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Sarah Palin Wears Short Shorts

Sarah Palin Wears Short Shorts

Alaska governor and former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin enjoys a drink and kicks back and relaxes in a pair of short shorts by a hotel pool in Miami, Florida on Thursday.

The nation’s most prolific hockey mom is in Florida attending the Republican Governors Association conference. The 44-year-old former beauty pageant contestant (she finished second in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant) has recently been hitting up media outlets, taking interviews and keeping her presence in the national spotlight. Palin 2012 anyone?

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sarah palin wears short shorts 04

Credit: Kadena Pix; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • menna

    ummm, who cares?

  • Diana

    she’s hilarious.

  • xena

    yes, she can

  • karissa

    Hot mama!

  • Obama supporter


  • WOW

    She is so hott! 44 mother of 5? Are you kidding me? I hope she enjoys her time in the sun…she needs to rest up before the next election! Palin/Jindal 2012!

  • caro

    I have so many pairs of those shorts. They’re awesome.

  • uh…

    Uh, yeah. That’s not her.

  • Obama-girl

    too right she is fucking hilarious!

    Was really against her!! but she deserves a break too.

    I say she should now have a crack at maybe comedy, or a clumsy action hero, cage fighting maybe? any more suggestions??

  • kop a chicken

    so fucking hot

  • nunny

    im very happy obama won
    i believe sarah palin did not know what she was doing and she was picked for strategic purposes
    i hope that she never gets the chance to run the country

  • hank

    i think she will be addicted to the media attention. as a past pageant contestant, it must be intoxicating. afterall, pageants are all about “look at me”.

  • Jo Ann

    Damn she looks good.

    She’s been on the media circuit and everyone who has met her said that she is fierce and one smart woman. She knows her stuff about Energy. Don’t under estimate her.

    Females who make fun of her are just jealous and wish they looked like her.

    I agree. Palin/Jindal or Jindal/Palin it doesn’t matter.

  • haley

    omgggg Palin all the way 4 2012 she has my vote

  • dani

    Jo Ann @ 11/14/2008 at 6:54 pm

    Jo Ann you insult women everywhere when you state that females are just jealous and wish they looked like her.

    I am female and very good looking for my age, but I also have brains, intelligence, whatever. I don’t care how good looking Sarah Palin is, her campaigning on the McCain ticket was an embarrassment to women everywhere. It quickly became apparent she was ignorant, ill advised and didn’t know what in the world she was talking about. I certainly think McCain, if he wanted to choose a woman, could have chosen someone with experience and intelligence. There were several Republican women out there who would have been a far better choice. And if she is planning to run in 2012, then I certainly hope this woman that went to five or six colleges before she graduated shows a little more focus and studies up on economic issues, foreign policy, governmental structure and the like. If not, she is going to be a huge laughing stock worldwide since right now most of the world is looking askance at her..

  • gop

    Among the new young guns taking over after Obama’s 4 years run.

  • marilyn

    Hollywood hates her because she has it all: brains,values,faith,morals,wealth,family, good and hot hubby and oh yea SHE IS HOTTER than most of them…..look at those legs

  • WTf?

    Um, that’s not Sarah Palin

  • kait

    i seriously never knew she was that hot.
    i know we all will look like that when we
    turn her age.

  • jake

    Thats Sexy Sarah for You
    The Paps are following her now
    This lady is here to stay

  • required

    PALIN FOR CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now thats HOT Sarah is sooooooooooooooooo SEXY yum what a gorgeous pair of legs just awesome

  • David

    You are missing three more pictures those legs are amazing

  • stella11215u488

    I love her! I wish McCain would have won, but hopefully she will run for 2012…she deserves to relax in Miami from all the mean things the media has said about her

  • V

    she’s old news. yawn

  • Oh

    gosh how can you people give your vote to her for 2012 just because of her legs?damn, you’re so stupid. and you dare to say she’s smart?and the ppl who voted for obama ignorant? her, values?morals?brains? u must be s h i t t i n g me , right? i see that she’s starving for attention…..she’s totally crazy , a foolish retarded. she can do the celeb posing anywhere she wants, i won’t fall and i hope you guys won’t too just for her oh-so-sexy-called legs…(personally i tink they’re common, i mean any skinny girl out there has legs like that or maybe even hotter ones….even being moms)

  • lala

    i would vote for the stupid woman if i was dared to! she doesnt no anything! if mccain picked anyone other than sarah, he would have won. WAY TO SARAH FOR THE STUPIDEST CANDIDATE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOW!

  • erin

    Nah Palin will never have my vote. She didn’t do crap during the election. She was always like saying stupid stuff that people thought was funny, election isn’t something to be taken lightly. Our country would be at stake if Palin became president. She’d be a bigger screw up then Bush, we’d be in World War 3. By 2012 I’ll be 21 and if she runs for president not vote and IF this girl every becomes president I’d LEAVE the country. No way would I want to be part of this country that is run by Palin.

  • lalaine

    i don’t think that’s her… this girl looks younger… you know sarah has a lot of look-alikes

  • KAS

    Gotta admit she’s a HOT MAMA

  • tommy

    That’s not even her, the media from bullsh@t websites like this who post stories about her even when two seconds of their time they can verify that it’s not true, to news and cable shows who posted that she didn’t know Africa or North America countries , yesterday it came out that it was a big hoax and that a comedy show posted on the wed throughout that campaign pretending to be McCain advisors from a think tank to see how long the could play the media, this election and Obama adoration was B.S and what the media did to Plain was ridiculous.

  • jean

    I’d be happy to look like that at her age!

  • jonhar

    I honestly think it wasn’t her. The lady in the picture was way too skinny to be her. I mean, Palin is sexy in her own way, but this could never be her. Well, whether it’s her or not, who cares? Everybody has the right wear a pair of “short” shorts.

  • freecity

    really? that is Sarah Parlin? nice legs!!

  • where are her values now?

    Am I the only one who finds it appalling that she is not with her young baby at all? Babies need love and warmth and comfort from their MOTHER 24/7 in their first year. So don’t all you hypocrite Republicans come to me with stories on VALUES. Values is when a good mother prioritizes her CHILDREN, not herself. She is so horny for attention, it makes me sick to the stomach. Guess she’s not breast feeding either…. another major important aspect of a child’s first year.

  • abriana

    tht looks like 20 years younger than sarah b*tch palin

    and if it was her who cares she lost the election
    everyone forgot about her

  • boogie

    Palin in 2012. ??

    you gotta be kidding me? Didn’t you learn your lesson yet?

    She won’t be on the ticket in 2012. No reason why she should.

    jeepers creepers!

  • vera

    thats not even her
    it looks nothing like her

  • vera

    thats not even her
    it looks nothing like her

  • http://deleted cindy

    I don’t think she would go down that low!!!it’s definitely not her.

  • trinity

    Sarah is obviously enjoying her time in the limelight. Does she not spend any time with her children? or her husband?.Maybe they travel with her, who knows. She is NOT going away for awhile, so everyone better get used to a no-body turned into an arrogant some-body.
    I hope in the next few months her 15 minutes of fame, goes away. And so does she!

  • samara

    ewwwwwwww who wants to see that, not I…

  • Twifanatic Amanda


  • Katherine

    I find it offensive when people try to claim that any women not voting for her is jealous. I do think she is a very beautiful women with amazing style, and while it would be nice to look like that in the future, I don’t resent her for being beautiful in the least.

    There are two reasons why I would never vote for this women. One, I do not agree with her policies. I respect them, but I don’t agree with them. I do think that it’s also insulting when people think we should rally behind her just because she is a women. I don’t agree with what she believes in, female or not, which is why she will never have my vote.

    Two, I do not find her intelligent. Sure she’s charming, and is a pro at one-line zingers and firing up her base, but I have yet to hear a word come out of her mouth that sounds thoughtful or insightful. Just a bunch of hate-filled lies and spiteful words to further divide us as a country when what we really need to be doing is coming together. She may be your “average joe-six pack”, but in times like these, only someone who is much more than that can lead us back down the right path.

    When an intelligent women runs for office, someone along the lines of Hilary Clinton minus all the baggage, I will be behind her 100% if I think she’s the right person for our country. However, I won’t allow myself to settle for anything less than great if there is still a chance for something, or someone, better.

  • Lisa


  • Jean dimaria

    that’s not her- i agree with uh.

  • Jo Ann

    dani @ 11/14/08 at 7:05 PM

    Americans have just elected a Jr. Senator with no experience and with no foreign policy experience who by the way needs a teleprompter in order to sound legit. Take away the teleprompter and Barack “uh” Obama sounds awful. I think he said “uh” like 10 times in a 30 second span.

    Palin had to clear up several lies that the media and the comedy shows kept on repeating.

    1. Her daughter really gave birth to her son – a lie.
    2. Banned certain books – a lie.
    3. Said “you can see Russia from my house” – a lie.
    4. Bought $150,000 worth of clothes – a lie.
    5. Didn’t get along with McCain – a lie.
    6. Didn’t know Africa was a continent – a lie.

    On number 6 MSNBC apologized and said they did not vet the person who told them this Africa bit and MSNBC said they should have not repeated the story.

    I believe the media and the democrats were trying to break Palin and it didn’t work. She is a strong woman.

  • ko

    thats definitely not her.
    that person is actually reading something.

  • qwerty

    Yeah… that is not her… it doesn’t really even look like her… yeah…

  • Sickened

    dani, are you serious????? I’m a woman and she certainly wasn’t an embarrassment to ME! A self made, hard working woman finally comes along and look at what you do to her. That’s a shame to our gender.

    I always laugh at you people who talk about her inexperience when the man YOU elected president for the next four years knows little to nothing about ANYTHING!

    Palin for 2012 all the way!!!!