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'The Hills' Season 5 Is A Go

'The Hills' Season 5 Is A Go

Audrina Patridge has confirmed that season five of The Hills has been greenlit by MTV.

She tells People, “There is going to be a fifth season. We just found out. At one point, all of us were like, ‘No, we don’t want to do another season.’ I wanted to do more movies, and Whitney [Port] moved to New York and she’s doing her own spin-off. And Lauren Conrad]‘s dating [My Boys actor] Kyle [Howard] but he can’t be on the show because he’s on another show, so that makes it hard.”

WILL YOU BE TUNING into the fifth season of The Hills???

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  • nicole

    people still watch this trash?

  • Hello jello

    i will be tuning in!!! i watch this show every week…its interesting so i’m glad there is a fifth season!

  • yikes.

    i think that audrina is soooo trashy with her big fake boobs and nasty tan. why do people even watch that show?

    get a life.

  • hills_hater

    DUDE this show is a joke!! i cant believe people actually watch it!! go and exercise or something rather than sitting and watching this shitty ass show!!! its because of people like you who make these people famous, which they dont even deserve…

  • sweet

    i like the hills and i would watch a 5th season.. but i know it is trashy lol

  • naty

    Dear Audrina just because you are in a “reality” show and you act to be real doesn’t mean you can act. So enjoy the hills because after that my, friend you all will disappear.

  • alyssa

    will i be tuning in??? not even if they paid me. and when there is a credit crisis and people are refusing to watch the show for money then you know just how bad it is. this just ruined my day.

  • jet’ aime a:)

    baah.! its over

  • Ashley

    Hell no I won’t watch :)

  • Lucy

    they don’t deserve any of the money they’re making

  • Kay

    lamest show ever.

  • WhosDat

    i wish audrina would go. and who wants to see her in a bikini when the Victoria’s Secret ladies are prepping for a merry christmas. check it out–victoria–8217-s-secret-bikini-shoot

  • Amy the lovely

    i luv that show but sometimes it’s kind of lame i hope the fith season will
    be better

  • andy

    i am deff. watching it i love that show and how is it trashy there all upper class

  • eww.

    andy-how can you ask how it’s trashy? they are NOT upper class. they may have money, but that does NOT equal class at all.

    they are all nasty, slutty, fake people who cannot act and do not deserve the money they make. they need to get real jobs.

  • bby

    i love the hills .

  • bby

    i love the hills .

  • OMG

    I tried to watch the hills once and I thought it was a joke.

  • jasmine

    this show is so overrated it’s so trashy and so scripted now I don’t believe any of this shit now blah over this show already…

  • erin



    WHAT THE….?

    Okay this show is so fake its funny. The first two seasons and some of third season were okay, but after this last season I gave up. It’s all the same crap.

    Seriously I’d rather watch American Idol than this, actually no I’d still watch The Hills, but you get the point.

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  • imaginaque

    Will I be tuning in to see a FIFTH season of The Hills? All I needed was half an episode to know with absolute certainty that I would NEVER be tuning in again! It’s the dumbest show on TV, and that’s saying a lot.

  • MissOlive

    Noooooooooo forget it, MTV get a life!!

  • kidding

    i love audrina’s big fake tits
    i h8 the show tho, the only time i watch this shit is when the guy on the soup makes fun of one them

  • kidding

    real tits r better girls!!
    look at scarlett =D

  • michelle

    of courseeeeee!!!!
    i love THE HILLS!!!

  • Talia


  • Jose

    that show is for losers, so lame.

  • Bebe

    I will watch, I do hope it is better than this season. Audrina is need to STFU, Lauren has never talked about her relationship with Kyle to the media neither as he. She just wants attention little whore.

  • Kami

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    yeah, people watch it.. young, dumb, wannabe’s. bunch`of easily influenced tween crackers.

  • .

    #12 thats adriana lima a victoria’s secret model not audrina patridge u idiot

  • eeek

    At first this show was amusing. Now not so. It’s jumped shark for sure.

  • uhhh

    I will only watch if LC takes out those nasty extensions and retires them for good.

  • katie

    Heck Yeah!
    I Love The Hills!
    People are having a cow because the show is “not real”
    well no freakin duh!
    but it addicting and entertaing!

  • gaby

    Yeah I’ll watch it!!! I love Lauren! Don’t like fake heidi+audrina ewww

  • fake hills

    Just wodering if Lauren is still a FIDM student??hehe we started out at the same time, I graduated, did an internship, and I am working like every other person who leaves in a Real World. In the fake “Hills” for 4 yrs. she is still a student, selling her own clothing line, buying a new house, I am sure many people can relate to her….this is a Reality Show what can I say?

  • c

    the show is boring now, it s so put on.. it s not even close to their real lives their all dating on the side. i was so excited for season 4, but the last few episodes have been shit! the hills is far past the limit for a season 5

  • DaleMurph

    That’s Great news.


    I CAN’T wait :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the hills;) <3

  • Eddy

    Here is the 5th season (Same as the 4th, same as the 3rd, etc…)

    Heidi: I wonder what Spencer is doing? Should I call Spencer? I really love Spencer even though he’s a d-bag!

    Lauren: Did you see Heidi last night at blah blah blah? Should I shave or bleach my mustache?

    Spencer: Don’t speak with Lauren or I’ll kill you b*tch!

    Audrina: I love Justin — I hate Justin. I love Justin — I hate Justin.

    Same trash every episode — Nothing changes.

    Hopefully people will stop watching so it goes away — I know I will.


  • ew

    no one wants to date these girls and be on the show unless you’re spencer. therefore, it’s a snoozefest. not real at all. boring.


    this show is lame…. show is scripted. im with you Jasmine OVERATED indeed!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Love ‘the hills’, it’s very entertaining. It’s one of my guilty pleasures and I look forward to seeing it for the 5th season. Can’t wait to see ‘Sorority Row’ and ‘Into the blue 2′ when it hits theatres. Audrina ‘s career is on a roll! Love Audrina or hate her, she’s going to be in the business for a long time.

  • uhhh

    I think LC should go on Dr. 90210 and have her beef curtains lasered off by Dr. Will Kirby.

  • kj13

    heck yessss =]
    pointless! but i love lc =]


    I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU, ABOVE…..UGH !!!!…WHY are they coming back?….And Audrina wanted to do some movies ?..WHY ???..she is awful !!!!………………….
    AGREE ” NICOLE “….” KAY “…… AND…” JASMINE “….Could NOT have said it better !!!

  • jackie

    i use to love this show but now its just really boring. audrina and her little boyfriend our annoying. the show if fake. rally fake.

  • monica

    i love the hills! jumping for joy that there’s a 5th season!
    granted, it may be a bit scripted but i still love the drama
    whitney is my favourite! i can’t wait for the city!

  • catherine

    hell yeah i’ll be watching it