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Rihanna - "Rehab" Music Video

Rihanna -

Finally! It has arrived.

Rihanna‘s “Rehab” music video was just released!

The video, which features Justin Timberlake, was shot last month in Vasquez Rocks Park, outside of Los Angeles. (Timberlake and Timbaland wrote the song and also contributed backing vocals in the bridge.)

This is the tenth Rihanna music vid that Anthony Mandler has directed. Per usual, it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Rihanna – “Rehab” Music Video
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  • adriana lima is sexy

    fuck u riri

  • bnhjfg

    wasnt this song written for britney spears?

  • Noway

    I love rihanna and i love justin, and i LOVE this song but this video makes no sense with the song, they could have come up with a better concept

  • Noway

    this video makes no sense. the song is good, and needed a better concept

  • Macy

    all i have to say is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …wonderful! ;everyone likes it.

    that skin – flawless.
    that face – gorgeous.
    those eyes – amazing.


  • amd

    i think rihanna and justin both look effing hot in this video. and i love the outfits. i only have one problem, i dont understand what they are trying to tell people through the video. i didnt even get the concept of the video. this would look great as advertisement or some sort.

  • kellixkx

    What??!!!!!! Justin is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jjj

    Justin is a HOTTIE! Rihanna looks like a MAN!

  • dcintern

    Rihanna is the original couture bitch! luvsit!

  • JT

    wowwow JT looks sooooo sexy. Their chemistry was amazing, wow i loved his clean shaved look, bring it back JT, bring it back ahaha :)

  • lala

    JUSTIN LOOKED SEXYYYYYYYY when the water was comin down on him dayuuuuuuuuuum hot

  • banana

    ok so the song was wicked boring.
    jt didnt even sing
    jt looked effing hot as hell as always
    rihanna is beautiful i have t say that..but she really cannot sing or dance or do much. and whats with her stance with the arms folded…she needs to know that looking pissed off isnt the same thing as looking sexy
    she does have a nice figure and great features pretty neck..she looks like she lost weight.
    but she looks so conceited and if all i did was stand there and smirk i really wouldnt be thattttt proud of myself.

  • banana

    how come people say she looks like a man…not all women have to have long hair because thats the only thingy manly about her…she has beautiful skin,eyes, and figure..some of you must be bimbos or something

    that aid she cannt act or sing or pose….and she looks like she has no personality

  • Taj

    Rihanna does look like a guy. She has great eyes but a man face. Don’t know why DJ floated that rumor about her and JT. No one in their right mind would believe it except the haters who think he’s gay.

  • Sharon D.

    Damn, homegirl can’t sing for shiiiiit! My damn ears are bleeding from listening to this mess.

    p.s. wearing hooker heels and not wearing pants doesn’t hide the fact that u can’t sing RiRi!!

  • black


    Your post was damn funny—–and you should know this.

  • http://ggg ss

    thisong is great but the video isnot but whatever ilove rere

  • anon

    Rihanna cannot sing!!!! Plus she has a big forehead!

  • hmmmm

    Justin and Rihanna would make a cute couple. Better than him and Jessica Biel

  • HH

    I really like this song!!!!

    And I’m a huge timberlake fan!!

    But i’m not into this video…
    I really dont know why….

    And Rihanna keeps getting worse in the whole think of showing her body…

  • rihannarox

    god ppl can b so jealous!
    rihanna sold millions of records so obv she can sing, she is an amazing and hard working artist. Can ppl stop hating!
    this song is ex n she looks fantastic! jt 2….love him!
    if u don’t hav neting nice 2say y bother??


    I have the utmost respect for Rihanna but why the hell doesnt she come up with anything new. I give her most of her credit for Disturbia. It was DIFFERENT. She should have done something where she was in a full body suit with blood red lipstick in one of those padded rooms singing the song and being all sexy instead of having to look like a whore to get videos like this. She can do SOOO much better but obviousley not huh! btw… Justin looks good in here…so does Rihanna but she looks like this in every video so not much recognition for her.

  • Gabrielle

    I am lad I am not the only one who thought the video was boring. Lovely bright pics, but too boring and no real storyline. Rihanna also needs to stop wearing so much make up. She looks like a mask.

  • Gabrielle


  • Ares

    ok the video didnt really go with the song,but i friggin luff the song!!! and you haters really need to get a life rather than going online and saying really pointless and stupid shit about something amazing such as this song. and i hate when people say ooo i hate her but luff her voice and music. uh you either hate her or luff her. there is no back and forth shit,you’re either a fan or a hater. and by the looks of it,there are alot fo haters.

  • trinidad finest

    i love this song but the video didn’t make any sence because it have a trailer park feel to it an she all naked and shit best they should have beyounce on this song so she could show how to sing a song bcuz that girl can’t fucking sing man

  • http://rihannasmusicvideorehab jamie laibl

    this is the most best video i have ever seen in my life i wish people would make more videos like rihannas music video rehab.