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Nicole Kidman Has a Sydney Send-off

Nicole Kidman Has a Sydney Send-off

Nicole Kidman and her husband rocker Keith Urban depart from Sydney, Australia by private jet on Wednesday.

Nic, 41, has just finished up promoting her new film, Australia in her homeland.

“Rarely do you get a make a film that you have dreamed of doing since you were little, which will be part of Australian cinema. This is a celebration for me and hopefully for this country!”, said Kidman.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and her Sydney send-off…

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nicole kidman sydney send off 01
nicole kidman sydney send off 02
nicole kidman sydney send off 03
nicole kidman sydney send off 04
nicole kidman sydney send off 05
nicole kidman sydney send off 06
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nicole kidman sydney send off 09
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Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Dancer

    Thanks for posting so many Nic posts. She is great! Elegant, put together, stylish and talented.

  • Abby

    Keith looks good :)

  • sweetie

    Lovely! Thanks, JJ! :-)

  • Tash

    Thanks JJ

  • Lila

    where’ s the pillow baby? leaving without her?

  • Lila

    sorry for being such an a*s. i’m really just an envious nobody without a life. sorry

  • ivermom

    Love Nic and Keith!
    She looks great for just having a baby!

  • nk

    I still cannot figure her out, let alone the two of them….

  • love nicole!!

    # 6 Lila @ 11/18/2008 at 10:38 pm sorry for being such an a*s. i’m really just an envious nobody without a life. sorry
    hahahha that was funny!! I will do the same with the mean comments haha

  • Daniel

    Wow! Gorgeous girl! Her legs and ass are just yummy.

  • JANE

    Gotta love a person who loves her country so much!

    You can tell it’s love too.

    She is just love personified, Keith, Sunday Rose, her movie, her country, Nashville, heck, her little sister is her best freind.

    I wanna kill my sister! LOL
    Argh, and I wanna be that thin after having a baby too~

  • Bronben

    Met her last night.
    Absolute goddess!

  • sasha

    How long were they in Australia? They only arrived late Monday night and left early Wednesday morning. I don’t even think they brought the baby with them.

  • jim



  • dani

    Don’t leave us hanging! Tell us more about meeting her!!!!

  • Nicole abused my husband

    This is a true story. I always think about it when I see Nicole.

    Shortly after she and Tom made “Days of Thunder” they were visiting Australia and must have been on a road trip heading north. My husband was driving his tractor on the highway (it is legal and common in this area) going from one paddock to another on our farm when a Mercedes sports car appeared from nowhere behind him. They must have been re-enacting a racing scene from the movie as they were well over the speed limit. They were blocked from overtaking by oncoming traffic. When the road was clear they pulled alongside my husband on his tractor. Tom was driving and Nicole was in the passenger seat. She verbally abused and swore at my husband for holding them up. Tom then put his foot down and they sped off into the distance. When my husband arrived home he was still quite shaken by the incident as he did not do anything to deserve the abuse.
    I was shocked, but not surprised to hear of a similar incident involving the photographer Jamie Fawcett about 18 months ago. This time Keith Urban was driving the car. I wonder how many other people have received the same treatment?????
    I’m sorry but the public persona does not match the private person.
    When I read about her Sydney Send-off I thought “Good riddance to her and please don’t come back.”

  • my word

    I love seeing Nicole and Keith together. They ooze happiness. And even with all their money they seem very down to earth and just in love. Good for Nicole. After all the H___ her X put her through I’m glad she is with a real man.

  • Sheri

    Jared … as an avid Keith Urban fan, he is not a “rocker” as you state ~ he is a country music star (albeit with a slight rock edge), but I wouldn’t classify him as her “rocker” husband. He is well ensconced in the country music community where we’re very happy to have him!!

  • supernova

    where is her little baby?

  • Sheri

    Supernova: I saw Nicole say on one of the entertainment shows that they left little Sunday in Nashville because they were only going to be in Australia for the movie premiere a little over 24 hours…

  • alison

    Er, since when did Keith Urban become a rocker?

    Lila #6 and Love Nicole #9: People ought to be allowed to express their opinion without having to consider retaliation and smart a*s retorts by die-hard fans. The fact that I don’t find Nicole attractive or even a good actress has nothing to do with jealousy or not having a life! Simply, I have my opinion and you have yours. We should each be able to freely express ourselves without the sarcasm and ridiculous comments.

    (And really, I doubt NK cares one iota about you – much less defend you on a public forum.)

  • alison

    That said, I’ll admit she looks fantastic in jeans!

  • Tahlia

    Re #16 I believe your story. I have spoken to a couple of locals in Bowen who were on the movie set with her for 2 months and they said she was only happy and friendly when Keith was there. Otherwise she couldn’t give anyone the time of day. Hugh, on the other hand was always friendly and seemed to enjoy mixing with the local townspeople.

  • wow

    Naww she still looks glamorous!

  • anka

    Bella & Connor are coming to see the movie in NYC. nicole said that in Australia Press Conference so we might see some pix but i Guess tom wouldn`t allowed

  • allan

    Amazing legs,nice ass in jeans, keith you are soooooooooo hot

  • to 16#,23#

    16# if he abused like you said why didn`t he go to Court and suit her ?is he a Photographer ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last week Brad Garrett loses his mind by a photographer

    21# I respect your opinion and yes she looks great in jeans

    23# why didn`t she mixing with the local townspeople ?thats her nature Unlike Keith likes mixing with people

    by the way i met nicole Twice and she let me Touching her belly when she was Pregnant ,she is not that kind of people that love to talk much and she down to earth to me thats her nature

    people assumed that she highty mighty person and cold Because the way she talks the way she look ,that i was thinking too but after meeting her Personally I changed my mind

    People Hates her Because botox ,Lips injections,Frozen face thats her body she do whatever she pleased , and Why not talk about it thats up to her we are not telling people do this do thats her Business, her life

    does`t mean ,she is a god people do mistakes and she is human beings after all

    Do you judge people because of the looks????? you have to meet and talk Before judgeing them !!!!!!

  • Really

    Wow, people think she is so beautiful when she obviously got out of bed and whipped her hair up in a messy bun or whatever you call that thing on her head. What would you call the color of her hair? Straw? It amazes me that you say she is elegant and classy while wearing jeans and Converse shoes. Whatever!

  • anna

    i cant wait for australia and i`m so happy that the movie received largely positive reviews after its world premiere ,Yesterday, I read a Hollywood reporters review and it was Amazing ,Strong performance by Nicole ,hugh great Cinematography by baz omg it will be great.

  • to Really #28

    if your face looks like that after got out of bed ,defiantly you are sooo lucky

  • Hooray!!

    Just announced People’s Sexiest Man Alive,on People Mag’s official site

    I love Hugh. It’s about time he won this title

  • really

    Looks like what? I don’t see anything but her back and her sunglasses are covering up her face. From these pictures, how can anybody say how her face looked? For all you know, her eyes were puffy and blood-shot with mascara running down from them!

  • andamentothat

    Keith aint no rocker but he is a good country music singer… Jetting out of Sydney already.. she must be eager to head back to Sunday Rose.. I hope Australia does well.. And great news on Hugh Jackman..

  • Her pants are too tight and her butt looks gross and I’m loving the bad angles for a change…She is so knock kneed!= gross but it works for her b/c it make her hips look even narrower=taller & leaner looking and good for all those long gowns.

  • dani

    Nicole abused my husband @ 11/19/2008 at 1:57

    Guess this could be true, but you have your facts wrong with the body guard incident. Keith wasn’t in the car. So makes me suspect the story is not as truthful as you would like us to believe.
    And I’ve heard the opposite from folks who have been there about the Aussie filming–that she was, yes aloof, but gracious, hardworking, and always cared about staff and folks.

  • Taco

    dani, Keith Urban was driving the vehicle when Kidman got out of the vehicle and told Jame Fawcett to “F*ck off”. There are video and pictures out there of the incident, and yes, you can see Urban in the driver’s seat. Jamie is an Aussie photographer, but not the one that Kidman’s bodyguard beat up in LA – nice that she is fighting for abused victtims with UNIFEM when she has no problem putting the hit on a photographer.

  • Figaro

    Keith looks happy and more smokin’ hot for a change….probably because he didn’t have to walk near Skankypants…..


    I love private jets.

  • isa

    they look great.


    COUPLE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sammy

    so happy and beautiful

  • billy

    So gorgeous

  • jim


  • zzzzzzzzzz

    Just lovely

  • zzzzzzzzzz

    Just lovely

  • love

    Love Nic and Keith.


    Keith looks GREAT!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

  • webber

    I love Nicole and Keith together


    Amazing!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS COUPLE


    AGREE ” ALISON “….I have always said that same thing…Why can’t we all just comment without sarcasm…We all do NOT agree on the same thing, but we can all just agree to disagree without all the hate…..
    AGREE ” DANCER “…Nicole is beautiful as always…..If she DID curse out the photographer, Good for her….Maybe he was annoying and NOT getting out of the way…..How irritating that must be…It dosen’t matter that they are in the public eye, they still deserve their private time without paps. hounding them….
    To the poster who said ” where is the pillow baby “?….WHAT ?….Don’t tell me we are STILL on THAT old subject again….It is old with Katie Holmes ( giving birth early and hiding ), and it is old with Nicole…..Why can’t people get over her actually being pregnant?…JEALOUSY OR WHAT?