy kids…

  • tjb

    I think he, at age 10, is already a little arrogant. Did you see how he greeted the audience on Oprah when his dad introduced him to the audience. Even Will said, “He’s so in trouble for doing that.” What he needs is a lesson on humility.

  • dianel

    Jaden will definitely be a hit with the kids and he is so cute

  • Karissa

    What did he do on Oprah? I agree, TOO YOUNG.

  • Sharon D.

    HELL NO!!! Will, why don’t you write an original screenplay for your son, instead of destroying an original masterpeice. You ertainly have the clout in hollywood.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …umm… he’s 10… better title – the karate baby.

    it’ll obviously be a kiddie movie.

    i just hope the little guy gets a haircut, fast!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    oh.. and i think it’s pretty obvious that this kid (because of his parents) is on the fast track to becoming an ‘jr. a-list actor’. LOL sooner than later.

  • emiy

    Oh great. Just what we all need…another movie remake.

    Why not try a new concept for a change?

  • galpal

    Remakes are NEVER better or even as good as the original. Sounds like they just want to make some money.

  • italian

    he has a great tan….

  • bill

    Check out this site. “Compulsory Universal Service”. Obama is not a dictator and should not try to be one. He is suppose to SERVE this country, not dictate.

    I can’t understand why people are willing to accept whatever this man suggests . This is serious business. I cherish my freedom and want to keep it that way. People shouldn’t be eager to accept his requirements just because they want him to succeed. Remember, every little bit of freedom you give up will be gone forever.

  • xenu

    We don’t need any more REMAKES!!!

    And we don’t need more sect advertisement of closeted sciontologist kids

  • marisa

    he’s cute but this part is NOT for him

  • Really?

    Wonder how he scored that part…

  • Molly

    I agree that he is just too young for this part. Couldn’t they find a movie with a role more suitable for his age to remake?

  • twhylieght

    AND no pat morita?!! ugh, come on, without the original mr. miyagi it will be horrible,.

  • se

    Nepotism is the cause of decadence of Hollywood.
    There are Angelina Jolie, Jake Gyllenhaal , Maggie Gyllenhaal, the criminal Robert Downey jr, Nicolas Cage Coppola, Sofia Capola and etc, G. Paltrow, Daw Barrymore, Geoge Cloney…
    It is better the actors and actresses of Hollywood try to give some education for their children and let them trying to find their own talent in life…and let all these incopetents and clowns work another place…
    It is a very good opportunity for vagabund don’t study or work!
    The actors and actresses must be select like all employee of a enterprise.
    If Hollywood will continous with thes unfair play Iwill not go to the cinema and I will make a personally campain against them for the people don’t go to the cinema and don’t buy the products that they are making merchandise!

  • Julien

    Isn’t he a bit young??? I loved the original Karate kid big time!!!

  • se

    I think that Will Smith haven’t any kind of shame.
    It is very easy to be actor of bad circus or to be politician! Difficult take a profission whose you must use your inteligence!

    When I would like to watch a family video I watch of my friends or my own family. I don’t need clowns with 1 kg of make up or a changed face produced by a computer trick and I would like to watch the face af all these children without education and background. I wouldn’t like to hear all the stupidy things they will say in interviews because they are victim of ignorance of their parents!

  • se

    These actors must find another place to sell their children!


  • Kara

    Another Karate Kid???

    I mean Never Back Down with Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet was so a remake of The Karate Kid


  • Spicylily THAILAND

    Will Smith is very smart and he knows how to make more money.
    Jaden is cute but another remake film and he is just 10 y/o.

    Well,…………………………………I think I have enough of remake Hollywood movies.

  • yuck

    he only got the part because of who his dad is.

    he’s not a good actor and comes across as a spoiled and arrogant brat.

  • girl

    THE KARATE KID is an ultimate teen classic. Please Hollywood, don’t make it into a joke. Putting this little kid in the shoes of Daniel Larusso will be a huge mistake. THANKS A LOT WILL SMITH FOR TRYING TO RUIN A CLASSIC.

  • brie2009

    I don’t think there should be a remake of this film. But this guy is too adorable! He did a great job in pursuit of happiness.

  • se

    I will explain what is a real prostitute. A prostitute is a parasite whose love only money. They sell their mother, their father, their children, their country, their family…themselves…
    This child return to be slave again …like his grandparents! The own father sell him!
    These people of Hollywood haven’t shame!
    Hollywood is a dirty brothel!

  • gabe

    why not shia leboeuf???????

  • Corey to cool

    Stop hating, there are ton of child actor who are much younger then him and no one seem to care if his parent where poor nobodies who took all his money would people feel the same way. Two Trey is a football start he does not wan to act. I do agree the kids seem full of him self though and I think they need to stop that part

  • kelly

    that’s stupid. who would see will smith’s kid in a remake of the karate kid?! not me!

  • goaskalice


  • wordman

    the person named SE makes some good points – but cannot spell.

    Smith is too young and Hollywood lacks balls.

  • wordman

    the person named SE makes some good points – but cannot spell.

    Smith is too young and Hollywood lacks balls.