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Miranda Kerr Has a Happy Holiday

Miranda Kerr Has a Happy Holiday

Orlando Bloom‘s current squeeze Miranda Kerr and the top models of Victoria’s Secret go on tour in Miami, Florida on Thursday.

The 25-year-old Australian model was joined by Adriana Lima, Marissa Miller, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks, Heidi Klum and others! The mob of models were sharing about their favorite holiday gift picks.

Alessandra recently gave birth to Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur three months ago and it looks like the model is back to tip-top shape!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and her happy holidays…

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miranda kerr happy holiday 02
miranda kerr happy holiday 03
miranda kerr happy holiday 04
miranda kerr happy holiday 05
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  • Yay!!

    Alessandra!!!! Woooohooooo!

  • sharene

    i really dont find her that pretty.

  • Winsome Audrey

    MK looks mutated in the second picture. lol.

  • girl

    She looks reeeeally creepy in the second picture. Like almost cross eyed.

  • Aniston is B-O-R-i-n-g

    why is Klum in this bunch?
    She’s too old & haggard

  • Shannon

    She has the cutest dimples ever she;s one of my fav VS model

  • a total fan

    Can’t put my finger on it, but she has a rather odd looking face. I guess she photographs well.

  • gschock

    whooooo creepy face…

  • gossipgirl

    i LOVE adriana lima she is my favorite

    of course thats also cuz everyone tells me i look like her ;)

  • blackfriday1978

    Just wondering…. is her head bigger than her waist or hip?! Look kind of creepy…


    OOOO MiRandaaaaaaaa ……………..


    Looks like someone finally did her makeup for her before letting her out in public. It doesnt matter though really because she looks like someone punched her between the eyebrows and its swollen up. Brendan Frasier with a wig.

  • nokia

    Oh god… alessandra is SOOO Beautiful

  • D-list

    Out of all the vs girls, jj post about miranda. No hidden agenda at all.

  • I love Dot

    My fav is Doutzen she is the most natural, and Behati is the cutest.
    Screw fuggy azz Dingho she needs to get her phaced fixed pronto!!!
    Dingho+greasy face+big nose+far spread eyes=FUGNESS!!!
    In your greasy phace Kerr.

    Doutzen <3
    Behati <3

  • Linda

    she looks like my cross-eyes cat in Pic 2. She has smelly feet..I heard she took off her shoes on the airliner and they were begging her to put them back on . HA!

  • Aniston is B-O-R-i-n-g

    MK looks like a bobble heade on my Chevy

  • jessica

    Miranda Kerr has ceiling eyes but not as bad as audrina patridge.

  • kid

    i still agree with whoever it was that called her a cabbage-patch-kid-look-a-like…come on admit it, she does…

  • ginger

    She’s cute but her face is soooooooooooooo small for her body. plus her head looks compacted.

  • wtf

    She looks…so weird. Her face is odd, like someone sat on her.

  • bib

    only orlandos current squeeze?? lol im sure he has plenty of squeezes of handful sized t!ts of other women as hers are baby sized like the rest of her- a pedos dream kerr is.

  • terry o connor

    Miranda! I used to adore you, now you are busted.

    Her glory days are behind her she was so pretty about 3 years ago- now shes ugly- freaky looking even- thank god for the other VS models for me to fap fap over.

    She DOES look like Brendan Fraser and rather childlike.. does that make me a gay pedophile- umm.. I feel ill for ever thinking she was hot!!!

    Marissa baby!!!! come to me!!

  • OMG!

    She looks awful in these pictures. Too bad she has to try and get attention this way why the real vs models all have real work lined up.

    let’s see here
    Adriana will be wearing the fantasy bra
    People Magazine went with Alessandra for her fitting so she got real coverage for that and she is doing a GQ cover story during the show (ha, cabbage patch only got a local Miami magazine)
    Heidi and Adriana will be signing autographs at the vs store on Dec 3rd
    To top that the main vs girls, Heide, Ali, Adriana and Kros will be hosting and invite only party for the new VS store on Lexington Ave in NYC.

    So what’s a poor cabbage patch kid have to do for attention? She has to plant rumors about a non existent wedding about a man she has to use for his name. So pitiful.

  • @23

    Yes, this picture shows it so clearly. Someone please do a side by side separated at birth post with Miranda and Brandon. That is so perfect.

  • rita

    Her and ugly Bloom are the ugliest “celebrity” (I use the term loosly for these 2 non entities) couple.

    She looks about 10 and is like a stretched face alien with an anorexic body… he looks like a middle aged coke bloated pervert who has stains and smells of smegma and fingers that smell of a$$.. ewww

    I never did get the Bloom fangirl thing. Now let me post on some REAL celebrity posts!!!

  • smashed face

    smooshed faced MK, looks bad compared to the other models. She is bad looking, lol she looks like she was born a man but then got a sex change. Well she does have a manly face huh. Oily at that.

    Man ive seen her borther poo stain and he is not cute at all, he looks just as bad as she does, and he is fat as hell too. Bleh, disgusting i’ll tell yah. Im sure MK will read this and her family/friends to, listen Kerr, you need to stop asking your teen fans on facebook to do you PR work for you, it makes you look desperate.

    Useing a girl like that, that is weird, what do you have a real pr team, or just mama Kerr. Oh yeah also dont go surfing the net to look up fan forums with you mama either it’s creepy. I really think you shouldnt make a make up line as your face is already purdy ugly as it is and greasy too.

  • kel

    Ariana Lima is looking more toned. o_o

  • kel

    Excuse me, *Adriana.

  • trace cyrus

    seriously….. what happened to her? I used to have her pic on my folder a year ago… now she has just gotten uglier each time I see her, Man, I’m kinda sad about that :(
    Doutzen and Marisa-Godesses!!

  • george

    I think Miranda looks adorable. Not the best pic’s ive seen of her but still cute

  • goergey boy

    @#31 (George)-
    Come on George, dont be in denial now, stop lieing to yourself, she looks hideous. Horrid with a capital H. Her face screams F U G L Y! But hey you are one of the 10 Miranda fans out there. You are a rare one.

  • @32

    Im missing Orlando from back then he had so much life in him, his eyes was full of happiness and now Kerr sucked it out of him, oui.


    Ya its been a long time since we have seen Orlando look happy and smile like this.

  • @33

    Can you imagine that mush face in a few years? Hound Dog cheeks baby.
    wowie, this will not age well.
    She doesn’t have any other contracts that we know of does she?
    I bet she won’t be getting anymore with that fugly mug ageing so quickly.

  • @36

    She won’t need another contract because she will be the next Ernest Hemingway….. *LOL*


  • justJared fan

    Why didn’t you mention Doutzen Kroes, who according to Forbes is the 5th highest paid supermodel in the world??

  • taylor

    Heidi looks a little matronly for this bunch.

  • wow

    You two Delphi girls sure are working on your posting quota.
    Keep on posting. The more you say, the more idiotic you sound. At least come up with some fresh insults. “Dingo”, “CPK” and “Brendon Fraser” are so boring. Or are you too stupid to be imaginative? I know, it’s hard. Go back to Delphi where no one will question your lack of intelligence.
    Oh yeah, you forgot to complain about her “being forced down your throat”, or was one of you getting ready to post that one? Sorry to spoil your fun, if you were.

  • Treasure (pleasure) Yourself

    Yup nothing says role model for young girls than clubbing it up with perverted middle age men. Of course she is a good role model, why wouldnt she be she is so hard working she has to sacrifice the most important things all the time that us normy people just dont understand. Like tring on sunglasess or working while on her period or, ooh walking around on beaches poseing for a camera because dont we all know how hard that is.

    I think every girl should read this book so one day they can be as great of a person that Miranda is. What little girl wouldnt like to be just like her, huh.

    Yep nothing says treasure yourself like those two pics.

  • blankmark @#40

    Spoiling fun, the fun has just begun, it’s getting better and better. We are all having fun, why not you…

    …BTW you sound like you take this way to personaly, do you know her. If you dont know her why would you care?

    All the negative posts bothering you? Maybe you are attracting the wrong vibes here, maybe you need to calm down and do some yoga, and just remeber to carry your magnet with you.

  • Sasha

    Miranda is gorgeous. She’s my favorite angel.
    Healthy and beautiful.

    For you haters. If insulting someone is your idea of fun, you really do lead pathetic lives.
    Sad, sad people to feel the need to fill the empty spaces with such negativity.

  • mimi

    Alessandra looks AMAZING!!! I can’t believe she just gave birth…her bod is slammin’!

    They’re all beautiful….

  • Gee dont you sound like…

    You should like Miranda Kerr herself, talking about all the jealous haters and being pathetic and living empty lives, yep sounds just like her. Or you could be blue person/Erie or even better one of the Olove middle age woman deffending her like the usual shipper. either way it’s still the same old tune.

    @mimi, doesnt she looks pretty, she looks glowing after her baby, im glad she could make it for the show. She will be one of the biggest stars next to Doutzen and Lima. Oh and Heidi. Behati is getting a lot of press from this herself isnt she one of the youngest girls there. Im happy for her.

  • Jenny

    Miranda looks like a Chucky doll. Others are hot.

  • ryan

    She looks weird!

  • Gunnedah Hobag

    Phetal Alkohawl sindrumbe. !

  • Jesse

    I love Miranda! IMO, she’s the hottest Angel, by far.
    I don’t get all of the hate. I brushed it off at first, but maybe the label of “jealous fat fangirls” really does fit. kind of like Middle School bullies. They only attack the people that make them feel inferior. Yep, I’m beginning to believe it.

  • india

    MK isn’t even pretty. Her face looks weirdly mutated in second pic, like everyone said above me. It looks like anyone can model if she can. Love all the other models though.