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Cam Gigandet Covers Men's Health

Cam Gigandet Covers Men's Health

Twilight hottie Cam Gigandet counts on one man for a killer physique, a great career, and general happiness: himself.

The 26-year-old actor is the cover boy for the December 2008 issue of Men’s Health. Here’s what he had to say:

Accepting fear in acting as his roommate: “You’re selling a product that happens to be yourself. That brings out so many insecurities. There’s so much fear of failure because it’s so rampant, it’s everywhere. It was paralyzing to the point where I couldn’t get work or enjoy anything. To get where I am, I had to learn to live with fear. It’s all fear. You have to let go of that and keep moving forward.”

On working like hell: “Well, you can always do what the O.C. kids did and hate your work. When I was on that show, they all just wanted to go on and do bigger things. I imagine that’s hard. You can be as frustrated as you want, but you still have to show up for work. People don’t want to hear about it if you’re frustrated with your big career break. You still have to have a sense of gratitude and professionalism no matter what you do. I’ve been mad at everyone and everything at times. Deal with it at home.”

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  • wtf


  • Pauli

    Wow, the younger cast members of the OC must have been real hard to work with. Tate Donovan made similar remarks about their poor attitude a while back.

  • katherine

    I love Cam for the role of James. He plays the perfect villain.
    I’ve adored him since he was on The O.C.

    And he’s scorching hot, haha.

  • lucy

    nice body

  • sotos

    he looks like a janky

  • ants


  • blah

    1st hot hot hot

  • volchok

    THIs guy is awesome. he was brilliant as Volchok. But i didn’t know the kids in the o.c. were THAT frustrated. In fact none of them has done that much after the o.c.

    Benjamin mckenzie has just got a new role in a series. and before that he did this one movie.

    Rachel bilson did one movie as well.

    Adam did like 3 or 4 movies but he is not b list even
    and misha…well i think i have only seen her in websites like this.

  • lani

    I think the oc kids need to be grateful because that was like their big break really.
    lame. that’s so annoying.
    haha because i love the oc.
    screw them then!
    haha but not the oc, i still love the oc.
    and well, he’s so sexy..
    and he sounds like a relatively nice boy..
    and he has such a good body.
    and I can’t wait for him in twilight, although I’ve seen his hair in it, and haha, not that attractive. But, I can learn to deal especially as he’s like shirtless (x

  • 2btru

    I’m glad he has that good head on his shoulders to go with his rockin’ abs. He has the proper attitude about the business of show.

  • b


    we all know mischa barton hated working on the oc

  • joss

    he is sooo hot

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    This is awesome, I love him XD

  • Sam

    Rachel bilson didn’t just do one movie, she atleast did 2 movies which were Jumper and The last kiss. I forget if she did more but i think ive seen it but she didn’t have a big role. Mischa was in i think 1 movie after the oc and it is important enough to talk about.hahaha

  • Sam

    oops I meant to say it ISN’T important enough to talk

  • b

    and rachels filmed two other movies since jumper & the last kiss

    new york, i love you
    waiting for forever

    with a jumper sequel apparently in the works

    by far the most successful out of the oc cast
    shame for adam brody though :(
    awesome actor

  • ana

    OMFG! He’s hot!

  • k


  • marisa

    hot. i was almost gonna see robert pattinson today cuz he’s at my mall. but they’re having a lot of trouble with how many people showing up and all of the meet and greets got sold already

  • mer

    He was awesome as Volchok but he’s always playing Volchok even in his movies.

  • holly

    Rachel Bilson may have gotten the most press after the OC but that’s because of her clothes and who she was dating and not because of the quality of her acting. She was skewered by the critics in Jumper

  • kourtney

    That makes me really sad and angry to hear that all the other kids on the OC wanted to do was to move on to “bigger and better things”. For 4 years I tuned in every week to watch that show (I was absolutely in love and obsessed with it!!) and it makes me really annoyed to know they all really hated it. But whatever, no matter what they will always been known as Marrissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer.

  • m

    As long as they privately b*%tch about it that’s ok. The only two who are on record as having complained to the press when they were still on the show were Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. Mischa as early as season 2 said that being on a long running show might be bad for her film career. Check it. She said it. Rachel was interviewed before season 4 and she said the show was over, it was dead.

    Adam and Ben may have been as frustrated but they didn’t blabber to the media about it. They never whined like the two girls did.

  • jo

    Cam’s on the cover of Men’s Health? He’s a nonstop chain smoker.

  • Mel

    Everbody knew about The O.C kids hating it. They were in their late 20′s playing HS kids. But yeah, must have been pretty hard for Cam to address them in such a way.

  • Mel

    Everbody knew about The O.C kids hating it. They were in their late 20′s playing HS kids. But yeah, must have been pretty hard for Cam to address them in such a way.

  • lani

    I just thought that I’d comment again.
    also, I miss Adam Brody :/
    where is he?
    I want to marry tha kid.

  • lani

    that *

  • Shannon

    Loved him on the OC and Never Back down his body is killer! also he gives good advice i hate it when actors on a show bitch about it be gratful u got a chanc of a lifetime many will kill for. on a lesser note it must suck for the rest of the cast that Cam got cast in a movie that’s gonna be huge does Twilight ring a bell it all seemed they all wanted that on the show and Cam was the one who got bigger and better things HA!


    I may be 10yr older than Cam—- but damn he’s a cutie!

  • babygirl44

    He is hot! I’ve had a crush on him since I saw him in the OC.

  • .xoxo.


  • Diana

    when asked in a magazine a few months ago (i forgot which one, but she’s on the cover) about there being an OC reunion down the line (since 90210 is back), rachel said that it was such a good time in her life, so why ruin it? and that some of the other cast members wouldn’t be willing to do it.

    Obviously, everyone knew that Mischa was over it first. Mischa has done 7 independent movies since leaving The OC. Two more are currently in the works.

    I remember Adam Brody complained a lot about how he hated being in his mid-20s and having to play a high school student taking his SATs.

  • emma

    so is it true that josh kicked mischa barton off the show for complaining so much? because apparantly she was playing up on set saying she wants to leave the show all through season 3 and josh had had enough of it cos she was so ungrateful. But then when she got asked about her character dying she seemed really bitter about it, so it didnt make much sense.. lyk if she wanted to leave n josh let her y wuld she be so pissed off? thats why im thinking he must have kicked her off in a not so nice manner. what interview did rachel say “the shows dead” in?

  • Mo


  • dina

    When are Mischa’s 7 independent movies coming out? The last time she had a movie in US theatres was in 2006. Maggie Grace replaced her in Malice in Wonderland. She said she’s filming a movie in India in November. It’s the middle of November already.

  • Sheldon

    How dare he talk about The O.C kids like that… That basically started his career, where would he be now if he wasn’t Volchuk? Please!

  • volchok

    sheldon, he is just telling the truth, he is not trashing them or something and by the way is volchok not volchuk which makes me think that u didnt even watched the o.c. in the first place so back the fuck off

  • newport beach, 92660


    what a STUNNAAH ! ?

    i ‘ d tap that :D

  • http://justjared nikki

    he is so hot wish i had his number lol he played a realy good part in never back down

  • VolchockSucks

    He’s an ugly bitch that can’t act.

  • sandi testa

    What character did Cam play on the Young and Restless?

  • Kekoah

    @ Sandi Testa: Daniel Romalotti (Jr.)

  • Jessicaa

    what section is men’s health in Australia???

  • Lella

    Someone here mentiond Cam smokes? I am just curious if that is true? Anyone knows?

  • Lauren

    Yes, he’s cute but I’d think more of him appearing on a mens health magazine if he didn’t smoke. lol

  • http://none Allison

    oh… my gosh!!!! he is sooooo hot!!!!

  • lola

    Hottay! Cam is like the hottest thing ever. i loved him in never back down and on the OC nd i loved him in twilight. i love how he’s playing tht bad guy w/ the swagger and charm and u cant help but just like him. lol but yea i kne micha wuld complain about the show alot but i dditn kno all the other kids did too. nd yea its ironic how ther not doin much of anything bigger and better but Cam has. but yea i Love Adam Brody too. He has done alot of films tho, and he is a good actor. I heard he’s gonna play Flash in the upcomming Justice Leauge movie, but i also heard Cam was gonna play the Flash in the superhero movie. watevs idk. But yea <3 Cam Gigandet, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, is a great actor and is totally Hott.

  • marie

    he is gorgeous there is not one flaw……and he is a really good actor from what i have seen…doesnt get enough credit for how good he is…..and the o.c kids now are alll wannabes ….he was great on that show that was the only season i watched :)…o and he makes smoking look hottt soooo shhhhh