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Jennifer Aniston: Marriage Feels Like 100 Years Ago

Jennifer Aniston: Marriage Feels Like 100 Years Ago
  • Jennifer Aniston tells Oprah it feels like she was married 100 years ago
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  • Sketch comedy series Mad TV‘s 14th season will be its last after the show wasn’t renewed by Fox.
  • David Shuster, an anchor for MSNBC, erroneously said on air Monday that Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain policy adviser, had come forth and identified himself as the source of a Fox News Channel story saying Palin had mistakenly believed Africa was a country instead of a continent.
  • The soundtrack to “Twilight,” the upcoming movie hitting theaters November 21st, featuring Robert Pattinson, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, selling 169000 copies.
  • Michael Jackson has given up title to his Neverland ranch, transferring the deed to a company he partly controls.
  • A fan of Paula Abdul whose failed audition for American Idol aired in season five was found dead in a car near the home of the pop star and judge she admired, authorities said Wednesday.
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  • Deia

    OMG, She’s so out-of-date.. She is endless talking about Brad. And he is so happy enjoying his new big family! Someone closer to Jen should ter her to move on, pleeeeeeeeas….

  • Jen is a liar

    4 years and she never moved on with her life. She is a LIAR.
    She has been festering like a nasty rotten sore. Definitely did no move on with her life or else she would have shut her nasty mouth. I lost a lot of respect. That comes from a poster that’s not a B/A fan.


    Love Jen and Brad
    Love Brad and Angie
    Love Angie and Jen


  • neer

    Since Jennifer Aniston has the penchant to know or to monitor anything about Angelina Jolie, and even though there’s only a small chance she would be able to read this post, let me still address this message to her. Thus, the following paragraphs are in second person. Here it goes:

    JA, of course you don’t know me & I don’tknow you in person but only your public persona. When I read your Vogue interview, I have heavy emotions that’s just waiting for an outlet ready to express my disgust in you. If before, I was only indifferent towards you, now I can’t help but dislike you so much due to your antics & machinations. Your silly & obvious acts of trying to manipulate public perception about you & AJ are beyond comprehension of any decent human being.

    It annoys me so much for you to be doing what you did to AJ. How dare you to talk about her like that !!! AJ never said negative things about you. No side remarks from her. She’s never known to speak ill of others. You are so hypocritical to claim that how “uncool” she was with the statements she made almost 2 yrs ago which in fact was courteous & speaking for herself. AJ is not the kind of person who can be dictated by anybody to what to say or to do, moreso by you. If you feel the way you feel, why let the public know only now?? Is it because you needed to use her name desperately for the promotions of your up & coming movies? How shallow can you get, JA. By this Vogue interview, you obviously want to revive the stupid Team AJ & Team JA that you initiated in your pity party in the year 2005. How ironic can you get !!! During the U.S. Presidential campaign, you said you didn’t want to get involved with “catfights” between the two candidates, yet you are always instigating sort of “catfights” between you & AJ, with respective supporters. You want to always ride on AJ coattail to remain in the media publicity because you know fully well that it is fascinated with AJ while your popularity is waning or even vanishing & the media especially the reputable ones seem to prefer AJ as the years went by as your manipulations is gradually being exposed. Even you JA, you are fascinated by her, though you will never, ever admit it. With your behavior, it only shows AJ owns even you. You are fascinated everything about her. She’s everything you wish you wanted to be, in the same status, positon & success of AJ. Unfortunately, you are not !!! You envy her success so much in terms of life, love, family, charity work & career. Hence, you want to destroy her. JA, in order to have these, you have to work hard and not step on other’s toes. Don’t find fault or put the blame on others to whatever failures you have in life. AJ also had failures in the past but she embraced them. She owned up what she did in the past. She didn’t look for scapegoats. However, cheating is not what she will never apologize for as she never, never did it. As what she said, she’s not gonna defend herself and convince people that she’s a decent person.

    Also, you always want to give the impression to the public that AJ is the reason of your marriage failure. You want to hide the reasons why your marriage didn’t work out. You want the public to believe by deceiving them that everything was bed of roses with Brad until AJ came along. Oh JA, you want AJ to be the antagonist when in fact she’s not part of your marriage which has a weak foundation in the first place. AJ is only the EFFECT of that failure, NOT THE CAUSE OF IT. Sure, AJ & Brad were excited to work during MAMS filming. It was because they formed an emotional bond together. They felt attraction but never acted on it until your divorce was already filed.

    Anothing thing JA, do you always use “slang” phrases or words during conversations? It is just odd or unusual for a person nearing 40 years of age to speak like this especially during serious conversations or interviews. That’s one of the many major things that AJ differ from you. Every interview she had, her response is always inspiring, deep & not explained in “slang” phrases. Her vocabulary is not limited.

    This is the first time I write a very lengthy post. I’m just doing this to release my pent up annoyance to somebody. Now, I’ll let my computer rest for a while & do some other productive thing. Peace.

  • canola
  • angel

    she is still stalking brad and angie,this bitch needs mental evaluation,she is a liar,ugly as hell

  • canola


  • good grief

    The only time Jen brings up B and A is when they use their split for publicity when they are trying to get another movie to sell. B and A consistently bring up the split when they need publicity. Then the media instantly approaches Jen to see her reaction , she does not run out in the street and tell the media she wants to talk about it. I am sure she is completely fed up with it. For what purpose does AJ bring up how she slept with BP while filming MMS? What purpose does it serve? Does she feel it is some sort of of accomplishment that deserves an award? AJ and BP at attention seekers. Superficial as hell. And drama queens.

  • dancer

    According to the Sun-Times and one other source, Brad was very unhappy that Jen is still whining to Vogue and called her up and they had words. The publicist said something like they don’t comment on personal calls.

  • Kate

    She is holding the douche bag for a beard. While she ride Brad’s back. I believe Jen use CAA to keep a leash on men. Jen is a pathetic bitter control freak. If she get a real life you will she a change in her.
    Jen could have ended the triangle but because her career is dying she wanted to stir up the pity party in hopes people will go see her old dog movie, Jen is a low class hag. Brad better be glad he got rid of that hag. I believe he would have left her any way. If not Angie it would have been some one else. No way in the world I would go she that mess.

  • grace

    Leave her alone. Her husband was a douche who run off with the black widow. The black widow goes on and on about it. Time for Jen to give her a kick. Good for her.

    Any one notice Brad has Jen’s hair color. What a dumb pathetic idiot with no individual personality.

  • ivermom

    Mmmmmm………love that picture of Brad & Jen. Brad was so HOT back then! Dang!

    Brad might not be happy about Jen talking BUT he must remember that his “Saint” Jolie, the mother of his children was the first to open up her big ol’ lips. Brad stuff a sock in Angies mouth and maybe Jen will not have to talk!

  • Len

    I don’t have any more respect for Jen. It’s been 4 long years. That’s long enough for her to have move on and had another productive life.
    Any one can see she drudged this up rubbish to save her dying and dejected career-that was low class. She and that jerk she is faking with are pathetic.

  • ashley banks

    if the marriage is like 100 years ago,then why talk about it?

    what an ignorant greek b*tch!

  • SomethingIfoundinteresting

    Does no body see her praise Brad? Is it just me? I dont understand her seeming like she’s sucking up to him but dogging Angie in Vogue. It is just like she did in VF.


    Neer are you mad, Your post is nothing but lies and Nicompoopery.Isn’t Vamplilina the one who just admitted that she was carrying on with a married woman? Something she said she would never do? Drink some water and clam down. You obviously think that the sun rises and sets in Angieho’s ass, well it doesn’t. She ia a vampid vile cruel woman and let the whole world see her for who she is. Now she will adopt a kid to get good PR that Jen’s comments have taken away from her.

  • angel

    she is a loser,a disgrace to all women

  • Len

    Brad is even more hot now next to Angie. Dried up old hags who’s husband left them think like ivermom keep laying into the past….that why Jen and her fans can’t move on with their pathetic life. I guess your man left you for a better woman too.

  • ashley banks
  • angel

    16,you take the cake for most stupid comment,who will risk their life,go to war torn countries,or save children ,just for pr,why not go to the ivy or flash you vajajay,you are a stupid bitch,as are all jen hens

  • Alice

    Jen’s mentally ill for sure. Like John said “he only snag stupid women” that says a lot about Jen.

  • SomethingIfoundinteresting


    Wjhat the hell are you talking about?! Angie has not right to talk about her life that does not include Jen?! Angie didn’t do a damn thing wrong. Jen is talking about Angelina not the other way around, and you want to point fingers, you need to do it in JA’s direction. Angie has every right to talk about her life with Brad and tough if you and your girl can’t handle it.

  • conspiracy theory

    One word explains fully Jennifer Anistons actions…


    She is jealous of Angelina career, her family , her man, and most of all the ATTENTION that Angelina receives. She will never admit it but when you envy someone you tend to lash out.

    Jennifer Aniston needs Brad and Angelina it seems , she can’t make headlines on her own, it is always has to be linked with someone else. Friends- part of the group, Brad- part of being with a A lister, Mayer, Vaughn etc. She is never discussed unless it is in realation to being linked to someone or something bigger than herself.

    Someone needs to remind her that Brad Pitt and all that comes with it is no longer hers. He is living HIS life, with HIS FAMILY and she is not part of the equation. She is his EX wife and that is it. If Angie wants to discuss the father of her childredn then she has every right to do so.
    Brad and all that comes with it does not belong to you anymore, his life is not yours it is his.



  • move on

    LILIAN @ 11/13/2008 at 8:51 am

    You need to calm down you cant read like your Idol

  • ashley banks


  • Reality

    I Always Knew Jennifer Aniston Was Looney Tunes, Now The Proof Is In.
    November 12, 2008
    Posted by nightlycandywithnanaadwoa

    Let’s cut straight to the chase with this one kids. It has always been apparent to me, when I watched interviews with Jennifer Aniston that she was was 1) Void of Personality and 2) way of her rocker.


    I often wondered and I know I was not alone, “ummm how in the hell did this chick get on television?”

    DADDY!! Greek born actor John Aniston has been on television basically since he immigrated to this country, and changed his name. He has been on a couple of soap operas, his most famous role was on “Days of Our Lives”. Of course when Jenn expressed she wanted to “act” he was able to hook her up!

    If you been living under a rock for the past decade and never caught and episode of “Friends” you are one lucky summa *****. Take a look at this 2 minutes interview with Aniston. You’ll probably only be able to stomach the first 10 seconds of this uncomfortable interview. Ironically enough it’s for that ridiculous movie she did with “fake boyfriend” Vince Vaughn called “Breakups”.

    Whew, now that’s over, let’s get to the GOODS!

    A little piece of my heart, along with the hearts of practically every woman in the world, when Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston.

    I remember that day so well. I turned on the TV and thought “Whaaaat? Why?????” Little did Brad know that he would be running for his life and into the arms of Angelina Jolie.

    Of course we all know the story because the media can’t leave them alone! And WHY SHOULD THEY?? They are rich, GORGEOUS, humanitarians, and pass on their fantastic DNA to their offspring. They are the superficial American Dream? And on an even more superficial note, “I LOVE” LOVE looking at beautiful people! I could stare at them and their circus medley of children all day long! Keep it going Brad and Angie!

    HOW ADORABLE!!! Who wouldn’t want to buy PEOPLE magazine just to see those Beautiful FACES???

    Although Jennifer Anniston acts like a robot, she is a human being (I know that’s hard to believe). SHE HAS TO be dying slowly inside every-time the media holds Brad and Angie as America’s royalty. I mean HOW could she not. She was public ally DUMPED by the most gorgeous man in probably all the world, for a woman that he fell MADLY in love with, and is populating the world with beautiful children, and adopting them too. I’m sorry Jenn, as great as a musician that John Mayer is, my dear, he is NO BRAD PITT, and you aren’t fooling anyone Jenn, this is a staged relationship by your agents to try and boost your celebrity. The gig is up.

    PLEASE… not buying it Jenn.

    What takes the cake and prooves that Jenn is STILL not over Brad, is the fact she let’s in all hang out in November 19th VOGUE issue.

    Jennifer tells Vogue magazine writer Jonathan Van Meter that she was put off by Jolie’s interview in the January 2007 issue of Vogue: it was here that Jolie recounted her relationship with Jennifer’s then-husband Brad Pitt.

    Jolie and Pitt met on the set of the film ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ when Aniston was still married to the actor.

    Aniston says there were things printed in this issue that she didn’t even know was happening at the time. “I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss,” Aniston said. “That stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? That was really uncool.”

    The fact that she is even still talking about Angie and Brad is embarassing and a bit scary!

    Was she on perscription meds at the time of this interview? I am sure Jonathan Van Meter was sooo excited to get this dirt, he just didn’t know what to do with himself.

    If you want more of Jenn’s pathetic interview and admission of her blatant jealous over Angie, pick up this new issue of VOGUE available on newstands, November 19th.

    It’s going to be JUICY!!

    As much of a brick wall that Jennifer Anniston is, let have pity on her. It’s just a sad state of affairs.

    Pull yourself up Jenn, YES YOU CAN!

  • Mary

    Jen looked like a buffoon the last few months.
    Jen tried to pull off another cheap trick to take the attention off of her shameful photog alert about the walk through the Ivy.
    Jen should get attention the honest way and stop pulling cheap tricks that will back fire on her.
    She must pay her PR people tons of money. The real talent is the PR team as they try to make a talentless hag look like a star.

  • tyler & the crackmunks.

    neer, you’re ohhhhh so productive.

    what makes you think people want to read a ?!SIX?! paragraph post?
    by the way you should really brush up on your grammar.

  • Robot

    That picture is from Canne 2004 its clear to see the distance between the two.

  • lucy

    good grief @ 11/13/2008 at 8:36 am

    HOly cow, when did Brad and Angie talk about that whinny for movie promotion ???? Hmmmm, Brad once , while for Angie, it’s the journalist who brought up X name. and that’s the only time she respond on that topic. but for that whinny, petty, vindictive ex sitcom old hag, let’s start counting , VF 2005, Vogue 2005, Elle 2006, Yoga DVD 2007, Jay Leno, her numerous sitting with Oprah. do your math , who’s riding who’s coattail.

  • marcia

    If Brad and Angelina are so great then you have no reason to
    be so worried about Jennifer. She can go on with her life,
    be happy, look good, say what she wants and it shouldn’t
    bother you. It was uncool of Angelina to make a liar out
    of herself and Brad. That’s just the truth.

  • Sharon

    I think Jen plans to keep the D-bag around long enough until he can be hyped up to Brads level. All this hag do is ride men’s back. She can’t stand on her own two legs at all. She is a disgrace to women.
    I just can’t believe she went to the triangle to get attention. I am sure Brad is sick to death of her. I know I am and I have been her fan only for two years.

  • Dav

    How does Jen know anything about Angelina Jolie if she moved on with her life. Thing is, she has not. The worm is getting old and desperate, she let life pass her by while waiting on Brad to come back. For the life of me I can not understand how John Mayer can be bothered with her using him except he don’t have nothing going on either.

  • aniston’s_colossal_chin

    She’s the biggest flip flopper – LOL.
    100 years ago? Riiight. Just read her every interview since 2005. Brad is ALWAYS mentioned.

    I actually like this. She’s living a lie and that’s karma, baby.

  • maryanne

    wel said noname!!!!

    Neer, are you crazy? i mean: you’re not a member of their family, you’re not a friend or somebody who know them. you probably have some mental problem, go to your therapist, poor creazy girl!

    Jen is not a stupid girl, she was humiliated four years ago, if journalist ask her some question about her ex, she can answer the way she wants!

  • maryanne

    marcia, you’re so right, i completly agree with you!

    Jen moved on, it’s the rest of the world who did not!

  • angel

    37,she didnot move on,she cannot ,because she is a psyco,men better stay away from this chick,she is crazy

  • Dav

    Jen is like fly paper. It’s hard to get that thing off your back.
    Mayer tried to get away from Jen and she got the CAA dogs on him to get him back and made him shut his mouth. I’m sure Brad is glad he got away from the control freak.

  • good grief

    Jennifer Aniston = Dead Weight

  • jaime

    I think Fugliston is an object of pity and derision.
    Clearly she has not moved on.
    Her heart is black, her nature is loathsome, her face is ugly, her talent is nonexistent and her intellect is miniscule.

  • oh the madness

    Jared, can you stop posting on her unless she is actual speaking on something that have to do with her that is interesting? We all know her life is boring but the bipolar act of JA is getting old. Let this dead dog lie.

  • Elisha

    conspiracy theory @ 11/13/2008 at 8:56 am One word explains fully Jennifer Anistons actions…


    She is jealous of Angelina career, her family , her man, and most of all the ATTENTION that Angelina receives. She will never admit it but when you envy someone you tend to lash out.

    Jennifer Aniston needs Brad and Angelina it seems , she can’t make headlines on her own, it is always has to be linked with someone else. Friends- part of the group, Brad- part of being with a A lister, Mayer, Vaughn etc. She is never discussed unless it is in realation to being linked to someone or something bigger than herself.

    Someone needs to remind her that Brad Pitt and all that comes with it is no longer hers. He is living HIS life, with HIS FAMILY and she is not part of the equation. She is his EX wife and that is it. If Angie wants to discuss the father of her childredn then she has every right to do so.
    Brad and all that comes with it does not belong to you anymore, his life is not yours it is his.
    Awesome post^
    I believe Angie has every right to talk about the love of her life.
    Jen wants it both ways. I remeber when said Brad was not the love of her life. Well cow move on with you life with “that man”
    I to can see why John Mayer said “He only snag stupid women.”
    Jen need to get off of Brad and Angie’s back you brought a monkey (John) go get on his back.

  • yeah

    So why is she talking about it now?

  • OH HELL!











  • Val

    4 years and Jen still haven’t moved on yet-that’s so sad.
    Please help Brad/Angie get this thing off their backs so they can go on to help people in the world. Jen needs to get out of herself that’s why she can’t help others. She’s too selfish.

  • lucy

    Aside from rekindlle back “the triangle” , she had nothing interesting to talk about . Who’s interested over an aging 40 y.o cougar dating her new boytoy. ? NO ONe!

  • lulu

    Isn’t it sad ? other actress at her age such as Nicole Kidman, Julia Robert talk about their kids and motherhood. Well, Jen talk about Angelina Jolie. Angie own her . hahahaha….

  • #47

    Lucy, she has never had anything interesting to talk about even when she was married to Pitt. It was always about her marriage to him and nothing else. She never have made an identity for herself and I believe this is why she still needs his name today. She has not grown as a woman and that carries over to her HW persona. No one can name one thing she do that is exciting other than frying her self in the sun. She would be just like her other cast members if it was not for Pitt’s name formerly attached to hers.

  • lilou

    go jen go we love you