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Natalie Portman is Skating Silly

Natalie Portman is Skating Silly

Natalie Portman shows off her skating skills as she her films a scene for the movie Love and Other Impossible Pursuits at Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York City on Monday.

The 27-year-old movie actress recently sold her three bedroom apartment in the West Village and now is back living with her parents in Long Island! Natalie recently said, “I’m homeless at the moment so I am residing with my parents. It was cool in the beginning because I get good meals and my laundry done!”

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natalie portman ice skating 01
natalie portman ice skating 02
natalie portman ice skating 03
natalie portman ice skating 04
natalie portman ice skating 05
natalie portman ice skating 06
natalie portman ice skating 07
natalie portman ice skating 08

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Janie

    She’s adorable! I love her! :) Pretty, talented, and close with her parents. Good role model! This film looks awesome!

  • kiki

    Even when she looks scruffy she is still the most beautiful actress out there today. Love her.

  • rachel 1

    she is truly the most beautiful, the most talented, the most tasteful, with the most integrity, have so much respect and admiration for her, she is captivating in every way, gorgeous, sexy, smart.

  • baabyy

    saw her this weekend filming, she looked really pretty:)

  • ember heart

    She is so cute, I would be falling down!

  • someone

    You are most the beautifulu Natalie,
    always to me. I love you <3.


    How wholesome and all American !!!…Moving back in with mom and dad…Last year in the U.S.A. today newspaper, they indicated that this young generation is called, ” the boom-a-rang ” generation, because of more and more familes have their children move back home…Alot of time with their OWN families, because of the cost of living…” car payments “, ,,, ” food “,,,” rent or mortgage “,,,,” day care and sitters “,,,, and ” finishing school “,,,, OR ” credit card debts “..
    Natalie obviously does NOT have financial woe’s I’m sure, but the beautiful actress is being well taken care of I’m sure….by her parent’s love and warmth !!!

  • vinnyblue

    always love her….

  • lydia
  • Irishdreams

    I love the fact she is athletic and I remeber her ice skating in Beautful girls when she was a pre teen. Even nicer to see her skate as an adult her co-star (little Boy) is lucky to play opposite to her.

  • adriana lima is sexy

    pretty cute
    i love her =]

  • real world

    Glad to see her having fun and hope she find love again.

  • real world

    Glad to see her having fun and hope she find love again.

  • FroFro

    I hear she has 12,13. I wont be surprised about who she is seen with next.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Natalie is a good skater. I watched Garden State a few weeks ago and she skates really well. Beautiful, talented and atheltic. A true gem! So, nice to see a thread of a celebrity doing something productive other then media wh*ring it up ya know? Keep on bringing threads on Natalie jj!


    Yeah Natalie!!
    I love her! Natalie rocks! Keep on bringing more on Natalie JJ!

  • WhosDat
  • team Padme

    Well #17 she was smart enough to ditch the toe chain that had her dragged down, many celebrties never unload the dead weight that kills their careers. I have loved Natalie since I saw her in the professional then SW she did wonderful to me in both..I will say some movies she does I like others I don’t but, she is still growing as an actress and she does get a ton of work, plus she is beyond Eco friendly she is vegetarian and she does do many charities work. She is one versitial woman. I see and hear about a ton of celeb that claim to do so much charity but most of it is one time only then you never hear of them do it again. Natalie is one woman that stays consistant with everything she does.

  • team Padme

    Those remarks 19 will get you banned sounds to me that you have major issues with people of different cultures..I have seen a ton of no talent celebrities that get work because Daddy is a director or writer or mommy has an in with people for Natalie she didn’t have that her family didn’t get her jobs she got it on sheer talent alone..

  • Long Island Girl!!

    Excuse me? Vanilla looking. Oh gee…Someone wishing they looked that good! LOL! Natalie is consistant with her project’s and did drop the ball and chanker sore chain Devandra that was weighing her down. Natalie is smart and beautiful. Look at her style and her hair is gorgeous. Some people sound a bit jealous and prejudice I may add. So what she is Jewish?! Shame on you! A lot of actors are!

  • Long Island Girl!!

    Thanks Team Padme! I could not have said it better myself! Raciest pig f*cker should get banned! :D

  • mia

    JARED — I love you and your website, but I just have to say something…

    This is nitpicky, buy say “on” Long Island, not “in” Long Island. It’s not an accent/vernacular type thing, like being from New England and saying “wicked” to describe things, but it is the correct way.

    And from Wikipedia…
    –It is local custom to say “on Long Island” rather than “in Long Island” when referring to locations in the region. This usage is consistently employed by local newspapers including The New York Times and Newsday.

    Granted, Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable of sources, but NY Times and Newsday are pretty legitimate.

  • How odd

    JustJared- Why do you let racist and anti Semite people post their hate speech here?

    NAtalie is beautiful and talented. She seems like a great role model and a class act.

    No one should try to destruct her blessings and accomplishments because of his own racist and anti- Semite demons.

  • nike

    She is mean according to people that went to school with her. She is not also that innocent as some perceived her to be. Look at Jennifer Aniston some claims she’s a good girl and so innocent when she is not.

  • team Padme


    All again is hearsay no proof of much just one person’s opinion if they liked her in school or not to many that claim to have met her say she was very sweet and wonderful. I’m sure there might have been times when she wasn’t at her best but who is happy 24/7 not many people I know. She is only human an bound to disappoint people at times doesn’t make her any unlikeable..


    Yes! Let not go nit pick on Long Island girl. She meant well and God Damn raciest’s. Natalie is cool and a bit shy. Does not make her mean. People just cannot handle someone that is highly articulate, talented, intelligent and beautiful. Scary concept for some to comphrehend! Gee…Go figure? :lol:

  • sharon

    That”s right who is in good mood eveyday Natalie is good natured and has a personality i think eveyone would love , plus she is a good role model and we all know in hollywood that”s hard to come by plus you hardly see her plastered all over the place if you do it”s for a worthy cause.

  • agatha

    i love her…

  • Snowhite

    I like her better with darker hair

  • someone

    I love you Natalie <3.

  • Make this go on forever

    I love You Nat!
    And those pics are adorable

  • jessica

    “as she her films a scene…”

  • Library Lady

    To many she is an actress to others a eco friendly enviormentist but she is just a regular person who has the same ups and downs as us all. I’m postive there are days were she wants to run and hide from the paparazzi who try to follow her. She doesn’t have to announce to them where she will be they know by the work she does where to find her. Unlike some celebrities who need the press attention to keep them in the media hype so they don’t fall off the radar. There are many of those type of celebrities too and JJ slams us with their do nothing pictures all the time. At least here Nat is working and she is busy not spending her time shopping, or just running from store to store with friends and family.

    I love her new doggie he is soo cute and glad he is a to of company for her.

  • someone

    I <3

  • Violet

    Natalie I love you. You’re so beautiful, I don’t know what to say. And I was surprised when I read this comments, RESPECT to you guys. I hope, Natalie will be with Hayden Christensen, maybe I’m stupid, but they are so gorgeous together… Rachel is in 100% made from poliethylene and she pays attention only on fame and money. Ok sorry for my English ;) Greetings from Poland ;)

  • rebecca

    this girl thinks she is so fucking cool… such a tool

  • Jenny

    Shut up rebecca, I agree with this girl from Poland in 100%. Rebecca you’re totally intolerant, shame on you.

  • someone

    Love is beautiful and you are the most beautiful
    Natalie, always to me <3.

  • someone

    I’m in love with Natalie <3.