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High School Musical 3: Melbourne Madness

High School Musical 3: Melbourne Madness

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens (both in Jenny Packham) stand side-by-side Zac Efron at the premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year at the Village Jam Factory on Wednesday in Melbourne, Australia.

More than 1500 screaming and adoring fans showed up at the premiere at Sydney‘s George Street cinemas.

“It’s very overwhelming,” Vanessa said at the Sydney premiere. “It’s incredible though, the fans are so amazing.”

“I love being a part of High School Musical, I wish I could do it forever but everyone’s got to grow up,” Zac said. “I’d love to try it all. I’ll see where the wind takes me.”

25+ more pics inside of High School Musical 3: Melbourne Madness…

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high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 03
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 04
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high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 19
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 20
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 21
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 22
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 23
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 24
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 25
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 26
high school musical 3 melbourne premiere 27

Photos: Lucas Dawson/Getty
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  • van

    Vanessa is so so so so sexy
    zac is HOT!!!!
    Zanessa forever :*

  • kelseyjo

    ashhy is beautiful GO JASHLEY

    ehh zanessas ok~!

  • aww

    I wish i could have taken a break from studying to go….
    Vanessa is a the pretties girl alive..
    and of course zac is hott as usual.

  • angelika in poland

    I LOVE U VANESSA HUDGENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I`M FROM POLAND Nowy Sacz
    Vanessa very very very very very sexi
    pretty beautifeaul

  • grace

    i like what ashley is wearing….

    its better than what she wore in sydney.

    but she is absolutely stunning..
    vanessa looks gorgeous as per usual.
    she has a great sense of style. and love her fringe

    and zac looks happier too.
    i love them 3

  • irene

    I was at the Melbourne Premiere! It was fantastic! Vanessa, Zac and Ashley all looked amazing! They were all so friendly, signing autographs and I even got a photo with Vanessa!

  • misty

    i love vanessa dress she looks allways beautiful and her legs i am jerlours .
    love them too bad this is the last premiere cry cry

  • lynn

    ok When I look at some of these pictures Zac’s hand looks to be lower on ashley then on Vanessa. Or is that because he is standing closer to Vanessa then ashley. time will tell.

  • rosielee9

    Love Ashley#s dress.

    And both Zac and Vanessa look a lot better than at the other preimier and by that I mean happuier hopefully Vanessa is feeling a lot better she certainly looks it, and her dress is georgous.

    Zac is one lucky guy and so is Vanessa they are both hot

  • hannah

    OH GOSHH !!
    ash is fine but new hair (again … )

  • xoxoxo

    omg zac and vanessa are so cute together :) you can kinda tell that zac is leaning towards vanessa more in some of the pictures! hahahaha.


    omg .. vanessa is sooo soo damn sixy..
    love her dress she’s stunning
    and zac is soo hot lol

    zanessa for ever ..

    ashley is good ..

  • Lydia

    Ashley looks horrible:E blonde was better

  • clodi

    the girls are pretty!! But what’s something happened with V’s fake tan legs!?
    Just love the girls – don’t like zac

  • JOrdyn

    Luv what ashley and vanessa r wearing

  • heather

    Vanessa looks like a little harlot. If the dress were anymore revealing she would be showing her entire upper body. she looks and acts like a slut!

  • http://- alllly

    i was there
    i got every1′s autograph EXCEPT VANESSA
    she was going to sign for me bfre they got into the car, but ashley pushed her, and zac signed instead
    zac looked SO HOT! and the place was WILD! so much screaming
    ill post the video later
    if anyone wants to see the video’s of them in melb
    go to
    ill post them up SOON
    vanessa’s dress was so HOT! ashley was pretty aswell

  • Julien

    Vanessa looks absolutely amazing in that dress…she hasn’t got the biggest breasts ever, which is fine by me, but she sure knows how to showcase her body without look like a slut like so many others…she’s just amazing!!!

  • zanessa


  • oi=)

    Vanessa wants always to be hotter then Ash! yeah we already know she is better ! Both girls are making pouty lips – I hate that!! Look normal your are pretty!

  • someone

    i was there
    it was absolutely amazing

    they all looked stunning
    i loved their dresses :)

    got vanessa and kenny’s signatures

  • vanessafan

    vanessa is so sexy!!!!!!! she’s the most sexiest girl alive!!! ooohh those curves are damn hot!!!!

  • Matt

    great body of hers. beautiful face. Flawless.
    And she manged to do it and not look slutty
    and Ashley would have made it look slutty
    i wish Ashley would stop changing her hair every event it is getting on my nerves no matter how hard she tries she isn’t going to out shine Gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens

  • Brandon

    Wow O.O i can’t keep my eyes off of that beautiful girl.
    Vanessa can do no wrong. She is flawless. GREAT legs too.
    Ashley she looks alright better then the last thing but then again shes wearing that long shittt in her hair. She needs to figure out what she wants alright its not going to matter in the long run their is no way she can out shine Baby V. And about zac i want to be that guy soooooooo bad! he is sooooo fuckingg lucky and i don’t think he has any idea how lucky.

  • zanessa forever

    i love zanessa
    and zac looks really hottttttt

  • Alex White

    My goodness. god has spoken. Vanessa has to be one of his best pieces of work i must say. That body. Those legs. That innocence in her face so sexy. Zac is one lucky guy. Ashley go away your ruining the picture.

  • Derek

    Damnn baby looking good Ms. Hudgens!

  • Boji

    Yup, Vanessa is really sexy in this outfit and she looks good in it too. It is tasteful and not tacky. Ashley also looks pretty here. Like her hair.and makeup better than at the Sydney premiere. Vanessa and Ashley , I would say have distinctly different taste in clothes.

  • Violet

    And of course JJ never post the best pictures like this one….

  • may

    I usually look forward to V’s appearances because of what she will be wearing (Well, thats one reason) and how she would look but I am not liking her pictures in Melbourne and Sydney. There is something off with her looks lately.

  • Kirstie

    Aw i love Zac and Vanessa they are so cute together.
    Plus they both are hotties :D

  • milliesays

    haha they look sweaty – indeed it was super hot today in melbourne (weatherwise!!)

  • sweety13

    Ashley looks mature and stunning as a brunette :D Vanessa, beautiful as always. Zac = HOT.

  • lia

    Baby V she looks pretty i love her bangs the last time i saw her her bangs were messed up

  • lia

    Baby V she looks pretty i love her bangs the last time i saw her her bangs were messed up

  • milliesays

    p.s. poor ashley. there’s a bit of a sadness in her eyes. she must feel lonely touring the world without jared, especially with having to be third wheel to the happy couple everywhere they go.

  • marisol

    vanessa hot a love zanessa

  • go sox

    Beautiful pictures!!

    Vanessa looks stunning!! She looks like she’s feeling better too. And her dress is NOT too revealing. What is she revealing???? A little skin?? Duh. You can see more on TV. That’s ridiculous. Everything is covered, and she looks sexy, sweet, and sassy at the same time!! She’s just a gorgeous young woman!!

    I think Ashley’s hair looks really good here!! She looks much older than 23 though. And let’s keep in mind that Ashley has worn dresses cut down to THERE, and no one made a big deal of it….. Zac looks like he’s relieved, happy, and more relaxed. They all look like it’s a “farewell to Disney” night!!

    Thanks, Jared, for all the posts you’ve done since they went on their promo tour!! You went above and beyond the call of duty, and we fans really appreciate it!!

  • Boji

    #29, That’s a really good pic of the three of them. Ashley and Vanessa looking gorgeously beautiful and Zac, scruffily handsome.

  • suzy

    the girls look gorgeous.

  • Sandra

    i must admit that Ashley looks soooo pretty. i just love her more days to days!

    but vanessa, she used to look good but not anymore. i dislike her bang, it makes her nasty, which she has shown recently.

    i was there, i got a autograph from ashley, she is soo sweet. I love her. She got like most of the fans there. we all luv her, we were all screaming for her!


  • i hate ashley tisdale :P:P

    vanessa is so prettyy
    so sexy

  • Boji

    Go Sox, right with you there. Ashley has worn plunging necklines before and Vanessa can afford showing off her gorgeous skin. She has just the right size boobs to carry a dress like that. I love her style and I think it is the trend now. Ashley is looking good in her outfit too, a little older but good.

  • BabiiVfanforeva

    gorgeous!!! HOT!!!! ..omg i cant believed i didnt ge to still bummed about it..i so wanted to go but my parents wouldnt let me because we’re in the middle of exams at school..if i hadnt had exams i would have so gone!!! love them so much..i so cant wait to see HSM3..zanessa and ashley are awesome!!! so beautiful and i love wat nessa is wearing and her them!!! ..omg i cant wait to go skool tomoro and hear the other girls talk about many ppl from skool were going!! omg im just loving knowing that im currently in the same state and country as zanessa and like only half and hours drive away :D

  • V-loyalist

    Vanesssa, really looks sexy, sophisticated and as always stunning!!!Love the dress, very stylish, it brings out the best in her!! I may say the fringe works for her well and that flawless skin of her.

    Always never a dull moment seeing her in every red carpet or event.

  • Boji

    Good evening V-loyalist, agreed, never a dull moment seeing Vanessa on the red carpet.

  • arianna

    wanna see them so bad!!!
    U GUYS ROCK!!!

  • Boji

    Go to VABN and listen into the Hamish and Andy radio show. Hilarious Free style Musical from Zac,Vanessa and Ashley with their hosts. Vanessa played her part really well. Go Listen.

  • V-loyalist

    Hi Boji!!! miss you lady, evening too!

    Know what i’m still at work and was about to leave, till i saw this, now i’m glued to our power couple. LOL

  • lison

    Wow, the all look fantastic and happier, calmer and more well rested then the Sydney premiere. :)