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Reese Witherspoon - CMA Awards 2008

Reese Witherspoon - CMA Awards 2008

Reese Witherspoon walks the red carpet in a stunning Marchesa gown with lace cut-out details at the 2008 CMA Awards at the Sommet Center on Wednesday night in Nashville, Tenn.

The 32-year-old Walk The Line actress will be presenting an award at the event airing NOW on ABC.

Reese will star in Four Christmases with Esquire cover man Vince Vaughn. The film, about a couple struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day, opens in theaters on November 26th.

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images
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  • rayray83

    She looks healthy and stunning!

  • stephanie

    who is she???

  • UMMM

    She really doesn’t look so great in these pics bad lighting she looks old.

  • beka

    she looks AMAZING her hair is to die for. haha is her dress nina ricci i mean she loves that designer. WAY TO GO REESE BEST DRESSED

  • lucy

    Don’t step on your chin Reese.

  • megan

    SHE LOOKS GREAT! I love the dress


    ” LUCY “…WHAT ?????….I don’t think so…you are just jealous, I think…Reese is beautiful through and through….I LOVE that dress on her…Gorgeous !!!

  • lulu

    She is glowing with happiness. now, she’s the real sweetheart unlike the whiny , petty, vengeful, narcissistic aging siitcom hag who just rage her vendetta at Vogue mag.

  • csxyz

    She looks great and happy. I really like the dress and her emerald ring. :)

  • jade

    Love Reese. She looks beautiful. Love the dress

  • Doris

    why does she do that thing with her tongue? I makes her look horrible.

  • David

    CMA sound quality was horrible. We turned it to something else. I wish the actual web site would have something that you could post comments to.

  • keli

    immaculate dress … i think it’s from her friend Kira Plastinina .. if not, i’d love to know where she got it

  • mimi

    Wow, she looks gorgeous! This is the best she’s looked on the red carpet since the 2007 Oscars.

  • u7y

    Very “country” star look. Not my favorite style for her.

  • crazy for jb

    she looks so pretty, good for her !!

  • lady A won!

    There is something matronly about this look.

  • t

    she looks so beautiful

  • Tia


  • anon

    as jake´s eldest sister she is ok.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    horrible actress.

  • anonymous

    That is too much dress for her frame.Looks like she’s playing dressup.Wasn’t VV supposed to be here too?

  • loyal

    Stunning! Gorgeous! Perfection! Way to go, darling girl! That man of yours appears to be working out!

  • Jess

    Reese just stuck her tongue out LOL when they put the camera on her. She does do that A LOT! It really brings on her fug.

  • Nanci BLACK

    OMG !!!! STUNNING Beauitful Reese . Love this ladies movies. !!! Big Fan

  • settle down

    I am stunned that people think she is pretty.

  • saudia

    I Love Reese!! She looks so gorgeous at the CMA awards .. adore her!

  • kourtney

    she is just so darling. I’ve loved all of her movies since she was on Man in the Moon.

    this dress is GORGEOUS!!

  • Sally Hansen

    She forgot to wax her upper lip.

  • Laura

    She’s scary looking in these pics. The chin is getting more pointy by the day, the big red lips and the stuck my finger in the socket hair. How do you people think she looks gorgeous?

  • victor

    Whats with the white pasties?

  • Cutiepie

    She’s so beautiful. (Damn her!, lol)

  • ivermom

    Wow! She looks stunning!!!! I love her hair especially. Go Reese!


    Looking good!

  • jenny

    She was so annoying on the show she started off having to remind everyone she was in one good movie then all of her cutesy mannerisms just screamed look how adorable I am!!

    I really can’t stand this woman.

  • jenny

    LOL how many times is the word stunning used on this thread? Is that one person or are that many people easily stunned. Her hair looked like a rats nest from behind and you can see her underwear through her dress.

  • jenny

    oh one more thing she needs a new makeup person.

  • Um…

    She is my least favorite actress on earth. She’s ugly and seriously overrated.

  • Courtney



  • sesssss

    she looks gorgeous! ! love reese!

  • marina

    I like her since “the man on the moon” she was a darling in that movie!

  • shelby

    I just got done watching the CMAs and saw Reese. She looked worse on live TV then in these photos. Her hair was so blown out and frizzy it looked like she stuck her finger into an electrical outlet. Seriously. THe dress is ok but that red lipstick has got to go. SHe really looks like a clown here. And again, she made me sick to listen to her open her ugly big mouth. Praising herself about her Walk the LIne movie. We are so over it. If anyone was good in that movie, the award should have gone to Juaquin Phoexnix who did a beautiful job at acting and singing.

  • hank

    she looks so glam here. she’s such an adorable girl.

  • Ivana

    Reese is great woman, but this dress doesn’t suits her very well…. She have great legs, why she cover them with this big and totally unnecessary dress.
    She look like Krystle from Dynasty :-)

  • sophie

    Jenny #35, 36, 37, ITA!!! Must be the same crazed fan or her PR team. After you said it about ‘stunning’ did you notice they start using ‘gorgeous’? LOL Shelby #42, totally. WTL is over. Her new movie, can anyone say dog meat?

  • victorias secret

    You can see the stick on bra thru the lace. Why would she wear white bra adhesives with a black dress?

  • Geez

    Reese Witherspoon is a fugly, phony b*tch.


  • YUCK!!!!!

    “Why would she wear white bra adhesives with a black dress?”

    Because Reese has no taste.

    Can’t stand Reese’s ugly mouth, chin and her disgusting smile.


  • se

    This women is a opportunist.
    Jake Gyllenhaal was been lover of this women when she was married with Ryan Phillippe! In Golden Globes she used the same dress of Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Phillippe her men without shame was beside her.
    There lot of nepotism in Hollywood and the Gyllenhaal family is one of them.
    They put iin their films all of their relatives. The most part of films that Jake Gyllenhaal acted was with his sister, the father, the men of her sister and…in Rendition they put his love Reese Witherspoon with the men of her sister again!
    I would like to know how many times we will watch familiar films of Gyllenhaals!
    This clown with 1 kg of make up and with fish dress with voice of dog!!
    How decadent is Hollywood!

  • se

    We must show all time log in Hollywood and the son of someting like Angelina Jolie, George Cloney, Nicolas Cage (Coppola), Sofia Coppola and etc… Drew Barrymore, Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Daniel Day- Lewis…
    And then the son and daughter of them again!
    Hollywood can select their actors and actresses like all enterprise in world.
    If I would like watch a familiar film I would watch the videos of children of friends or my own videos.
    I haven’t to watch clows of bad circus!