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Gwyneth Paltrow: Peep My Little Black Dresses!

Gwyneth Paltrow: Peep My Little Black Dresses!

In her latest GOOP newsletter, Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her favorite Little Black Dresses (LBDs) — shift dress, classic knee-length dress, sweater dress, ultimate mini dress,

The 36-year-old actress shares, “Whether I am going to meet friends for dinner, a cocktail party or a bigger event, the most classic of classics, the little black dress, never fails me. I have found a few great ones in all different price ranges and each has amazing versatility. It could be Zara, it could be Balenciaga, but a well-cut, well-proportioned black dress has gotten me through many a fashion crisis.”

She also mentioned her favorite leggings are from Alice + Olivia.

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gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 01
gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 02
gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 03
gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 04
gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 05
gwyneth paltrow little black dress lbd 06

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  • Insider

    ROFLMAO. She has lost her f*cking mind.

  • vids

    JJ, do you work for Goop?

  • Cara

    Wow, she must have lots of time on her hands now. Guess the acting jobs have dried up and she needs something to keep busy. Very strange. This is something I would expect from Paris Hilton, not Gwynneth, how the mighty Oscar winner has fallen.

  • rach



    Ms. Paltrow will never be well dressed until she corrects her sloping posture and pigeon toed stances.

    Paltrow’s choice elongates and already long torso, while adding width to her already bottom heavy figure.

    Paltrow’s latest choices regarding footwear, while trendy, only serve to shorten legs, which is undesirable.

    Fashion should enhance the woman, not publicize the trend,

    However, I would hope every woman s lucky enough to own the perfect, for her body type, little black dress.

  • alekziel

    What were you thinking Brad, first “this” and then Maniston…?


    Hmmm, I’d be calling her G-Love if she achieved even just one of these get-ups for under $100.

  • Ana

    Actually, very good taste in clothes. But, this time, I’ll agree with Tim Gunn. She does need to correct her sloping posture.

  • just me

    beautiful <3

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    She looks great

  • Angela

    I agree with Cara. This doesn’t sound like something a well known actress would be putting out. Sounds more like an unknown model in some fashion magazine.

  • just me

    #9 – get your own name.

    Most of this stuff is ugly and probably very expensive.

  • Venus

    I wonder who Gwyneth’s targeting this towards…

  • Venus

    …I can’t envision the average size 12 woman wanting to parade around in such short hemlines.





  • kitt

    Yuck@almost every outfit.
    The air must be very rarefied in her ugly closet.

  • Iris

    Tim Gunn is spot on! I think Gwyneth’s been raiding Katie Holme’s wardrobe!

  • dancer

    Oh come on, when have we seen her wearing the same thing twice?

  • cupcakes

    ^ Gwyneth wears a lot of the same pieces in her candids. Offhand, I can recall a ratty little black dress/jumper thing that she’s worn about 3 times. Plus, those boots that she’s obviously getting paid to promote, a blue/white striped shirt and a black coat. Believe it or not, she does recycle her looks.

  • go fug yourself

    Is is possible to fug a newsletter?
    Just askin’

  • Lillianne

    Seriously, JJ, why ar you copying and pasting this cr@p? If I were interested in her opinion (I’m not) I would go to her website (I won’t.)

  • heart

    bad, bad posture…

    She looks like a praying mantis

  • Maya

    It is a bit strange to see her do this, bizzare even but she does have a good style or her stylist.

  • Adore Dior

    I love her shoes. Aside from that, she has terrible taste.

  • tomtom

    one word: UGLY!

  • whisper

    Most women are not 6 ft tall and slim like Gwyn. She should give more consideration to what looks nice on everyday ladies instead of supermodels. I don’t think she’s thought this through very well.

  • Rijan

    That’s one goopy tranny!

  • yuck

    ugly dress and weird outfits. not thanks!

  • KTEP

    these are amazing!

    i want them <3

  • KTEP

    these are the best!

    pick me please :]

  • KTEP





  • @ 22

    @22 – I’ve heard publicists pay certain blogs to post about their clients.


    OMG!! Has anyone read this crap?

    Narcissistic blather about nothing other then her own empty head. Gee, Gwyneth, really, what are you going to wear tomorrow and WHO CARES? UGH!!!

    What an empty vessel.

  • LolaSvelt

    I love those shoes. Kiddies, go to JJJ.

  • WTH

    So by taking pictures of yourself in outfits and drawing arrows to what you are wearing you are a designer or whatever she is supposed to be????
    WOW . . .true talent.

  • t

    you idiots are so lame. you obviously dont have an inkling of what her newsletter is about if you’re not subscribed to it. she’s not trying to be a designer, she’s offering her genuine advice to those who want to hear it. it’s actually amazing.

  • Sara

    are you guys blind?
    she did a great job at matching the LBD!
    she’s elegant! Love Love Love!

  • Nancy

    I’ve created newsletters for many high profile publications and I can assure you this is a very lame attempt. That’s why so many in the industry are laughing at Gwyneth. She needs a better web development and design team.

    Plus, these are not a very attractive assortment of Little Black Dresses. Back to the drawing board, Gwyneth.

  • Robert

    She looks outstanding in minis!Especially with the sexy shoes!

  • positive thinking

    She did a great job

  • simone smith

    Love this dress. I have a non-designer version like it :D

  • Anonymous Joe

    Looks good to me

  • Marc28555

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  • Anne Footalee

    That is a really pretty dress, I love it.

  • Charity Golf

    I wonder if every actress in this day and age must have a clothing line, a perfume, and makeup. Is it too much to ask that you devote yourself to your craft and seek to do it very very well.

    What would you do if you saw Robert DeNiro cologne, or ties inspired by Al Pacino!

    If either happen, I’m going to kiss my but goodbye because they are sure signs of the apocolypse.

    Lord help us if she puts out a CD of her greatest hits!
    Charity Golf
    Miami Auto Insurance

  • Kylie

    She is great it looks like she works out a lot she’s in great shape

  • pink mp3 players

    I think this is pretty…. But I do no approve of the shoes… I haven’t really been into that new sandal sandals fashion Egyptian-Pharaoh like sandals

  • Free Ads

    Hey, it’s not that bad! Give the girl a break!

  • Underwater Digital Cameras

    Her shoes just abt sums it up…uhm, she’s beautiful but…the cloth just aint fittin…