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Rihanna - "Rehab" Music Video Preview

Rihanna -

An exclusive preview video clip of Rihanna‘s “Rehab” music video was just released on

The video, which features Justin Timberlake, was shot last month in Vasquez Rocks Park, outside of Los Angeles. This will be the tenth Rihanna music vid that Anthony Mandler has directed.

Check it out here (WMV) or here (YouTube).

The final video will be released early next week. Can’t wait–it looks amazing so far!

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  • sasha

    ****** them! Timberlake will do anything for attention!

  • curious

    Rihanna’s played out…

  • stella

    rihanna has an amazing body and the short hair makes her looks sooo hot !!!!

    she has a beautiful face that’s why it looks good on her :D

    can’t wait for the video !

  • Joesph

    I want a new album. How long is this one going to last?

  • MF

    she sounds horrible man

  • lola

    Go Riri. Get you some more haters! LOL

  • O RLY

    lol mf she needs to sit the fuck down somewhere. I don’t need a single every two weeks of a dying goat. thx.

    p.s. #1, Sasha fierce, is that you? lmao

  • Pop

    When is this chick going to make a new album? She’s been milking the last one for three years.

  • ?

    ANOTHER video?

  • shadow

    So? Yawn….

  • jett

    agree she is a sell out

  • ally


  • lol

    are you crazy? rihanna had a 2005 album, a 2006 album, a 2007 album and then released thye 2007 album this year. so she had 4 albums in 4 years, which is A LOT.
    i hope she doesnt make a 2009 album

  • Ants

    Amazing the level of coverage this girl gets. Unfortunately, people go for looks today instead of real singing.

  • Juice

    Rihanna’s been promoting the same album for almost three years. She just keeps adding new singles. Plus, she’s released at least three version of it. What a lazy artist and total rip off!

  • enoughalready

    I’m sorry, but did’nt this girl say she would not do Playboy?

    Then why on every turn she auditions for it!

    Rihanna’s main fan base is 12-16 year olds some older, but the older in age fan base is slowing off due to the fact we know what a real singer with talent is suppose to sound like.

    My point is; stop showing these little children that looking like a whore, hooker, prostitute is the way to make it in this business.

    I know this will be hard for her but, show them something real. Like Talent!! Quit showing that flat ***

    I was never a fan but after watching her run off the stage when she was sick and was able to continue to sing I was completely done…

  • Dallas

    This bitch must know Big Papa. That would explain the record deal. She has slightly more talent than the fat blond on Desperate Housewives of Atlanta.

  • kongomorgo

    boooooring booooring

  • Ewww


  • dream

    She’s very cute. But homegirl can’t sing.

  • ny

    Has anyone seen her live?

    It’s painful!

  • XyZ

    All those #1 singles and Rihanna can’t open by herself — she’s either someone’s opening act or has to go on tour with Chris. Something’s wrong there.

  • OMG

    Love the song, not too crazy about the video. Does not seem to fit with the song.

  • diamond C

    justin timberlake is sooo incredibly sexy, and rihanna is beautiful also. i hate haters, but like katt williams said, YOU NEED HATERS…if you don’t have them, then there’s a problem :)

  • ICe

    sHE Is sO fUG

  • vids

    Rihanna looks like a tranny. I guess it helps distract from the lack of talent.

  • tiger

    Sorry, the poor girl cannot sing The music industry is tailored to market beauty and sex appeal. If you can barely sing but have those, the industry will find a way to sell your image and profit.

  • Fox

    Go Justin!

  • p

    Rhianna can’t sing or dance to save her life!

  • Aquarius

    I like his beats but I do not find Justin Timberlake sexy. He looks like a penis head. Rihanna beautiful? Don’t think so. Not hating, just stating my opinion. Dislike is not automatically hate. The word hater is overused on the blogs. Just because we don’t worship your star doesn’t mean we hate them.

  • Rihanna

    This is gonna be awesome. Love you Rihanna!


    too sexy can’t f**king wait :D

  • joss

    so played out…

  • blackberry


  • jjj

    I can’t wait for the video to be released..she looks so pretty! Love Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my chick topless

    fuck u riri

  • lola

    Thank you #24! You know Riri must be doing something right because I’ve never seen so much hate. Get your Kat Williams on ya’ll! LMAO!

  • lisa

    JT looks sexyyyyyy…are u ppl blind?
    rhianna…blahh w.e lol

  • JT

    It’s true, Rihanna can’t sing. That’s not hate. That’s just stating the obvious.

    I guess Beyonce must be doing something incredible since Rihanna’s stams love to “hate” on her. :-)

  • re

    watch this video all the way through it is soo insperational

  • becca


  • Maaal.

    that’s old i swear,
    i have her “Good Girl Gone Bad”
    & rehab’s on it,
    she makes a video noww?!
    ohh geex, well whatevs JT’s in it :)

  • Maaal.

    that’s old i swear,
    i have her “Good Girl Gone Bad”
    & rehab’s on it,
    she makes a video noww?!
    ohh geez, well whatevs JT’s in it :)

  • Domenic

    Wow all the commenters on JustJared consistently bash Rihanna when I think she has triple the talent than 70% of Rappers and Pop singers out today. She may not be Celine Dion but she is definitely not talentless. Cool down guys.

  • nikARIES

    why so much hate ? Don’t front you know she’s hot . can’t wait for the video

  • honey

    The girl’s got money but not talent or style

  • Adonis

    It dont matter if she milks the album the song is HOT… So hi haters we see u…….

  • LolaSvelt

    Why does she keep releasing songs? Terrible songs at that. She doesn’t even write them. She’ll suffer from overexposure soon (she already has, actually).