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Britney Spears: My Life Is Like Groundhog Day

Britney Spears: My Life Is Like Groundhog Day

Britney Spears leaves Sur restaurant in LA after dining with a handsome male friend on Monday night.

“There’s no excitement, there’s no passion. I have really good days, and then I have bad days.” Britney says in a new documentary.

“Even when you go to jail you know there’s the time when you’re gonna get out. But in this situation, it’s never ending. It’s just like Groundhog Day every day,” Brit added.

“I think it’s too in control. If I wasn’t under the restraints I’m under, I’d feel so liberated. When I tell them the way I feel, it’s like they hear but they’re really not listening,” Britney said. “I never wanted to become one of those prisoner people. I always wanted to feel free,” she added.

10+ more pics inside of Britney Spears‘ life as Groundhog day…

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  • Spengogolism

    Yep. They say that’s why most people go off the mental health preparations.

    The “ground hog day” effect.

    Poor thing.

  • dialectic

    awww maybe you shouldve taken care of your children instead of hanging out in front of gas stations all night banging paps and being fucking crazy…..

  • xenu

    Phiiiil? Phiiiiil? Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!

  • tawi-tawi

    #2 yeah like one can control his/her craziness! right!

    poor Brit. I hope she gets better. She needs to go as far away from LA as possible for a while, somewhere where nobody knows her, and concentrate on her mental health, and stop taking prescription drugs.

  • Lillianne

    Poor girl. She’s got it all going on for her and she doesn’t appreciate it.

  • Susan

    How sad. :(

  • boogie

    it’s t oo bad….she still has mental problems and will probably always will. Hope her kids do not move in with her ever. Scary.

  • me

    This came from a Tabloid and it said it was from her documentary!!!!! This is not a fact! I guess you’ll find out soon enough. it comes out Nov. 30th on MTV.

  • Luke



  • mary ellen

    #2 is absolutely right.
    When she started going off the deep end, she should’ve seeked help for her mental issues. This woman can live anywhere in the world, but she chooses hollywood. She’s also been diagnosed with being addicted TO the papps and the spotlight. I feel for her as well, but see many people such as herself, in hollywood, that just get away, and handle it better.

  • FAKE!!!!!!

    This came from The SUN (Tabloid)
    The SUN
    The SUN
    The SUN
    The SUN

  • :)

    this woman really can’t live without a make-up drama of her own life… first after losing all her persona in tabloid she paid paparazi to take her pic in the saloon n go bald, then blame them.. then if it wasn’t enough she show her private area in anytime n anywhere.. then she could write a song about it.. n then to make a innocent comeback , she paid MTV to give her 5 award including the EMA plus a big show n other packet that including to make a mega comeback… all of her song is mostly about the problem with paparazi that she made herself.. she just care bout her own persona n will do everything to keep her as the most searching woman in the internet….

    u know what will make u a legend britney.. if u just do a suicide that will shock your crazy fans all over the world…….
    so enjoy your famewhoooree

  • real world

    Need to control of her business more than to let parents do it.

  • enoughalready

    I for one honestly believe she was drugged and when she tried to get out it was too late, but thank God she is trying and is doing right by her children which were the only things keeping her going the little she was going.

    It happens to the best of them, but she is trying…

    Amy Winehouse refuses to try. Brit did with a good family backing…

    After this little whatever maybe she can take control of her finances and life..

    #12 that was wrong…

  • Dee

    Yeah Brit when you were free you acted like a damn fool! Shut up, leave LA, let daddy continue to run things, and take care of your kids! It’s not about you anymore. Poor Britney – not!

  • B#t$c@h slap the whiner

    I can understand her dilemma, but c’mon Britney…people are in worse dire straights…she can afford Starbucks for a lifetime…for me it’s a treat….

    I’m sick of these G@D D@%MN Celebs complaining about their hard times, and the Friggin’ paps and all…what the heck is there problem…if everyone could be famous like them for what they do and make it famous before 30 and become a multi-money earners before the age too…what’s to complain about…what did she think was going to happen when she reared her ugly side…

    Y’know, everyday I wake up is a bad day, I hate being a prisoner of poverty and I work hard to change it and I can’t afford the luxury to complain how bad it is while grinding my knuckles to the pavement looking for work and trying to pay my bills and eat…

    Britney loses my support ….I’m sick of these Celebrity Whiners…..Yeah, I’m bitter, and I’m sick of hearing their complaints, when I’m trying to budget getting enough money just to get on itunes to listen to a soundtrack or find a cheaper way to listen to my favorite artist….

    Granted, she has all the money from the support of her fans hard earned cash…but if every fan turned a back on her, she’d have nothing, be nothing except the trash that blew on Disney’s steps…

    Get real Britney…We’re sick of your Drama!!!!!

  • Jbo

    AWWWWWW – POOOOOOOR Unfitney…. The whole word is crying a river for you! Most prisoners don’t get to eat out at posh restaurants and be given clothes, shoes and purses.

    If you don’t like your life, stop being a no-talent music whore and stay home with your babies!!

    It’s really hard to feel sorry for someone who has everything at their finger tips and still acts like a spoiled BEYOTCH!

  • B#t$c@h slap the whiner


  • Lila

    yeah..Brit was drugged by those smarmy papz slimeballs.

    she is an uneducated, vulnerable young woman who is
    a sweetheart & out of her league in slimey L.A.

    I’m proud of her & love her Dad since he rescued his baby
    from insanity or death where those slimeballs drove her to.
    can’t those guys get arrested or deported? I betya they aren’t legal.
    x17 is a crooked operation. Or was.

  • Jbo

    B#t$c@h Slap the Whiner:

    AMEN!! Unfitney needs to look at the world around her and realize she has it SO GOOD! Yea, she can screw up at her job and it’s no big deal, while millions of people lose their jobs every day and stand in line for hours to interview for a job beneath their skill-level along side of a thousand others.

    She needs to count her lucky stars that when times are tough, she has people to pick up her pieces – where most normal people lose their homes, cars, livelihood and have NO ONE to rely on.

    They say she has a mental disorder, but I don’t think being a immature brat qualifies as a disorder….




  • :)

    i used to be the one who admire her hardwork as a singer n entertainer.. n it stop until 2003 .. where she just trying ridiculous thing to stay at the top of the the tabloid cover… it’s just disgusting, being crazy.. then looking innocent again n again.. u can always fool your crazy fans ..

    well i guess it your own karma.. u do it.. u get it..
    n from wat i see here.. your whole persona until this latest album is basically your team idea.. not yours…

  • terry

    How do you guys know what Britney appreciates? Money and fame doesn’t make someone happy. She was clearly unhappy for a long time, and she unfortunately let her depression show to the entire world. When Britney was at her lowest moment, people she thought she could trust took advantage of her. It’s sad that celebrities don’t have true friends or that the media and Americans don’t have the decency to let them grieve or go through bad moments in their life in privacy. Have you ever walked a day in her shoes?! NO you haven’t. You don’t how the business can take a toll on someone mentally, emotionally, and physically. What gives you the right to judge her and the decisions she has made in her life? Yes, she has made mistakes. We all have. That makes her human just like us. She’s not a perfect person, daughter, sister, or mother. Nobody is! She loves her sons soooooo much and she would die for them. Seriously, she doesn’t have to prove anything to you. She only has to prove herself to her sons and she’s doing that everyday! It’s good that she went through this ordeal because it had made her a better mother, daughter, sister, singer, and performer. Britney is a very strong and independent woman!!!


    Poor girl the side effects of those bi-polar drugs can make you like a zombie.

  • terry

    Also, if Britney was so uneducated, do you think she would have made it this far in her career. Yes she has a good life. But do you think that having good life means that she can’t have any dark moments in her life? Oh I forgot. You guys don’t consider her to be human being like us. She’s suppose to be a perfect person who doesn’t make any mistakes and who is suppose to smile and act like everything is okay everyday of her life. Get over it! She made mistakes and she is trying to move forward with her life and career.

  • Shawna

    She has bipolar and people with bipolar can get addicted to the feeling of the mania high (ask me how I know). That is the feeling she is missing, the feeling like everything is just “more.” More exciting, more colorful, more exhilirating, etc. The medication has brought her down to a normal state but she misses the high. It is good that she is being forced to take her meds because what normal happens is the person stops taking the meds to get the “high” back and then they become completely unstable again. Bipolar is no fun, having it is no fun, but she is going to have to accept that she has it and that life will never feel the same again.

  • terry

    When you really think about it, we are the reasons why the media and paparazzi have invade the lives of celebrities. We want to see celebrities screw up their lives and then laugh, judge, and criticize them for their mistakes. Britney never tries to put herself on tabloid covers all the time. She’s just trying to live her life and she has to make the mistakes and suffer the consequences of her actions to do that. Britney will always be on top of the world and noone can take that away from, especially insensitive people like you guys.

  • :)

    haha this is the part where the crazy fan of britaloonie coming down… u know what honey.. in this case ur legendary so called singer is crazy enough to marry an asshole like kfed in d 1st place… the rest is history…

    after all d good thing in her hand she just let it all down just for publicity.. yes she score a record of the most search artist in the world.. but what’s the point of life is ruining like hell.. she know it from the 1st place but can’t handle the reality..
    so don’t be fooled by her own mistake.. she know it well enough.. she is a famewhore..
    n after this album sales she will redo it into the next level of publicity that will make her fans crazy for moreeeeeeee… never ending story..

  • Nicole

    I guess her daily life of calling the paparazzi and driving to the gas station and getting coffee going home change clothes head back to gas station get more coffee go for ride stop at red light change drivers doing that for the last 3 years was nothing like Groundhog day.

  • Anon

    It’s painful to watch this play out right in public. I said it before. Britney is mentally ill. Full blown mental case. When she had that meltdown, all the family parasites who have been living off of her and enjoying the celebrity attention they got because of their connection to her, got scared. Their free ride was in danger. So now she has “bodyguards” who are her minders, really and keep her out of trouble, and her father handles her finances, she sees a shrink a few times a week, and she lost custody of her kids. And she is just biding her time until she can “escape” and go wild and have another meltdown. Britney should have been placed in a hospital away from all the spotlight. Instead, they got her well enough to cut a few more tracks and do a few more songs and make some more money. She will come to a tragic end and it will probably happen within the next two or three years. You don’t outgrow mental illness. She is barely functional and she thinks like a little kid. Emotionally, she is like a six year old. Her baby is having seizures. Don’t you think it might have something to do with the fact that she probably did some awful things to him when she was on her rampage and even before anyone realized she was unravelling?

  • terry

    you think she would go through all this trouble just to get publicity…she got her kids and her freedom taken away just for fame…wow that’s a logical reason(NOT!!!)…she was mentally unstable…she already had fame…why would she need more?! and excuse me…she was in love with kevin…she was probably more in love with him than he was with her…and another thing the reason why she is so famous is because people like us continue to comment on everything she does!


    Here’s an idea: go to Africa and see all the orphaned kids dying of aids, then do something about it. If you need to be a thrill-seeker, seek it helping others. Become a missionary in terrorist-ridden countries – now that’s *very* exciting.

    And stop complaining about ennui, you spoiled, filthy rich self-centered bitch. I’m thinking you’re a Grade A narcissist these days.

  • :)

    haha u seem really happy even though everybody talk crap bout her.. that’s the new low..
    n anyway the only reason i say all this stuff cause u r all britaloonie fans r quite stupid to still support her music.. u guys should give more support on poverty n other thing that more important in this world issue.. supporting a famewhore like this isn’t gain anything for good.. just for her.. n she don’t even thankful for all the good.. tsk tsk tsk….

  • B#t@c%h slap the whiner

    Hey Terry,
    No one is saying we expect her to be perfect…Unfortunately paparrazzi comes with the territory and it has been since the name Celebrity existed in the forefront of entertainment.

    She can have dark days and that’s fine, we ALL have them…she is Human and we don’t fault her for that…

    I can’t speak for all, I just don’t like celebrity to insult the fans or myself by saying they think it’s all to much…yeah, it may be, then get in the Friggin welfare line, donate all your fame and fortune to the masses and get a 20/80 house and shut yer pie hole Britney!

    These celebs have friends before they get famous too…or maybe she was a loner….NO….I don’t think so, she needs an audience to catapult her in the spotlight…she has a support team…maybe they’re not for her best interest….I just don’t want to hear her friggin’ complaints and then go to a friggin’ store to justify her behavior…
    So what she shops at WalMart, Target, or where ever…so she penny pinches…she can make that choice when many of us can’t and some can’t even walk into a WalMart and feel bad that we can’t even afford things at WalMart prices…so, don’t hand me her bi-polar, zombidized story…
    It’s sad to see anyone succumb to any kind of illness being mental or physical, and I do wish her the best of health, and recovery from what’s bugging her, In hopes that she finds herself and become the strong woman that she appeared to be…She has to lean on her friends and family to help her out…and they are still there to support her….and if she feels otherwise…that’s because she’s being greedy and trying to hold onto her money. Spread your wealth…and stop complaining Britney BIATCH!!!!

    She shouldn’t even have to go to Africa to see how bad it is….It’s bad in her own back yard, her hometown, and in all of the USA!

    Heck, Hire me, I’ll straighten you out…I need a job!!!

  • B#t@c%h slap the whiner

    # 30 if She feels she has to die for her children or someone is immoral and selfish…she does need help.

    Everyday and in every job there are parasites…in the entertainment industry more so because people want what they don’t have. I do not make the choice to walk in her shoes…as she knows her job description is defined as any other job…it’s just a bigger job, and her responsibility is to maintain and manage it with the help that is offered and given to her…no, it’s not always easy to make the right choices…but, at least know and have some moral idea of what you’ll stand for and not.

    Britney’s a fierce lion, a warrior, a strong person, and she can stand taller than any person…she just has to grab her right to be herself again…she owns it and no one else can take that from her!!! So, B….stop feeling sorry for yourself and grab the reigns of your existence!! Lifes’ to negative to be looking into the darkness!

  • Ericka


    Why do people believe what they read without doing their own research!


  • WentsWorthit

    she’s with hot guy tho! feelin her pain…not

  • johnnotbraziliandoe

    Wanna know who the guy is??

  • Amanda

    I feel sorry for her simply because she has a bunch of insensitive people like the people here posting and saying she should commit suicide and judging her when they don’t have a clue. You don’t know her and you don’t know everything that is going on. Entertainment websites and magazines only know what they are told and the very little that they can find out elsewhere. They do not have the entire story. Basically everyone is judging by what they see as if that is all there is to it. She has a life away from the public and we don’t know what goes on.

  • bella

    I am sorry in a way I blame Lynne Spears for this.
    She put Britney in the business and allowed others to control her when she was first starting her career. This girl will never have a normal life. It is sad because she has 2 kids that will most likely never have any chance at a normal life either.

  • celery gloss

    b@*=c%h slap the whiner: I agree with you.

    I wish this girl would be more grateful for what she has. If she doesn’t like this life, don’t make the new album. Don’t make a comeback. Take your millions and go take care of yourself and kids!!
    If she were struggling to get into the industry, she’d be WISHING this very life she has.

  • celery gloss

    b@*=c%h slap the whiner: I agree with you.

    I wish this girl would be more grateful for what she has. If she doesn’t like this life, don’t make the new album. Don’t make a comeback. Take your millions and go take care of yourself and kids!!
    If she were struggling to get into the industry, she’d be WISHING this very life she has.

  • winter

    i agree with some people on here, this “article” came from a tabloid, that lies all the time. some people judge her without knowing if these things are true or not…give her a break!

  • pap

    I’m a pap who shoots brit, and I have to say I wish we could leave her alone. She’s such a cool chick in real life. She’s totally unpredictable. If any normal people have gone what she’s gone through, they would be so much worse. Nobody can judge Brit. Some people I shoot and I don’t feel a bit of remorse for, but Britney needs a break. She needs a good month off from the paps,, just like we all need a break. I would be so willing to leave her alone if all the others did, but since the competition is the way it is, we all need to sort of be there. Brit, send me an email, and I’ll make sure the paps never find you, and totally not try and take your pic. I’ve already got plenty. Feel so bad for Brit, although she makes tons of money. I am one of the “bad” paps, but seriously, the girl deserves a break. Even the President of the United States doesn’t get as much scrutiny. Long story short, Britney’s actually a real cool chic. She’s as normal as can be with such a magnifying glass on her. Not many people could handle what she goes through. I’m done babbling.

  • LuckyL

    Poor thing my a**. Anywa, cute guy

  • angelina

    Reply to #10, Mary Ellen
    Not while I am defending Britney in any manner, but, when someone has mental issues and goes off the deep end, they tend to not get mental help for themselves. They are unfortunately unable to do so. It has to be done by others and it is sad that it took so long for anyone to get her any help.

  • lip syncer

    If she wants to be liberated then she should give up custody of her kids. She’s very selfish and shouldn’t have had kids. She was abusing drugs and put her kids life in danger.

  • Hidanar

    Forget about brit……..
    he’s hot