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Jessica Simpson is a Cool Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson is a Cool Cowgirl

Jessica Simpson wears a Dallas Cowboys hoodie as she is spotted shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, Jessica spent some time working out at the gym, and then headed over to Glic Music Studio in West Hollywood.

“I think any person who I’m gonna date for longer than six months, I definitely am investing in something long-term,” Jessica said in her interview with Cosmopolitan. “If I get married again, then it will be the last time.”

10+ more pics inside of Jessica Simpson as a cool cowgirl…

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  • emma

    she’s beautiful! :)

  • http://AMEN AMEN

    Ok…if you can’t say anything nice …don’t say it at all…

    So I can’t think of anything nice to say…

    hahahahah :)

  • anonymous

    Why this girl wears this Cowboys stuff is insane. Simpsons want you to think she is with Romo & she is not with Romo. Get your heads out of your butts & what ever else you got shoved there.
    Prime oppurtunity this weekend to be seen as a couple but again seen separatley with some bizarre idea that you are to think they are together. lol There not. Tony was not in LA seeing Jessica but it sounds & looks good. lol Just because Jessica tells you there is a boyfriend named Tony does not make it so. The girl is covering her butt.
    Jessica talks & Tony doesn’t. lol He’s done! All you people are getting sucked in & the media too. lol lol

  • Cher

    Dallas are becoming such loser in more than one way. This ho don’t care nothing about Dallas. All of Hollywood have become such phonies with this fake boyfriend/girlfriend. Jessica and Tony play it and Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer play the fake game to. Hollywood better wake up in 2008 there will be change. All of this phony PR stuff and the people who play it will be left behind.

  • Amber

    #3~ Why do you think it is over for them? I think Tony just HATES the media attention so they lay low when together. She is the media whore, but knows to stay together she needs to do what he likes. I have a friend who knows him, they are still on.

  • kaylee

    i don’t know why so many people hate on jessica so much.. if anything she seems like one of the nicer-more down to earth celebrities!

  • mia

    i love her outfit!!!!!

  • mike

    she looks pretty there….even tho she’s not all glamored up.

  • anonymous

    Come on people. They have not been seen as a couple since early Sept. Any couple if they are one would be seen at least once be it Dallas, or LA. All you get is PR & individual pictures & Jessica talking boyfriend. lol
    They can’t afford a bust up either one of them right now to hit the papers so the scam continues. Jessicas whole album is based on past relationships & this so called current one. It woudln’t look great if thsi one fell apart right now too. Its not funny but kinda sad. Tony is along for the ride thats it & the ride crashed & burned.
    #5 your info is wrong & outdated. You may want to check it out again.

  • marisa

    she even looks gorgeous in sweats and a hoodie! : )

  • Amber

    I would like it if they were not together, trust me I find her utterly annoying. All I know is what I am told from a close friend of his. How are you so sure that they are broken up? Because they are not seen together? That seems silly. I understand why she needs it to seem like they are together, but how on earth would it help or hurt him in any way?

  • Cynthia

    They’re still together. I wish them the best, but I wish she would talk about other things in interviews besides Tony, sheesh!!!!

  • anonymous

    Amber,have you actually met Jessica? What is it you find annoying?

  • anonymous

    Lots of times it’s the interviewer that asks about Tony,especially since the injury.

  • hyishai

    jessica sucks period.

  • wilt chamberlain

    cowboys suck dick, go pats
    she looks pretty bad her 2 be honest
    i kinda like her adorable “im a dumbass” personality =]

  • JANE

    she looks like she’ covering up the fat….can’t stand her….and ditziness!!!she even puts on her fake hair when she wears sweats….what a joke she is……loves her pic taken……doesn’t she….the only reason she’s relevant at all is because of tony….her so called career is over….failed at all………i don’t think she’ll be at the cma awards….do u???if she goes….i don’t know why…her country career is already over!!!!!!!!!!!!! run tony…………..

  • anonymous

    She looks awful. She’s probably suffering from depression because her “country” album flopped and the only way to get attention is by wearing Dallas gear and reminding people about how in love and happy she is. I wish she would go away!

  • Rachel

    Anyone can come on here and post anything. No one knows for sure except Tony and Jessica. One thing Jessica does know for sure is he was calling Carrie in May . Who knows what Tony told Jessica but he definately was talking to Carrie. Carrie didn’t want any part of that mess.
    Jessica would be smart to get away from that mess too. She is strong enough to make it on her own. There are plenty of guys out there that wouldn’t be calling their ex and lying about it.

  • anonymous

    Carrie does manage to stir up some Sh– doesn’t she? lol She’s wading in it these days too. Personally I think there is a lot more to the story & there is 3 sides to it. lol One is not to be believed more then the other. lol Were not dealing with saints here ya know. lol

  • lani

    naw she looks so pretty and cute in these pictures xD

  • bleh

    She is a has been. I’ve never seen any celebrities as attention seeker as she is . Pretty pathetic, next thing you know she’s gonna be using her future nephew/niece just to have a story to be published. Just watch. She can NOT save her career and now She’s using her so called pathetic boyfriend to be in the news. All i can say is that she desperately NEEDs to seek medical help because right now she is so FIXATED with Tony romo and it is very scary /shiver. I bet she is suffering from depression :(

  • ok

    i like her jacket