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Miranda Kerr is Ocean Drive Sexy

Miranda Kerr is Ocean Drive Sexy
  • An angel takes flight! Miranda Kerr looks good in lingerie.
  • Britney Spears looks a little familiar.
  • Gavin Rossdale gets in sandcastle time with Kingston.
  • Bill O’Reilly is trying to pit gays against blacks.
  • Ari Gold is King Douche
  • Paula Abdul‘s number one fan is dead.
  • Suge Knight blame Kanye for lost earring and hurt leg.
  • Britney Spears dines at Nyla’s Burger Basket.
  • Kate Winslet bunches imaginary panties over fur.
  • Madonna has sent a list of a dozen rules to estranged hubby Guy Ritchie, who is taking care of their sons Rocco and David in London this week. The list, emailed to Guy by Madonna‘s assistant, includes a ban on TV and DVD watching and strict food rules- all meals must be macrobiotic and vegetarian and water must be Kabbalah water. Guy is also not allowed to introduce the boys to any of his girlfriends.
  • “I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. But I’m not anyone to give advice to anyone about anything.” – Katie Couric talking about Sarah Palin at Glamour‘s 2008 Women of the Year Awards dinner.
  • Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was spotted at Diablo Royale doing shots with her boyfriend, Sebastian Stan.
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  • dorsey

    ‘AN ANGEL TAKES FLIGHT?’ OMG Jared, don’t make us all sick!!!! Miranduh Kurr – once a skank, always a skank. You can put lipstick on a pig but all you have is…. guess…

  • unlike the haters

    Yes Miranda looks good! She is beautiful!!!





  • mike


  • my chick topless

    miranda looks kinda depressed

  • aNGEL

    Hey moron, “An Angel Takes Flight” is the title of the article, not Jared’s opinion.

    Miranda looks amazing. Such a beautiful young woman.
    She is living proof that you can be model thin, yet healthy and happy. Her skin just glows.
    Orlando sure is a lucky man.

  • WOW….

    Miranda Kerr is very very beautiful!!!

  • Frankie

    Oh Mranda give it up! Two minutes a part? Are you not any more creative than that?

  • @8

    Oh, that’s right. I forgot. The only people who like Miranda are her family members. That’s why VS made her an Angel, and are using her in this shoot, solo, to promote the show. Her 15 million family members are the only ones that like her. How silly of me to think that she is becoming more popular than some of the more established Angels without the help of her apparently ENORMOUS family.

    Get over it. People like her, and think that she is gorgeous. Claiming that anyone who posts a positive comment about her is family is just stupid. Ridiculously stupid.

    She is stunning, and has a fantastic body. She is certainly MY favorite Angel. Adriana is old news compared to Miranda.

  • LOve her


  • david

    Incredible, beautiful, and smart. A rare combination

  • @9

    Adriana IS old news, which is exactly why VS put Miranda in the Miracle Bra commercials with Doutzen AND she’s wearing this year’s fantasy bra. Oops!

  • @12

    It took Adriana how long to get the Fantasy Bra? 10 years?
    And then she has to share commercial time and personal appearance duties wth another girl. Miranda had three solo commercials by her second year in VS. Plus she is the face of the Dream Angel Bra, and Heavenly kiss perfume. All by herself. Adriana is still the most famous Angel, next to Heidi, but she has lost her luster. Miranda is fresh, new, gorgeous and popular.
    I love her.

  • lost her luster?

    That is why the Christmas catalogs are all features of Adriana and Doutzen? Kerr has one feature photo all the way in on page 21. Gimme a break. Adriana is not old news and makes Kerr look like a plucked chicken.

  • g!na


  • @13

    Miranda is hardly featured at all in the new catalog. It’s all about Doutzen and Adriana now.

    I think they did give Miranda a brief chance last summer but she didn’t do well so they cut her back again. I heard no one showed up for her kissing booth job but lines were around the corner to see Adriana at her event. So who does the public want to see? Too bad for Kerr but I think the VS knows it’s Adriana and Doutzen.

    Adriana did get the fantasy bra just like #12 said so they know what they want at vs and it’s not chubby cheecked weird looking girls.

  • agree

    I have to agree with #13
    Adriana is royalty for VS. But they need fresh faces to attract new customers. Doutzen had it in her contract to be featured, but they have to pair her with adriana because the general public has no idea who she is. And remember, that was ONE catalogue. There will be several before Christmas, and Miranda will have plenty of photos to follow.
    People have different tastes. You don’t like Miranda. I (and many others) do. I think that Doutzen is too thick in the waist and thighs. I like Miranda’s more athletic figure. I don’t like Adriana’s heavy jawline, I like Miranda’s more feminine face. Just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean that others don’t. VS would not have made her an Angel if they had not received positive feedback from her ads. Simple, really.

  • @16

    Of course more people showed up at Adriana’s event. She is much more famous than Miranda at this point. But that doesn’t mean that Miranda’s popularity isn’t on the upswing. And how can you say that they cut her back this Summer, when they made her an Angel this October? That just doesn’t make any sense.
    I did take Adriana ten years to get the fantasy bra, and now you are claiming that it means that VS doesn’t like Miranda when she didn’t get the bra her first year as an Angel? That doesn’t make any sense either. That seems to indicate that VS just gave Adriana the bra to shut her up about not getting it before. Why did they wait ten years to give it to her?

  • hmmmm

    I wonder if these girls who are claiming Doutzen as the second coming would like her as much if she was the one dating Orlando?
    Something tells me not.

  • give & take

    “Only 25 percent of men with spinal cord injuries are able to have erections that are adequate for having intercourse.”

    From a medical journal. So, basically she is whoring herself out for money and fame, and he is whoring himself out to have a cover because he cant fu*ck anyone, or at least not very often. Brainless bimbo meets limp dick

  • @20

    You again?
    Give it a rest. I don’t understand your need to see Orlando as some poor, celibate invalid. How many times are you going to post this nonsense?
    From all reports, the man has absolutely no problem in the bedroom. Or evidently public bathrooms, since he and Miranda were caught having sex at the GQ awards a few months ago.
    His spinal cord was bruised, and swelling caused a loss of strength in his legs. He never lost feeling in his legs, so his spinal cord was never “damaged”. Little Orlando is just fine.
    Get over it.

  • @20

    You can’t apply a diagnosis from a medical journal ad hoc like that.
    There are differing degrees of injury. And differing degrees of recovery. The problems that you are referring to apply to men who suffer paralysis below the waist. Orlando was never confined to a wheelchair. He even left the hospital on crutches. Based upon his swift recovery, and continued active lifestyle, I would hazard to guess that he is absolutely fine.
    Really fine.

  • @21

    ” Little Orlando is just fine.”

    based upon numerous rumors
    little Orlando, ain’t so little. ;)

  • give & take


    This does not limit itself to just men with paralysis. He had screws and a plate in his back, he even says his back was broken. It is just a case of nerve damage that might inhibit his ability to get an erection. And when someone tells me that they have had intercourse with him and can prove it, I might believe it. And as far as having sex in a bathroom, there are many ways to experience sexual pleasure that does not include intercourse. Do I know if he is impotent, no I don’t, but statistics say it could be likely. And it is not me again, I have never posted about this before. I did some research after a blind item that fits him perfectly popped up to see if this problem was likely after th type of back injury he had and what I found supported the theory. So unless you have been introduced to big. little. or medium sized Orlando my take on it is just as valid as yours.

  • Lara

    hideous hair!!!

  • @21

    ROFL You actually believe that blind item was not only true but you are claimging to know it was about them
    Many people have fun and speculate when those things come out but they are usually forgotten the next day.
    For someone to take a BI and use it as fact well that just discounts anything else you might have to say.

  • give & take

    you sure guess a bunch. I said the blind item made me think of him, not that I believed for sure it was. God, what morans people are, they assume stuff that they shouldn’t. I am not an idiot to believe everything I read. Since the item made me wonder about him, I just did research on spinal injury victims. And everything else was a big IF. I think according to the research I did, he may have trouble with impotence. Was the blind item about him? I have no idea, just speculating like everyone else does. Never used it as fact, never said I did think it was fact. Maybe you need to retake reading comprehension 101.

  • sara

    So you did research on spinal injury victims? Then you know that there is a tremendous variance of degrees of injuries and their prognosis. You did not research Orlando’s injury, nor do you know his medical history. Neither did I. But just to make an educated guess, I’d say that he is just fine. Nerve damage from a T-12 injury would have affected more than just ‘little Orlando’. It would have affected his mobility as well. And since the man doesn’t even have a slight limp, I’d say that there WASN’T any permanent damage. The pain he feels is from the fracture, and the subsequent surgery. He has no symptoms of spinal damage, at all. If he had damage, he wouldn’t still be the adrenaline junkie that he is. He wouldn’t be mobile enough to surf, snowboard, kite-surf, scuba dive, sky dive, bungee jump, ride horses, etc., much less be cleared by movie insurance companies to do his own stunts. If everything else below the waist works, so do his private parts.
    Think what you want. But all signs point to a full recovery. For Big, and for little Orlando.
    Now, are we going to have this same discussion in the next Orlando thread, too? Or will you finally drop your campaign of false hope?

    Oh, and as far as a BI fitting him perfectly….the one the other poster mentioned about the GQ party fit the best of any that I have seen. If I was forced to believe any BI, I’d pick that one.

  • sara

    Forgot to add…
    “I THINK according to the research I did, he MAY have trouble with impotence……..I have no idea, just SPECULATING ”
    You “think” that he “may”, and you were “speculating?
    Then why did you state as a fact…
    “So, basically she is whoring herself out for money and fame, and he is whoring himself out to have a cover because he cant fu*ck anyone, or at least not very often. ”
    Sounds pretty hateful to me. Maybe you should apply your “research” to more positive thoughts, hmmm?

  • kerr!!!

    i love her and ive been waiting for this to come out because i was at that shoot with her and i love her so much!!!!

  • @30

    Tim? Is that you Tim? Where have you been. rofl.

    Now all we need is Julie to talk about her most recent plane ride.

  • missy

    Like OMG I saw her and she is just beautiful, her voice sounds like birds singing, and she floats when she walks. She was just so kind, she stopped and kissed my forehead, and gave me such deep advice about how to love yourself best. She has changed my life, I have decided to devote myself to worshiping her and trying to be like her. I too will try to be beautiful, and skinny and model undewear, and date a famous guy and make sure I get my picture taken with celebrities, because she is just a saint, and I want to live the same way she does so I can make others see what a perfect person she is, like omg.

  • @16&17

    “I[t] did take Adriana ten years to get the fantasy bra, and now you are claiming that it means that VS doesn’t like Miranda when she didn’t get the bra her first year as an Angel? That doesn’t make any sense either. That seems to indicate that VS just gave Adriana the bra to shut her up about not getting it before. Why did they wait ten years to give it to her?”

    No one claimed VS doesn’t like Kerr, she just isn’t used as much as the other girls because she doesn’t garner nearly as much attention. She sparked a little interest last year when she was blabbing to the press about her banging OB, so everyone wanted to know who she was, but now that his star has fallen, nobody cares about her anymore either.

    As far as Adriana waiting 10 years to get the bra, who knows for sure why VS made her wait so long. My guess is that because Adriana always had to compete with higher profile models who were household names: Heidi, Tyra, Gisselle. Now that she’s one of VS most popular Angels and a household name herself, of course they were gonna give it to her this year. I doubt it was a pacifier move on Vicky’s part when clearly the public adores her. Giving Cabbage the fantasy bra this year would look as awkward as the f u c kery they pulled last year by giving it to Selita Ebanks just because she was banging Nick Cannon. Selita who? Exactly.

    “Doutzen had it in her contract to be featured, but they have to pair her with adriana because the general public has no idea who she is.”

    Correction. Frat guys who perv over VS catalogs don’t know who Doutzen is because she is a high fashion model. Anyone who reads Vogue and follows fashion will tell you that this girl has modeled for the likes of Versace, Gucci, D&G and other high profile designers that your little panty muse would have killed to work with in her 10+years of modeling panties and bathing suits. And she still can’t book gigs with these designers even after broadcasting that she’s banging OB. Face it, your girl just can’t carry off high fashion . VS is the best she can do.

  • @19

    Hmmm…methinks you be one of them crazy Kate-haters that only likes the Dingho out of guilt.

  • @33

    She might not be a great model, but she is very good at finding men to fu*ck, men who can help her get her name out there, maybe there is a fantasy G string for models like her, who screw their way up the ladder.

  • Jimmy

    Miranda is far superior to any of the other angels or VS models. She has brains, beauty and a sense of humor. PLUS she is so nice.

  • @36

    OMG you are so right, I mean like even when she talks in interviews, and doesn’t know anything about fashion or the store she represents, she still seems so smart. Like she is amazing, and her laugh is like the ringing of bells. And all that cute flirty stuff she does with the interviewers is just so like omg cute, even if she doesn’t know how to answer their questions, it doesn’t matter because her legs are just so long. She is just the bestest of the best. Like omg she must have a degree like from Harvard she is so smart. And she is so nice especially when she talks about how awful Paris Hilton is, and how she is so much better than everyone else, she is so right and everyone should just lay down and die because beauty like that is just like omg so special.

  • Miranda kerr

    jimmy iz rite he me me on a plain and i wuz veri down to erth and bootiful.


    Who was saying she has an “athletic body”? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Take a look at those scrawny arms and that unshapely middle! She is a stick with ugly boobs. She has no muscle definition anywhere above the waist. The only thing she was blessed with is a nice ass and long shapely legs. The rest of her from the waist up is fug including that head of hers…freakshow.

    There have been 2 catalogs in the last couple of weeks for Christmas. Both feature only ONE feature photo for Kerr, and its the same one in each catalog almost near the middle. The first 20 pages are all Doutzen and Adriana’s campaigns, new photos featured in each so far. Garsh….maybe VS will surprise us with the next few catalogs before Christmas eh?

  • an indian ent tree

    I talked to a great energy tree today to try to get some wisdom about how to be my beautiful self and to live my life just like Miranda Kerr does.

    I was surprised when it spoke to me because I’ve always wondered what trees would say if they could talk and what do you know this one did. Maybe I can find a castle with a real prince charming too if I concentrate hard enough. Back to my tree. Yes it did talk to me and you know what it told me? One word

    dilligaf .

    I’m not sure what that means, maybe it’s a german or a greek word? Maybe someone else knows?

    Almost forgot the super duper energy tree also seemed to say in a whisper to me. ‘Shippers get a life shippers get a life shippers get a life’. I thought to myself after standing on my head in a white bikini for a bit to clear my brain well what a silly thing for a tree to say . Those shippers have got a life, it’s water off a duck’s back to them, comes with the territory, that kind of thing.

    Maybe the tree should have told them to all become tomboys, climb trees, ride motorbikes, get out and about in that fresh clean country air, inspire young women, that kind of thing but whatever they do best not play with barbie dolls because I’ve heard barbie dolls are the spawn of all evil.

    Wouldn’t it be truly sad if their lives were just pale imitations or copycat versions of other people’s lives? I think that might just be. Enough of this banter I’m off for my daily constitutional walk with Legolas as my guide. He’s such a hot fleet footed not quite so saggy assed elf even if he’s so like really old :)