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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Go Goldbar

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Go Goldbar

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer go out together for dinner at La Esquina Cafe and Restaurant, leaving separately from the restaurant then meeting up again at Goldbar Club in NYC on Thursday night.

John, 30, and Jen, 39, left the club together and headed back to their hotel in New York City.

While at the Keep a Child Alive event in New York earlier on Thursday, Mayer said, “I think I’d be pretty good at proposing. I’d figure that out. I’d get creative.”

“I feel in the last couple of years I’ve been very defensive,” the 30-year-old singer said. “That’s sort of the exact opposite of making music. The refinement process is a little harder. It’s also difficult to write songs about love lost and love found. I believe in my ability as a writer. I think it might take a little longer.”

10+ more pics inside of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer going Goldbar…

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john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 01
john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 02
john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 03
john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 04
john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 05
john mayer jennifer aniston goldbar 06
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  • faith

    Maniston and her paid escort.

  • mesyblue

    i hope this time is for real………………………………………………………………………… ..first

  • anonyme

    poor Jen…

  • Maniston is Fabio twin sister

    Oh Man… JM is taking Fabio out for dinner..woot.. woot.
    The more high light maniston put on her hair the more and more she looks like her twin FABIO !

  • http://ifj nad

    She looks happy.
    Good for her ;)







  • mesyblue

    john mayer singing a song for jen

  • angie

    Jen looks happy….John not so much.
    I think we know who the boss is in this relationship.

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so happy , love her

  • mesyblue

    poor poor john:-( i feel for him-so unlucky in love in the name of $$$

  • Megan fox

    john mayer sold his soul to the devil,wtf??? you lost respect of your fans man!

  • dope

    i decided to change my name too many mesyblue


    I really hope they will get married soon and have a child together…

    thats my wish for them.

    they are great together and deserve all the luck in the world

  • Maniston is Fabio twin sister

    Fake smile
    Fake boyfriend
    Fake hair
    Fake nose
    Fake eyes
    Fake lips

    Original CHIN !

  • PhillyGirl


  • Cindy

    Jen is just acting for the fake love she claimed… There is absolutely nothing between them. Look at the stone face of JM. He is nervous because he is doing thing for career trade… Definitely no love, not even remotely close… Jen is a big loser and never watch her movie again… cheap…

  • Bunny boiler

    Jennifer the bunny boiler run John run.

  • Val

    More fake PR stunts for Douchifer.
    They did not learn any thing.

  • sara

    mayer is a douchebag and jen should just dump him and move on with someone whos better looking and less douche-y..

    u probably never watched jen’s movies or watched them and dont like any of them but claimed you did, you’re the loser, u fake cheap b17ch..whos your role model huh? that cheap azzlips homewrecker jolie or paris hilton? dumba$$

  • sara

    pr stunts? theyre just having dinner u retard, and when you’re as famous as her of course paps are gonna follow her

  • MovieED

    Jen is looking good. You only dislike her b/c she said something about Angelina Jolie. I think some of you have mental issues and your obsession with Jolie and the fact that she can do no wrong is crazy. Why not be happy for both celebrities?

  • sara

    DUMP THAT DOUCHEBAG JEN!, seriously, not even worth your time dating that guy. i hope she dumped him and date someone better ASAP

  • faith

    This is a fake PR relationship. Maniston is paying peeboy. She’s worth $110M.

  • sara

    agreed, ppl bitch about jen just because she finally said the truth, that jolie is indeed a homewrecker, and know what? uncool is not a bad word, considering jolie is a sIu7, so be thankful for that l0sers

  • anna

    Jen you looks good, like ever,

  • Val

    Funny how money can buy men.
    I wonder how many appearances they put this sell out down for.
    Notice how Jen with he PR team have to control men. If you are with
    here you have to a little worm. Mayer fit the bill. Before she did not have control over him and he dumped her in front of paps. Then she brought him by throwing in a TV show now he has to be a worm.
    “that man” has no dignity left at all. He is an embarrassment. That show she paid him with will fail, I don’t care how many people she pay.
    It’s so funny to see all the Maniston fans back flipping after they bash Mayer so bad. Mayer fans should be so shame. What did the douche bag do that changed in 2 mts.

  • faith

    I was watching Big O interviewing Mansiton. Her eyes are very close together and wearing way too much makeup.

  • Joe

    Eh, I still don’t think she should have taken him back.

    I wasn’t that much into the whole Aniston thing until Jolie lied. I recall her doing an interview with Currey saying she couldn’t be interested in a married man than she says she fell in love with a married man. Not cool Jolie.

    I think I’m turning Team Aniston. Even more so if she would dump Mayer.

  • Helen

    Every one know Douchifer are fake.
    So here comes all the fake stunts to prove otherwise. Jen is a laughingstock. She is a control freak. So predictable. I knew this was the next step so Jen can save face. John the douche bag is nothing to front. Should get a real man.

  • Mediterranean

    She surely paid him what he asked her before.

  • LOL

    The title should be CONTROL FREAK BUYS A BOYFRIEND.
    This old hag would not be no where if not for CAA and weak men like JM.
    Next they have to come up with a phony pr stunt to prove Johnny boy is into her because in every picture he seems to careless for her.
    Yeah more phony stunts that’s what the public wants from Douchifer.

  • faith

    Maniston is a homewrecker. Tate Donovan was engaged to Sandra Bullock and Maniston became the 3rd person.

    After since Pitt dumped Aniston, she slept with 4 or 5 men. What a S.LUT

  • sara

    she looks good on oprah and didnt wear too much make up, maybe you’re just jealous you dont have the skin complexion and beauty, and talked sh1t about her.

    um, jolies the one whos frickin fake, i bet shes planning to adopt another child from iraq after her lie had been exposed, that she was wrecking jen and brads marriage.

    again, i do hope she dumps that douchebag

  • LOL

    I use to be a Jen fan until she started lying and running her mouth.
    Now with this new proof that she has not moved on with her life and constinetly bothering B/A, I have lost respect for Jen. She disgust me to no end.

  • anonyme

    poor John, he likes so sad whith his perpetually whining Jen

  • sara

    LOL, TALKING BOUT A HOMEWRECKER, have you ever tried googling with keywords “jolie homewrecker”? I BET THERE’RE 200000000000000000000000000 RESULTS about that. She has a history of wrecking other ppls marriage, umm remember why billy bob didnt marry his fiance? who spotted kissing ethan hawke while he was still married to uma thurman?

    pr stunt my a$$, i bet that douchebag cant get enough of her. The real phony stunt is jolie, announcing to retire from movies. yeah right, what a lying wh00r3

  • faith

    She skin is leathery thx to smoking and tanning, so she had to wear a lot of makeup. Her foundation was caking.
    Why should Maniston dump douchebag? He’s her type.

    They are made for each other. douchebag and fameWhore deserve one another

  • jody

    What is wrong with all of you?
    Calm down
    This is a beautiful woman.
    What did she ever do to be treated like crap?

  • roja

    She really is not pretty when she’s smiling!

  • faith

    Maniston is a W.hore and S.lut. She would sleep with anyone who begs her. She even slept with a guy working on a film set. She’s so pathetic.

  • Azzlipz

    talking bout smoking? jolie used to sleep with both sexes, experiment with drugs and prolly sleep with her brother too, who knows? and she just hoped her skin would be as good as jens

    and jolies the one whos a famewhore, could she stop talking bout her family? no ones want to hear you adopting another child and taking care of them while hiring a nanny each to take care each one of them, along with placing them in separate cars when going out. wH00RE

  • Jenna

    I lost faith in Jen because I don’t understand why she has to enlist phony men. Why can’t she date real men
    She took this douche bag back shows me she is weak with low self esteem. I can’t stand a weak chick.
    I think she is trying to humiliate Mayer as pay back for dumping her.
    He is to stupid to know it. Jen should have moved on from Mayer but she seems to have moving on issues.
    Now I see Jen is a bitter control crazy freak. I don’t want to be a fan of hers any more.

  • marco

    so sick and tired of this fugly fake lunatic PR ho..

  • anon

    the relationship / act ends in a few anyway : this is all organised by CAA that is why she speaks about him in ambiguity or platitudes. She has plans to marry someone else who John is copying in dress and style. He is a empty fake and is using her real partner as his “new style”. Truly this phony attention seeking guy is the worst in LA. LA has a destructive knack of supporting the worst and ignoring the best.

  • Azzlipz

    i love brad,why cant he marry me???

  • angie

    This is to Faith:

    “After since Pitt dumped Aniston, she slept with 4 or 5 men. What a S.LUT” by Faith

    Why are you calling her a SLUT? She is a single woman who had to get divorced from her husband (and we all know why) and slept with ONLY 4-5 men AFTER her divorce.

    I don’t get you. Where is your GIRL POWER, huh? You probably never had one. So don’t talk about things you cannot comprehend.

  • Sara

    yeah right, one of the “fans”, not wanting to be one anymore, gth u fake fans. well im also a fan of Jolie but then i don’t wanna be her fan anymore because she’s such a s l ut and a loser that can only wreck people’s marriages.

    and talking about S luts? Who did that movie ORIGINAL SIN AND KISSED HER OWN BROTHER AND WRECKED OTHER PPLS MARRIAGES? I BET SHE SLEPT WITH ALOT OF PRODUCERS TO BE IN HOLLYWOOD, THAT WHY SHE retires, shes got no more s3 xx drive due to being pnetrated so many times.

  • si


    Poor you…

  • sara

    im jealous of aniston, i want her beauty