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Ashlee Simpson Gives Birth?

Ashlee Simpson Gives Birth?

Pete Wentz just updated his official site to say:

“Due to breaking news and scheduling conflicts, I will not be appearing on Larry King Live tonight, though I am a big fan of the show and look forward to appearing on it in the future. I also look forward to the chance to continue supporting civil rights and speaking out against the passing of Proposition 8 and others like it (I’m looking at you Arizona and Florida) whenever and wherever i can.”

Pete, 29, and Ashlee Simpson, 24, were married this past May. Ashlee is probably in labor or has already given birth…

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  • hannah

    awwww its gonna be a cute baby!

  • cheninator

    cant wait to see photos of their baby.

    plus well done to pete for speaking out about prop 8 :-D.

  • cami

    i bet their baby is going to be so cute. Ashlee is gorgeous.

  • April

    aww, cuteness.

  • Christie

    How funny I was thinking about them today and was wondering when the baby would come

  • Lisa

    It’s about time! Wasn’t she due last month?

  • Sarah May

    I am really curious on how their offspring is going to look like. I liked her with and without the nose job.

  • gaston


  • whatever

    I’m sorry, but exactly why was this guy going to be on Larry King? Does he have some great financial advise to help us out of the recession? Is he starting a fund to help home owners losing their houses? My guess, he was going to pitch his new line of Tard Liner.

  • mudkips


  • stepho

    …and who cares?

  • Bryana

    @ whatever; he was going to be on Larry King to support NO on Prop 8. He was going to be on to stand up for gay rights. So STFU and GTFO of the internets kaithnxbai!

    Not every Larry King is about the economy.

  • 2o0my

    Woohoo!! It’s about time!! =)

  • 2o0my

    Woohoo!! It’s about time!! =)

  • Emilee

    my mom was just talking about this today! She was like when is Ashlee going to have her baby!?!?!!?

  • me

    I was painting my living room today and suddenly I thought Ashley Simpson is having her baby today. I’m not even a fan of hers I have no idea why I suddenly thought this. How freaking weird I come here and see this story.

    I need to go paint some more and think about lottery numbers.

  • t

    well thats awesome he’s speaking out against bigotry via blog or otherwise

  • Susan

    If that’s the case, congrats!

  • Pauli

    I believe the breaking news he is referring to is the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. I tuned into Larry King Live tonight because I knew the show was supposed to be about Prop 8, but the breaking story took up a good chunk of the beginning of the show.

  • TigerMan

    Yes, I’ve always figured Pete Wentz was a faggot.
    He looks like a faggot, talks like a faggot, walks like a faggot…
    He must be a faggot.

    p.s. Fuck all of you turd-pushers. You are ABNORMAL!

  • bella

    Cannot stand either of these people. . .but Congrats to them both.

  • Georgia

    Have always thought he was a weird looking little guy, she can’t sing.. Heard her father sold pictures of the kid as soon as he found out she was going to have one.

  • qwerty

    YAY!!! Congrats mama Ash and papa Pete!!!

  • boogie

    Pete said- “due to breaking news and scheduling conflicts”..

    ha…if he calls it “breaking news”- (meaning Ashlee is in labor)….that is hilarious!

    They are just another wannabee “hollywood celebrity” that thinks they are important. NOT.

    “breaking news” LOL

    There are just too many hollywood celebrities that have inflated egos among other things.

  • jet’ aime a:)

    iloveher:) hope her baby its okay.. congrats!

  • lala

    NEWSFLASH TO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK THE BABY WILL BE CUTE: the baby will be ugly because pete and ashley are not a cute couple!

  • tiffany

    really ?? Ashlee is really beautiful…Pete will the best father .The baby will so cute !!!!!! Love < Ashlee

  • jk

    Someone give Joe Simpson his $ 1million check already so we can move on.

  • lele89

    I have been hearing on the news media that many celebrities who I shall not name have been saying that those who wanted prop 8 to be passed are homophobic, which is ridiculous. I have a gay best friend and my other best friend is really close to my gay best friend and accepts that he is gay and doesnt care that he he’s gay. yet she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. So it is not right to say that those who wanted prop 8 to be passed are homophobes because they are not. They just believe that marriage should be kept between a man and a woman. PLUS, everyone has their own opinions and people should not condemn them for what they believe. I dont see anyone condemning those who are against prop 8! If you dont have anything good to say to other that dont say a damn thing and shut the hell up! :)

  • barf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That kid will be part elephant nose and part jack ass teeth. They should schedule the plastic surgery appt now

  • barf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok that kid is part donkey and part orangatan so they should schedule the plastic surgery appt now

  • dialectic

    of course people who are against gay marriage are homophobes! dude thats like saying “i like black people but they shouldnt have the same rights as white people” it doesnt make any sense and its discrimnation.
    marriage has been around alot longer then christianity or whatever dogma you believe in that makes feel better about being a bigot but the fact is we should all be equal and have the same rights.who are YOU to deny someone else their right? marriage is supposed to be about love…whats wrong with that? i think the world would be alot better place if more people loved each other.

  • Blue

    maybe he meant the fires in Cali?

  • sari

    #30, I like how you think and #33, marriage between a man and woman has been around as long as history. Why can’t it stay that way.? I like what Elton John said this week that he is for Prop 8. and that it has been traditionally for hetero couples for so long that people will be reluctant to relinquish that stance. He said he is for a Domestic Partnership with all the same rights of marriage going to the same sex couple. I agree. I am not against gays or their formalizing the committment ,but let’s call it something new. Let’s have CHANGE! A CHANGE in what gays want to call their legal unions.

  • ana

    Baby or babies? Can’t wait to find out! Good luck for the couple.

  • Britney Simpson


  • OMgdummie

    #37- u sound like a stupid teen. Omg Omg

  • zashley4ever

    omg! i’ve been dieing for her to have the baby!
    i always said that they were going to end up in a tragic break up or married and i’m SO exicted for the baby!!!!

  • liar89

    Well of course he was going to support Prop 8. He sends my gaydar out the roof… I know what metrosexual is and I know what emo is, and he is neither… so the question is, whose baby is she carrying or if it belongs to both of them, through what means did she get pregnant, ’cause sex wasn’t it.


    YEAH, NUMBERS # 9 AND # 11….I don’t give a hoo-hoo…and to ” GASTON”….WHAT ????

  • jj

    LOL, EWW!

  • LOL

    The baby is going to have her pre-surgery features which is kinda sad

  • monique

    perfectness perfectness PERFECTNESS!!!!
    Go to for more info

  • LuckyL

    Okay, so now she has a loose vag. What else is new?

  • Someone

    Because Pete’s comments on Prop 8 are going to matter to a bunch of us with real lives. Right? However, welcome to Fatherhood!

  • yourmom

    Who give a rats azz what he has to say about Prop 8. And who cares about his baby. We have bigger issues people.

  • Leisa

    all you people that come on here to say how much u hate them and theyre ugly etc, why waste your time? if you really hate them, why even read about it?
    u seriously need to get a life.

    im happy for them, having a baby is the most wonderful thing you could ever do!