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Jennifer Aniston: What Angelina Did Was Very Uncool

Jennifer Aniston: What Angelina Did Was Very Uncool

Jennifer Aniston discusses Angelina Jolie for the first time (by name) in an interview for the December 2008 issue of Vogue.

Life & Style has learned exclusively that the interview was conducted in New York and in Jen‘s new Beverly Hills home.

Jen says, “What Angelina did was very uncool.”

It’s been nearly four years since Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their split — and Brad began his new life with Angelina Jolie.

Aniston, now 39, also discusses why she spoke out now, upcoming movies and her relationship with her parents. Life & Style has more tidbits from the interview in its new issue, on newsstands tomorrow!

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  • Brittny

    1st…yeah yeah whatev

  • PersianCutie

    please miss.Aniston move on. it has been 4 years and 6 kids. still riding on their back? is this Dog movie that much worthy?

  • loyal

    How old is Jennifer? If she did truly make this statement re “uncool”, that would be really kind of sad. She is almost 40 and acts like she is 16.. And that this whole thing has been regurgitated is ridiculous. We all know when Brad and Angelina met and how it played out. This was nothing new.

  • mslewis

    Oh my lord!!! This woman is so desperate!! Why “speak out” four years after the fact? I suppose its for the same reason she showed up at The Ivy . . . she needs publicity!!

    Can somebody please tell this woman that SHE is the one who is “uncool”!!!!

  • mslewis

    Oh my lord!!! This woman is so desperate!! Why “speak out” four years after the fact? I suppose its for the same reason she showed up at The Ivy . . . she needs publicity!!

    Can somebody please tell this woman that SHE is the one who is “uncool”!!!!

  • leni

    Jen looks
    like Madona here.

  • Sarah May

    Well maybe you should have tried popping a baby or two. That coulda worked. Or maybe you could have tried to be a little sexier to get Brads attention. I don’t know. Thats the past, can’t change it. Move on.

  • fresh


  • kaylee


    my god no one cares anymore!
    jennifer aniston is so bitter and pathetic!

  • Frenchy

    What Aniston was very unool. Leading a man to think you wanted his children knowing you were just hanging on only for the A list gravy train

  • Maria (Shorty)

    This woman needs to get shagged on a regular basis, because she’s lost her mind completely. GET OVER IT JEN!!! YOU LOST. ENOUGH SAID. Not getting too into this because I try real hard to ignore her, but COME ON NOW — MOVE ON GIRL!!!!

  • Kati

    When will this woman keep her mouth shut? She can´t let the past be past. But this is a Life & Style cover. Who wants to believe everything this rag writes. Still it looks like Jen still very bitter toward Brangelina. She doesn´t have to be. She made a conscious decision not to have children and let Brad down a big time. Now she has to watch how he is happy with his family and she has nothing.

  • Manddy

    Not again!!!!

  • Soph

    aniston and jolie are both great women. so stop hating jennifer!

  • lizzie

    Jennifer Aniston is very uncool. This Brad business is her way of staying in the limelight. If she were getting it so good from John Mayer, she’d be past all this and looking to the future.

  • shoes4life

    I called it!!

    After the Melanie Griffin debacle I said Aniston would probably pull this for attention but hell I at least gave her the benefit to say it would be years down the road! Who would have thought that she would want to keep this triangle mess going, which was finally starting to lose it gusto.

    All I have to say this is the final nail in the coffin of her movie career! She will garner support from the ones who are still hanging on to the paparazzi built triangle but the rest will move on and forget Jennifer Aniston all together. If her pr people approved this then she can give them credit for taking the one leg left she had and completely killing her career. I hope she invested really well.

  • Not impressed by JA

    ahahahahahahahhahaha !

    More desperate as ever !!! She has moved on ! Yeah, right !

    This gives even more credibility to all her STUNTS lately namely the IVY GATE !

    Jennifer is a pathetic, neurotic, schizophrenic, patologic, retarded, pathetic excuse of a woman !

  • andré

    why does she keep on talking about angelina???

  • Ana

    Just in time for oscars and also while promoting her movie. She forgets she was the one married to Brad. Why not say what Brad did was uncool? In her little passive aggressive mind, she believes Angelina ruined her marriage. …uh ok. Where the hell was she when Brad wanted to start a family oh yeah she was with her friends family.

  • angel

    i also saw the story on the daily mail,she has a movie coming out,and also she will be on a certain show this week,this woman is a sick psyco,she is pathetic and a loser at the same time the biggest fool out there

  • Valerie

    I don’t understand all the hatred towards JA or AJ I mean its all the fault of Brad Pitt,he’s the cheater

  • real world

    Why don’t she just move on already. isn’t in a relationship with someone.

  • African Girl

    Oh my God!!!

  • xxxx

    this is life&style, i won’t believe it until i actually read it in vogue.

  • angel

    15,she is not a woman at all,she is an insult to women,a coward and a loser,she has slept with so many men after and vince before the divorce,this bitch will get what she is looking for

  • Alex

    Finally she says something about her. Angelina has this image as if she has so much class. I think Jennifer has more class, for seeming positive in the face of the media which is constantly scrutinizing her. What Angelina did WAS uncool. She could have found someone else to share all these babies she’s producing.

  • angel

    22,brad never cheated,he dumped her miserable ass,over means over,ugly man face is a stalker,brad and angie better look for a restraining order

  • Nicole

    How pathetic. I guess it’s true – all Jennifer has is her body and “what Angelina did to me.” How very, very sad.

  • angel

    alex,huh,dj you are dreamimg,this nobody is finish

  • chunky

    Why all the hatred? Don’t you guys ever stop to think that it’s the reporters who keep on badgering her about it? This is like the Scarlett letter for her. I feel bad for her.

  • Ha!

    Wow, if Life &Style puts out a bullsh*t story about Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt and all of you call b*llshit. But if it’s about Jennifer Aniston, she’s “pathetic” or “bitter” and you believe what they’ve written. You can’t have it both ways so make up your minds. Do you believe Life & Style (or any of these idiotic rags) or not? And if you do, you need to believe it both ways. Otherwise, get over it. I don’t believe she would have said a word about Angelina; she hasn’t up to this point, why start now?


    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will will more than $1 BILLION !!!

    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will will more than $1 BILLION !!!

    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will will more than $1 BILLION !!!

    That’s PRETTY COOL!

  • please!

    If Aniston was so classy she would have never allowed this beast to grow the way has over the last 4 years, she would have never catered to the lonely, scorned souls out there, and she would have continued to keep her PIE HOLE SHUT!

  • Heather

    I’m sorry, but she is getting on my nerves. Why blame the woman? If I recall, it was Brad that didn’t want to be with her anymore b/c he wanted something different in life. So again, STFU Maniston!

  • Tony

    This proves Jen never moved on with her life. The pathetic witch sits around waiting to throw slams where ever she can. She holds all these fake relationship to cover her bitterness. Jen is truely pathetic no way will I buy this magazine.


    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will earn more than $1 BILLION !!!

    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will earn more than $1 BILLION !!!

    Angelina Jolie’s 2008 movies will earn more than $1 BILLION !!!

    That’s PRETTY COOL!

  • tomte77

    that’s what you do when your career is over! she needs publicity!
    she just really sucks. How sad of a 40yo to ‘what she did was uncool’. was it like that angelina took brad and he had nothing to do with that?!
    to be honest I really hate aniston. she is stuck in life for years now. not talented at all and even worse than paris hilton and lindsay lohan when it comes to publicity … just disgusting!!!
    they should send her and her mature best friend courtney to the moon …

  • give the dog a bone

    she hasn’t slept with anyone since she was married : it is all lies and created fiction : she will blow it in your face when she tells you she has been acting to eliminate intrusion in her real life until she is married. That’s reality.

  • PhillyGirl

    I just gotta wonder if Pitt and Aniston had an agreement to keep quiet on the details. (like they both act like Pitt didn’t have an affair and they both save face for keeping mum) But since Jolie decided to open her fat mouth Aniston feels like it’s time to say her piece.

    I personally think Aniston up to this point has been a class act. Look at all the crap from brangelina over the years, Jolie in an interview saying she wouldn’t mind meeting up with Aniston and hashing things out. How ridiculous and condescending can you get? And look at all of Aniston’s bad press, I am sure she knows where that is really coming from.

    I say about time she comes out and has her say. Hope she takes a dig at their child collecting/ pimping and PR whoring.

  • Manddy

    That soa opera is everything Aniston has got for herself! Pathetic!!

  • please!

    The reason folks are taking it as possibly true because supposedly it is what she had said in Vogue. I myself will wait to then until I speak my true feelings about this person, however I feel this one may be her doing not lies by a rag. By the way isn’t this the same rag that she posed for at a photo shoot in Mexico recently? If so, yes she said it.

  • Not impressed by JA

    This only shows that from banging Vince three weeks after signing the divorce papers to getting pee-ed on by the pee boy, she has been a CLASSLESS fraud manipulating men in order to make them believe whetever inclination she had for them to achieve her own selfish hidden agenda….

    She was even a fraud with Brad and is shedding crocodile tears since het divorce because she marry him for financial purposes, Hollywoodian advancment and prestige.

    A wicked game that blew in her face when he decided to call it quits ! She hate Angie because she is the woman who undercover her real cold manipulative self with men.

  • mariam


    she should change her name to desperate aniston

    move on desperate aniston

  • Denise

    PhillyGirl @ 11/11/2008 at 10:42 am


    Aniston is a class act? Yikes …. read her VANITY FAIR interview …. so bitter and she was insulting innocent children!

    She could never be redeemed after that interview! NEVER!

  • Linda

    This looks like she is bitter and spitfull and so are her fans. This is how Jen call some of her sick fans to be bitter and spitfull to Brad and Angie but we all are not like that. This fan is feed up with Jen not moving on. I would not have said one word about Brad or Angie. Thats what these rag magazines are waiting on and stupid played right into there hand. Gezz Jen makes me sick sometimes.


    I said it before and I will say it again… Why not say something is Angie
    a Tom Cruise who no one can talk about… Since yesterday Oprah did
    not mention Tom to Nicole.. Nicole only talked about the children…

    Since when 4 years ago the break up of her marriage happened she
    isn’t the one opening her big mouth and announcing to the world
    he I am with Jen’s ex.. having 6 kids with him..

  • ashley

    Desperate ! It’s almost 4 yrs., still riding Brad ‘s coattail and won’t stop the pity party. pathetic.

    why not talk about her series of lovers post Brad, she knew she is nothing without Brad Pitt. sad.

  • dd

    Perhaps she meant that it was uncool for AJ to look so good after giving birth to 3 kids and she JA needs tanning, pilates to look good and yet AJ still beats her to it LOL


    ANISTON was having an affair with a LESBIAN while married to PITT … so the agent says (gawker).

  • andamentothat

    Jennifer.. now that you have said it.. do you feel better about the prospects of your dog movie? Is it fair to let Owen wilson down like this? Come on… If after 4 years you have not been able to let go, then there are issues you need to address.. yes we know you are on Opes couch this week.. talk to her.. the queen of therapy to get you out of this blunderous mess you call life.. really..