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Miranda Kerr Gets Fashion Show Foxy

Miranda Kerr Gets Fashion Show Foxy

Miranda Kerr struts her stuff on the runaway during the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida on Saturday.

Check out Miranda getting her hair and make-up done at the fashion show!

And in case you missed it, check out Miranda and the rest of the VS angels showing off their curves on the beach!

30+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr getting fashion show foxy…

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miranda kerr fashion show foxy 01
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 02
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 03
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 04
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 05
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 06
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 07
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 08
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 09
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 10
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 11
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 12
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 13
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 14
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 15
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 16
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 17
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 18
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 19
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 20
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 21
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 22
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 23
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 24
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 25
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 26
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 27
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 28
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 29
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 30
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 31
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 32
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 33
miranda kerr fashion show foxy 34

Photos: Mitchell Zachs/WENN, Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images
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  • b

    first??? :-)

  • eli

    she is super cute!!!

    but VS is losing it with their designs.

  • emilie

    miranda kerr is fucking gorgeous…and hot
    wish i could look like her!

  • wierd

    She is so odd looking :S from far far away she looks cute, but not close-up , poor Orlando who hafto se her face close-up lol

  • alessandra

    put alessandra picturess!!! NOW,,, why it’s just miranda miranda mirandaa,, we need ALE!!

  • Mikaela

    omg so gorgoeous, i want her shoes in 05 so amazing

  • mickey

    I think the designs are an afterthought. They just need an excuse to parade half naked women down a runway.

    in other news, she is a cute girl but she is way too skinny in my opinion. That pelvis bone sticking out just gives me chills.

  • Rose

    Miranda is beyond beautiful.

  • wow

    She’s gorgeous!
    And yeah, she is a bit thinner than normal, but she still looks healthy, not emaciated.
    She is my favorite of the newer girls.

  • edenfairy

    Miranda is beyond a doubt the most beautiful angel there is and finally one with a real personality,,she is definitely the next Heidi Klum!


    Heidi Klum will always be my favorite….I love the past ” classic beauty ” girls…..They only get better with age.


    omg this chick has massive egg head

    needs a lot of make up to cover up that mug

    Mirandas PR team are definitely paying a lot of money to Just Jared to get her face on this site every week

    Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gisele Budchen, Heidi Klum were all great VS models…MIRANDA IS JUST A PART OF THE SECOND GENERATION LOW QUALITY TACKY MODELS…IF U CAN CALL THEM THAT

  • riz

    yeah i’m getting kind of tired of this miranda kerr only bs.

    there are like 15 other models that were in the VS show. why arent you posting about THEM?

  • WOW…..

    Miranda is so stunningly beautiful…..that beautiful skin, the killer body,
    gorgeous hair, the amazing blue blue eyes… wonder Orlando Bloom
    loves her…..she is just perfect!!!!

  • michelle

    orlando gets to tap that anytime he wants to…

  • omg….

    Orlando Bloom must think he has gone to heaven everynight…..she
    is so beautiful and hot……lucky guy!!!!

  • Leo

    zzzzzzzzz. where r the real models

  • LuckyL

    Jared loves this useless bit**

  • ryan

    she gives me a boner. haha.

  • zoe

    she looks good. and yeah, it looks like they toned it down a bit this year. i still miss gisele and tyra though. my fav has to be alessandra and adriana though.

  • Lydia

    so pretty x.x

  • Parkan

    Looks great, but it’s a great pity about the face.

  • me

    May be her face is not like a doll face but she is special, I like her she has not done anything bad to nobody she is always smiling! I like her and I can’t help it!! I understand why Orlando likes her!! She is fresh, natural looking and looks really friendly and close. I never ever liked heidy klum I am sorry I did like cindy crawford, tyra banks, shristy turlinton, amber valetta… plus ones but never heidy … May be the first look of Miranda is not such an explosive woman as the later ones but she is really classy has a gorgeous body and transmits something despite being a model which is jut “to walk with some (or none) clothes on” Good choice Orlando!

  • Anastacia

    I love miranda!!
    I think she’s cute and beautiful and super hot!!!

    and everyone who thinks her face is “ugly” should look in the mirror, cause you’re (for sure!!) so much uglier!! XP

  • bebe

    this girl is just too gorgeous, some ppl do seem to have it all, and she always looks so cheeful.

  • mia

    Did you see that very very good looking men on 21 and 23. Miranda is all for money and fame, big pretender and to much famous- because of her relationship with Bloom. There are many VS models more beautiful than her, but she is the famous one. Paps are following Bloom and she is with him all the time.

  • sammie

    This girl is fucking HOT! Beautiful smile. Sexy body !!! Lucky Orlando

  • belinda

    So stunning! What a beautiful girl :-)

  • Dante

    let’s see if the no-gisele factor will hurt the show as bad as last year’s

  • JACK

    Miranda is incredible. WHOA, what a body and what a face

  • barbra

    my boobs hurt just by looking at how much these heavily patted bras squeaze poor miranda’s.

    why not rock the small breasts with dignity? flat girls are hot!

    shame on you, victorias secret!

  • Simon

    Miranda doesn’t need Orlando Bloom on her arm nor does she pay Just Jared. Get a life # 12. Are you sick of making a fool of yourself yet? It amazes me that you are always on this site ready to bag Miranda out as soon as anything appears about her. Obviously you don’t have a life and are truly pathetic. My guess is that you are also # 13, 17 & 18 just pretending as usual to be another Miranda hater. You asked the other day if anyone knew who you could possibly be. The truth baby is that no-one even cares who YOU are, it truly is that simple.

  • tara




  • Simon

    let me guess, you are also # 26 pretending again to be another “Miranda hater”. sad, sad, sad human being

  • Simon

    is that you again at # 33?

  • sharif

    Whatever it may be but sure orlando bloom is a lucky

  • fameho

    How embarrassing that this girl is so desperate that she has to pay for publicity on little sites like Jared because she would get no attention whatsoever otherwise. She’s just a wannabe going nowhere while the REAL stars at VS, Adriana, Heidi, Alessandra and Doutzen have all the attention at the VS show and don’t need to pay for publicity.

  • @36

    Orlando was certainly getting lucky in Moscow with the blond and the brunette he was out clubbing and went home with.

  • Betina

    Sorry dude, she’s ugly! Alessandra Ambrosio is much more beautiful.

  • Anouck

    Why you only show her, JJ? She’s not as famouse as Heidi, Adrianna, Alessandra.

  • boogie

    very pretty lady.

    I have never seen her as an actress…so can’t comment.

    Perhaps she should be a model instead?

  • @41

    You are so damned stupid! Since when did VS start having actresses model their underwear? What even gave you an indication that she was an actress? You shippers are going out of your way trying to hype up a girl that is never going to happen!

    Miranda Kerr pr machine: EPIC FAIL!

  • @42

    Epic Fail is a great word for it. Did you see all those pictures of Orlando Bloom at nightclubs in Moscow? I dare say he has a way of speaking very loudly without saying a word.


    Miranda is a very pretty girl…. but she needs to eat a stake..

  • Cynthia

    Love Miranda’s tie up shoes-boots, they’re awesome! When is her and Orlando getting married?

  • johanna


  • johanna


  • @Cynthia

    According to Ted Casblanca never.
    From an article of his today.

    Dear Ted:
    Please just shoot straight. Why all the hints about our favorite showmance lately? We’re not feeling the heat either, but are seeing the icy cold stiff look Orlando has when called in to make his appearances. Just spill it already, please. Will this joke be over by Xmas?
    —BetTina, ChrisTina,and PaTina.

    Dear Homance:
    Too close to call. But yes, they’ll be over sometime

  • neecie

    OF COURSE she’s paying JJ!! Duh! SHE’S NOTHING!!! She had to get her friends to start those ridiculous wedding rumors so the press would show any interest in this chick AT ALL!! She’s a pain in the butt! She’s nothing compared to Alessandra & Heidi. Plus VS was smart enough to bring in Ana Beatriz Barros so MK got completely blown out of the water. No wonder her friends started all these stupid rumors & OB couldn’t even be bothered to show up. She looks like an idiot next to the really sexy girls. What a LOSER!! Ha, ha Cabbage Patch!! You BLOW!!! Those deep dimples RUIN her face & she’s a mess. She only got to where she is (which isnt’ anywhere) by DOING ORLANDO whic isnt’ much!! CRY MIRANDA CRY!!! YOU’RE PATHETIC!! YOU’RE TRASH!!! STUPID AUSSIE WANNABE SEXY MODEL YOU’RE A BIMBO!! eat dirt & die!!!

  • jack2