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Katie Holmes Smiles for Candid Cameras!

Katie Holmes Smiles for Candid Cameras!

Katie Holmes shows off a rare smile as she leaves her apartment to go to a performance of All My Sons in New York City on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old actress also took daughter Suri back to her apartment today.

Husband Tom Cruise and Katie celebrate their two year anniversary today! The pair got married in Italy two years ago.


10+ pictures of Katie Holmes smiling wide for candid cameras…

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katie holmes smiles 01
katie holmes smiles 02
katie holmes smiles 03
katie holmes smiles 04
katie holmes smiles 05
katie holmes smiles 06
katie holmes smiles 07
katie holmes smiles 08
katie holmes smiles 09
katie holmes smiles 10

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  • mike


  • Janie

    She looks great and happy 2 year anniversary to them! Wish them more love and happiness in the world!!! :):):):):):)

  • lexi

    i love katie’s looks. she genuinely has good taste and seems like a nice person. but her HAIR!!!! i do not like it this short. i dont like viky becks hair short either. when their hair was a short bob, it was quite. i do not-do not like their hair that short. but its just my opinion and i had to get it out. anyways HAPPY ANNIVERSary!

  • jody

    Okay folks……
    Where is the COAT for this kid?
    It was 32 degrees today.
    It almost snowed.

    HELP SURI NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    WOW! 2 years already?

    Congrats TomKat :)

  • Dancer

    Well at least Suri has leggings on and at least Katie for once isn’t bundled up. They probably are just going from car to door. Too bad she didn’t think to use the apartment garage. I’m sure she is staying somewhere ritzy and they must have one.

  • Noelle

    Isn’t it amazing, I read Katie flew to Calif. to celebrate her anniversary with the Cruise family (Bella and Connor) and flew back again for her play and not ONE picture of all this action has been posted. (At least not yet) Does this confirm our theory that the paps are contacted only when publicity is needed??

  • !!!!!!!!!

    # 4 Help yourself and your own kids not others. Have you studied child pyschology,human behavior and childhood development?

    Not all people and babies are the same and many babies like Suri hate to be bundled up and have sweaters,socks etc….

  • cupcakes

    Congrats TomKat!!!

  • yeah baby

    God bless them and congrrrraaattssss.

    Katie is so cute and looks happy.

  • Dancer

    Noelle #7

    I was thinking the same thing. BUT of course they managed to get a press release to People Magazine telling the world what they were doing for their anniversary. If it hadn’t been for that, we probably never would have known she had flown to LA and back again!

  • facts

    Actually Noelle, Tom,John Wayne,Bruckheimer,Julia Stiles,Dennis Hopper and many others in Hollywood work for the Govt. that’s how sleek and able to trick Tom is with the paparazzis. He did that with Suri and many paps were not able to see Katie prepare for the marathon. They are always above the paps.

    This is way too easy since its just the airport or hotel doors or restaurants where paps have easy access.

    Some are Govt.employees and some are communists in Hollywood.


  • anonymous

    Dancer you are wrong….not all the People details are correct and People dont even have the entire details except quiet time together.
    Quiet time together can mean many things and pls. wait for your Angelina and Brad , Kidman and not mock this family because you are fans of someone else. Why bring down this family because you are fans of someone else? you are just giving a bad rep to Angelina and Brad even Kidman if this is your behavior bashing people you dont know and picking fights on other threads.

  • :)


  • Dancer

    I’m sorry, I must comment on this dreadful outfit. I’m sure Tim Gunn will do it better, but what is with the 3/4th length sleeves and gloves? This looks totally ridiculous. It is what? 32 degrees in NYC. This woman wears a winter coat in summer and bundles up in sweaters and now that it is winter she is dressing with skin showing? Not to mention that purple thing, jacket and scarf don’t go together. Love her bag, but not with this outfit!
    Tim Gunn weigh in with your opinon!

  • ryan

    I smile when
    I see Katie

  • regina

    Both are dolls

    Thanks JJ

  • uh oh…

    ryan @ 11/18/2008 at 10:24 pm

    I smile when
    I see Katie


    Is this some sort of haiku? :?

  • twilight

    What’s important to know is that Tim Gunn project runway show is losing lots of ratings and CNN and MSNBC calls him “out of touch with the People’s Style”.

  • meatloaf

    Please give this family especially Suri and all celeb babies
    some peace and privacy.

  • espn

    Katie is a natural beauty and I hope she keeps wearing no makeup unless its the glamorous events. JJ thanks <3

  • portia

    Big toast to the happy pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaylee

    Keep smiling Katie and Tom
    and prove the haters wrong.
    Take care JJ.

  • antibailout

    She looks sweet.

  • dido

    god bless them happy anniversary tomkat

  • JANE

    Everything she wears turns to Walmart

  • Minnesota

    Such a lovely lady and I like that she is so down to earth and simple.
    Above all she is a devoted mom and wife and nice to everyone.

  • thanks jared

    Epitomizes class and grace.


    I’m a bit concerned…

    First the accessories, formal dress gloves with blue jeans are a no-no. While it’s obvious Holmes has a new cognac Birkin, the black briefcase would have better matched the boots, scarf, and gloves.

    Jeans are jeans, but the top half is a mess.

    The proportions are all wrong. a sleeve of that length with jeans shouldn’t be worn with gloves. If it’s that cold, a longer sleeve is necessary.

    The cardigan has no body and seems to have been laundered incorrectly, the wrinkled under blouse is horrid, a mess. A simple black turtleneck would have given the look some chic which in turn could necessitate throwing away that awful thing wrapped around her neck.

    Grooming remains a major issue.

  • unknown


  • doc

    that outfit makes katie look fat and kind of dumpy

  • boogie

    it’s pretty simple…

    Katie just has no fashion sense at all. She needs to hire a personal shopper/fashion helper.

  • …..

    Poor Tim Gunne being on JJ’s site wont give you a boost of ratings for your show. You worship Nicole Kidman so you attack Holmes Sweet Holmes. You should learn a thing or two from Kidman because she does not attack Katie but says wonderful things about her.
    Shame on you,imposter Tim Gunne. Katie is not Kidman and she has her own unique beautiful style. Dont get nasty because karma is on its way to those that do that. You dont want bad karma happening to your idol Kidman or to yourself do you?

  • charmed

    Looking happy and chic,Katie!

  • nina

    Tom and Katie are in love, so happy and beautiful. Im offering my congratulations to them also.

  • defap

    happy anniversary TomKat!
    looking at the happy family makes me happy.

  • Kevin

    She is hot,long legged
    and put together.
    Beautiful on the inside too
    and a woman guys wonna bring home to
    mom because there’s nothing trashy about her.

  • yvonne

    love her gloves and bag

  • Mr. White

    What help, #4? I won’t deny that it was cold out but she was taken from a car to her apartment only across what? 3…4 yards?

    Jeez, #7. I read… I heard… I hate it when critics say that.

    Why wait for confirmation when you’ve already made up your minds a long time ago?

    According to they had a quiet dinner at home explaining the lack of pictures. If it was a restaurant, maybe then you’d have something.

    Are you now going to use the fact that she wasn’t seen at airports as proof now?

    I’d bet that if TomKat WERE seen on their anniversary you’d cry photo op.

    They’re just clothes and her outfits are not your problem, #15.

    She just doesn’t care, #32. And neither should yo. Get a life.

  • go away trolls

    Ignore *some* of the jealous trolls from Kidman and Brangelina. Not all fans stoop low that way.

  • go away trolls

    *some* Joshua Jackson trolls too that have letting go issues thinking Joey and Pacey are real. LMAO.

  • 2+2

    #33, nicole kidman has never said that kate is chic or fashionable.

    few real people in fashion have complimented her unless they are financially involved with tomkat. read the emperor’s new clothes.

    wake up!

  • patches

    Lovely as usual

  • usa

    TomKat are a perfect match and long live your happiness and love.

    Im sad the tomcats retired but thank God for my TomKat.

  • poker

    She’s a fashion winner in my book and what a graceful young woman.

  • DUH

    Noelle @ 11/18/2008 at 10:12 pm

    Isn’t it amazing, I read Katie flew to Calif. to celebrate her anniversary with the Cruise family (Bella and Connor) and flew back again for her play and not ONE picture of all this action has been posted. (At least not yet) Does this confirm our theory that the paps are contacted only when publicity is needed??

    B I N G O ! ! !

  • W. Smith

    she is so inspiring.
    she looks really amazing.
    it is so thrilling.
    wow. i am really totally in awe.
    really. just wow.

  • L

    I saw a video on another site of Suri and Katie in the park. Katie tried to put a sweater on the child and she didn’t like it.

    Congrats to the couple!

  • chloe

    Vanessa and Zac Efron said Katie and Tom are their role models and they met them through Posh. Nicole Kidman lovingly talks about her kids,Suri and Katie on Glamour Magazine and Oprah.

    Renee Zelwelgger has big compliments for actress Katie…

  • katty

    Noelle @ 11/18/2008 at 10:12 pm

    Isn’t it amazing, I read Katie flew to Calif. to celebrate her anniversary with the Cruise family (Bella and Connor) and flew back again for her play and not ONE picture of all this action has been posted. (At least not yet) Does this confirm our theory that the paps are contacted only when publicity is needed??

    B I N G O ! ! !


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