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Brad Pitt: New Benjamin Button Posters!

Brad Pitt: New Benjamin Button Posters!

Check out these new promo posters featuring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett for their new reverse-aging love tale, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Thanks, JoBlo!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button opens on Christmas Day and was directed by David Fincher (Zodiac, Seven and Fight Club).

In an early review, Variety says, “Button is imagery wizard David Fincher‘s big-canvas play for mass acceptance, and he’s fashioned an effects-laden but character-driven epic that recalls the sweetly doomed, emotional glamour of Hollywood’s golden era.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Benjamin Button???

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new benjamin button poster 01
new benjamin button poster 02
new benjamin button poster 03

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    Can’t wait for this film!!!

  • guli

    Thanks Jared!

  • sos

    He is so old and strange here, even ugly.

  • Sunset

    Saw him once in London on the Bakerloo line in London, Queen’s Park station a couple of years back. Would have said Hi but he was going the other way.

  • Maritza

    Wow Brad looks really old in that picture.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread. Just Jared Sr. I am looking forward to seeing Benjamin Button.

  • teressa

    Won’t be seeing this one. He can’t act. He’s lost his looks and is a big cheater. Boo hoo, another movie will bite the dust.

  • julianne

    We saw the opening trailer last nite at Changeling and it looks like a great love story.

    Thanks – Brad does like to take on the meatier roles lately (no pun intended).

    Changeling was absolutely brilliant – go see it if you haven’t had the chance.

  • teressa


  • bdj
    And the award of the WEAK goes to Whiny


    Jennifer Aniston whined to Vogue that it was “a little inappropriate” and “really uncool” for Angelina Jolie to discuss “stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day” while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Aniston’s then-husband (and now Jolie’s) Brad Pitt. Get over it, already.

  • chrissy

    I am so stoked, the story was written by F Scott Fitzgerald the guy who wrote The Great Gatsby

  • sharon

    I am sooooooooooo excited for Benjamin Button. I can’t wait.

  • julianne

    I look at that face and see a Robert Redford-esque look. Both men are just getting better with age. You have to be a certain age to appreciate it though. I am, and I do.

    Faces change as life changes…most people embrace these changes, if they have a strong sense of self. Otherwise, it’s all just fluff.

    He’s way more than fluff. Way more.

  • Jill

    teressa @ 11/16/2008 at 1:09 pm

    Go watch Fugly’s mutt movie. That’s about all your teeny little brain is capable of absorbing.

  • bdj

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    Pitt, Blanchett bring star power to Fincher epic

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Release date: Dec. 25

    A shimmering melancholic romance about the most unusual of criss-crossing lovers — a man (Brad Pitt) who ages from infirmity to infancy, and a woman (Cate Blanchett) who grows old like we all — “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is imagery wizard David Fincher’s big-canvas play for mass acceptance, and he’s fashioned an effects-laden but character-driven epic that recalls the sweetly doomed, emotional glamour of Hollywood’s golden era.

    Aging is a theme that resonates with an Academy often criticized for its predilection toward the sentimentality of the subject (“On Golden Pond,” “Driving Miss Daisy”). But Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth elegantly fused F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story with a decades-spanning love story, another favorite genre with voters (the Roth-written “Forrest Gump,” “Reds”). It helps give “Button” a chance at a category-sweeping juggernaut, with Fincher on track to score his first Academy nomination.

    At five nods with one win, Blanchett is fast becoming a yearly Oscar night fixture, and her Daisy is another full-bodied portrayal of sensuality and intelligence that wouldn’t be out of place among leading actress turns of the ’30s or ’40s. One-time supporting actor nominee Pitt (for “Twelve Monkeys”), meanwhile, has an unusual role that fortunately plays to his strengths: love of character parts and brooding ambivalence about his beauty. It could mean his first lead actor nom. Strong supporting work from the lively Taraji P. Henson as Benjamin’s adoptive mother Queenie, and last year’s supporting actress winner Tilda Swinton as Ben’s aristocratic first love could yield other noms.

    A Fincher movie is usually a cause for technical celebration, and “Button” covers all the bases, from the sepia-to-spectrum richness of the visuals (Claudio Miranda) to the century tour of clothing styles (prior nominee Jacqueline West), and from the stunning New Orleans-based production design to the performance-capture-meets-makeup aging effects that put Pitt’s wrinkled face on a shuffling, diminutive body.

  • teressa

    He’s a has been.

  • bdj

    teressa @ 11/16/2008 at 1:16 p
    ZacChace is on Just Jared Jr.

  • eli

    yes will go see it

  • awwww

    The movie is amazing. I am looking forward to it.

  • teressa

    I watched Kung Fu Panda and absorbed that one just fine, Jill dear.

  • andamentothat

    Greetings fans.. Happy Sunday everyone..

    Thanks Jared for a new thread..

    This looks to be a good movie.. like one of those all time classic types. I want to see the part in the movie that was shot in the USVI.. I think he looked particularly cool in those pics..

  • joy

    Looks stupid… Don’t care for it! Maybe his next movie will have a better vibe.

  • Alexanderina

    gosh he is such a beautiful man and HELL YEAH Jared I am so damn excite to see this movie :) I can’t wait

    Thanks Jared for the new thread

  • andamentothat

    teressa @ 11/16/2008 at 1:07 pm Won’t be seeing this one. He can’t act. He’s lost his looks and is a big cheater. Boo hoo, another movie will bite the dust.

    To each her own.. If you dont like it, fine.. We the fans like the story and will be going to support Brad. And if KFP worked for you, great.. buy a few DVDs for your friends this holiday season.

  • catherine

    This movie is a masterpiece.

  • teressa

    His pic looks like a mug shot. He is so ugly.

  • Jackie

    YES!!! very should hopeully get an Oscar nod this
    time for Lead actor. (he got supporting for 12 Minkeys)

    fanistons be nice. It’s a Fincher masterpiece.

  • Alexanderina

    blah blah blah to the trolls and their stupidity

  • hanah

    I am so exited too. I see the writing is backwards this movie looks really interesting.

  • Alexanderina

    bdj, thanks for the articles and links and I agree with the writer, X needs to get over it already. I love how people are calling her pathetic arse out

  • Lila

    Heck yes..we are seeing CCOBB.

    anything Brad & Fincher do is genius & ahead of it’s time.

    Posters looks great..sexiest 45 yr old man on Earth

  • loveAj

    Brad looks gorgeous. Cate’s poster looks weird. Good review from Variety. Hope Brad will get Oscar nom.

  • teressa

    Tom Cruise would have done soooooo much better in this part. Yeah, Tom Cruise.

  • The real deal

    teressa @ 11/16/2008 at 1:07 pm

    Won’t be seeing this one. He can’t act. He’s lost his looks and is a big cheater. Boo hoo, another movie will bite the dust.

    B! tch please, if and that is a big if the man did cheat, so what? you dont have a halo over your head. Stop the judgemental crap and learn to think for your self. His marriage was over, his ex wife didnt waste time opening her legs to the next man that came along, so why do you care if she is stating that she’s over it. He wasnt married to your silly trifling a$$. so unless you have never committed a sin, you and noone else has the right to pass judgement, because honey, I’m sure you dont want get called out on your Sh!t.

    Now, go scamper off and play dress up with your 12 cats.

  • TSE

    I am so excited, can’t wait.

  • hanah

    teressa troll, this is a poster for the movie. This is not the actual brad and Kate face looks in normal shots. It is unbeliveble you can’t even able to get this.

  • bdj

    Synopsis of Benjamin Button
    Holiday Movies
    A Curious Life, From Old Age to Cradle

  • huh

    teressa @ 11/16/2008 at 1:28 pm
    ROTFLMAO. little tiny gay dwarf tom’s career is done. Nobody wants see his movie.

  • LLM/butterfruit

    Thanks JJ.

    This is a classic movie, can’t wait for the opening.

  • teressa

    Tom Cruise rules. Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha………….

  • just me

    Brad in person has the kindest face..and you can see in his eyes esp. when he twinkles and he was sort of shy when I asked him if I could shake his hand(he happily extended the gesture). No wonder our dear Angie fell for him…and vice versa coz Angie in person is so beautiful…tall, elegant and has the whitest skin. So for the haters, I think you should think twice about saying that he lost his looks coz he’s just looking better and finer.

  • solid

    Brad Pitt can’t act??? BWAHAHAHA!! Teens are so funny.

  • emerton

    UK fans @ 11/16/2008 at 12:13 pm I was just watching ITV london news and they said they’ll have Angelina jolie on the 6 o’clock show tommorrow.They said she’ll be coming in to promote her movie Changeling.Anyone else saw that.GMTV will have an interview as well.BBC did an interview with her in NYC so I dont know if its true that she’ll be in London but they said she’s coming in.


    BBC Radio 5 live also said 2nite that simon mayo will have an interview with angelina on 2morrow (monday 17th november). the show is on between 1 and 4 pm in the u.k. their website said the interview was going to be on friday 14th nov though, so either they just put back the playing of the pre-recorded interview, the producers put the wrong date on the website or angelina for some reason could not make the friday interview. If GMTV claim angelina is coming into the studio, she must be in london and may go also do the BBC breakfast show tomorrow, although angelina has already done an interview with the BBC so may skip them and just do GMTV and 5live.

  • CK

    This is a beautiful love story, a beautiful movie. Can’t wait for Christmas Day.

  • Alexanderina

    Why are some of the fans responding to the resident idiot teressa. The nutjob is looking for attention

  • a total fan

    Of course I will watch, I can wait !! And for all those who say he is old. He is in his 40′s and to the teens and some 20 years olds. I guess that would seem “old” but I think he is maturing just fine and he is getting better looking with age.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Can’t wait for this movie. Looks like a classic.

    Thanks Jared.

    There is a stupid troll on the board, proudly displaying their ignorance. Can we please ignore said idiot who needs to go to the WHINEY thread and whine.

  • teressa

    Brad a good actor? Brad is good looking? Bwahahahahahaha. You guys are sooooooooooooo funny. His career is sooooooo over. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  • damn

    Dec.25 seems so far away. I can’t wait.

  • The real deal

    You’re absolutely right, the troll should be ignored, couldnt help myself.