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Katie Holmes: Jada Pinkett Smith Inspires Me!

Katie Holmes: Jada Pinkett Smith Inspires Me!

Katie Holmes yaps away on her phone as she leaves her home in New York City and heads to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre for another performance of All My Sons on Friday.

The 29-year-old actress recently told People, “Jada [Pinkett Smith] is so strong. She is a rare woman – a phenomenal friend, mother, wife. She inspires me. She’s just a powerhouse!”

Katie‘s husband, Tom Cruise, also had kinda words for Jada, saying, “She is an extraordinary woman and an amazing mother. She’s constantly wanting to improve herself and her family.”

10+ pictures of Katie Holmes heading to the theater…

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katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 01
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 02
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 03
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 04
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 05
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 06
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 07
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 08
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 09
katie holmes jada pinkett smith inspires me 10

Credit: Dara Kushner, Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • doc

    man, she’s dull.

    not a cute or sexy. looks so old and boring.


  • kelly

    katie’s new nickname:


  • Ally

    I like the boots…

  • eh?

    i’m glad she finally gave up the whole fashion thing, she wasn’t very good at it.

  • ade

    She looks old and tired

  • tim gunn

    the boots are not flattering. draws the eyes to her cankles. also, she has a crazy look on her face – not becoming. please jj, must we see her pics every day?

  • Zoe Moon

    She looks good. Love the boots!!

  • mimi

    She looks good. I just wish she would grow her hair out. She would look sooo much better with longer hair.

  • Kent Nelson

    She looks ridiculous in pix #4 and 5.
    Bad teeth, forgot to put on her veneers again?
    But give Homely credit for not pimping her daughter out for 7 days straight.

  • Io

    what happened to her?

  • katie’s in cuckoo land

    #6 – “also, she has a crazy look on her face – not becoming”

    Yeah – what a creepy looking smile! :o She’s probably listening to a engaged tone or speaking clock. Let’s face it – even the more grounded and mentally robust amongst us would start to feel a bit unhinged after spending a tenth of the time she has in the mad, mad world of TOM CRUISE!

  • Spengogolism

    ha ha ha hahahahahahaaha!

    Jada is looking more like a man every time I see her. It’s what all the scientolofags want from their beards.

  • h

    awwwww she is a darling

  • troy

    love her

  • http://carrot carrot

    i actually am afraid to look at this pic of her grinning. somebody cast her in some horror flick soon.

  • anonymous

    for the trolls and Hollywood perverts/Obama loonies/gay rallies…..the fires in Hollywood is a reminder how hot hell will be

  • ………

    classy lady
    sweet and pretty

  • iron chef

    like the boot and love her

  • for real

    has jada inspired you to buy suri a coat?

  • for real

    has jada inspired you to buy suri a coat?

  • hmmm

    She looks high/drunk and her ass is very flat

  • brandon


  • kit

    adorable as usual

  • observer


  • ruby

    She is so beautiful and happy.

    The haters are unhappy and have no lives.

  • TIVO

    I really like
    her outfit.

    Thanks JJ

  • noelle

    does she ever get exhausted being tom cruises wife !! you can never have a normal life she looks v haggard for such a young woman. Suri is a dote though

  • freedom

    Its really great that they are surrounded by great family.
    What a gorgeous family in and out.

  • wah

    If only I can see her play

  • donna

    God bless her…class act woman

  • happy?

    She’s smiling but her eyes quite sad or upset. A smile is easy to fake, but the eyes betray the true emotions, so she’s probably just putting on a happy front for the paps. Either that or she’s smashed.

  • John

    Beautiful and hot!!!
    Tom is one lucky man.

  • Aine

    It would be nice if she could say something that sounded genuine and not so rehearsed and generic. I would probably describe someone like that if I didn’t know them but not if they were a true friend. For example saying what the qualities are that makes her a stong woman. It just seems weird but oh well.

  • #16 Anonymous-you’re SICK!!

    for the trolls and Hollywood perverts/Obama loonies/gay rallies…..the fires in Hollywood is a reminder how hot hell will be

    Who writes stuff like this?!?!?! You must be completely sick in the head!! I have never seen so many lunatics who are fans of one person. YOU need to think about how hot hell will be cause that’s where you’re going. You are the troll and the hater, not to mention a bigot. See a psychiatrist. You need help.

    Katie Holmes has some of the craziest fans on the planet.

  • swing

    Someone worth emulating. She is beautiful,a talented actress and a true fashion icon but what lures me to her is her personna and she’s a hands on mom.

  • Rex Mason

    Quit nit-picking and whining, #33.

    If it wasn’t one thing, it’d be something else she did wrong.


    I can’t decide if Holmes looks drunk or high! All I know is she looks out of it. She also looks like a homeless person and someone who doesn’t own a comb. My God….brush your hair woman!!

    Katie used to be so attractive. She looked alive and happy, but in the past three years, she’s aged terribly. In almost every picture she looks either out of it or miserable. I think she’s a very unhappy person. I would feel sorry for her, but it was her choice to live the life she is living now.

    Someone said her eyes show how she really feels. In that case, her eyes are screaming HELP ME!


    Who the hell talkes like that in the real world!?!?!?!?! Leave it to Kneepads magazine and the crazy old Tomkat to sound so over the top and weird! And then people wonder why everyone hates Tomkat. They’re so friggin weird!

    Katie looks totally CRAPTASTIC by the way. She looks like she’s totally wasted out of her mind. Maybe they drug her to to help her get thru the day. LOL

  • anti-scientolobot

    #35…the wording of that sounded really wooden and fake. You must be Kent/Yorick/Rex here to do your damage limitation work for the Cruise-Scientology P.R. machine.

  • required

    she looks more inspired by amy wino.

  • jennifer

    HOLY SHIT. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? Katie looks worse than bad. I think Tom Cruise has killed her soul. RUN KATIE RUN!

  • adrian

    she looks soooooo scary these days ,Two days ago I saw Pictures of her coming out after Yoga class, and she was Miserable,Tired

  • juice it baby

    Could Tom and Katie get their heads any further up Jada and Will’s A$$ES. They sound like they are reading from a script. This is just more bullsh*t from people mag.

    She looks dead and too lazy to fall over. Seriously. That chick needs medical attention! Either that or she’s smashed. Betcha she self medicates with booze and drugs to put up with that moron Cruise. Hope it was worth the black AMEX Katie.

  • tessla

    You all don’t give Katie credit for being a strong woman, so what if she takes a nip now and then I’m sure all of you would if you were married to Tom Cruise, but its Katie who calls the shots and it may take everything out of her to do it but SHE DOES IT. She’s alot stronger and stands up to TC more so than Nicole Kidman ever has, but then TC hasn’t caught Katie cheating on him and using it against her. Katie too smart for that she knows what she has to do for herself and Suri and if it meant selling herself out so what? She sure couldn’t count on her daughter’s biological father a sleazy womanizer. At least she’s richer than any of you all who think you are therapists and probably poor as hell.

  • carrotts

    cutiepatootie like Suri

  • defap

    jada is your true friend, Katie. having one true friend is better than having dozens of party friends.

  • Magan

    They spew the same crap out all the time. It’s getting pathetic. As for Ruby’s comment, just becuase some of us don’t agree, it doesn’t mean that we’re unhappy and have no lives. It means we don’t believe in their shame of a marriage. You can see just how much Katie has aged since she marriaged Tom Cruise.

  • Rex Mason

    No, #43. They actually said those nice things.

    EVER considered that you’re wrong and they’re not a con, #47?

  • 1st

    natural beauty


    Katie seems to wear make-up when she is NOT performing, and her hair looks better also…..( fashion still stinks )……They put make-up on her anyway, and she wears a wig, so why bother fooling with all that, for such a short distance to the Theatre…..I wouldn’t, if I was in the public eye……..Her teeth look terrible in some pictures and then look completely straight and white in others….
    I did not think you could ” pop in ” veneers like that…I thought they were permanent..