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Bridget Moynahan's New Mystery Man

Bridget Moynahan's New Mystery Man

Bridget Moynahan puts her arm around a mystery man whom she meets up with for breakfast in Brentwood on Wednesday.

Later that day, Bridget, 37, stepped out with her son John Moynahan in Pacific Palisades.

Last month, it was announced Bridget and Donnie Wahlberg will team up in a new TNT drama pilot called Bunker Hill. “We looked at a lot of people for that part and we really wanted someone from Boston,” said Walon Green, executive-producer of Bunker Hill.

Bridget can do the accent, which is a trick by the way,” Green said. “Because when it’s done badly, it’s very bad.”

10+ more pics inside of Bridget Moynahan‘s new mystery man…

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41 Responses to “Bridget Moynahan's New Mystery Man”

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  1. 1

    What a cutie-pie !!!!…….I hope Bridget finds a new love, and a great father for her son…..What’s his face, SUCKS !!!!!!

  2. 2
    Lillianne Says:

    Gosh he has gotten big so fast. Really nice looking too.

  3. 3
    Sarah Says:

    Vic you are sick. The kid has a dad, who clearly loves and cares about him. Just because his parents aren’t together doesn’t mean he is a bad father.

  4. 4
    kathy Says:

    what a cute baby.Looks just like Tom as a baby.

  5. 5
    Gerry Butler Says:

    Looks like Gerry Butler…..

  6. 6
    pop Says:

    What a beautiful baby! Bless her heart! Tom is nuts to give that precious little boy a BROKEN HOME!!! How sad. His son is going to grow up and see what a cad his father was by deserting his mommie for something better. Poor guy. Thankfully his mom didn’t abandon him.

  7. 7
    t. Says:

    they dated for 2 years no pregnancy’s but when things started to end she amazingly gets pregnant hmmmmm

    she chose to move cross country with the baby so now he is building a home there in cali

  8. 8
    get it right Says:

    t. please stop with all that trap mess its not like she made tom sleep with her with out protection they are both are adult and new what could happen if you dont use protection so if your going to blame someone blame both

    things happen

  9. 9
    bobbi Says:

    For ***’s sake, she wanted a kid–she has her kid.

    Now hopefully, she can snag a husband so people will get off of Brady’s back for not staying with a woman he doesn’t love.

  10. 10
    k Says:

    A BROKEN HOME??? give me a break #6,last time I checked they were never married,nor even lived together. Maybe next time Bridget ought to get the ring on her finger before she gets preggers.

  11. 11
    Paula Says:

    bobbi, no one wants Bridget to be with Brady. She deserves better than that *****.

  12. 12
    jade Says:

    yeah jared, love bridget- Noise was a great movie, so Im glad to see you posting more

  13. 13
    annieB Says:

    I think it was nice for a change to see an article that just talked about Bridget and her son and maybe new boyfriend. Unfortunately, without her linc to Tom, she is just another C list actress in Hollywood. I think she is pretty and an O.K actress but I bet her studio is making her go out and about with her son to drum up interest for her new show. Sad as it is – Tom ( and now Little John) were the only reason Hollywood still had an interest in her. With all the many many bad things said about Tom because of what he supposeitly did to her. Is she really that interested in her fame to let her son be photographed to get it? I don’t know, fishy

  14. 14
    rep Says:

    Gisele Bundchen poses for the cover of GQ wearing nothing but a football jersey and you think its “fishy” that Bridget Moynahan is walking around with her son…using her personal life for media? Brady and Bundchen were the ones with the tabloid rep before this, not Bridget Moynahan. If you can’t have any respect, at least have some common sense. He’s a football player and she’s a model known for her celebrity relationships and her over-the-top photo shoots (a$$less shorts, anyone?). What’s so “A-List” about those two?

  15. 15
    Sheely Says:

    He is the cutest baby ever!!!

  16. 16
    Eprí Says:

    CUTE baby(L)=)

  17. 17
    elle Says:

    LOVE Bridget & John! She looks very very happy, people will always try and bring her down when it comes to the Brady mess.

    But I think people hate her more because she has shown she DOESN’T NEED BRADY. All his fans would have loved to see her begging him to get back with her or her talking to the media about the whole affair but she hasn’t and his going down while she seems to be loving life with her little (big now) guy and her career is picking up. Yeah, the money she makes doesn’t compare to Gisele but a millionare is a millionare and she’s smart enough to have invested well.


  18. 18
    JanT Says:

    Hey Rep- Anneb does have common sense as well as some pretty accurate insight. She is not “grinding an axe” just making a comment. Sounds to me like you have a comprehension problem. Read again what she wrote. Gisele makes a living being photographed and Tom makes a living playing football.Good or bad people are interested in knowing about them. I too think that it is interesting that you do not see Bridget Moynahan (but then why would we) until she has a show coming on. Her only claim to fame is that she had Tom’s baby and then played the victim card to get everyone to hate him and Gisele. And that worked really well with some people . I for one only came on this site today to see what people would say about Tom . I love seeing photos of Gisele and Tom. Highest paid model in the world and greatest quarterback in the NFL. Be a nice person Rep – this is not your fight or is it??

  19. 19
    jade Says:


    If she is so uninteresting and her only claim to fame is TB, why waste your time talking about her, hell, keep it moving.

    I knew of moynahan before TB, and I think she is a great actress.

    You show your own insecurities stopping by proclaiming statements that have nothing to do with the post.

    Once again, keep it movin…

  20. 20
    rep Says:

    Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady first got together publicly in December 2006. No photos of them, very few reports in tabloids. She even stood outside the locker room in San Diego in January 07 following a playoff game – stood in the midst of reporters, no less. That resulted in barely a blip on the media radar. It took the public finding out about the pregnancy for this celebrity couple to generate any interest. Then, she started doing the interviews. In the first she was quoted as saying she was “old fashioned’ and believed that marriage should come before pregnancy, that women should “turn to their husbands and ask” if it was time to have children. Yeah, she wasn’t trying to generate any controversy there, I’m sure. The next interview, she was an abortion rights advocate for the first time in her career. Nope, not trying to stir the waters there, either, given that Brady was known for his family’s strong Catholic upbringing (supposedly). Brady and Bundchen started by milking this scandal for all they could. If people got a little disgusted by it, then fine with me. The back-lash was well-deserved. And by the way, was that a Vera Wang or D & G designer football jersey this “fashion model” was wearing for the cover of GQ?

  21. 21
    bridget Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this..REJOICE..Bridget needs to find a man to love and move on so she can quit looking like a desperate woman. Leave Her ex out of this people…… He and Gisele have never done one out of line thing. Bridget did not want to see him during her pregnancy,and they were broke up before they knew she was pregnant… by the time she told Tom he had moved on,and unfortunately, you can’t push rewind…relationships can be irretrievably broken you know.

  22. 22
    runnergirl Says:

    Go Bridget. Tom is a jerk.

  23. 23
    JanT Says:

    Jade – Clearly you are another one who can not read. I was defending AnnieB from some harsh comments from Rep. but Rep explained herself in a very worthy manner. You on the other hand, well you know what they say about people who call other people insecure….
    Bridget Moynahan is an attractive – C actress. Nothing more to say….

  24. 24
    pop Says:

    Give me a break. Who cares what level actress she is??? We are talking a baby here, not what level of an actress she is. I knew of Bridget in movies with Ben Affleck way before I knew of Tom Brady so cut her some slack.

    Tom is nuts for deserting his baby. Do you know how many creeps will want to date Moynihan just because Tom is the Daddy, not to mention use her like a revolving door because she is a single mom? If he had any decency he’d do everything to work it out with Bridget first before nailing Gisele. WHAT KIND OF EFFECT DO YOU THINK THIS IS GOING TO HAVE ON THE BABY??? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter to you. Tom is going to be so sorry one day when he wakes up and realizes the damage he did to his son.

  25. 25
    tommy Says:

    Tom is a loser. I bet that next year he will not be the same on the field. A couple more of these hits and he will be done. The Giants knocked him on his ass. That was the best game ever and I am not even a Giants fan. The sight of tom on the ground was worth watching.

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