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Katie Holmes' Fall Fashion

Katie Holmes' Fall Fashion

Katie Holmes shows off her fall fashion in New York City as she arrives at the theater for another performance of All My Sons on Wednesday.

British socialite Peaches Geldof and Katie have reportedly developed a friendship after Peaches interviewed her for Nylon magazine. After the interview, “The pair soon hit it off and enjoyed afternoon tea at a suite in the Rivington Hotel,” a source said. Peaches played with Suri while Katie read through some film scripts.”

Katie gave her some brilliant advice and Peaches says she is genuinely one of the nicest people she’s met and Suri is a doll,” the source told the Daily Star.

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  • Big Mama

    Looks like clothes Diane Keaton would have thrown out.

  • linda

    she is so ugly , i dont like her !!!

  • Julie

    ew , thats so ugly !!!

  • Henrietta

    Honestly Kate is another classic case of celebrities looking plain as vanilla. I wouldn’t even look twice if she walked pass me, would you?

  • buzz

    She looks like a Russian peasant from the Bolshevik era.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    A most unfortunate look! I agree with #4 that there’s nothing special about her.
    Those boots are so ugly as well.
    I want the old Katie back:-(

  • zoe

    she actually looks kinda cute. i like the sweater but she should lose the beanie but then again…it makes her look younger. dont like the boots…too chucky.


    Great post!
    So true!
    And guess what!
    We haven’t seen Suri out and about for 5 days.
    Just wondering, whether she is caged high up in the apartment or simply having her routine without calling the paps?

    Katie Homely should learn some of Nicole’s grace and keep her daughter’s childhood private.

  • Jean dimaria

    like the hat, the jeans are a little nerdy with the boots. wrong fit. sunglasses at night? ha ha She would have made fun of herself years ago. still love you katie!


    Katie cannot do without her sunglasses.

    Her eye bags and dark circles are beyond believe.
    It’s like she’s gone through some periods of starvation and sleep deprivation.
    I don’t really care.

  • prezyw

    what the f*** is wrong with you bad mind, jealous bitches. What is wrong with her outfit she looks chic and causual, she is just going to work it is not a runway whay do you want to see her in a couture dress

  • Adoring Fan

    My fat ass never leaves this site.

  • money can’t buy you love

    She looks miserable, drab and dull.

  • ugh…

    Very sensible, Katie. Tom’s mother will be proud!

  • tomtom

    one word UGLY!!

  • dancer

    Ohmigod. FUG FUG FUG. Ohmigod. This look is like running your nails down a chalk board. Holy moly, what was she thinking.

    The hat, the hat, the hat. Makes her look like she is 90 years old and on the way to the grocery store to pick up a can of cat food.

  • hawker

    It’s like the living-life has been sucked right out of her. She looks extremely pale – her eyes, if you ever see them, have no spark in them any more. So sad. Do you think she has any ability to think on her own, now, and wonder if it was all worth it? Or – have all those little brain cells been deprogrammed?

  • Rescue59

    Oh sure. One snob thinks the other snob is “genuinely nice”. Huge surprise. I’m so shocked. I can’t believe it. Wow.

  • sdf

    selena gomez wore an outfit like that!!!

  • april

    katie is a copy cat!

  • april

    katie is a copy cat! >_<

  • Eprí

    :SI don’t like her:S:S:S

  • Ick

    Someone get her a stylist and fast!! Is she heading for the surgery ward???

  • Piper

    “Suri is a doll” LOL!


    NUMBER # 5….AGREE..LOL….
    NUMBER # 6….The ” old Katie “, was left behind in L.A., somewhere…Ever since she arrived in New York, her entire persona has changed dramatically……She only cleans up nice, ( sometimes ), when Tom is in town….
    RESCUE 59….LOL,LOL…I can’t imagine what ” brilliant advice “, Katie could give little ole PEACHES, unless she is also married to a culty Scientologist…..HOW would ANYONE know anyway, WHAT advice Katie gave her…Were they there in the room ?…What ” source ” was there, as Katie ” read through film scripts “…( EGADS )…
    Katie, sounds like the acting bug, has bitten her, since her broadway debut……She really needs to stay home and raise poor little Suri, and give that child some playmates….Even if they are Scientolgists robots, they would be better than nothing…..
    TO ” ARTHUR CURRY “, I know it really sounds like I’m bashing Katie here, but sometimes I just don’t get her….We don’t always agree on some matters, but MOST……It seems New York has completely drained and taken part of her soul………Archiving old photo’s from her L.A., days, there is just NO comparison…..I hope she finds her ” old self ” again, like NUMBER # 6 SAID….I really love Katie, but she needs to wake up, like some of us do at times.

  • ae

    What a WANNABE. Katie you are not part of the club and you will never be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bwahhhhhhhhh you look S…T…U…P…I…D bwwahhhhhh

  • mimi

    Katie looks great. I love her style. It’s sophisticated, yet simple. All you haters have no idea what you’re talking about. Leave her alone.

  • snow


  • ana

    chic and classy

  • anon

    very beautiful……jealous haters …lol

  • chessa

    she looks
    great :)

  • http://aol Susan

    GOOD VICTORIA…What are you? The critique person of all the posts. LOL
    And, for all of you who put down her looks, I will bet that on your BEST day, you do not look half as good as Katie on one of her worst days!


    Quit talking about things you have no ideas, #32.
    Most of us don’t slouch and we don’t bend our knees when wearing high heels.
    We look better than Katie Homely, even without her million dollar wardrobe.

  • pr person

    She never fails to disappoint….. Craptastic as usual! Yikes! .

  • boogie

    goodness grief! Fashion style ? NOT

    I did not even need my coffee this morning. The photos with that rag on her head gave me a big jolt!

    and some people here actually call her beautiful??? LOL
    they need new glasses or they are too heavily involved with the katie holmes crush.

  • ugh…

    I wouldn’t f*** her with L.Ron’s dried up, shrivelled twig of a corpse c***.


    Somebody mention L. Ron, so here’s my quesiton.
    What happened to Suri in the past 5 days?
    Was she caged high up in the apartment or she just went about her routines without calling the paps for photo ops?

    One thing is proved over and over again.
    When TomKat don’t want to seen, they have all the means and ways too avoid the paps.
    Katie’s people, I know you are reading this.
    Keep the child away from the cameras, maybe my respect for Katie as a mother will restore.

  • kelly

    ain’t no party like my granny’s tea party…

    grandma holmes does it again!
    is she off to her bingo game?

  • chloe

    I don’t like the light jeans with it , but I do think this outfit is better than some of the others she has been sporting around NY. I for one think the hat is cute. It can be a little ‘grannyish’ if paired with the wrong stuff , but it’s a cute hat and a lot of the young stars are sporting it.

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    #39 – i think you’d have to be a bit hip to pull off wearing a tea cosy hat – or good at pretending you are, anyway. Katie Holmes just looks old. Was this her attempt to seem *cool* to fellow attention w**** Peaches Geldof?

  • dianel

    Well said Susan

  • ANON

    BRING BACK THE OLE KATIE PLEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE – TOM WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THIS POOR GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS EVER SO CUTE ON DAWSONS CREEK _ NOW LOOK AT HER _ Im sorry – Having a BABY does NOT do this to you – I mean – yeah -Moms can get tired and all – BUT PLEEEZE – this is riddiculous -KATIE – if you are reading this – GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN – I remember rightly I read – you get $3M.for every yr. you stay with TOM – You have been with him for 3 yrs now – If my Math serves me right – YOU HAVE $9M in your pkt. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANON


  • ANON


  • Rose is Rose

    What is that on her head? A dead cat? Seriously, my 86 year old Granny has a similar hat.

    As usual, Holmes is a fashion DON’T. She looks like a middle age lady heading to a craft class. If it wasn’t for her marriage to the world’s biggest freak, no one would even look at her. She’s nothing more than a tabloid staple who’s famous for the fact that she married a total lunatic who used to be a leading man.

    Go away Katie!

  • ANON

    GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!!!!!!!! i MEAN IT BEFORE YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS DESTROYED!!! I mean – WHAT DOES THIS GUY DO FOR YOU – His career is OVER – Yours never really TOOK OFF! – Lets face it – Your NOT “A” list like Aniston or DIAZ!!! – but your good in the class of ACTORS that you are in – lets say – “M” class for eg. But seriously KATIE – Are you that afraid that he has that much control over you that you woudnt leave him! – He is only HUMAN (or supposdily HUMAN) -KATIE – DIVORCE happens everyday – Lets face it – or should i SAY – YOU FACE IT – BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF – Are you really 1–% happy with Tom – or is is a PUBLICITY STUNT as usual – THats usally the celebs tactic to promote their careers – Suri Is cute – (Even though she does need a wardrobe of coats!) and you are a pretty girl -or once was – Grow your hair – lets your locks fall – smile a bit – LOOSE THE “V” BECKHAM glasses They dont do anything for you!) and BE YOURSELF – COME BACK TO THE DAYS OF DAWSONS CREEK -You were great – You can get back there again – it was NOT THAT LONG AGO – Perhaps you need to call your OLE FRIENDS again – Including YOUR EX!!!! – He was cute – You have the kid now – which mean – YOU HAVE MONEY IN YOUR PKT. or does TOM seriosuly have some kinda WHACKED out PRE-NUP with you – where you are sooooooo tied and P$&#)($# WHIIPED you cannot get out that easily – THINK ABOUT IT _ IF YOU READ THIS _ YOU REALLY NEED TO THING LONG AND HARD ABOUT YOUR FUTURE _ WHATEVER FUTURE YOU MAY HAVE _ Yeah -TOM can get the calls into producers and agents and all – and get you some good scripts now and again because of his connections – but seriosuly sweetie – you would be so better off BY YOURSELF – ANd I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE – thats all I have to say! – And I KNOW YOU READ THESE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Traci

    Sunglasses at night? What a pretentious biotch!! They’re probably to hide the deep, dark circles under her eyes that she’s been sporting for awhile now. She looks like she’s half dead. Pale, pathetic and a shadow of the old Katie before she was taken over by the midget freak she married and sucked into a cult. Take a look at pics of her 3 years ago. She actually looked alive and happy. Not anymore.

    By the way, that outfit and especially the hat are totally craptastic.

  • ANON

    glasses protect them from the flashes of PHOTOGS that LURK in alleys stalking them for the ONE pic that they need to full their QUOTA for DOLLAS! – I mean – If I were out at night and was a celeb – I TOO WOULD WEAR the glasses – have you ever been in a situation where 1000 cameras are flashing at you 100 per/second – trust me – YOU NEED GLASSES!

  • lyndsey

    Anyone notice how spectacular Nicole Kidman looks since she got out of her marriage to Cruise and how horrible Katie Holmes looks since she married him? Katie is a totally different person! No one changes that much for a man! Not that Cruise is much of a man. LOL

  • ANON