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Taylor Swift Hangs with Intern Adam

Taylor Swift Hangs with Intern Adam

Several JJ readers sent in photos last night and wrote in to talk about Taylor Swift hanging out with Intern Adam at Wal-Mart in Hendersonville, Tenn.

(This is the same Intern Adam that was fired for leaking the recent Britney Spears Womanizer single and then subsequently rehired.)

Check out Adam‘s thoughts on Taylor on his blog,!

The pair walked side-by-side to a rack of CDs, which prominently displayed her new album, Fearless (in stores today).

According to spywitnesses, there was plenty of laughs, smiles, stares, giggles and hugs. “There was lots of tumblings throughout the crowd about the new guy,” one onlooker said.

Check out the video footage at

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  • katie

    haha! if he really is her new bf or crush or whatever, then good for her!!!!!

  • lindsey

    i love the album, it’s awesome!

    and i bet it’s a friend that helped with the album or something. way to go and start up rumors!

  • al

    ese no es su novioooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    I bought the album this morning and it is definitely worth the $15! Every song is amazing. I recommend it :)

  • Jewelsjonas


  • Sarah

    I love her new CD!! I could not wait to get home so I could go buy it! Anyway, maybe it was a friends she hadn’t seen in a while! Never know..

  • Wyce

    You guys are all crazy and off the mark!! That is Intern Adam from the local radio station. Soooooooooooo not dating him….. That is really funny tho… Good one guys!

  • Amber

    I hope she will just stfu about Joe now.
    its getting ridiculous

  • zoey

    taylor sucksss! hate herr!

  • Nancy

    Nancy how about you stfu now and go along and post on a Jonas Brothers post =)

  • vanessa

    I believe that’s one of her guitarist, she said herself she’s not ready to jump back in the dating pool yet.

  • hank

    she desrevs so much better than that jonas dweeb.

  • hank


  • jm

    I think he is in her band

  • Amy the lovely

    Taylor is such a great girl i luuuv her and her music she rocks and doesn’t act cray becuz of Money$
    Like M*****y OR L******y

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    josephhh i love uuuuuu and thank god ur not dating her any moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! IM SOOOO HAPPYYYY :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) i dont care about her album i car eabout jospehh adammm jonasss i love uuu joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    taylor + joe: ewwwwwwwww!!! NOTTT me+joe: love

  • kacy

    yeah that is def intern adam from the local radio station 107.5.
    they are not dating


  • Kass

    That is my uncle! And he is DEFINITLY NOT dating Taylor! They are good friends, and he IS Intern Adam from 107.5 The River! Taylor, YOU ROCK! And so does Adam!

  • iminlovewithjoejonas

    yeah right he´s your uncle and my boyfriend is joe jonas


  • joejonasisgay

    iminlovewithjoejonas why if you hate Taylor Sfiwt, you spent time leaving a comment of how much u hate her?
    Joe jonas is so Gay, i dont know how caN YOU IDIOTS love her, i mean him…
    Taylor and Joe make a Good couple, but like the Egocentric, Jerk, Selfish, who only cares about his freakin hair, of joe, has to break each girls heart, because he is not a down-to-earth boy he is a DIVA!

    you can post me back, i dont care, i will note read it, so dont spend your time tellin me how jealous am I because i’m note jealous i’m a girl who was Joe J fan, but after breaking like many girls heart know i HATE HIM….

  • anna

    hmm.. Joe is nothing you just said he was. poor misinformed soul. Plus, uh, Joe has only like had half the girlfriends Taylor has had boyfriends. So yeah. He had his reasons for breaking up with her just like all the other exes Taylor had had their reasons.

    Joe is twice the person Taylor could ever be and that is why she does not deserve him! :)

    I agree all the way with Amber.
    I love Joe Jonas more than anything. :)

  • HeSaidSheSaidx

    #16 is delusional.

    Taylor’s new album is amazing! <3

  • adri

    too bad she can’t sing

  • lynn
  • Cardinal Lover

    You go Bro!

    Love from Portland

  • nikki

    The pple in here that are hating on Taylor
    because of Joe Jonas, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!
    Taylor is an amazing singer and
    she deserves more than being criticized
    because of a dumb guy who doesn’t know
    what he has right in front of him!!!!

  • Dave-o

    He’s my uncle too!

  • Angie

    That guy with Taylor (Intern Adam) is SOOOOO HOT!!!!!

  • Kayla

    I LOVE YOU ADAM & TAYLOR! You two make a great couple!

  • Emily

    Adam, I still want my darn autograph!

  • Shane

    Adam Rocks!

  • Jake

    Joe Jonas is soooo gay. He doesn’t deserve Taylor!!!

  • Amanda

    #1: To the first poster, he’s not her boyfriend. He’s very openly gay….
    #2: They’ve been friends for awhile. There’s picture of him at her birthday party on her official myspace. You can also google ‘Intern Adam’ and see the pictures on his myspace.

  • megan

    YAY TAYLOR!!!! don’t listen to all these jonas fan girls, your true fans love youuuuu <3 i’m about to go out & buy the album now. so excited [:

  • ian 32

    intern adam is my uncle. woohoo but he isnt dating taylor but i think he should

    love from fam and portland
    go cards

  • ian 32

    dave-o is gay lol
    go uncle adam

  • ian 32

    dave-o is gay lol
    uncle adam is awesome
    he got me tix to wrestling

  • ian

    dave-o is gay lol
    uncle adam i awesome

  • Kriscott 43ver ****

    best album yet!
    love it (L)
    ‘j’adore tres tres tres MUCH :)

    this is really getting out of hand.
    surprisingly there’s like 3 guys here :S
    first joe
    then justin timberlake
    now a INTERN, who recently leaked brit’s photos..or almost did O.O

    that was quick
    AND I SEE SHE out done herself, but getting what she wanted, with more attention, now a days, moving on, and went on trashing joe and making everyone hate him.

    WELL it’s the release of her album.
    so i guess she’s having fun in a good way.

    tay you deserve better
    I STILL love you as a fan
    AFTER what you’ve done.
    but it was styll wrong FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

    Hugging. laughing. fun moments. = alot of flirting

    i wonder how mr. jonas is gonna react to all of this?

  • nathan

    Intern Adam and Taylor are good friends. I was at her 18th birthday party last December and so was he so I guess they have been friends for a while. IA is a very nice guy and is proud and out. Yes, he is gay, so don’t expect to see these two dating!

  • sammie

    I just read that Joe Jonas cheated on Taylor with Camilla Belle from their Love Bug video. He met Camilla and then broke up with Taylor.
    It said Joe broke up with Taylor right before Camilla’s birthday so he could be with Camilla on her birthday. And now there are pictures of Joe with Camilla in Mexico on the beach together. What a jerk! I hate Joe, now.

  • amber

    I hope she continues to talk crap about Joe. He deserves it, he’s a f*cking asshole.

    He isnt even good looking. Pluck those brows honey.

  • liz

    Intern Adam is the guy with her and has anyone seen the huge BILLBOARD he is on in Nashville about Taylor????

  • Becka

    YES I’ve seen the Billboard with Intern Adam and this Ryan Laird singer dude on it… it’s so cute… he’s asking Taylor to produce his album… here’s a link!!

  • ana

    Taylor is sweet when she smiles but when she open her mouth she looks so werid

  • lani

    she’s weird looking..
    no offense.
    But that’s just what I think.
    She has weird facial features?
    I don’t know..maybe these pictures just don’t give her any justice.
    I like some of her music too actually, but no enough to go out and buy her cds.
    she sounds like a nice girl too..
    and joe jonas, I think she can definitely do better than that ugly boy.

  • MAE`

    I LOVE TAYLOR<3 AMAZING ARTIST, I would love to meet her some day!

  • MAE`

    I LOVE TAYLOR<3 AMAZING ARTIST, I would love to meet her some day!

  • Kate

    Intern Adam works for a great radio staion in Nashville and happens to support all music. They are not dating…read his MySpace and get to know the guy…they are friends!

  • Jess

    Her eyes always look like they’re closed