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Jennifer Aniston - 'Lucky in Love' with John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston - 'Lucky in Love' with John Mayer!

John Mayer shops for girlfriend Jennifer Aniston at Paragon Sports in New York City on Thursday.

The 39-year-old actress appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey today and proclaimed, “I’ve been unbelievably lucky in love!” (when asked about boyfriend John Mayer) The former Friends star appeared at ease and genuinely happy throughout her appearance.

She also confirmed that she isn’t pregnant, and thus, killed the other rumor that she’s having twins!

WHAT DID YOU THINK about Jen’s interview with Oprah — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • katie n

    Wha is it about this guy that beautiful, famous women find so attractive? Perhaps he is good in bed..

  • Aeon

    No Katie he is a paid escort. Get with the program.

  • fefa

    Jen rocks!!!

  • .

    He looks like the pregnant guy.

  • Janie

    If Jennifer Aniston is with him, he must be a good guy because she’s a good woman. I like her! I don’t see why anyone doesn’t. People follow her every move, so why do people base her on that rather than how she presents herself? Jen is always a polite person, and has always been very comfortable with herself. She never had the need to prove herself. I hate when people make these threads into competition! I am for sure going to see Marley and Me! It looks great! I love her! :)

  • mitch

    I saw Jen on Oprah and she looked gorgeous and most of all happy.. I just want the best for her….I wish haters ( Perez Hilton)will leave her alone and let her be happy


    yay! You guys should see the new photos in Vogue. They are absolutely beautiful. Perfection.

  • Sara

    I love her, she was great on Oprah.

  • jade

    Love Jen.I thought it was a great interview on Oprah’s show. Jen is more beautiful,than the still pictures I have seen of her. She is so
    happy and delightful to watch.

    I’am looking forward to seeing Marley and Me.It definitely looks like a fun movie!

  • Ghost

    Without a doubt one of the most pathetic interviews I have ever seen ! The questions that were left out that she should have been asked is mind numbing. If you need me to tell you witch ones, you are a complete idiot.

  • ginger

    She has been unlucky in love for sure…

    Because love she thought but it wasn’t.

    John Mayer and her relationship is a joke. She’s trying to outbeat Brad Pitt with a younger partner! But he’s a total whore.

    She should’ve stick with Gerard Butler… But even he doesn’t want her…

    Something is terribly wrong with Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt was a romantic… And I think that’s why she stayed with Brad. Everyone else couldn’t stand her spoil ass!!!

  • sue

    Please. Jen is so fake. She is talking to O and bringing up Brad and Angie because she need to take attention OFF her terrible movie.
    Jen is a fake and a phony and she needs to go away fast, now , hurry.

  • eli

    He IS a LOSER

  • mj

    I love John and but MamaJen should leave him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah j

    “Lucky in love” ?
    Have you seen Jenn’s track record w/ men.
    They go screaming in the opposite direction.

    And have you seen Brad and Angie lately?
    Now they are very lucky in love.

  • shelbey johns

    Yeah I thought you could, Jen.


    jealous Angie fans, go back to your dungeon.

  • john

    SO Jen is “lucky in love” with loser John Mayer. Wow, that makes Jennifer a loser in love, too.

  • arlene


  • arlene


  • nace

    The interview w/ Oprah was a joke. Jen is so not interesting. And this whole 40 thing. Please. She has done nothing with her life. She acts like a stupit horny teen with no brains. Jennifer Aniston is a joke. Why O why?

  • toti

    The douchbag who hurt the line of woman in hollywood is not a good guy? just like that ? oh please loonifers don’t forget he was the guy you all were bashing two month ago. Jen is a self admited more than 5 times actually control freak who manuplate people.

  • arlene



  • ceanna

    Jen always looks like she is TRYING to hard. She just does not seem sincere at all. All fake. All phony.
    And this lucky in love. What a joke.

  • annie

    Run John run!! Brad, Vince, Owen and others ran away. You can do it,too.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Taking back someone who dumped you nastily and publicly only two months ago, someone who has a track record makes you LOOSER numero uno in my book !

    She is EVEN below douchebag John and he isn’t even MNIMALLY decent !

    Her fans are like her : hypocrits and flip floppers. Thay will adore today who they will trash tomorrow…once again !

  • DJ

    Who says John was shopping for Jennifer? Doesn’t that store sell clothing for men and women?

  • Beannie babe

    Jen and John really do deserve each other. John bashes Jen publically. Then Jen passively bashes Angie and praises Brad. Go figure. jen and John are both manipulative media hoes.

  • BOOM

    #17 – jealous of WHAT??!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? you can’t even begin to compare these two women – and I will not even mention physical beauty, although it’s obvious. It’s the rest that counts, and people who are beautiful on the inside are also beautiful on the outside.
    Angie knows exactly who she is and what she wants in life and she never needed a man to define her. She went through a crazy, destructive phase and that made her stronger, helped her see things in perspective, become centered and certain of what she really wants from life (and what she wants to give back). The love between her and Brad is so obvious and so beautiful that we don’t even need interviews – it comes through simply when you look at them. And do you know why they are so happy and so strong together? Because their life has a meaning and a purpose. Because they both are aware of how lucky they are in many ways and they are grateful and humble and eager to contribute to making this world at least a little better.

    Now, let’s see… Jennifer Aniston spends most of her time tanning and doing yoga, but you know what? The body will get old eventually regardless of how beautiful she may look now (to some, I guess that depends on the taste)… and what will she have left then? A BIG FAT NOTHING. Does she really care about anything besides her image? Is it impossible to focus your energy on something positive instead of continuing to be bitter and resentful because her marriage didn’t work out? (Let’s face it, if she were over it we wouldn’t be looking at a cover of a magazine that’s running a feature story on Jen, but has ANGELINA’S name written all over it!!!).

  • heather

    Jen, lucky in love with John. More like, good luck with John, Jen.
    They really do deserve each other with their massive attention needs.

  • arlene


  • Mike

    NAY! look at Aniston cloons trying to jump back on the ship. I remember them trashing him to no end-called him every thing but by his name.
    Jen is at ease because she brought and paid for Mayer the douche bag. Watch her put that ugly douche through beauty treatments. I wonder how does John feel selling his soul to Jen/CAA.

  • Aniston is B-O-R-i-n-g

    OMG..I rather watch paint dry next time then EVER
    see an Aniston interview. Esp. on Oprah.
    That woman gushes over her as she was a piece of
    fried chicken. (w/biscuits)

    that movie looked pathetic.

  • their we go

    Ickky. John looks sticky and slimy. I just think he is a big loser. And as for Jen, well she deserves him. May they stay lucky in love and start living on the DL.

  • arlene


  • deana

    I Loved Jens interview, I thought she was just s pleasant ,told like it is. Spoke what she felt and well overdue, Great job Jen your a good and have a lot of class. You’ve closed your mouth long enough. Everyone seemed to hate you over having children for Brad. Well i believe you and Brad should have been a man and be honest with his wife, brads not a man to clear anything up for the hurt you were going through.. Jolie should just shut her big mouth.. She got what she deserved.

    I’m very happy for you and John wish you nothing but happiness and lots of love now and in the future.. You go girl. You surprised me.
    Loved it jen!!!

  • nic b

    Gosh, I guess she’s still trying to get the nose right….its starting to look like Michael Jackson’s kind of Peter Panish. OCD to the max. This woman certainly is NOT having children, she’s too obsessed with her looks, but even though she tries she can NEVER be a natural and the most beautiful woman in the world….Angie. She’s privately obsessed with Angie too, this woman is just too OCD most likely about everything including JM. You know what she said JM is not talking again……he better not or she’ll cut his black AmEx for good this time.

  • arlene

    30 ROCK IS COMING UP. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  • deana

    John is Hot love hes looks and those hands. vavooch!!

  • Aniston is B-O-R-i-n-g

    that movie looks like a huge dud.
    Boy, they used those special lenses to make
    Aniston look like Oprah.(in real life Oprah has acne
    & geasy skin)

    She had nothing intelligent or meaningful to say.
    All I got was that she’s even concerned about her dog
    not being called 13 yrs old but 12. WTH????

  • MiMi

    haha. ^^ he looks like the pregnant guy.

    He looks so unhappy. ??? Whereas jennifer aniston looks…happy.

    He’s been pretty ugly lately, probably because of his “sad face.”

  • josie maybe

    OMG!!! Jen is lucky in love. ?? Wow she must be high on drugs. Does she not realize all of her x’s are very, very happy now Jen is OUT of their lives. Lucky in love. Jen is delusional.

    Run away John, while you still can.


    Look at Mayer’s happy face, now look at Brad’s miserable one. LOL

  • carol

    # 33 – fried chicken w/ biscuits.

    So funny. I laughed sooo hard. But you are so right on.
    Oprah is as pathetic as Jen.

  • mimi

    I told you she is dumb and says dumb things too. 5 times dumpee and that is lucky in love. Wonder what she will call first time hit jackpot?

  • bitterness blinds

    this is the way this story will end.. jen and john go thier seperate ways after John cheats on Jen with a younger chick..named Megan Fox….she looks like angelina…He then writes beautiful songs about the real love of his life Megan and they have twins that same year….
    Jen then jumps off the Golden gate bridge and noone notices nor do they miss her.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Mayer looks even happier when he was with Perez Hilton !

    When you look at his blog, you can sense the sadness. She must blackmail him or something. She said it in half words : “Trust me 4that’ man will never….”

    The control freak at her game ! She should get over herself. One day a man will retaliate with full force and it will turn real nasty for her ! If they all run away, she is the problem not them !

  • mimi

    TEAMANISTON @ 11/13/2008 at 9:29 pm
    Look at Mayer’s happy face, now look at Brad’s miserable one. LOL

    Look at his face indeed. Same JM all maniston fans trashed last time. What has changed? He has become her errand boy and gigolo. Does anyone know how much she is paying him, must be more than he makes from his crap music.

  • LuckyL

    She didn’t answer that way when asked about John Mayer Jared. Get it right. She said that in response to the tabloids painting her as very unlucky in love and “poor Jen” just the way she likes it, then she lies like this. She was barely think of Mayer. Any man in general who will give her attention.

  • maria

    The interview went great—dont understand why there are still people who think she is phony. She was so natural and a real beauty. Very classy in keeping replies as brief and straight to the point. Finally, she came out and said something about that other woman who everyone thinks is a saint because she is the media darling (and all because she is with Brad Pitt). Still haven’t forgotten how she kissed her own brother on the lips to get attention, how she admitted having relation with a girl to get attention, how she admiited being on drugs to get attention, how she adopted more kids to get attention (of course now she has no choice but get ahead w/ it or she will not look good), how she had herself pictured in Afghanistan close up (that is what is phony & leaving those babies at this time?????) to get attention, how she brought up again about falling in love dring Mr & Mrs Smith to get publicity for her movie, and by the way, I thought she was taking care of the kids (no nannies——-now she has 6 of them)………etc. So, my point is shut up haters. Do you see who is phony now? Brad Pitt is another……….I’ll leave this here. Didn’t want to comment like this because the issue is John and Jen but other comments are just too much. Whether John and Jen are true or not, it’s not anyone’s business. Jen has never been open about any guy if she is just dating so……………this is something different from her. Even with Vince, when they were promoting Break-UP, she was never this open. I guess she had to do it because like she said she is protective of John and “us”. Media and haters have written so many made up stories about them……even in JOhn’s public breakup thing, he mentioned he didn’t like how they (or was it Jen) are being trashed by the media and added she’s a great girl…….Jen definitely wants to stop any speculation from now on. BUT, of course, that is not gonna stop. Media don’t want her happy because they won’t have any more stories about her. Such a pity.