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Angelina Jolie is Always Mom-Centric

Angelina Jolie is Always Mom-Centric

Angelina Jolie takes her maternal identity seriously and told the LA Times lots of interesting tidbits about her life:

On her life’s focus: “The center of my life is my kids.”

On life just hours before presenting an award to Clint Eastwood: “I woke up at 3 in the morning with four kids with jet lag and two babies. I put myself together for a few hours and go out. And then I go home. This is my job.”

On no signs of settling down in Hollywood: “I don’t dislike it here. I just really do love to travel. I love other cultures. And I love raising my kids in the world. I’m so fortunate that I get to do that.”

On Changeling helping her get pregnant with twins Knox and Vivienne: “I got pregnant right in the middle of [filming] and I think partially because of it. I was so emotional about children that I think something in me kicked into gear.”

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Photos: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
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  • Coward


  • lurking actress

    yeah @ 11/12/2008 at 5:40 pm

    No more 30 Rock?

  • yeah

    NBC isn’t happy…….

  • JM

    That marriage was a diaster,know wonder it seems like an 100 yrs ago,lol

  • bdj

    oops let’s hope the paid troll do not read this. No, Jen No!!!! Jen left a dollar, there must be a mistake.

    guli @ 11/12/2008 at 5:35 pm

    OK..we all know hoe the booty gals operate ie. at trashoid level…but if the X fans believe what they say…well they better believe this fromm the boots b!tches :lol:
    Yo…Dina#1 I didn’t give them a hit…it was posted at another blog :lol:

    Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Are Pure Trash!!! They Don’t Tip!

    And let the hate mail begin!

    Sorry all you Jennifer Aniston lovers out there, but there is no way in hell I could let this one go.

    Aniston was tentatively supposed to go to her fave Chicago restaurant, Mia Francesca’s, last night for dinner and let me tell you, her absence was not missed by any of the wait staff there!

    The last time Aniston was in town she went to the North Side Italian restaurant with beau John Mayer and got a fully comped meal. So what was the tip they left for the server who waited on them for almost three hours???

    A big f*cking zero! That’s right, they got a free meal and they didn’t leave a penny.

    Way to go guys!

    I’m sorry, but this is the one bad celebrity behavior that not only irritates me the most, it flat out disgusts me! I don’t care how rich, poor, famous or obscure you are…if you got out to dinner you tip! And if you have a problem with that, stay home!

    I mean, talk about “UNCOOL JEN”! Not tipping is something that is inconceivable to a person like, oh, I don’t know…ANGELINA JOLIE!

  • Danielle

    Hi :) Thanks for the new thread Jared.

    Good @ 11/12/2008 at 4:01 pm
    “Brad dont say anything Angelina doesn’t need any defending,she didn’t do anything wrong and she’s not insecure.”

    i agree….

  • sonia

    i’m sorry, i did’nt mean not to reveal who i am, in post # 302 but i meant every word, don’t mess with jolie/pitt unless you want a back lash, good day. hello and good bye hey neleh, sonia.

  • Leo

    I know we already addressed the X thing yesterday, I just can’t get over how FCUKING ridiculous the bish is. Who in their right mind would talk shit about something that happened four years ago.

    It’s not like it’s going to affect Angie in anyways, but jeebus, this b*tch just gave the ragaloids like Lies & Sh*T another couple of months of continued existence. Before this b*tch came with her BIG bag of bullsh*t, the rags were losing market share. Now she comes and start this sh*t up again. Giving the rags something to sell, including her haggard tranny face. Ugh.

  • bdj

    JM @ 11/12/2008 at 5:45 pm
    Jen is a fraud like her paid trolls. She shot off at the mouth. It back fired on her and now she is back peddling like a mutha. The girl did not expect to be the laughingstock of the blogsphere. It’s all written down Jen and Perez Hilton will call you out on your lies.

  • Val

    Like I said before….Brad and Angie are cooking up some really big news.

    And I have a feeling that it is going to be good news!

    Jen can cry all she wants at the end of the day….Brad goes home to Angie and their 6 children and be a family together.

    Angie does not give a rats ass what Stupid ass Jennifer or any of the other negative idiots say about her…..

    She will always come out on top, not matter what!

    Jennifer will always ride their coattails.

    And please someone please answer my question: HOW DO YOU STEAL SOMEONE’S MAN?????

    Looks like if he were yours to begin with…ummm he would still be with you! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Stealing is illegal isn’t it? Well maybe Jennifer should press charges!
    Vive Monsieur et Madame Jolie-Pitt pour toutes temps!

  • well…

    Report Abuse
    # 297
    hehe @ 11/12/2008 at 5:39 pm

    a link to ff. Really babe. Pathetic to the 100th degree. I’ll use 100 In honor of you being as stuipid as Aniston.

  • sonia

    wait a minute, i am just now reading some of the thread and there is another person posting under the hahahaha, i did not mean to take your screen name, but it was how i was feeling at the time to describe my feeling, i only posted twice today besides this one and i will post under sonia from now on.

  • mm

    i like that pic of her.

    and i have a question but why did JA wait so long to bring this up. i am guessing that she has done many interviews since then so why now

  • mrzn

    sue @ 11/12/2008 at 2:45 pm A beautiful person inside?She is trying to prove to the public that she is a good person inside. She said it herself. Running around being the faux humanitarian. She talks to much. I don’t see other stars bragging about this and that..Gawd, she opens her big enormous lips spilling the beans about their onscreen love affair. That is probably why Brad is keeping his distance from her.He is pissed!She is box office poison and he has got a mega film coming up that can’t bomb. . I am SOOOO glad that Jennifer Aniston finally said something about the serial homewrecker. Kudos to her. I hope she tells more.


    She is not bragging about it, she is bringing awareness, so that a person like you, instead of spreading hate will be more concern to the less fortunate.

    I salute to Angelina.

  • well…

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    # 300
    JM @ 11/12/2008 at 5:42 pm

    Sounds to me like Candy’s post was correct. I hope Oprah did tell her how stupid she was to make that remark.

  • hahahaha

    I was listening to radio and they were trashing Angie just like 2005. Brad needs to show some love to Angie and needs to show some Ball. 6 kids after and he still lets public to attack Angie like this!!

    What a coward he is. Brad, Show you are THE MAN who stands for his woman. You make me feel sorry for Angie , and Angie doesn’t like this.

    LOL @ Female First’s women thinking it is Brad’s and Aniston’s way to announce their reunion together again. With what he is Doing to Angie , They sound crazy. How much in love they are with Pitt. You can have it, If he continues to play this stupid coward toward Angie and if he is not going to show some ball.

    Brad, You will be left with nothing but regret if you don’t use your chances to defend Angie and Defend the mother of your kids. You will regret it. Mark my words.

  • Leo

    X thought she was smart when she made this move. But it’s going to backfire on her like a mutha. Hasn’t she learned from history. She tried to bash The Jolie in the beginning of their relationship, and looked what happened. Jolie got more acting roles, big box office success, and she created the family she wanted. When this is all over there is no telling what Angie will have gained. She might even get a second Oscar when all is said and done. It’s all gravy bish.

    What the trolls and that dumb bish fail to realize is that their hate is Angie’s gain. The fans built up Angie, but its the trolls that will make her a LEGEND.

  • bdj

    I think the hahahaha troll is running out of stream. Poor Jen hire some intelligent trolls girl. Your stock is going down and look what you got to represent you. I know you are reading this girl.

  • well…

    hahahaha @ 11/12/2008 at 5:59 pm

    Oh babe stop being a fake. We all know you posted the bs to FF. Radio last week was laughing at Aniston going to the Ivy. Go listen to Stern. He also thought Mayer has lost his balls by going back to X.

  • new king

    Brad, You will be left with nothing but regret if you don’t use your chances to defend Angie and Defend the mother of your kids. You will regret it. Mark my words.

    angelina is a cero next to his oscar. Jen is on the lets’ get brad an oscar train too

  • jesdanaz

    Why is none of the blogs mentioning that Aniston trashed Sex and the City?

  • bdj
    Oh snap do the Whiny shuffle. Back peddle girl and in the Troll’s Bible. Breath Troll, Breath!!!

    Jennifer Aniston gushed about how happy she was for Brad Pitt in a taped interview with Oprah Winfrey Wednesday.

    “He’s done some amazing things in the last couple of years,” Aniston said. “So I just think he’s doing great.”

    She also sent well wishes for Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    “Jen said she is very happy for Brad and Angelina,” audience member Julie Grushoff told “She said she is over the relationship and feels like it happened 100 years ago.”

    It’s a far cry from the Vogue interview released Tuesday, in which Aniston called Jolie “really uncool” for hooking up with Pitt while they were still married.

    (“[The Vogue interviewer] asked me a question and I basically just answered it as honestly as I could,” Aniston told

  • the real lou

    #318 hahahaha @ 11/12/2008 at 5:59 pm ….This troll has 2 braincells and they are struggling!!!! And guess what idiot,people bash Jen on the radio ALL THE TIME as well.So what the hell is your point? :roll:

    Thank you BDJ for the articles!

  • zina

    Angelina looks beautiful as usual. She sounds very fullfilled in her life with Brad and their kids. I love that she says, their kids are the center of her life. This is what great parents say. Kudos to Brad and Angie in knowing what really is important in life. Family and love.

  • ashton

    That is one FUGLY picture. But in reality Jolie is ugly.

  • Leo

    hahahaha @ 11/12/2008 at 5:59 pm

    Tired of telling you dumb trolls, The Jolie doesn’t need anyone to defend her. Only weak bishes depend on a man to come to their rescue. The Jolie is no damsel in distress. She is a fully grown woman who can handle her business when she sees fit. And answering tabloids and placating trolls and non-existent haggard bishes is not on her schedule let alone her radar. Frankly, she is above your nonsense and X’s nonsense. Now that is true class. The best way to dismiss unnecessary arguments is to ignore them. And Angelina with the Brad is a Zen a MASTER at ignoring the white noise.

    Go tell John Gayer to come defend his leech because she’s being ripped a new a$$hole all over the blogosphere.

  • well…

    jesdanaz @ 11/12/2008 at 6:08 pm

    Because no one cares what Aniston says except if it connect to Brad and Angelina.

  • wendee

    Oh to be Angie. She is so great. Love her interviews about her family.She seems smitten by her kids.
    Lucky, lucky Brad!!!

  • JM

    hmmm did it occur to ms aniston that brad is doing all these amazing things after brad left her as -s, and now she is sending her best wishes to brad and his great love-bi tch please you got scared and back pedal your mexican as s as far as you could,props to US for pointing out how she did a 360 from the vogue article,profiles in courage this fug hag isn’t,lol

  • D. kay

    Oh, how cute, the hair flickerer and doprah……PBS move over, real journalism is at work here.

    John Mayer, oh how happy we are…..yes, he humiliated me but geesh, it was just inexperience………after all it was ME, not just some girl. But I, the great control freak, got him in line this round.

    It doesn’t matter that his entire fan base will laugh at his little limp dick now that mama cougar has reeled him in.

    This three dollar bill is narcissistic. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. She cannot love. She needs, but she cannot love. Google narcissism and see that ‘lying’ is the most apparent symptom.

    I have never seen any public figure, other than a pre and post election politician, contradict themselves like she does. Someone should do a compilation of her ‘statements’ and illustrate the schizophrenic pattern. There is a pathology at work here.

    Her comments about ‘chatting with Brad’ …I’m sure were to plant a seed in Angelina’s mind that just maybe Brad was ‘lurking’ in Jen’s life. She is a troublemaking, whiny azzed bore.

  • Leo

    that should read–And Angelina with Brad is a Zen Master at ignoring the white noise.

  • senior

    Good evening to the fabulous Jolie Pitt fans, big hello to MF, anoble, irma, soopx, neleh, dina#1, vickiefromtexas, felinelilly, Cliniqua, I got a visual in my head while reading your last post of Brad sitting practically in the kitchen and squeezed in next to Kirk Cameron at award shows :) Thanks I needed a good laugh, I always enjoy your posts and I did notice you were away glad you had a good vacay. I am sure I missed a few names so hi to any I missed
    Andamentothat, I wish like you I had a subscription so I could cancel it LOL, they have stooped pretty low, putting Angie’s name on the cover oy. They are copying the tabs, for shame. The recent pictures of Angie are lovely, she never disappoints. Jared thanks for a new thread on Angie. Every one have a good evening.

  • bdj

    Poor Whiny Jen can learn a thing or two from the beautiful Jolie. Jolie speaks her mind, loves her man and family. Poor Jen is a disaster. Do you girl. Leave the blow alone and give Peeboy back his balls.

  • SERA

    I get the feeling that Okrah is trying to get on Brad and Angies good side. WHY? Oscar show of course. I hope they say NO!!!! The truth is that Gayle loves Angie and I think O is beginning to see the light. JA uses everyone she knows for publicity.
    As for Brad not saying anything. Whatever he says will be turned around so he should just get his family away from Hollywood like Johnny Depp did. Angie won’t mind as long as she wakes up “with Brad and her six kids in the morning”.
    Angie does not need defending and Brad knows it. Trust me he knows X better than anyone and he knows it is safer to just ignore her and Huvane.


    new king and hehe are the same poster. lameness. Give it a rest.

    Jen is a sad bitter joke, it’s being made even more apparent. I’m glad she’s come ‘out,’ and that her PR, as they’ve done the last four years, have made another misstep. In this film, there’s no Vince Vaughn this time around whom she is dating and starring with and with whom the tabloids are touting as Jen’s savior from the evil ‘Brangelina,’ that’s what sold tix before

    Like everything with Aniston, it’s all about perception – she’s a very vindictive nasty person – she holds grudges, ask her Mom who she banished from her life for decades, then ask yourself what kind of woman does that to her only parent who raised her as a single mom without any help. If Angelina had done that, people would be saying she was vile and inhuman, and how can she parent her own children when she leaves the Mom that raised her singlehandedly to rot.

    Aniston’s real beefs…

    1) she hated that Brad found someone so soon after their split, it made her look bad, so she tried to infer she was ‘done wrong,’ while at the same time saying ‘no one cheated,’ hard to do, except she counted on other women hating Angelina for being next, and simply existing – it’s worked well.

    2) More than anything it’s rumored that Aniston absolutely hates it when Angelina waxes lyrical about Pitt and how wonderful he is. Why? Well for obvious reasons of course, namely she was holding a grudge against Pitt, and wanted to try to turn the public opinion tide which failed miserably as no one hates on Brad, he is too well loved, – what compounded that for her, was that she hated hearing about what a fantastic amazing man he was.

    What DOUBLE compounded that for her was that she had been caught in a trap, she foolishly conceded that it was wrong to talk about your relationships EVER, and kissed Paltrow’s asss when she said publicly that it was a dumb thing to do (“She’s right, she’s right!” she volunteered) Consequently, she never said anything about anyone she’s dated…that made things worse for her, as she had to listen to Jolie gush about Brad, and he her, referring to her as his other half, getting tattoos, sayings he was his great love, that the best gift he could give his kids was Angelina as their mother.

    All the while, because of Aniston’s silly cowtowing to Paltrow, she couldn’t say a word about anyone. Bahhaha!

    These two things upset Jen:

    1) Brad moving on immediately after their ‘official’ separation, and…

    2) since then Angelina’s many loving words about Pitt.

    It’s simple really, she wants her to stop talking about Brad. Since she doesn’t ‘talk’ (or didn’t – past tense) about her paid for boyfriends, she wants her to shut it. Hahahaha.

    Good luck on that. No one is going to shut Angelina up about Brad.

  • valerie

    Angelina is just happiness personified. She is glowing in every photo, out in all the mags. Angie seems at peace with herself and her life with Brad and the kids. That is so great for them. I am so glad Brad and Angie found each other.Some things are just meant to be.
    Rock on Jolie-Pitts.

  • Not impressed by JA

    ELLLLES @ 11/12/2008 at 3:33 pm Maniston talks about Claudia and david copperfield not making sense. If anyone didn’t make sense it was her and Brad in the first place. A+ list , film star, most handsome man on the planet just broken up with another fim star gwyneth?
    Rebounding with a C list, very average looking made for TV lady? .

    Not a match made in heaven in the first place.

    Ain’t it the truth ?

    As soon as Brad realise that and got caught to a marriage that his own father in law said he wasn’t feeling to but was pressured into by his manipulative daughter, as soon as Brad realised the ugly beast he married he fell into depression, had even some suicidal tendencies and went into therapy THE REST of the marriage.

    His only escape was when he was filming. Who could blame him having a self proclaimed neurotic and control freak lying in his bed who is a professional liar and a compulsive manipulator.

  • Thanks candy

    I was just at the taping! Jennifer Aniston looked bad, not that she’s a pretty woman to begin with. But I wasn’t expecting her to look so harsh about the face. I think it’s her eyes they are close together and mouth looked very pinched. She’s not aging well. She tried to diffuse her remark about Angelina and said she regretted that they put that on her Vogue cover, as she said she talked about a lot of things and that’s what they pulled out. She said everyone wishes each other well, and that she has no beef with Brad or Angie. She wished the tabloid crap would stop. Oprah, said well this won’t help (meaning the magazine). She didn’t say anything, made a face or something. She is so awkward in interviews, it’s almost uncomfortable watching her.

    Base on the US mag and boots summary Candy was right.

    Yes indeed X is doing the backstroke.

  • ursella

    Every mom who has fallen in love with her kids, say things just like Angie is saying in all of her interviews. Angie loves her family. She adores them. Angie and Brad have built an incredible life together. What a great couple!!!!

  • Bowing down to jolie

    Jen knows jolie has changed Pitt life for the better.she knows Brad was a loser with her.BACKTRACKING

  • hahahaha

    SERA @ 11/12/2008 at 6:16 pm

    It would be good , if He could ignore it. But something is telling me , Interviewers are going to ask him about Aniston , And he is not going to ignore it or say no comment. He will answer it and Probably will gush about HER. You know, This is the last thing we need.

    Then after his comments , Let all the reunion stories begin AGAIN. This will happen in near future. And I’m sure , Brad’s comments and his gushing about Aniston is not going to help this situation at all.

    Be sure , Future will hold more ugly truth for us , Angie’s fans. I just hope , You are right and He will ignore questions about HER , but HE won’t . This is what Aniston and her fans want .

  • bdj


    HIRE ME HUVANE. THIS Troll is useless. However, I will tell Poor Whiny Jen to gt a life.

  • lol

    How could you look at Angelina jolie and think she needs a man to defend her? If she wanted someone else talking for her she would hire a publicist…

    She doesn’t need Pitty or his defending. It does make him look wimpy compared to her and the way she’s so quick to defend him. Is he the insecure one? Does he need her to talk him up the way she does? I don’t think she would do it if he didn’t like it. ; ) he’s insecure and needs constant praising.

  • guli

    OK…I know how this b!tch and Huvane operate…use JP’s and ride their coattails as long as they can…

    ..But, to me what is most disgusting is that fame-seeking-ho forgets that there are SIX innocent kids involved and eventually they will read her pathetic lies….How can she do this after 4 years and 6 kids…well JMHO…just pure selfishness and desire to be talked about , insecurity …pathetic!!!!

  • tracy

    I bet JA did her Vogue interview and signed up directly with the big O to get MORE ink out of it. Knowing full well what she said and hgow it was going to raise eyebrows. Remember, when it comes to PR, JA is a pro.


  • well…

    Of course Brad has done great WHILE HE HAS BEEN WITH ANGELINA. It’s good that X recognizes that. Brad came alive the day he left Aniston. Now watch and see how Mayer’s career does while he is with X. Already Mayer looks depressed. No longer do you see his smile and act goofy. Demi did not have to chain her young man down to keep him. Poor Peeboy

  • !
  • JM

    is this haha poster for real,lol,

  • lol

    The way Aniston is back tracking makes me think she made a mistake talking about Angelina Jolie. HAhAHA I think this will make Angelina’s Oscar chances even greater. She was amazing in Changeling. ;)

    Suck it , hahah and that other king dude. We shall see.

  • tamara

    Angie and Brad do not have the time, nor I’m sure do they care what JA says. The J-P’s have a full full life. A real life to absorb themselves in. You can tell Angie is so in love and happy and grateful for what she has. The love of a good man and 6 beautiful children to dote on and watch grow up. WoW. Angie does have it all and more.