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Nicole Kidman Shows Off Sunday Rose On Oprah

Nicole Kidman Shows Off Sunday Rose On Oprah

On Monday’s episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nicole Kidman whipped out a photo of her daughter, Sunday Rose, from her wallet.

On describing the photo: “[My husband Keith Urban] took this, it was on his iPhone and I made him print the photo. That’s my baby, that’s her sleeping.”

On her father coming up with half of Sunday Rose’s unique name when he mentioned Sunday Reed, a patron of the arts: “And we went, ‘Oh, we love that day’—that’s our favorite day because I think there’s something to do with Sundays where if you’re lonely, Sundays are a very lonely day. And if you’re happy and you’ve got your family and the things around you, then Sunday’s a beautiful day. So our baby’s called Sunday.”

On being stunned when she found out she was pregnant: “I call her a miracle baby because it was a miracle that I, at this age, had spent so many years trying to get [pregnant] just thought, ‘Well, it’s not my path—that’s not what I’m going to get to experience.’”

On her other kids, Bella and Connor, adjusting well to the new addition: “They have Suri, so they have got now just another baby sister. But they’re very used to having children around. They’ve had kids around them because they grew up with cousins, Suri and now Sunday Rose.”

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142 Responses to “Nicole Kidman Shows Off Sunday Rose On Oprah”

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  1. 1
    Janie Says:

    This woman is incredible! I love how she talks about Sunday, and her kids! It was a great interview! A really humble, kind-hearted, and warm woman! :)

  2. 2
    Janie Says:

    This woman is incredible! I love how she talks about Sunday, and her kids! It was a great interview! A really humble, kind-hearted, and warm woman! :)

  3. 3
    rami Says:

    Sunday Rose is CUTE !!!

    Love u Nicole

  4. 4
    Betina Says:

    She is so CUUUUUUUUTE! She’s a beautiful girl, as well Suri is!

  5. 5
    nyob Says:

    that is a very sweet picture

  6. 6
    Maya Says:

    Truly beautiful photograph, and i am surprised she mentioned Suri, think that is great.

  7. 7
    jem Says:

    Nicole is keeping Sunday very much out of the limelight
    unlike the completely over exposed and under dressed Suri.
    She did the same with Connor and Isabelle, her two other children,
    doing her best to sheild them from Hollywood and the papparazzi,She is a lucky lady her children are gorgous, her husband is to die for and her career going from strength to strength, I think she’s adoreable

  8. 8
    yuk Says:

    I love how she pimps out her baby’s photo on nat’l TV to promote her movie…not. Wasn’t it just last week in the Parade interview that she said she wanted to keep Sunday protected from the public and keep her in a bubble?

  9. 9
    adrian Says:

    I have been waiting to see a pix of Sunday Rose and I applaud Keith and Nicole for not selling pictures of her. They have class! Sunday Rose is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  10. 10
    ali Says:

    What a beautiful photo, and what an adorable baby. I wish them all the best

  11. 11
    lol Says:

    damn oprahs thumb needs moisturizer

  12. 12
    iVERMOM Says:

    Kidman is a beautiful person, inside and out.

    Sunday is going to be a gorgeous little girl!

  13. 13
    yuk#8 Says:

    I would say this is a TOTALLY different case than doing a photoshoot for a magazine. They didn’t have to let Sunday be exposed to an entire photoshoot team, being poked around by photogs to “pose” this way or that, and having full page photos splashed around the world. She’s just showing a personal photo, which may have been taken by Keith, a friend or relative. And she’s NOT selling that photo

  14. 14
    arlene Says:


  15. 15
    Ana Says:

    So classy!

  16. 16
    Ana Says:

    So classy!

  17. 17
    yuk#8 Says:

    it’s a completely different scenario to quickly show a personal snapshot on TV rather than sell it to the press. It’s also the way that Julia Roberts first debuted a picture of her third child, Henry, on Oprah last year

  18. 18
    ali Says:

    I think Nicole is a classic beauty and the portrait of her and her daughter is so beautiful. She really has class and I am so happy for her that she got her wish to become a biological mother.

  19. 19
    arty Says:

    What a perfect little angel!!! She’s adorable.

  20. 20
    bary Says:

    Sunday Rose is beautiful and I belive also happy child. I wish Nicole and Keith more kids, at least brother for Connor.

  21. 21
    bin Says:

    OMG I’m without words,Sunday is STUNNING!

  22. 22
    big fan Says:

    OH my goodness! My poor heart. Those are amazing

  23. 23
    boom Says:

    What a nice change that they are not selling thier daughter to the highest bidder, She is beautiful

  24. 24
    Ana Says:

    lol @ 11/11/2008 at 1:41 pm
    damn oprahs thumb needs moisturizer


    Oh, my God! I just laughed my head off now! And I was drinking Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25
    dany Says:

    Oh my gosh, she’s adorable…no doubt with two gorgeous parents

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