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Carrie Underwood: Female Vocalist of the Year

Carrie Underwood: Female Vocalist of the Year

Carrie Underwood poses with the award for Female Vocalist of the Year in the press room during the 2008 Annual CMA Awards at the Sommet Center on Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 25-year-old American Idol winner won her third consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year award, and co-hosted the show with Brad Paisley.

Kenny Chesney has won Entertainer of the Year for a fourth time at the awards show. Rascal Flatts took home the Best Vocal Group prize, winning for a sixth consecutive year.

35+ more pics inside of Carrie Underwood as the Female Vocalist of the Year…

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carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 01
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 02
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 03
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 04
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 05
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carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 07
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carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 18
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 19
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 20
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 21
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 22
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 23
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 25
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 26
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 27
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 31
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 32
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 34
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 35
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 36
carrie underwood 2008 cma awards 37
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  • Kourtney

    I wish Taylor had won, not Carrie!!!

  • izabella

    I would have rather seen Taylor Swift win but congratulations Carrie!! :)

    I love Taylor Swift’s new song, “forever and always”!! ♥

  • carrieforever


    GO GO GO CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wwwooooootttttt

    wow amazing carrie won!

    she totally deserves it!!!

    she’s the best!!!

  • Rosebud

    Why did she have to keep changing her dress?? What a show off —was she saying ‘hey look at me, I am rich”


    Taylor comes out with good songs but if anyone’s heard her live performances they know that she’s a bit crap and can’t sing in tune properly. Carrie on the other hand has a powerful voice and usually gives good live performances – I think that’s what being a good vocalist is about, it’s not just about relasing good songs.

  • Ova

    CONGRATULATIONS, Carrie is a thousand miles better than Taylor, she deserved!!! Bravo

  • zoe

    congrats carrie! she deserves it and i agree with #6.

    # 5 Rosebud @ 11/13/2008 at 9:21 am

    she’s not showing off. she was also co-hosting the awards show. that should explain the excessive change of outfits should it not?

  • Diana

    Why did she have to keep changing her dress?? What a show off —was she saying ‘hey look at me, I am rich”

    Wellshe is rich adn she was co-hosting she looked BEAUTIFUL she is my favorite singer ever, and she did deserve it more than Taylor, Taylor should win Writer of the year or something like that

    EW Kellie Pickler I didn’tlike her winning

  • gaby


    best performance of the night for sure!

  • Soph

    she’s amazing, and i love her music!


    ROSEBUD…. as ” DIANA “, SAID, she IS rich and can wear a beautiful and different dress all night, every hour on the hour…..Faith Hill said once, that the show’s producer’s actually encourage some of the younger entertainers to change like that, to keep an interest of the younger viewers……….She ” grew tired ” of ” hauling all of the attire “, around, and stopped a few years ago..( Country Music Magazine In terview )..
    BOTH Taylor and Carrie deserved the award…It was a tough call…BOTH are just beautiful and talented and will always compete for the most coveted titles…I wish them both the best !!!… ” DIANA “…Kelli Pickler has a different type of voice than Taylor and Carrie, but she is still talented…She has a long way to go though, to catch up to the other two….

  • Michell

    I agree #6 Taylor doesn’t sing very well live.

  • barf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a shock carrie underwear won a million country music awards zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ice

    She looks fantastic

  • notbusy

    i’m tired of Kenny Chesney winning Entertainer of the year. He is SO overrated it’s not funny. He gets so much credit for filling stadiums, but he needs 5 opening acts to help him fill those stadiums. I would love to see him try to fill a stadium alone just on his own name without all those superstar opening acts to help him. His songs over the last 2 years have been crap as well. I’m sick of all those Island songs that are boring.

  • Meg

    Carrie definately deserved to win, especially over Taylor. Taylor does have good songs, but her voice is no where near what Carrie has. If anyone deserved it more than Carrie Underwood, I would say it was Martina McBride. As for the dress changes, she was co-hosting of course she would have a bunch of different dresses to wear!

  • Erica

    I love Taylor Swift but she DOES NOT belong with all those other country stars…Yes, I totally agree that she is a GREAT songwriter and that she is pretty…but her voice is NO where comparable to Carrie and MANY other country stars…I feel very strongly about this! How can someone honestly say that Taylor should of won?! Its Female VOCALIST of the Year….I am sorry but Carrie shouldn’t be compared with Taylor…Carrie is sooooooo much of a better vocalist then Taylor!

    I really do love Taylor and many of her songs…but an award like this is so much more then catchy songs… and good songwriting.

  • Lizz

    Her acceptance speech should have started with, “This is how it’s done Jessica Simpson! Pay attention!”

  • Stacy

    She looks like a peeled banana. I can’t stand country music but I especially can’t stand the likes of Carrie Underwood who basically got a record deal because she won the world’s biggest karoke contest.

  • Tina

    Carrie is talented but she has a big ego. And her inflated ego will be her downfall in the near futre.

  • Jilly

    She actually look older than 25yrs old. Watch out Carrie, Shania Twain is back. Now, She is a class act. She could teachs Carrie a thing or two in how to behave like a lady not some bitter white trash. I love Taylor Swift too. She is so young and fresh.

  • kim

    Those gowns Carrie wore last night were horrible. She should change her stylist. She looks old, her hair is what people called ” the mall” hair. if you go to the mall you will see them all over. Last night was not her best. I think she tried to prove that she is stylish and sophiticate, the resuld was over work and made her look like a matron or some teenager dressing in their mther dresses

  • Renee

    Wow…it sounds like Tina, Jilly, and kim are all jealous of the talented and beautiful Miss Carrie Underwood!!!!! Carrie you were great last night!!!!! and you looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on being Female Vocalist of the Year!!!! you so deserve it!

  • julia

    um yuck. i dont like any of her dresses except the black one. and btw.. some of those photos are reese witherspoon, not carrie. and did anybody else think she was sorta fake crying when she won that award last night?

  • Lynn

    Reese Wetherspoon looks great. She is so classy. What a contrast to how Carrie looks. Carrie looks old and overdress

  • Lynn

    I thought so too. Carrie was faking when she got the award. She realized that fans is started to know the true Carrie ( the bitter, egotistict freak) thru her behavior of the last few months.

  • Kim


    If I have her money, I definately will not dressmyself the way she does. No thanks. Give me the money, I will spend it right.

  • Jennifer

    I think Carrie looks kinda orange last night. She over did with her fake tan.

  • Jillian

    I agree, Reese Wetherspoon looks great. With her picture next to Carrie, she looks a lot younger and fresher than Carrie looks last night. Reese is in early 30′. I would like to know Reese beauty secrets.

  • Jillian

    I agree, Reese Wetherspoon looks great. With her picture next to Carrie, she looks a lot younger and fresher than Carrie looks last night. Reese is in early 30′. I would like to know Reese beauty secrets.

  • dianel

    I’m glad Carrie won she has such a powerful voice

  • flutters

    I love Carrie’s aqua strapless dress, her two-tone pink one-shoulder dress, and her black dress. That short white one is cute too.

    But the main thing was her performance of Just A Dream. She was INCREDIBLE! So emotional. She well deserved winning Female Vocalist Of The Year again. Congratulations, Carrie.

    By the way backstage Carrie was heaping praise on Martina and Miranda’s performances. She’s got good taste.

  • Diana

    I don’t really get how Carrieis bitter, or trashy at all. She is stunning, naturally beauty, and she won a contest forher voice she deserved to win, adn a karaokie or not, she is sold more than 11 million albums so her voice is actually great, adn her talent is been prove many times, every time she performes live, in every event, Jesica Simpson fans who hate Carrie should get over the fact that Jesica is insecure,a dn Carrie was jsut being Carrie. I love her, she is talented, and Is not selling ehr body unlike other “Country Girls”

  • Lynn

    Underwood is so overrated. Any one of the other nominees should have won that award over her. It’s sad that a reality TV show contestant is considered “Female Vocalist of the Year” when there are so many other talented singers who’ve gotten to where they are by hard work and dedication, not because of how many people sat and plonked in phone numbers over and over.

  • What

    next year is taylors year.


  • LYDIA t

    Martina McBride should had won the Female Vocalist of the Year. She has a powerful voice and great personality. She is truly deserve this award.

  • Upskt Celebs

    I WISH we had more Carrie Underwood photos from the CMAs last night :(

  • LuckyL

    Why again?

  • Edila

    She is so ugly ewwwwwwwwwww

  • bonzo

    #19, #34, etc, grow up, this isn’t junior high school. The award has nothing to do with fan competitions.

  • Amanda

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 3 years and running!!! she is the ultimate reigning female vocalist for the CMA Awards!!! She looked soooooooooooo beautiful/stunning/gorgeous etc. last night, i love all her dresses, her hosting was very well done and the jokes were funny, brad was awesome too, i love him lol and her performance of her latest single “Just a Dream” was beyond words can describe, it was phenomenal!!!!!! the whole tribute thing to that husband of that lady (lol i forget her name…sorry) was absolutely amazing!!!! very touching/moving/powerful/tearjerking/emotionally charged etc. performance!!!! SOOOOO happy she won that award again (for the 3rd time) and she is the most amazing singer and person on the planet!!!<333

  • Billie

    What a bunch of jealous idiots! Carrie Underwood is the classiest, most beautiful celebrity out there right now AND she is the best thing that has happened to country music in a long long time. She is one of the nicest people you would would ever meet, I know because I have! The girl looks like a Barbie Doll for God’s sake! Admit it!
    Congrats Carrie on your win!! You deserve EVERY award you have won! I am proud to be a “Super Fan”.

    And believe me…..her star is going to shine for a L O N G time!!!

  • kamila

    Carrie looked so beautiful! I am very happy for her and I wish her more success!

    She just keeps getting better and better and her performance of “Just a Dream” was flawless.

  • Hailey

    love carrie! she deserves it!

  • liz

    OMG some of you people are such freaks! She looked and sounded absolutely stunning last night!!!!!!! Go Carrie!!!!!

  • JANE


  • April

    Carrie has a much more mature sounding voice. Taylor Swift does not. ,her songs are also played on Radio disney. Which is the venue she should stick with. Her stick and bone’s body,does not come off sexy. When she has attempted to look sexy. I was hoping for Miranda Lambert,again her voice is mature. Singing about romance as a teenager. Her songs do not match her age.

    the fans voted and Carrie won!!

  • Shannon

    Carrie is absolutely beautiful and I think she deserved female vocalist of the year. At this time no one can top her awesome voice and talent. Where was Jessica?

  • April

    The military wife and Carrie’s song was the hit of the awards. Not a romeo and juliet song. Sung by a teenager,who has no clue about life and Romance.

    taylors turn next year,we can only hope she fade’s from the country music venue and stays with the Disney side of her career. can only hope!

    As far as critiquing Carrie’s dresses. So petty. Most of those dresses,jewlery are on loan that night anyways. So she is not flaunting she is rich. American Idol,a Karoke competition. Whoever said that,if is so simple why don’t you try and get on there and win!!!

    Please Carrie and the other ladies are in a different classy catagory then Taylor S. Taylot got her fame singing a song about another country music star,wow! Luck got her where she is so far. Luck does run out.