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Victoria Beckham: Holy Halloween, Batman!

Victoria Beckham: Holy Halloween, Batman!

Victoria Beckham goes shopping with her son Cruz dressed up as Batman’s sidekick, Robin, at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills on Friday.

Either Cruz is two weeks late for Halloween or he can’t wait for next year!

Vic‘s husband, David Beckham, has recently been training hard to equal the record number of England caps by an outfield player – 108 by Bobby Moore. Rio Ferdinand, former teammate of David‘s said, “David is a superstar on and off the field. Nobody gave him those caps for fun. It hasn’t been an easy ride.”

10+ pictures inside of Victoria and Cruz Beckham getting holy Halloween…

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victoria beckham holy halloween batman 01
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 02
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 03
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 04
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 05
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 06
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 07
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 08
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 09
victoria beckham holy halloween batman 10

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  • carol


  • carol

    Don’t like very much her

  • trinit

    MUST she always wear those silly Louboutin’s EVERYWHERE ?…….I bet she wears them to bed with her sunglasses on. And that headband is totally ridiculous.What is it holding back?. Her hair is as short as David’s. Strange and ugly woman. Talk about a pubilicity hound-whore. She could use back doors also or ask for ” private time “, like Madonna BEFORE the stores open.

  • -

    this site is sooo good
    love here ! ;-)

  • nokia

    for NUMBER 4 : TRINIT.

    She just went shopping… she went to the restaurants a lot like MADEO NOBU ETC in LA and she was using BACK DOOR to avoid the papparazi.. u think u know her well enough to complain?? btw ARE BETTER LOOKING THAN HER?

  • nokia

    i mean ARE U better looking than her?

  • jess

    umm maybe he just wants to dress up! he doesnt need a reason he’s three.

  • nasty katie

    dyke ass hair
    i wanna throw the kid under a bus

  • kiki

    i think he’s in that faze where he wants to dress up all the time. Kids go through that face and i saw him dress up a few times before around now.

  • kiki

    nasty katie, do us all a favor and step in front of a bus!

  • li

    Nasty Kate-> your a sicko for making such a comment about a child.
    Check yourself into an institution lady!

  • zoe

    love the hair. i like it better when the headband’s holding it back. victoria looks very chic as usual. i dont like her or anything but she always has class. cruz is adorable in his robin costume but why cant he dress as batman instead. why robin…??

  • Kent Nelson

    This woman isn’t seen in public all that much, and when she is because she’s famous and will be photographed, you accuse her of trying to get publicity, #3.

    Maybe he just likes Robin more, #13. Who cares?

  • boogie

    Ha! Kent Nelson is here!

    I guess one would call Victoria a “fashion puss”. She dresses up for just about every event. Maybe this son is taking after her,.,,,,,costumes like mommie wears each day,

  • nasty katie

    then fart in the mouth

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I love this family. So adorable.

  • lilkunta

    As useless as VB is there 2 2 things I do appreciate about her:
    1) She has a big nose but hasnt had a nose job
    2) She has a big forehead but hasnt had hair surgery 2 lessen it.

    Y is Tyra made fun of for her forehead but VB isnt?

  • loyal

    Love this woman and her beautiful family. The boy is adorable, my son did the same thing. Loved his superhero outfits. Nasty katie, we all shudder for your soul. May you reap what you sow.

  • eme

    Love Vicky :) tres chic and classic in black as you can get! Cruz is so adorable! I don’t want this “dress-up” phase to end… hahaha sooo cute!


    love them!!!

  • thea

    is it just me or is she dressed like Holly Golightly? (Audrey Hepburn-Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

    She looks good!

  • somebody

    She looks sooooo good! And Cruz…very, very cute! I agree with a commentator here who said that Cruz is having a face of dressing up right now. And he is three, that’s normal. And is very cute! For all these years…I’m still amazed at how Posh can carry her children in high heels with ease :O. Really..she is a ‘super’ mom! ;D

  • somebody

    Oh yeah..I’ve just realized..while Cruz here dress as Robin, Victoria did her best to dress as Batman in the all black ensemble!! Hahaha..I’ve never thought about that when I first saw the pics! ;D

  • IdratherwatchChristianBalethan

    She looks like she might snap holding the kid :O(((((( !!!!!!!!

  • Sammi

    She wears the headband to cover up the bald patches – and that is true….

  • Disturbed

    Oh look, another Hollywood mom that can’t tell her child “no”, as in, “no, you cannot wear a costume to the store in the middle of November, it’s no longer Halloween”.
    Well adjusted adult.
    What is “something that Cruz will not be when he grows up” Alex….

  • bella

    I know David is at practice and working a lot, but they are rarley pictured as a family.

  • kobe bryant

    i really hate that short hair
    i cant complain much else about her, she is looking ok other than her hair

  • imaginaque

    #9 and 10
    Kiki, it’s PHASE, not faze or face.


    victoria looks beautiful and super hot i love her

    Cruz…very, very cute

  • cathy

    the men who got their caps played english football for MORE THAN 2 MINUTES AND 10 MINS – beckham is a fucking dick – all he wants is glory – pity he dosent put everyting into la galaxy THE TEAM THAT IS PAYING HIM MILLIONS – no – all he wants is the glory of getting the most caps for england for doing fuckall. WHAT A PRICK THIS MAN AND THIS WOMAN ARE – MONEY, MONEY, MONEY ALL THEY THINK ABOUT HATE THEM BOTH

  • cathy


  • cruz fan

    this kid only wants to help his mommy get noticed, what a cute way to do it

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    Probably its the first time Cruz has her mother holding him in years!. Posh is soo fake that she buckles under pressure evrytime he reads about herself in the press, and the next day she fixes what the critics have said. Since when has she been affectionate to her kids, the whole time she was more concerned about giving the best angle on her louboutins and hermes bag for the papparazzi shots while she drags a kid or two on her shopping sprees since they co-exist in her daily routines. Noe she she wants to start giving the imoression of ‘mother of the year”, she better eat a double whopper before she hold that kid or oen of these dayz she might pull a baby-dropping-Britney Spears!

  • greedy, selfish twit!

    She’s NASTY and the kid is UGLY! (resembles her!)
    She whores out her children for pap. gain!
    Any mother who would subject her children to the circus madness that surrounds these two pathetic, shameless, $$$-grubbing selfish fame-seekers IS NOT putting her childrens’ welfare first… there are LOADS of more famous “celebs” than these 2-twits who SHIELD/PROTECT their children from the paps. (CZ. Jones/M. Douglas, J. Roberts, P. McCartney, J. Travolta/K. Preston to name just a few)… the Beckhams’ are the #1 most useless, overexposed, selfish, greedy pseudo-celebs around today!… I have NO RESPECT for parents’ who put their own greedy selfish needs a\head of their vulnerable children!… DB/VB are a vile couple/parents’!

  • Demha

    Stop talking about her and the kid leave them alone