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Katie Holmes' Bell-Bottoms Blow in the Wind

Katie Holmes' Bell-Bottoms Blow in the Wind

Katie Holmes works out a pair of bell-bottom jeans as she leaves her New York City apartment for her Broadway performance of All My Sons on Saturday and Sunday.

Interesting enough, the 29-year-old actress sees her husband Tom Cruise‘s ex-wife Nicole Kidman on the back of the Playbill for her musical everyday! Nic is on the Chanel ad which is splashed across the guide.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes‘ bell-bottoms blowing in the wind…

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katie holmes bell bottoms blow 01
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 02
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 03
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 04
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 05
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 06
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 07
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 08
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 09
katie holmes bell bottoms blow 10

Credit: New York Life/Doug Meszler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • dani

    Awful pants on her, but she certainly looks better than in the last thread where she looked like death warmed over.

  • debra77

    Katie has not looked well since beginning her show in NYC> She looks as if she has lost at least 10 lbs.

  • boogie

    don’t like the bell bottoms. Too much material flapping around. However, it does make large thighs look slimmer.

  • s

    ah stop with the katie holmes! i personally do not careeee

  • sari

    Nice look for Katie! And as for seeing Nic daily…ex-spouses can be a blessing to a marriage. Nicole Kidman seems like a reasonable person to me and could even be grilfriend’s with Katie if they were both amenable. My husband has an ex and we all have a great time when we meet. A divorce doesn’t automatically make once-removed parties heir to any free floating ill will!! And why would one want to take it on?
    Peace out!


  • Suzi

    Tom sucked her youth right out of her. Feel sorry for her.

  • defap

    beautiful katie.

  • mia1

    Is she going to fly away like Laura Flynn Boyle in Las Vegas?

  • sparklinggrey

    Is it just me who’s getting extremly tired of Katie? What makes her so special that we have to see what she’s wearing every single day making the trip either out of her apartment or into the theatre?

  • farah

    classy and chic

  • awww

    to some tired of Katie then why bother posting or even looking at her photos. You love her. Admit it.

  • lurker

    I love her and she is a beauty! Thanks Jared!

  • Rex Mason

    Of course you’re not the only one, #9. There are others that have been complaining longer than you have.

    What makes her so special is that her threads are always hits.

  • amway

    Katie looks like Jackie Kennedy……

  • carla

    Thanks Jared for all the Katie threads. Im a fan of hers but pls pls pls give her peace and privacy. Advance plea to leave Suri
    alone too.

  • marisa

    very classy : )

  • regina

    ITA Marisa she is classy. I love her hair.

  • cupcakes

    stay warm & sweet,Katie

  • brett

    She has a perfect bod and needs to show it now and then. Think of your male fans too Katie not just the female ones with your modesty and conservatism.

  • 3>

    The hate of usual suspects show misery and envy. The comments dont lie.

    Thanks a lot Jared.

  • funny

    Kidman has wonderful words on Suri,Katie on Oprah and Glamour magazine and how nice she watches Katie everynight on this play.LOL!

  • anonymous
  • ice

    Scientologists, stop with the Katie Robot / Jackie Kennedy / Audrey Hepburn. Holmes will never be anywhere close to their class

  • LAB

    Kudos to her for staying nice,humble and being an au natural hotty.

  • kiterunner


  • applause


    Katie is her own classy person. Living her life and not descending herself lowly nor paying attention to the rags and always mean haters like yourself says a lot.

    Most of all she carries herself with grace,works hard and rises to the occasion proving the haters always wrong. Many in Hollywood fall apart due to pressure,media and attacks such as drugs,suicide,wild party nights, abusing fans and reporters even paparazzis but not Katie Holmes. To that I say BRAVO!

  • Megan fox rocks

    katie is so cute love her

  • thanks jj


  • jingo

    Not only she is lovely
    but heart her that she’s
    not generic Hollywood

    she’s a hands on mom with Suri too.

  • Zoe Moon

    Please keep the Katie Holmes threads coming, Jared. I love her and I get my Katie fix by coming on this site everyday! I love to see what she is wearing for the day. I do not understand why people who do not like her click on her thread.

    Thanks, Jared!!

  • yuck

    she looks like she’s been dressed by a blind person. her taste in clothes are atrocious.

  • lulu

    The envious lowlives are blasting Holmes as usual
    *roll eyes*


    I’m concerned…

    The first look is a disaster!

    The untucked tailored navy blue work blouse certainly does not match funky five inch heeled suede dress sandals, ergo the grandma navy cardigan. The shoes are just wrong. These are dressy evening shoes designed for anything other than the denim sails Holmes has flapping in the wind.

    Do I need to mention that the jeans match not one single piece of the ensemble?

    If you can’t match a simple shirt with a pair of blue jeans, I’m not sure a fashion rescue is possible.

    The 2nd attempt:

    The heeled boots are an obvious new purchase, but should not be worn with a black leather jacket. As such a light feminine white scarf should not be worn with a black leather jacket. The pieces don’t match or complement and I still see no evidence of purchasing a brush or a hairdryer. No words!

    3rd attempt:

    Finally. A fashion miracle. Holmes has managed to pair a white menswear shirt with jeans and flat boots. An outfit that should match, but still misses the mark, classic brown riding boots, traditional brown paisley scarf, and a modern black fabric tech bag?

    I GIVE UP!

    How difficult is it to thrown a shirt that matches blue jeans, one of a thousand pairs of footwear, one of hundreds of handbags and match?

  • Frankie

    Tim Gunn you are so right! The girl needs a stylist bad. What is she doing with all that money TC gives her? I guess just keeping her mouth shut like Nicole Kidman before her and the next one who comes after her cause y’all know this ain’t Tom’s last marraige.

  • jake

    WTF is up with her teeth. They look all gray and nasty like rat teeth. She needs crest white strips and a good dentist. Biotch is nothin to look at.

  • lulu is sick in the head

    The envious lowlives are blasting Holmes as usual
    *roll eyes*
    Don’t u ever get sick of coming her and saying the same thing over and over?

    The Katie fans are the lowlives and trolls who talk sh*t everytime they come here. They have no real lives themselves so they live thru a broad who became a beard in a sham marriage for money and a shot at a career. Holmes has no talent. Bearding for Cruise was the only way she could try to get a career. Too bad it isn’t working.

  • Go # 36

    Hey # 36 lulu is sick in the head. That’s not nice! IT’S TRUE, but it’s not nice! LMAO.

    I guess Cruise took little Suri back to LA to be audited by Scientology. He probably has that poor little tot strapped to an e-meter as we speak! Poor kid has no shot at growing up normal with two losers for parents.

  • bianca

    Excited to see her and Tom on the
    Valkyrie premiere…..

  • Jenna

    Ugh. I can’t stand Katie Holmes anymore! I used to be a fan of hers when she was Joey on Dawsons but once she married that little maniac I gave up on her. Since then she has aged 20 years, looks dead in the eyes, dress like crap and looks miserable all the time. The only thing good to come out of ther “marriage” which I don’t think is real, is little Suri. Katie married Tom for his money and the contacts he could give her. I even know someone who works for his lawyer who saw the contract! That’s low and no better than being a cheap hooker! Yea. I said it.

    Katie should get away from Tom Cruise, go back to Ohio and raise her daughter in a safe environment. Tom is a total freak and his career is so over. Maybe then I will forgive Katie for hiring herself out to TC.

  • old nutter hubbard

    Tim Gunn’s witheringly disdainful critiques of Katie’s addled concept of style are a most enjoyable read!

  • Sacha

    #26. So true. Katie Holmes seems to be a unique person in Hollywood. Beautiful inside and out. Hurrah for Katie.

  • old nutter hubbard

    #39- That’s low and no better than being a cheap hooker! Yea. I said it.

    But what’s worse still is bringing a poor, innocent child into the world out of such a selfish, materially motivated (i.e. loveless) arrangement.

  • Matt

    Jesus, Katie sure looks like she got smacked around with an ugly stick. Damn, woman, grow your hair long again and if youre lucky your looks may return….

  • ali

    i dont think that katie sees nicole daily just jared may be ones ,coz nicole spend one day only in nyc to sign a film with Charlize theron and met her Sister and childhood friend, returned to Nashville for cma Plus ther is a photos in her web site after cma with keith doing the Routine things Sports and Starbucks Coffee ,Today she will go to austalia for the movie premiere ,

    i dont like her pants or her boots but she looks better than in the last thread

  • happy?

    I wonder if she’s started to wish she could have her old life back yet. The one she had before she signed her soul (and that of her first born) over to Tom cult-crazy Cruise for the $$$$$$$ to buy pricey (but abysmally worn) designer fashions and an obviously undeserved level of fame.


    Picture number # 5, looks like she is walking on stilts…..At least she is smiling in one of the pictures….Tom must be coming !!…
    She does NOT look like Jackie Kennedy, in fashion, her walk, her make-up, or interaction with other people….Katie is just Katie….I agree with the person who said, ” that New York has sucked the life out of her “….I have said that numerous times myself….I don’t care WHAT anyone says, but she was completely different in L.A…….All you have to do is archive older pictures this time last year…
    Tim Gunn stated ” how hard is it to throw together an outfit “?….I guess for Katie it has become extremely difficult…….Maybe Jada Smith, who she thinks is an ” amazing, sweet, awesome mother, very smart, and powerhouse “, of woman can help her….Someone needs to…






  • katty

    She said Jada is phenomenal, but she didn’t say why, or did she? To say someone is phenomenal is to say they’re far above the rest.

  • stocks

    very pretty

  • ivermom

    Move over Reese,Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts because the real America’s Sweetheart is Katie Holmes. Keep it coming Jared.