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Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Cheated On Me

Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Cheated On Me

Taylor Swift is laying it all out there, calling her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas a cheater.

“[Joe and actress Camilla Belle] have been together for months,” Taylor tells OK!. “That’s why we broke up.” (Joe dumped Taylor over a 27-second phone call just last month. You do the math.)

It was reported yesterday that Joe, 19, has a new older love, 10,000 B.C. star Camilla, 22.

When asked if she and Joe are still friends, Taylor curtly replied, “We don’t talk.” (They haven’t talked since the break-up call.)

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  • jrd

    this is getting annoying. miley won’t shut up about how much she hates nick, taylor won’t shut up about joe. notice how joe & nick don’t even bring up their love life & crap…? its because they don’t need all the media attention

  • CBloss

    way to go Taylor!

  • jenjen

    wowza! Poor taylor!

  • .xoxo.

    seriously .. ??
    woooww. that was soo unexpected.
    but for some reason .. i just don’t believe it .

  • caitie

    Taylor – get the f**k over it already! So he dumped you. STFU and move on! God, it makes you look like an annoying twat more than it makes him look bad. It just makes him look like a teenage boy who’s playing the field because he can. Be the bigger person here and stop being so damn annoying. Jeez!

  • anna

    omg he’s an asshole if its true

  • anna

    omg he’s an asshole if its true

  • Chelsea

    Joe Jonas sucks.

    Taylor is so cute, she will find a really cute nice guy :D

  • delani

    geezzz taylor is so straight forward about this

    im tired of this gossip

  • Phillipa

    now this is really getting annoyed. How can she know that Joe is cheating on her! She doesnt have proof.

  • aperson

    omg, dude i used to really look up to the jonas brothers i thought they were normal at first and they were but than they got all big headed, such a shame it really dissapoints me.

  • babygirl44

    I really thought Camilla is dating Robert Pattinson.

  • shrubby

    caitie @ 11/13/2008 at 12:08 am

    ur really ignorant

    cheating hurts

    u stupid!!

  • dancedance

    I don’t like it that taylor is talking so much about it. at least it is not as bad as cyrus…
    I hope it’s not true because joe’s really looking like a jerk right now. a real, real, jerk

  • Phillipa

    also…I dont think Joe would do this. His Mom will kill him.

  • oliver

    build a bridge and get over it.

  • .xoxo.

    to #12 ~

    SAAAMEEE! i thought that camilla
    was with robert pattinson!!
    .. but i guess not ..

    but see .. that’s the thing about the media ..
    u don’t REALLY know what the truth is …….

  • kate

    OF COURSE Jonas fans defend him.

    Girls likeTaylor and Miley who have been hurt have EVERY RIGHT to open up about it.

    They won’t talk about it bc they are insensitive jerks.

    TEAM TAYLOR. And I’m not even a fan.
    Joe is an a hole. GROW UP.

  • beverly

    wow she’s really laying her life out there for the tabloid wolves….

  • girl5

    Team Taylor!

  • Amanda

    I loved her honesty and fiesty/sassiness about it all (telling Ellen bluntly and overtly on the show etc.) and the fact that to healthily deal with heartbreaking break-ups she simply vents by writing songs about them and stuff, I admire her alot don’t get me wrong. BUT, this is such old news now, I am getting pretty tired of hearing about this and quite actually I kinda feel bad for Joe Jonas who is probably pissed at hearing her say all this on every possible blog and news network/tv channel etc. I mean it is all over the internet and TV now. the thing w/ the doll was pretty hilarious tho, i do have to admit!!! <33 u taylor!! I admire the way u choose to deal w/ nasty and brutal break-ups and ur outlook on life, and how one little break-up like this won’t matter to you when you are much older and have found that special someone (maybe even a prince charming!!)

  • erin

    To jrd: the reason Joe and Nick don’t bring up their love life is because they are both jerks who either cheated on their girlfriends or just treated their girlfriend like crap. I’m sure that is something they both want to talk about with their obsessive girl fans. When more than one person is coming out and saying the Jonas’ treat girls like crap (Taylor, Miley, and even A.J. wrote Potential Breakup Song about Joe), then doesn’t that seem to indicate that maybe they are crappy boyfriends?????

  • ady

    the reason taylor is talking so much about this is because shes hurt and u know what, if this is true, he should feel stupid!

  • Lucas

    This is getting a bit rediculous, maybe taylor should start getting songs from stuff other than her ex-boyfriends and leave that stuff out of the eye of the public. Shes almost being immature about the whole situation

  • Lucas

    This is getting a bit rediculous, maybe taylor should start getting songs from stuff other than her ex-boyfriends and leave that stuff out of the eye of the public. Shes almost being immature about the whole situation

  • Truth

    Camilla Belle is dating Tom Sturridge whom is Robert Pattinsons best friend. At least this is what she said in an interview i read not to long ago.

  • Jonas-brothers-are-ugly-fags!

    Jonas brothers are hideous
    they also have horrible sense of style.
    and shud do something with that mop on their heads

  • sammie

    i am getting really tired of taylors rants on joe. if you would really get over it there would be no need to keep bringing it up. UGHHH shes the new miley, i hate miley but i am starting to be more sympathetic after seeing how obnoxious tswift really is.

  • Adriana

    Oh c’mon!! Just stop it Taylor! I mean I seriously don’t think that telling those bad things about your ex is going to help!!
    This is just so stupid, she’s getting a bad image, I certainly wouldn’t do this I mean it’s your personal life and you don’t need to make everybody aware of your life or your ex’s… Why bother really!!

  • Obama supporter


  • ……….

    i’m so dissapointed of JB i guess that is why i dont buy their “we love you” message i cant beleive joe did something like that. and is taylor whant to talk about it GO TAYLOR it needs a lot of power to can say things like that and dont cry. and if all of that is true THANKS TAYLOR to open my eyes about some things

  • morgan

    i know being cheated on hurts ALOT..its happened to me. but i think it’s really inappropriate for taylor to be saying this kind of thing when she knows it will spread all over the world like wild fire. shame on you taylor. i really thought you’d know when to just let it go and not bring the whole damn world into it.

  • coco

    poor tay :(

  • JP

    tswift = lame attention monger. we get it your shitty album just came out, stop calling attention to your self

  • katie

    taylor needs to shut up

  • joeyy

    WAY to piss off jb fans who never liked you in the first place, ewww taylor . Well camilla at least is beautiful

  • (:

    I love how all you die hard jonas fans try to defend joe saying “oh he would never do that” “his mom wouldn’t let him so such a thing”
    So what if hes “Joe Jonas” ANY guy can cheat on a girl. It seems unlikely but come on, its possible.

    And i cant believe everyones bagging on taylor about how open she’s being with the breakup. Its ridiculous, leave her alone.

  • gardenstate


  • ohsh/t.

    i am so shocked.
    like, seriously/
    i cannot believe he would do this.
    -_____- i lost SO much respect for him.

  • lisa

    lol oh please joehoes! don’t hate taylor cause joe jonas ain’t all that and a bag of chips.

  • E

    that’s so sad. I thought Joe would be better then that
    it really makes me appeciate the jonas brothers less… :(

  • adri

    i agree with #36 all the way

    eff you taylor!!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    LOL@ the “pure” children of Disney

    Between the Hoes Before Bros and MiHoley, good lord

  • Boji

    Joe is a Love Rat. He deserves all the media attention he’s getting for it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I applaud Taylor for speaking out. Joe Jonas is certainly no gentleman. There are many better ways of breaking off a relationship, 27 seconds over the phone is not it. He took the coward’s way out. I hope he gets his come uppance. Enough said.

  • meredith

    ok, i don’t personally care for taylor too much, but people need to back off of her.

    it’s HER LIFE, & if she wants to tell the truth about it, then let her.
    same for miley when she talked about nick.
    people had been hounding her about him & their relationship foreverrrr & when she FINALLY decided to set the record straight, people gang up on her for it.
    the same thing’s happening to taylor & it’s not fair.
    yeah, maybe they [taylor &/or miley] should’ve talked to nick/joe before they spoke out, but…it’s kinda their right to say or not say what they want.
    just because joe/nick were mum about it, doesn’t mean the girls should be…doesn’t mean they have to be either.
    maybe taylor figured that if she told the truth people would lay off of the story for good. ya never know.
    but all i know is, it’s her life…so let her live it & let her tell what she wants to tell. if you think she was crappy for speaking out, that’s kewl. just don’t tell her to “get over it”…i’m sure she has and/or has already written a song about it. plus, breakups are hard…hard enough without random people you don’t even know telling you to just get over it.

  • anonymous

    CAMIJOE? that kind of reminds me of CAMELTOE…hahahaha
    don’t get me wrong i love them both, but not together

  • adri

    and to #40..
    I’m not hatin on her cause I’m a jonas fan, I’ve always hated that ugly biitch

  • hunter

    that was.
    Joe Jonas is an asswipe.
    Total turn off.

  • menna

    ooo, disssss, i think it’s pretty messed of joe, though…he’s supposed to be a gentlemen. although i like both him and taylor, he’s turning into quite a jerk, if i were taylor, i would have slapped him by now.

  • csxyz

    Classy, Taylor, classy.