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Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market

Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market

Jennifer Garner steps out in a warm brown dress to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables at The Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant actress recently took her two-year-old daughter, Violet, to church on Monday afternoon.

Jennifer‘s husband, Ben Affleck, also recently said that he believes his relationship to Jennifer Lopez was doomed from the start. “I think Jen and I made a mistake in that we fell in love, we were excited and maybe too accessible. I don’t think either of us anticipated the degree to which it would take on a world of its own,” he said.

10+ pics of Jennifer Garner shopping at the Farmer’s Market…

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101 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market”

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  1. 51
    Vanessa Says:

    There is only one person typing under different names and that is the obsessive hater. You typed multiple comments within 5 minutes.

  2. 52
    Miranda Says:

    Sin — There is no hype. Jen is beautiful with or without make-up. You are fug with or without make-up. That is why you hate on the internet. You are a well-known troll who uses the same website every post. Obsessed much?

    Jane — That list was for most rich celebrities and had nothing to do with looks. You are obsessed with Forbes.

    Mark — Everyone wants a jaw-line like that. That is why people get plastic surgery to get one like that. Jen doesn’t need plastic surgery. Her looks are far from gone and she has always had them, which is why you hate. She doesn’t need make-up. Your the one with the fugly mug.

  3. 53
    Miranda Says:

    Laura — To thy hyper hater The only person typing under user names is yourself. Are you a trans-gendered too? Using male and female names, I see. Six negative comments in five minutes. You’re right pictures don’t lie. She looks gorgeous. You’re obviously talking about yourself. It’s not anyone’s fault you look awful. Who is strutting? She’s shopping. Each comment you show your insecurity even more. She doesn’t look like trailer-park trash. Again that is yourself. Funny how you care so much what she wears. She can wear what she wants. You are not most women. The truth is in the pictures indeed!

  4. 54
    Miranda Says:

    Laura — To the hyper hater… The only person typing under different user names is yourself. Are you a trans-gendered too? Using male and female names, I see. Six negative comments in five minutes. You’re right, pictures don’t lie. She looks gorgeous. You’re obviously talking about yourself. It’s not anyone’s fault you look awful. Who is strutting? She’s shopping. Each comment you show your insecurity even more. She doesn’t look like trailer-park trash. Again that is yourself. Funny how you care so much what she wears. She can wear what she wants. You are not most women. The truth is in the pictures indeed!

  5. 55
    Miranda Says:

    Mark is the one with the fugly mug who couldn’t be saved if he tried. He takes his self-hatred out on celebs on the internet. LMAO.

    Sunshine — Adoring Fan typed 2 comments. How is that obsessed? You’re another one of the aliases of that troll who has typed more than half of these comments. You’re the obsessed one here.

  6. 56
    someone Says:

    Oh and she is wearing makeup (makes sense, since she’s dressed up). You can’t tell in all the pics but I can see it in the pic where she’s holding up the bag of tomatoes. I see eye makeup, blush, and probably lipstick. It’s just light, natural, and not obviously overdone.

  7. 57
    someone Says:

    Adding: The makeup is probably much more obvious in person but looks faint on camera. Happens to the best of us.

  8. 58
    Brenda Says:

    Haters keep hating and adding to the comment hits. You just add to the amount of photos that get posted of her. Talk about obsessed. You can’t stop yourselves from looking at photos of someone you supposedly don’t care for and if she is so fugly to you, why do you keep looking at pictures of her? The comments don’t lie. LOL!

  9. 59
    Sunshine Says:

    Miranda/Adoring Fan, I have only typed two comments in this thread including this one. Rarely do I comment on here but it’s obvious you’re spamming under multiple names. I like Jen but you’re way too obsessed!

  10. 60
    Brenda Says:

    Sin has that name because they are uglier than sin. Good choice!

  11. 61
    Mirana Says:

    Sunshine I am not Adoring Fan. The fact that you assume that others use different users names shows that it is your own guilty doing. Stop projecting yourself on me. I only have one name on here, obviously you’re the one spamming under multiple names. As for being obsessed, I rarely come on this site so again that is you.

  12. 62
    Miranda Says:

    And I forgot the d in my name, but you get the idea. Unlike the troll who keeps spamming I don’t cut and paste different user names as my name.

  13. 63
    Miranda Says:

    Kudos to you Brenda! Couldn’t have said it better. The negative comments just add to the comment count. Haters are just as much needed for someone’s fame as fans are and only make the celeb more popular.

  14. 64
    Sunshine Says:

    Miranda/Adoring Fan/Brenda/etc, I’m not projecting anything. The reason people know you’re using different names is because your posts all sound the same and occur so close together after this thread has been up for hours. I like Jen and agree she’s beautiful, but your defensiveness over her is obsessive. You really need to chill out.

    I can see you enjoy talking to yourself. Have fun!

  15. 65
    Miranda Says:

    Sunshine again you are projecting on yourself. I am not Brenda or Adoring Fan. Your posts are similar to a well-known troll named Ally, though. What “people”? You’re the only one replying. You obviously suffer from some mental disorder and project your own behavior on others. Posts that sound the same on the whole internet? Imagine that. You don’t get out much, obviously. The haters comments sound more a like than anything I have typed and are closer together. 6 hate comments in 4 minutes. I’m not getting defensive at all nor am I obsessed. It’s called an opinion. You’re the one who really needs to chill.

    You’re the one talking to yourself since you keep changing your name and saying “people” when only you are responding. Enjoy and have fun talking to yourself!

  16. 66
    Miranda Says:

    And of further proof, looking back at her comments one was posted at the exact time. The same person can’t type two different comments within the same minute. Again you are the only one making multiple accounts and talking to yourself.

    You can go back to arguing with yourself now.

  17. 67
    Adoring Fan Says:

    I am the original (one and only user name) true adoring fan of this site. I am not obsessed but I am an indeed an ADORING FAN. I adore Jen for her natural beauty, her talent and very laid back and low key lifestyle. She is an inspiration and I greatly admire her. End of story.

  18. 68
    pop Says:

    God how scarry. One has to wonder if Jen herself along with Ben post on here. Noone else gives a rats a** to go on endlessly defending this woman unless it was Jen herself along with Ben. Jen and Ben are two very narcisstic self-absorbed stars who are keenly aware of this website and I’d bet a million they both post on here for kicks. Jen has a lot of free time on her hands and loves the attention way more than Ben.

    As for JLo, she is freaking hot. No comparison whatsoever. Piss on her all you like guys but she is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than Garner. It is what it is.

  19. 69
    ..... Says:

    I can’t believe Ben allowed himself to be trapped by this *****.

    Jennifer is not the sweet girl everyone makes her out to be I remember years ago pre Kevin when Jen bashed the crap out of Britney. She is a b!t@h!

  20. 70
    Rebecca Says:

    Jen Garner sure is a desperado for attention, she hasn’t been to the farmers market in months I’m surprised her family hasn’t starved by now, whose doing the grocery shopping??

    At least the phony beyootch is not including her daughter in this staged trip to the farmers market. Jen Garner couldn”t look more fake if she tried from those botox enhanced lips, to the cheesy phony smile, kudos to the salesman for not smiling back and knowing she’s just a phony actress out for some attention.

  21. 71
    zoe Says:

    she looks cute. like her outfit and she’s a natural beauty. hope everything goes well in the pregnancy.

  22. 72
    pop Says:

    Is she so poor that she can’t hire a delivery service to deliver SIMPLE GROCERIES? Of course she’s a *****. How else could she and Ben hit it off with his rep as a total a** in Hollywood?

    Never forget the Oscars or it was the Emmy Awards Show when JLo came up on the stage in her gorgeous orange gown and the cameras zoomed in immediately on Jennifer Garner with the BIGGEST SCOWL on her face chatting with her friend. Jealous much??

    Jennifer will NEVER be JLo. JLo is so cool and sexy and gorgeous. Ben eat your heart out because JLo is your equal. The two of you attracted so much attention from the media because of that fact.

    Ben will eventually dump Garner for a sexy lolita or for Matt his uber equal eventually.

  23. 73

    ” JOANNE “……I do NOT comment on Jennifer often, but I do think she is a great mother….Everyone comments on threads all the time, good and bad….Just look at the Cruises board…More bad than good always….I made the remark about the paparazzi when another poster said she ” looked annoyed ” with the camera’s…..Jennifer asked them ( paps ) once to ” stop following her to Violet’s school “, and got upset when they did not comply..
    The ” little piggy “, remarks were not meant to be mean, but I guess they were…SORRY !!!…..I don’t understand what the big deal is when Jennifer and Katie are followed for the simpliest of chores…It is ridiculous that the paps are THAT desperate for SOMETHING to photograph……I guess money talks with the best and first shot !!!

  24. 74
    Dan Parsons Says:

    Adoring Fan @ 11/13/2008 at 12:36 am
    Sure you are and you just happened to show up again within 20 minutes of your alias…at 12:30 AM. Nice try, DUMBASS!

  25. 75
    Miranda Says:

    No, I am not Jen Garner but I am a big fan of her and don’t see why people have to type negativity. If you think this is bad you should see the Angelina fans. Do you think Angelina comes on here to defend herself with Brad, then? What is scary is the haters who come on under different aliases posting the same thing. Her fans do care and defend many celebs on here and yet you don’t complain about them because you’re a hater trying to start something. You’re the obvious very narcissistic self-absorbed person here. How do you know what complete strangers are aware of? You obviously are seriously mentally deranged to think these celebs care what you think. Of course she has a lot of free time. She is pregnant.

    Lopez is far from hot. Without make-up she is nothing to look at. It is only your opinion. In my opinion she is fug and Garner is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter Lopez. It is what it is.

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