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Taylor Swift - CMA Awards 2008

Taylor Swift - CMA Awards 2008

Taylor Swift shines in a sequin and crystal Kaufman Franco gown, with Christian Louboutin shoes and jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz at the 2008 CMA Awards at the Sommet Center on Wednesday night in Nashville, Tenn.

The 18-year-old Fearless singer recently sat down with Extra and told Mario Lopez that it was a personal goal to write songs about her exes. “It’s sort of a personal goal for me to make songs so personal and so obvious, that if all my ex-boyfriends were to sit down and listen to my album, they would figure out which song is about them,” she said.

Taylor is nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at the CMAs (Carrie Underwood claimed the prize). She also performed her hit songs “Love Story” and “Should’ve Said No” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. Take a glimpse of the show below:

Taylor Swift – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 11/11

10+ pictures of Taylor Swift at the CMA Awards…

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  • ellie

    she is soooooo PRETTY
    and has the perfect body!

    she was awsome on ELLEN


  • Tia

    she is GORJUZZ!!!! i am such a huge huge huge fan of hers! and u dont even understand hw much i hate country music!!! but there is something about her. she is just so down to earth and humble and sweet and uber uber talented! her songs are so relatable and she is an amazing song writer. I will always be team taylor and i lost every single inch of respect for tha a$$ joe jonas. what kind of jerk, famous OR non famous dumps someone via a 27 second phone call? FAIL!!

    so yeah! i hope she wins tonight! i voted and im gunna watch it! i hope she beats that self absorbed cow carrie underwood.

  • Aly

    Beautiful and Elegant


    she looks AWESOME
    i love taylor and miley :)

  • L


    she looks amazing!!!! she better win tonight… she deserves it!!!

    i cant wait until i get her CD (i know it came out yesterday but my parents wont take me to go get it!!) … it sounds amazing!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS TAYLOR… you are the best role model ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you make country music AMAZING!!!


  • lala

    shez puuuuuuuurdyyyyyyyyy

  • csxyz

    She sounds REALLY boy-crazy. She really has no filter at all – she doesn’t hold anything back, does she? I guess she got her “revenge”.
    Well, I do like her hair.

  • kATIE

    Taylor is awesome! It sucks she didn’t win any awards tonight but her performance was amazing!!! I loved all the dancers and then her costume change right on stage!! great job…When she gave out the awards she looked very elegant:)

    Her new cd is amazing! It all I have listened to in the past day and 1/2. All of her songs really are personal and you could relate to each one of them. She is amazing role model and she open and honest about everything even her public relationship with Joe and I know a bunch of Jonas Brother lovers are gonna come here and bash her because she has publicly mentioned that he dumped her over a 27 second phone call but I would be pissed too. No matter if he is a big star or not you do not dump someone over the phone and if you have to because of “distance” then it should be more then 27seconds.

    I wish Taylor the best in her music career!!! I hope she tours Canada because I would love to see her perform!

  • http://justjared sabreen

    Taylor Swift, I love you. Your so freakin down to earth and humble. Your a great role model and you were awesome of the CMA’s. I cant wait for the AMA’s. Your gonna perform again and Im getting carried away thinking your actually going to read this. Good Luck and dont let that gay boy Joe get in your way.

  • http://justjared sabreen

    Taylor Swift I love you so much. Your so hot and down to earth.

  • tia

    NUMBER 8!! i wish u didnt give i away that she didnt win anything! it only JUST started playing where i live!

  • http://justjared sabreen

    Talyor didnt win at the CMA’s but she will win at the AMA’s. Rock on Taylor!

  • Um…


  • eric

    gorgeous dress. I love the long flowy dresses. Looks so classy and elegant. She’s lovely. Looks way better than the plastic, botox face Nicole Kidman who everyone was praising for some reason in the other thread. Guess they like fake stuff.

  • Sarah

    yeah omg i just saw her perform and she was amazing !!!!!! i love you taylor so much !!!!!!!! :D

  • katie

    why did that stuckup cow carrie win???? i cant stand her! her ego is so effing huge! but seriously! who even voted for her? taylor is like the new queen of all things country.

  • adri

    can’t stand her.
    she’s NOT pretty
    and she can’t sing

  • http://justjared awad

    Read Comments 9, 10, and 12. Now tell me what u think of the dork or wrote all those comments. Shes a dumbass right?

  • asdfjkl;

    She looks gorgeous .

    Take that Hoe Jonas.

  • kATIE

    Sorry number 11! I totally spaced on times zones…and it not airing as the same time as me…

  • anna

    She does not look that good with her hair up. and her dress is ugly. She still writes nice songs though.

  • iria

    G O R G E O U S

  • MARY

    So pretty!

  • aliana

    ellen said that millions of girls are going to be mad at him for breaking up with her on the phone and yeah thats messed up and all but why is she talking about it everywhereeeee. she obviously wants people to know about it but you dont see joe going around talking about it. she should just keep her mouth shut and keep it private.

  • katie

    woah im watching her sing LIVE right now on the cmts and she is AWFUL!!! ahhhhhh! i still love her though but she sounds pretty bad

  • katie


  • katie

    OMFG! mileys boyfriend was in her performance!!!!!!!!!! lol that was hot! i liked the part!

  • jade

    I’m watching her now. She is adorable,looks beautiful and she seems
    so humble.

  • nk

    It’s pretty funny how she needs to vent out her frustrations on bad relationships onto her songs, the ways she has this need to JAB all her ex-boys who failed her. More power to her! She’s so open about it, I like her a lot!

  • becca

    she’s so beautiful… and FEISTY!!

  • Tory

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Even though we all know that :P
    Im so sad she didnt win…I want to cry. But I thought her performance was amazing!! Every performer sounded a little drowned out, except miranda lambert, but I still think Taylor sounded angelic.
    I love her new album ‘Fearless’ I think everyone should go buy like 5 copies!!!
    cause i want her to go platinum immediately!!!
    As for Joe Jonas, I think she just doesnt wanna talk about it, but when people keep grilling you its hard to keep saying no. And she said that he cheated on her, I dunno if its true that she said this. But still, shes WAY too good for him :)

  • char

    god. what a fckin b*tch.
    i mean really.
    does she really need to be talking about joe like that?
    and whoever said shes down to earth.


  • kk

    She looks gorgeous as usual!

  • Jaded

    Taylor whatever you do hold of for dear life to your stylist. You are one of the few teens that dress well.

  • anonymous

    Whoa she’s gonna have a lot of boyfriends in life(NOT) Thats her goal. Give me a break!
    her voice was not all that hot tonight either. She is getting a little mouthy maybe something like Mylie. These young women have a lot to learn.

  • http://justjared dee dee

    she irritates me

  • Anchie

    She’s super cute!!! I love her dress :)

  • Megan fox rocks

    she’s so Beautiful , love her so much

  • izabella

    I thought that the purple dress looked a bit big, but then I
    understood why, she had the white dress underneath :D

    I love the white dress, and I love her hair too!!
    Taylor is awesome and her song “forever and always”
    is the best song ever!!
    Thank you Joe for breaking her heart, it sure pulled a
    great song out of her!! :D

  • ellie


  • kourtney

    beyond words gorgeous!

    he performance was flawless. it’s a shame she didn’t win female artist of the year

  • anonymous

    okay all you people who said her performance was good needs to get their hearing checked. she was pitchy throughout the entire song and very monotone. her performance proved exactly why she should NOT win female VOCALIST of the year. THe other women in that category can sing circles around her.

  • Linda

    Such a pretty girl; I hope to see her make it big for years to come.

  • Lindsey!

    Taylor Swift- May be some georgeous girl but in Concert she is not that great.. very pitchy and not a good country singer. I love Taylor and her Songs and on her CD’s are GREAT! but thats with a little help of the machines that make you sing better. As for Joe and Taylor they are both great people and I don’t mind all you other comments but that seriously is GAY to be hating on JOE! he is not my favorite jObRo (nick) but you guys need to chill, If you think about it, Taylor could get any guy she wanted and Joe could get any girl he wanted so it’s all good chill out!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ROCKING ON YOUR CD”S TAYLOR YOUR CONCERTS NEED TO STAY ON THE DL!!!!

  • nicolette

    hey guys.. wanna know why the jonas brothers don’t talk about their romances? because they do things like what joe did to taylor & don’t want to talk about it! hmm.. ever think about that?

  • Meg

    #16 Carrie Underwood won because the category was Female Vocalist of the Year and she has Taylor Swift beat in that category, have you not heard Taylor sing live? Then heard Carrie sing live? Then tell me who you think should have won….

  • karola

    Beautiful :0

  • dianel

    Talor looked so pretty in her sequin and crystal gown very chic

  • qwerty

    Say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so!

    She is positively gorgeous! All of her dresses her amazing, and I agree that there is something about her that is just so down to earth and wholesome. I look up to her more than Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and all of those other ones.


  • michelle

    Gorgeous dress and I respect the fact that she was open about that stupid Jonas Brother. She’s honest in all of her songs, and she tells the truth. Fans deserve to know what happened or else all these rumors will be spreading and it will get out of more control than it already is!!!