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Tyra Banks Pays For Sex Change Operation?

Tyra Banks Pays For Sex Change Operation?

According to Us Weekly, Tyra Banks will be paying for the $20,000 to $35,000 sex reassignment surgery for Isis King, the first transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

Here’s what 22-year-old Isis, who was born Darrell Walls, says on The Tyra Banks Show: “[I feel] like I’m about to wake up. It’s hard. I try not to think about it because it is something I’m really passionate about. I feel like I really was born in the wrong body, and it’s just the one thing that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

UPDATE: Tyra isn’t paying for the sex change, a rep for the Tyra Banks Show tells Dr. Marci Bowers, who will be performing the surgery is.

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  • Emily

    Go Tyra! That’s nice of her!

  • Tinaverse

    It’s a bad idea. If someone wants one they should save up their own money. Now other people are going to want her to pay for this. Plus she’s acting like this is a normal operation and I think sex changes are sick. What about that pregnant man/woman, he/she is gross.

  • jet’ aime a:)

    uhm EW

  • Kealyn

    I think it’s a very good thing of Tyra to do. People say that it’s gross or Ew, just like I read in this comment list.
    But what if you were born in the wrong body? Should you feel your whole life unhappy? Should you suffer so much, because people disagree? No, I think it’s good and I’m proud of Tyra and Isis.
    Everyone deserve’s happiness.

    You go girls!


    Why not ask the pregnant man about it… since he is a one too..

  • cals


  • Jill

    I can’t even imagine what it must be like to feel like you were born in the wrong body. It must be hell. I wish Isis luck.

  • what??

    What wrong body??

    So, you all are saying that God made a mistake?? I surely hope not.

  • mike

    guess what? not everyone believes the same way you do number 8!


    Smart doc – sounds like a PR plan McNamara/Troy would hatch on Nip Tuck.

  • Janeway

    I wish Isis a lot of luck and I am glad that she will get the surgery. Most of us are blessed by looking on the outside the way we feel on the inside. We should all have compassion for someone who is born feeling one way and looking another.

  • cheninator

    “ewww” wow that has to be a grown up response. why should this person go through their whole life hating what they are? surely if it makes them happy thats all that matters. surely if you went through your life feelings like you werent who you were meant to be, you would want to change and be who you want.

    @ #8, haha that made me laugh “god made a mistake”, not everyone believes all the stuff about god made us who we are. “god” cant get it correct all the time.

  • Val

    She would have been crazy to pay for it. That is bad publicity…sorry!
    Society is still not ready for all of this no matter how we pretend to be. Thank God she is not the one paying that would of cost her some viewers, etc. etc.

  • sana

    so much botox in her face

  • Corey to cool

    Well I was born a girl and now I live my life as a guy, you people think its easy to wake up ever day knowing that your outside is different from who you are, that people will never see you as the person you really are. I have friends who have killed themself because the world would never accept who they really are and they couldnt live with who the world wanting them to be. I get though, hate things you dont understand, hurt them, kill them just because you can’t possabily take yourself out of the small minded thoughts that you have and see that being trans it’s not about us trying to lie to the world but more about us trying to live with ourselves be honest in who we are. How foolish are the people who take this as a personal threat to them when in the end the only thing that any trans person is really trying to do is be able to look in the mirror and be happy with the person they see. It not gross, nasty or any of that you are for being closed minded. Who I am and how I live have nothing to do with any one but me and the only person who could ever judge me is my god and the last i read my god is love…

  • jj

    People who think they were “born into the wrong body” are simply self loathers who need THERAPY and/or MEDICATION. They need to learn to take ownership of their inner conflict and stop trying to blame it on other causes.

  • Rach

    I’m pissed off Isis was on ANTM. She makes an UGLY woman.

  • veronique

    jj #16 – People who think they were “born into the wrong body” are simply self loathers who need THERAPY and/or MEDICATION. They need to learn to take ownership of their inner conflict and stop trying to blame it on other causes.

    Excellent post!

  • billy

    I would like a species reassignment operation. I am a dung beetle trapped in a human body.

  • mclenston

    I know Isis, and I know what this surgery would mean to her. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and she deserves to be just that 100%.


    #13 – the publicity isn’t meant for you, but for people who want the surgery. Now the doc is seen a supporter of the cause and will get lots of business from those who have the money to pay.

  • Rach

    Well i’m sorry she’s not ugly ugly. But i just think there were more deserving women to be on ANTM than her.

  • akunamatata

    They are exploiting this person. He is mentally unstable, I saw him on the show. Giving this person surgery that is basically genital mutilation, sad. Why not offer to pay for therapy for the poor guy instead of making buck off of him?

    When you have a society that is obsessed with plastic surgery, this iss bound to happen. People are too obsessed with looks on the outside, like that is a person’s worth. Sad.

  • Linds

    #23…SHE isn’t mentally unstable, because this goes against your own personal beliefs and not that reality of the situation, you feel that you know in this case…fact is that you don’t. First off in order to be as far as SHE is in transition you have be seeing a pyschologist, so I would think giver HER therapy isn’t the answer. And the part of this that is sad, is the face that even on a harmless message bored there are only a few people with so much hate, because they don’t understand the situation. That is whats f***ing sad!

  • WhosDat

    I won’t believe it until it’s Tyra’s own sex change op. She has gotten manly these days..
    I am calling bullsh*t!—-tyra-banks—just-jared

  • kristan

    LMFAO #19.
    idk what i think about sex changing operations but i never liked isis much… she wasnt anything special…

  • yeah

    cannot stand tyra. she looks like a transgender herself!

  • sarah

    #8 is the truth.
    Transgender is sick!

  • Danny

    I love Isis! I really had hoped she’d make it far in the competition to win it.. I hope Isis will come back and win ANTM! woot!

  • Tracey

    I am sick and tired of people making judgments about something they have no real knowledge about. Your ignorance and bigotry shines so bright you will never see the truth.

  • Lovewhoyouare

    ISIS IS A MAN. PERIOD. HOW FOOLISH CAN PEOPLE BE TO BELIEVE THAT A MAN CAN BE BORN IN THE WRONG BODY?? The Devil dances to such foolishness in this world while his angels continue to succeed in fooling lost souls and weak minds. GOD FIRST OF ALL DOES NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES….WHO IS ANY MAN ON THIS EARTH TO SAY GOD WAS WRONG FOR PLACING ONE ON THIS PLANET AS A MAN OR A WOMAN?? NO…that is simply being selfish ungrateful and unsatisfied with the way God created you to be. I dont care how many surgeries that lil boy gets…or if he walks like a girl and dresses like one the fact will always remain to the truth of it all that GOD MADE HIM A MAN….AND ITS WRONG TO FOOL THOSE THAT ARE HETEROSEXUAL INTO BELIEVING OTHERWISE. Thats the devils work……and its truly sad SOME ppl support such filth. Im not a perfect human bein but I know GOD and thats why I dont judge but I will never tell Gods ppl that you can live any way you want to even if its against Gods will. PPL do not realize the The DEVIL is the greatest lieyer…deciever…hypocrite and manipulator of this world. Dont believe if you want, in the END all truth will surface…and for those that chose not to believe will be sorry and unfortunately it will then be too late.
    Dont be of this world be above it. Know God and he open your eyes to such a foolish world. The Truth will never be hidden as long as you know God.

  • jene’

    I I thought this episode was so weird. I felt like Tyra was advocating for the transsexual guy and she was downing the girl. I don’t think the girl really new how to adequately formulate a legitimate concern about transgender. I wish she would have had a psychiatrist there to help explain both perspectives rather than taking a side. I have to say Tyra lost me on this one. I no longer practice in the lesbian lifestyle and I think that some things are just too over board. Does Tyra have any since of morality and values? I just felt weird about Tyra after this show. I felt a bias or perhaps Tyra has questioned her sexuality. I hope she’s not doing this just for ratings and she realizes there is a higher power to answer to and that is not worldly.

  • NY


    I AGREE WITH YOU akunamatata !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This goes out to that comment bout god makeing a mistake…. Grow up and stop beliveing in fairy tales, god doesnt exist. Man created god to control fellow man. And I have to say it was a very successful endevor…
    And if you still belive “your god” exists and cant make a mistake take a hard look in the mirror….
    You would sicken god!

  • Jessica

    #33 I hope a male born transgender goes with what you said and dates someone close to you, and in haste F**ks the s**t out of her and kills her out of rage that the world of F**ks like you instilled apon him…. F**k off C**t

  • Meghan

    I think half the people posting on this site need a therapist… The most non compassionate group of individuals Ive ever seen.

  • http://gmail lidya

    @Rach: what the heal is wrong with you

  • JustStickingUpForTruth

    @what??: Amen! God does not make mistakes. And anyway Gos is not a belief, no one beieves in God you either know the truth or you dont and God IS truth.

  • JustStickingUpForTruth

    Its not god, its God. And yes there is a BIG difference. and if God is God do u think He would make mistakes? No. Plus if He had made anything ,yes anything, in creation one smallest numerical decimal point higher or lower we wound be unable to live. Mistakes not possible.