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Liveblogging the TRL Finale!!!!!

Liveblogging the TRL Finale!!!!!

Hello, my party people!!!!! I’m here liveblogging from inside the MTV Times Square Studios in New York City.

Hope you’re tuning in and watching the madness!

Remember to keep refreshing for more updates as they come in!

7:55 PM – We’re just minutes away and the energy in the studio is crazy!!! I ran into Taylor Swift outside the elevator banks. Of course, she was super sweet. The audience is practicing their applause. Woo woo!!!! Clap clap!!!

7:56 PM – Beyonce‘s dad just filed in…. Hi Mr. Knowles!!!

7:59 PM – Beyonce just took the stage, the crowd goes wild. Looks like she’s opening the show!!! Looks like Beyonce is praying with her eyes closed…

8:00 PM – Beyonce looks so purty… Her voice is amazing live. The smoke machines and fans add to the special effects too. ;) Papa Knowles is doing a bit of headbanging. Cute.

8:05 PM – Singles Ladies!!!!! One of her dancers doesn’t seem up to par….

8:07 PM – Damian Fahey and Carson Daly are walking into the studio. Carson: “Break a leg, everyone!”

8:08 PM – “Crazy in love”!!!!!!! Omg amazing

8:10 PM – Damian and Carson are talking on a little podium… 10 feet away from me.

8:13 PM – Diddy just walked through wearing a motorcycle jacket.

8:22 PM – Miley‘s clip was pre-taped, btw…

8:28 PM – Diddy takes center stage…. Says hello to the crowd outside Times Square.

8:33 PM – Ben Stiller clip coming right up!

8:41 PM – Lyndsey Rodrigues is taking digicam photos with the camera crew… taking in this finale moment…

8:45 PM – This entire Christina Aguilera clip was pre-taped. A little TV magic for ya. Carson is of course wearing the same outfit today as in the pre-recorded clip.

8:54 PM – Fall Out Boy is performing on the ginormous stage out in Times Square. The studio is just watching the performance on the seven TV screens inside the studio.

8:59 PM – Vanessa Minnillo confirms that Pete Wentz is with wife Ashlee Simpson–she is due any minute!!!

9:02 PM – Damian and Susie Castillo are joining the TRL audience in the bleachers to see how the next clip will look on camera.

9:07 PM – Two of the N’sync boys take the stage — Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez. They’ve come a really long way since their frosted tips!

9:17 PM – Kid Rock just lit a cigar and walked in with a cup of beer. It’s smokin’ in here!!!

9:22 PM – News correspondents John Norris, Suchin Pak and Sway just walked in! Oh, the memories…

9:25 PM – Snoop Dogg is laughing it up in the hallway. Diddy and Nelly giving each other man hugs backstage. Ludacris standing nearby.

9:39 PM – Susie Castillo bopping to Nelly‘s “Hot in Herre” and taking digicam pics.

9:40 PM – Vanessa Minnillo clapping and singing along to Snoop Dogg‘s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”.

9:42 PM – Nelly and Snoop Dogg hugging and laughing at Heidi Montag‘s rendition of “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

9:44 PM – Vanessa Minnillo and Lala holding hands and walking out of the studo.

9:46 PM – HILARY DUFF IS LOOKING GORG IN BLACK! Nice sheer black skirt…

9:53 PM – Hilary hugs one of the audience members, which gets a big “Awww” from the rest of the audience.

9:56 PM – Carson is interviewing Christina again but his lips aren’t moving here in the studio… Yay live TV!

9:57 PM – Justin Timberlake walks back into the studio for his next segment, everyone is screaming his name.

10:00 PM – I wonder if he knows he has cockroaches in his restaurant, Southern Hospitality. (I overheard a conversation on the subway one time about that. Eep!)

10:01 PM – Justin walks super super close to the tv screen, watching and taking in the clip of Halle Berry hugging him. One of the finer moments in his life!

10:05 PM – My back hurts after standing in the same place for over two hours. Just 1/2 hour more of the TRL FINALE!!!!! Sniff, sniff.

10:11 PM – BSB clip is taped, boo-hoo. But that’s not stopping the audience from clapping and singing along!

10:22 PM – Everyone’s in the studio anticipating 50 Cent‘s performance. Stage manager: “Everyone move out of the way!!! Fifty‘s coming through here!!!”

10:26 PM – Quddus texting on his phone, sipping on some beer.

10:28 PM – Beyonce‘s band going crazy, rocking out to 50.

10:30 PM – The kids from the streets just crowded up the entire studio.

10:32 PM – 50 cent and Lloyd Banks give Lala a big hug.

10:38 PM – Production says we’re 20 minutes behind schedule. It was supposed to be over at 10:30 but it’s already 10:34!

10:42 PM – Esmee Denters looks cute–her first time on the last TRL show ever!

10:48 PM – Taylor Swift just walked in… Everyone screaming… “Taylor!!! I love you!!!!”

10:53 PM – Lots of waiters walking in with trays of champagne glasses… Handing them out to audience members. No alcohol here, though… Just sparkling cider. Just about every celeb from the finale is taking the stage for the final finale moment!!!!!!!!!!!

10:55 PM – Kid Rock puffing away at his cigar…. The final final final moments of TRL…. Sob sob

10:57 PM – BYE BYE TRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • tara



    btw jared, will Alessandra Ambrosio (YOUR FAVORITE VS ANGEL) be there?
    i would loooove to see her.
    love you

  • Kelly!

    its not working!

  • Josh

    Is Beyonce going to even attempt to pretend she is singing? She is just walking around throwing her head around and every once in a while decides to put her mic up to her mouth.

  • taylor


  • layla


  • Faiz

    TRL is ending??

    When did that happen :S

  • La.

    I hope X-Tina’s make up don’t get on somebody’s outfit tonight.

  • Kelly!

    jonas brothers arent there

  • Hannah



    MILEY =)

  • indoisajdoi

    millleey! awww why isn’t jonas gonna be there =(

  • Kelly!

    miley was pretaped so shes not even there now!?

    and idk i dont think jonas is gonna be there, i hope they are!

    and i want more taylorswift!!!!

  • Hannah

    i like vanessa…not so much the girl with the accent though..

    oh and WTF!!! no pete wentz =(

    ashlee is prolly giving birth

  • haha

    I love how so much on total request LIVE is pre-taped.

  • Kelly!

    I Know seriously. Almost eveything is “pretaped” isn’t it supposed to be “live?” especially for the finale?

  • April

    Tell Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy that I fucking love him….and that he needs to grow the mutton chops back, I almost didn’t recognize him without them. At least get a picture of him <3 plzzz

  • amber

    whoa jared. you can tell you are pretty hyper over these celebrities. haha.
    calm down.

  • ada

    Where’s Mariah? I cannot wait to see her!

  • Angie

    when is this suppose to air? Dose Anybody know?

  • Kelly!

    its on right now

  • holaaaa

    hey jared wave to the camera!! :D

  • Anna

    in response to the comments about pre-taped segments, with so many celebs having crazy schedules it would be impossible to get them all in new york on one night so by taping some interviews early they are able to get more big names all into one show


    So is where is Miley now? Why was it even pre- taped I thought she was gonna be there live. Also are there anymore clips of her?

  • Kelly!

    i dont know where miley is, but i wish i was there right now.

  • daniela :)

    Just Jared = TRL STALKER
    hhaahah jk :)

  • .

    mileys clip wasnt just in the photo booth was it??? im watching now :)

  • Glo

    I LOVE the liveblogging! Lots of laughs – v witty :)

  • Alexandra

    are the jonas brothers gonna b there???

  • Kelly!

    no jonas:(((((

  • Stef

    where are my bsb?!? lol love me some backstreet makes me feel all 14 again

  • Kris

    This is kind of sad..

    I mean for the people that always came home after school and watched TRL every day ..

    I’ll miss seeing the top 10 countdowns
    the crazy awkward moments
    the vj’s and the hosts
    the funny moments
    the unexpected ones.

    i mean if you think about it TRL started the careers of britney/christina/nsynch/ backstreet boys ..

    and now it’s over.
    it’s kind of sad considering TRL really is the ONLY actually music show that they play on MTV..

    MTV is becoming just a stupid reality show channel.. TRL was the only aspect that had music in it staying true to what MTV actually stands for .. && now it’s canceled.

    sorry for my cheesy moment ahah .. It’s just weird to not see it anymore after watching the show for like sooo sooo many years.

  • JJ


  • james


  • danielle

    OMG r the jonas brothers coming b/c if they rnt i just wasted sooo much of my life and time when i couldve been doing something else.

  • Britney

    what do you mean boo hoo??
    BITCH BSB ARE THE BEST!! DONT YOU DARE BOO HOO then! ill boo hoo your ass!

  • betto

    heyy !! im from mexicoo soo , is this live broadcasting anywhere ?? pleasee answerr im beeggginnn !

  • lauren

    I understand why they did pre-taping it’s easier since they need breaks besides 5 minutes between commercials.
    Great memories, dear god can’t believe it’s ending.

  • name

    I don’t understand why the Jonas Brothers should be there. Them, Miley, Taylor and all the new younger artists had nothing to do with TRL’s beginning. NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and X-Tina actually have been old enough to remember the last ten years of TRL.

  • Frida

    Too bad the Backstreets weren’t there but it makes sense since they’re touring right now.

  • jay

    eh bsb made trl not the other way around…if it wasn’t for all the pop bands in the late 90′s trl would not be where it was today…just sayin give respect where its due…bsb nsync britney those artists made trl and everyone just came along for the ride

  • Frida

    THANK YOU JAY, finally someone gets it. TRL did not start the career of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else, BSB were HUGE even before TRL.

  • Kelly!

    the jonas brothers are from ny nj area, they belong to be on here. They were on here this summer for a week cohosting. They are important to this.

  • jessica

    i don’t know why everyone is beggin for jonas brothers to be on the finale…what impact have they made on trl…when trl started they were probably 9 yrs old and dont even remember a thing

  • stephanie

    wow kelly so cuz jonas brother hosted this past summer they should be on trl…no offense but the old school teen pop groups deserve priority over jonas brothers…sorry they are the newbies….jonas bros just barely got famous this past year….nsync bsb they were there for many years

  • JAN

    Keep em’ coming!

  • dayyyyna

    uhm for those who think jonas brothers should not be on here… they have appeared on trl twice,… so yes they do deserve a right to be on TRL.

  • Avery

    Hilary looked amazing tonight. Post pictures of her Jared.

  • c

    the jonas bros. have no business being on the finale. i don’t even get why they put taylor swift and miley cyrus on, or hilary duff for that matter. it’s supposed to be about people who shaped trl and had a significant impact. the disney crew didn’t have a significant impact over the course of the last 10 years.

  • melisa

    soooo glad the jonas brothers werent there. it would have even been nice if miley cyrus wasnt on there but beggars cant be choosers i suppose.

    trl=old school….like britney, nsync, bsb, christina…you get the point.

    and big deal, the jonas brothers were on trl twice. that def. does NOT mean they should be at the finale.