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Kate Bosworth is Chanel Chic

Kate Bosworth is Chanel Chic

Kate Bosworth shines in a black and white Chanel sheath dress on the red carpet at the 2008 Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Monday night in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress also sparkled in diamond jewelry from Neil Lane.

Kate will next star in the Sngmoo Lee-directed The Laundry Warrior. Co-starring alongside Geoffrey Rush, the film follows an an Asian warrior (Dong-Kun Jang) who finds peace, contentment and perhaps love in a forgotten western town on the edge of the desert.

15+ pictures of Kate Bosworth at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards…

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Photos: PNP/ WENN, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
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  • FIRST!

    OMG she is just perfect. Gorgeous. Post more kate, Jared, she classes up your site :)

  • taceyspeaks

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Can’t wait for The Laundry Warrior to come out, it sounds interesting. Come on Kate, do more movies! I like that she wears her hair back & shows off her crooked ears ;) You go girl!

  • Dani

    She looked better when she had some weight on her. But she is gorgeous and classy!

  • martyn

    I hope I don’t get blasted for this, but she’s so much prettier now than when she was with Orlando. She’s definitely hot!!

  • masterbartenderforhire

    I’d hit that. She looks classy but like she’d still party.

  • jude

    She looks sad & lonely. Hey baby you need a guy? I’m here

  • Noelle

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Very classy, she looks great here.

  • candice

    #6 – how do you figure that? she looks great! She doesn’t look sad or lonely. Um, maybe you’re projecting????

  • preciouspuppiesforsale

    Aw I think she’s lovely. Very feminine. That’s Chanel? I bet it costs a fortune. Do the stars get their clothes for free?

  • mirabel

    ohoh She looks as frozen as Nicole Kidman…

  • johanna

    She’s really really pretty but to me she was at her prettiest during the Beyond the Sea promotions. Her hair is always too severe these days. But she is basically perfect.

  • Betina

    She looks soooo good! I love her

  • johanna

    @# 10, oh good grief WHAT is it with you people who call her frozen? Jeez! What airheads! And this, after x17 posted pics of her with her forehead all squenched up. I mean, some folks gripe she’s too wrinkled and there’s always you Orlando fans who start up with those stupid ridiculous Botox krap. Go to x17 (uh, sorry Jared) & then come back & start w/the botox stuff, I dare you. It’s really silly the way you people say that ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME when it isn’t even true. Once they were griping about Botox & you could even see creases in her forehead in the HQ pics. SO YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY JUST YAKKIING AWAY TO GRIPE AND START SOMETHING.

  • taceyspeaks

    @#13, yeah that’s true about the fangirls bit*hing about Botox. But isn’t it better than the other krap they used to say about her? I’m glad she’s moved on and gotten out of that cesspool (hope you catch my drift). If only the losers would go away & find someone else to complain about. I saw The Girl in the Park, it was amazing. She’ll have the last laugh, I guarantee it.

  • johanna

    ok Tacey I get it. ;) You’re right but it just ticks me off that the (same) stupid people post the same stupid krap every time & they don’t know what they’re talking about & they don’t even care they just want to gripe & it’s stupid & a waste of time. But, yeah you’re right she’s better off now. I haven’t seen The girl in the park yet…

  • mirabel

    @#13 Yak away what you want. And well, yes, give me those wrinkled pics. I prefer THEM.
    I really do not like those waxen foreheads and faces without expression AT ALL.
    Wrinkles are normal, add warmth to an expression and give personnality to a face. A face without them just doesn’t look right. No matter how beautiful the person could be.

    SO. This airhead indeed prefers real people instead of botoxed ones.

  • johanna

    ^ Um, so are you agreeing w/me & Tacey now? Huh? Because first you say she’s frozen like Nicole Kidman & now… oh you’re not making any sense. The point I’m making is, she’s not frozen. DUH! I will admit that she often gets this ‘posed’ look to her face which looks artificial and stilted but IT’S NOT A SIGN SHE’S HAD BOTOX. yeah, Kidman’s so hopped up on the stuff you could stomp her foot & she wouldn’t blink but Kate’s not doing that. And it’s silly for people to say that.

  • simplysusan

    I think she’s pretty. She doesn’t look like she’s had botox. She looks really young though. And maybe she’s got a bit too much makeup on but it goes well with the dress.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …she looks pathetic.

    super-ugly… alien-like.

    gigantic forehead.

    horrible movie career.

  • http://justjared ????

    pathetic even nicole richie is more famous than her no one knows her in a year time if she keeps it up not even her two fan will care anymore

  • johanna

    ^^ Oh i see the Orlando fans have showed up. Well go ahead & post ladies, that just raises kate’s post quotient & keeps her on Jared’s site.

  • roxie

    #21, how do you know they are Orlando fans? Just wondering…

  • Still lookin great

    She looks just lovely. Good for you Ms. Bosworth.

  • johanna

    @ #22 – because they always sound the same, and they have sounded that way for years. I mean, to be honest, people are either fans of Kate, or they are indifferent, or they don’t even know who she is. I have noticed (by reading posts, reading their follow ups, not just here but on many other sites) that the people who quickly swoop in & blast away at Kate are usually, at some level, his fans. It’s kinda pathetic. She’s so moved on from him, you’d think they’d find something else to vent at. But I guess they lack imagination…

  • Joyce

    shes gorgeous.
    such unique traits.

  • Joyce

    shes gorgeous.
    such unique traits.

  • Lolita

    she looks gorgeous as Nicole Kidman, they are very similar!

  • johanna

    Plus, I bet #19 & 20 are the same person, notice the use of the word Pathetic in both posts? Hmmm

  • Hayley

    She’s beautiful, elegant, and I gather based on comments from co-stars, she’s a lot of fun! It’s quite an honor to be asked to present the award to Maureen Chiquet (CEO Chanel). I’d faint if I had to give a speech at Carnegie Hall. It’s silly when people say she’s had botox. She’s always had gorgeous, flawless skin. To #6, I don’t think anybody that radiant could be sad and lonely.

  • LC

    Well, 1, 3, 7, 26 & 27 all use the word gorgeous. I guess they’re the same person too. :-)

  • Tiffany

    She looks pretty good here. I like the dress, it’s flattering to her. Much better than what she usually walks out of house wearing.

  • ashley

    she is a true beauty

  • hank

    i don’t find her pretty at all. that forehead is so weird and she can’t act. yikes! she looks like some kind of extraterrestrial. “e.t. phone home”

  • zoe

    i never really liked her. she seemed like one of those ppl famous for nothing. but i have to admit she looks classy and cute here. love the hair, makeup, dress and shoes. her skin is also flawless!

  • me

    stiff not warm – frozen

  • http://justjared ????

    hahaha i talk about KATE BOSWORTH and her empty days possing for the paps failing in the only big film they gave her SUPERMAN RETURNS and the FACT that no one will HIRE HER what her two fans do ? they menttion orlando bloom i don’t get it why menttion him when i came here to talk about KATE BOSWORTH is it because she is so boring that even her two fans talk about another celebrity ?

  • Silas

    classy!!!! she is my fashion icon…
    but Kate… you’ve gotta gain some weight
    you’re tooooo skinny!