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Hanson: Mmm-Bop Barefoot!

Hanson: Mmm-Bop Barefoot!

90′s boy-band Hanson (Isaac, Taylor & Zac) end their barefoot walk as they bring attention to the poverty and AIDS crises in Africa during their ‘Take the Walk’ tour in San Diego, Calif. on Sunday.

Check out their dirty feet!

Isaac is now 28, Taylor, 25 and Zac, 23! How time flies!

WHO WAS YOUR FAVORITE Hanson brother & Hanson song?

10+ pictures inside of Hanson getting Mmm-bop barefoot…

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hanson barefoot 01
hanson barefoot 02
hanson barefoot 03
hanson barefoot 04
hanson barefoot 05
hanson barefoot 06
hanson barefoot 07
hanson barefoot 08
hanson barefoot 09
hanson barefoot 10

Photos: WENN/Joe Leonard
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  • xoxox

    i love taylorr!!!

  • stella

    aww man time does fly! I remember when these sexy boys were in their teens and I was obsessed with them.. mmmm bop!!!! I still am obsessed with them actually, I would TOTALLY hook up with Taylor!!!

    Too bad they all got married when they were like 18 :(

  • alania

    …. The original Christian-faith brother musical trio! The Jonas brothers have got nothing on these guys! These were the originals

  • Kel

    Taylor was always my favorite and of course MMMBop was the coolest when I was 11 (now 22). Man, Zac is the hottest of the three now. ;P

  • f.

    Their albums since the MmmBop era have all been better. Their music is actually much better than just being for teeny boppers. It’s way more mature than most of the crap out there now. And they can actually play their own instruments unlike most of these so called “artists” today.

  • Jen

    love them! taylor has always been my favorite though.
    thanks for posting about them!

  • L

    wow they are so big now!

  • Obama supporter

    wow, they are still young

  • hanson:)

    the Jbros WISH they were as cool as hanson. SOS will NEVER be MMMbop :)

  • shari

    Alot of people have probably forgot about this band but they have been making some amazing music the past 11 years. And now they are doing these walks that are inspiring not only their generation but people of all ages. Check their music out on and information about the walks on You won’t be disappointed.

  • jeny

    Hanson the best!! i love Zac!

  • bepbop11

    jonas bros suck!!! they’re like hanson… 10 years later

  • WhosDat

    that song was so irritating,, but these boys are kinda cute now..

    and they do things for good causes,

  • steph

    taylor!!! *sings* where’s the love its not enough…it makes the world go round and round!!!

  • Tara

    Aww, I’m so glad you are covering this. They are 3 of the most wonderful people on the planet. Everyone should go listen to their new stuff…I have no doubt that theyd be pleasantly surprised!

  • melissa

    I loovvveddd Taylor! But Hanson as a whole are truly awesome. Incredible musicians and I can’t pick a fave because all of their newer stuff is absolutely phenomenal!

  • cghsjd

    Hanson – great men, great music, great cause.
    Love them.

  • Rach

    Me and my sister used to be obsessed with these guys! I still love them. I always liked Zac the most. I’m glad to be able to still see this handsome threesome :)

  • boopers

    They are so perfect! I <3 them! They are so freaking talented. Happy Birthday Ike.

  • Julia

    IT’S GREAT TO HAVE NEWS FROM HANSON!! Hanson news should be posted more often..
    All their old songs are really good, but the new ones are great! They have kinda change the music style to something they call “indie”.. I liked it a lot.. Their last album is called “The Walk” and has great songs.. And the one before that, “Underneath” was awesome too…

  • Sarah

    where are the Hollywood pictures?!?! :( I went to the Hollywood “walk”…….so much fun!!!! :D

  • Jessica

    I always like Taylor, like everyone else…LOL and Zac too. (Sorry to Issac.) My favorite song was I’ll be There. Such a pretty song.

  • Lizzie

    I saw them in concert recently and they were absolutely amazing!

  • megyn

    jared – i have to say – i totally LOVE when you cover Hanson. Their walks are HUGE and in almost every city they stop in – I’ve been to…more than I can count now and each time it’s an incredible experience. thanks for posting this!

  • http://- rita

    my fave is TAYLOR!!
    all of their songs are amazing! specialy ” this time around “

  • cecily

    Hate them.

  • francesca

    they’re soooo talented…
    my fave is taylor and my fave song…well their whole latest album is awesome!!!!

  • Nikki

    it’s so good to see something different on justjared, especially something surrounding such an incredible cause. they’ve done so many walks and i feel honored that i got to take part in one. it’s been such an amazing ride with this band and they truly have the most dedicated fans in the world… a decade together, and here’s to another…

    keep rockin’

  • ac

    More Hanson coverage, please! I was a recent convert after tagging along with a friend. Their shows are amazing, so talented! Real songwriters and need a lot more credit. Plus, uhhh hotttt!

  • Alli

    i love Zac,he just never can look bad and he is just crazy fun. Always has been lol.

    It feels like yesterday they were 16 14 and 12.

    they are so freakin cute and i love how they do these walks.

  • Elaine

    I’ve loved these kids since MMMBop (I’m 51 now!). Met them in 97 at Charlotte airport and they were very gracious and nice–gave me autographs! Taylor said “you must have kids”, and I said “I do, but I’m your superfan! he laughed! …super talented and will be around for a loooooooong time. LONG LIVE HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS They are ALL adorable, but for goodness sakes, STOP HAVING SO MANY KIDS!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH! JUST KIDDIN’!

  • LuĂ­sa

    Oh, time does fly!
    I was so obssesed with them a couple of years ago…I’m not tha obssesed anymore, but I still love their job. I’ve heard they all have children now…how awesome is that? :) The Hanson’s family grows fast….haha

    I think I was more into Zac, but Taylor…oh, man, it’s so hard to choose just one. They are all tanlented! I love Ike’s voice too…so I’ll pick the 3some :D haha

    And the song…hum, it’s hard too. But I think ‘Strong Enough to Break’, ‘Every word I say’ or ‘Dream girl’…haha I love ‘Blue Sky’ from their last album too!

    Wow…about 2 years ago I had my bedroom walls filled with photos of them! How crazy is that? :) I haven’t heard of them for a while now…
    Have they launched their documentary? The ‘Strong enough to Break’ one?

  • Ju

    I think Taylor an Ike are the best ones!! It’s not that i have sthg against Zac but i think he’s a little big-headed.. and i don’t know, kinda immature..
    anyways, i love their music!!

  • Ju

    ohh and i think it’s so cute that they’re so young and they care so much about having a familiy and raising kids! :) they’re so different from other “celebrities”..
    it’s easy to get obsessed with them! that’s why i try not to get news about them so often haha..
    but anyway! i want MORE NEWS ABOUT HANSON IN JUST JARED!!!!! :) :)

  • Natalie

    I LOVE Taylor…but really all of them are adorable and sweet.

    I honestly don’t think a favorite song is possible…There are just too many. I usually have favorite songs of the moment…right now I think it would be between “Been There Before” and “Fire On The Mountain.”

    The walks have been AMAZING. <3

  • francesca

    yes more hanson coverage please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ericka

    they were in san diego!? I didn’t know that!! It didn’t even make the local news!

    how sad :( that would have been funt o go down wherever they were and meet them

  • Ericka

    where were they!? …were they downtown 0o0o they must have been marching down by Horton Plaza…in one of the photos it looked like a mall and that’s the only one down there. AWWWWWW there’s a news station right down there! they should have gotten to talk to them!

  • Pats

    My favorite brothers was Zac.. and my favorite song is… a minute without you… But all songs are great!!

  • Lily

    Finally, a recent post about Hanson! I’ve missed getting sightings of these guys. I don’t have a favourite Hanson brother, but my favourite Hanson song would have to be either ‘MMMBop’ or ‘Thinking of You’ or ‘Lost Without Each Other’.

    From their latest album, it’ll have to be ‘Something Going Round’ or ‘Tearing It Down’. These guys are great :D

  • nads

    i’ve been in love with taylor hanson for 11 years now.
    but isaac has a very special place in my heart.

  • Taylor

    love these boys <3
    i took the walk 10/19!

  • j

    I love them soo much!
    Zac is my favorite… =]