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Hugh Jackman is People's Sexiest Man 2008

Hugh Jackman is People's Sexiest Man 2008

Hugh Jackman tops People‘s 2008 Sexiest Man list and couldn’t agree more!!!!!

His wife of 12 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, calls his perfect form “the Body of Doom – but I like what’s inside”: a romantic who sings ballads at home and makes pancakes for their children Oscar, 8, and Ava, 3.

On his wife’s response: God bless her, she said, “I could’ve told them that years ago!” And then she said, “Obviously, Brad wasn’t available this year.” And I said, “That was a joke, right?”

On what he wears to bed: I didn’t wear anything until my daughter was born and we had a night nanny because I was working. I walked out stark naked, and she was reading a book. Now I like boxer briefs.

On when he first learned about sex: “When I was 9, Scott Whitehead, who lived down the road, had an older brother who had Penthouse magazines. I was kind of shocked.”

Other hotties who made the list: Daniel Craig, John Hamm, Zac Efron, Roebrt Buckley, Blair Underwood, Ed Westwick, Michael Phelps, Blake Shelton, Lang Lang, Mark-Paul Gosslear, Jaiver Bardem, Robert Pattinson, Joshua Jackson and David Beckham.

Read Hugh‘s full interview at People. Do YOU agree with People‘s picks for Sexiest Man???

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  • Janeway

    Yeah Hugh!!!! IT IS ABOUT TIME! People magazine gets it right! But you knew it all along Jared! Thanks for aways being a great supporter and source for Hugh pix. You got it before the rest!

  • Tate

    Haha – I think “some people” are having a tough time distinguishing a MAN from a boy!!!!!

    Zac, Robert and even Ed, whilst not unattractive (well, Zac is questionable) are ALL still little boys.

    Hugh on the other hand – IS ALL MAN!!!! :)

  • anna

    Better than Matt Damon for sure….my sexy lists:

    Ben Barnes
    Michael Vartan
    Jamie Denton
    Tom Cruise
    Clive Owen
    Mark Walhberg
    Downey Jr.

  • pups

    Not so happy with the choice and lists but it could have been worst like Obama or Clooney again.

  • factoid

    I like Hugh and Jon Hamm(should be Superman IMO) but how can they ignore Matthew Settle,Gabriel Macht,Tom Cruise,Chris Pine and my 3 Aarons from Aaron Eckhart,Aaron Diaz and Aaron Piersol who is hotter than Phelps. So many football players are hotter than what People listed.

  • mickey

    Hugh is alright. I can get behind Jon Hamm and Daniel Craig.


    David Beckham is too cheesy to be sexy. Robert Pattinson seems like a nice enough guy but he is royally unattractive. Zac Efron is just…no. Zac wears more make up than Megan Fox (well maybe not that much, but a lot). Michael Phelps can swim, but that’s about it. He looks like he has been hit in the face with a board. Ed Westwick is so prodigiously fugly that People should be ashamed for even putting him on the list.

  • espn

    Simon Baker and Julian McMahon are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lavett

    i think Hugh deserved the title he is pretty sexy. joshua jackson too i think his sexy. ben affleck should be there, eric bana, christian bale. josh harnett, james franco. james mcavoy..dayum theres so many hot guys.

  • lavett

    i think Hugh deserved the title he is pretty sexy. joshua jackson too i think his sexy. ben affleck should be there, eric bana, christian bale. josh harnett, james franco. james mcavoy..dayum theres so many hot guys. oh and ryan gosling too.

  • faraday

    We’ve been saying that about Hugh for years down here in Australia. ‘Bout time you lot finally came to your senses. He’s a real man, not just one of these pretty boys like Chace Crawford, or Zac Efron, who are barely out of nappies.

  • ra

    YES!!!!! People got it right this year. Hugh Jackman is sexy not just because he’s hotter than hell, but because he knows what’s important in life – his wife and family are and always will be his top priority.

    Go Hugh!!

    Can’t wait to see “Australia” – just one week to go.

  • MJ

    Um, I agree that his publicists ran a successful campaign to get him on the cover….that should do the trick in time for the Australia premiere.

  • Aha

    People should name it “SEXIEST WHITE MAN ALIVE”

  • sma

    Yes, this film needs all the help it can politics came into play here!

    Let’s face it, Daniel Craig needs no title or help!

    Hugh Jackman had his PR team work overtime on this!

  • tigerlilly

    Why did they use such an old photo of Daniel Craig? It must be at least 10 years old. He so much more sexy now than when he was younger!!

  • Number 1 fan

    YES HE IS!!!!!!!

  • lainey

    Lainey agree that Daniel’s camp did not actively campaign for him as he would have been uncomfortable with the title…Hugh handles the fame better and “Australia” is still being edited as we speak…doesn’t sound hopeful!

    Daniel coming in a close second is proof that he would have won it if his PR team had of shown interest.

    Daniel needs no help nor does his Bond films!

    Unlike Hugh.

  • amanda

    HELL YEAH I AGREE WITH THIS WEEK’S PEOPLE COVER!!!!!!!!! WHO WOULDNT AGREE THAT HUGH JACKMAN ISN’T SEXY ;) he’s got the bod and all the above. woo hoo!!!

  • stefanie

    He is my future baby daddy.
    Perfect, absolutely perfect.

    And a good family man too.

    God Bless Hugh Jackman. Can’t wait to melt when I go to see Australia and here him utter the words “Welcome to Australia” in that oh-so sexy Aussie voice.

  • Shannon

    Rob, Zac and Ed yay im lovin Hugh sexi ass mofo since X-man!

  • emjay

    Well yes. I agree, and conveniently all of the Sexiest men movie stars have projects out right now. The only reason to see Australia is for Hugh after all…

  • sienna

    well,i agree that hugh is the sexiest!!! we all know he’s perfect ;))))
    but i really don’t understand why people like robert pattison and sac efron are on the list?????
    they are not even men! they should be on just jared junior,and they are not even good looking..terrible…
    i’m also very glad that daniel is the second….he is just a perfect bond!!!
    but people like george clooney,gerry butler,brad pitt,david beckham, joaquin phoenix,etc. should be higher then they are.

  • Spicylily THAILAND

    I couldn’t agree more……
    Like him a lot in X Men, The Prestige, Kate & Leopold & Happy Feet.
    and Van helsing ..

    - Handsome : yes
    - Sexy : yes
    - Great body ; yes
    - Doting dad : yes
    - Family man : yes
    - Talented actor : yes

    The rests are not my concern as he makes me happy seeing him in movies and it’s enough to respect his private life.

    - Having old & not beautiful wife : fine with me
    - Rumor to be a bi sexual : fine with me

    Can’t wait to see ‘ Australia’ : )

  • Mikie

    my girlfriend thinks that zac efron is sexier than Hugh. I mean seriously you would probally get a better chance going out with zac than Hugh. causse zac doesn’t really seem to have a girlfriend and if he does he doesn’t seem to treat her right because he is all over every girl that he can get a hold of . He has his arm around a bunch of girls all the time. it just does not seem like he is a good boyfriend to me. i actually give more attention to my girlfriend more than any other girl. see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • preen jackman

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah finally

  • preen jackman

    yeeeeeeeeeeah finally… wohoooooooow this your year honey!!!

  • GoingShoppingforfood

    A good family man is always sex

  • ca


  • deneb

    Yay Joshua Jackson!!!!!! I love him!

  • Katie

    Zac Efron- NO. Maybe if it was Sexiest BOY alive? (same for that Robert Pattinson person)
    But if you want a MAN- you need Jackman.

  • OOO



  • pafan

    I think he’s a nice enough looking guy, but the hottest.? No way. I agree his publicists must have done something major to get the cover. As far as I’m concerned only GERRY BUTLER is the hottest. The body, the face, those green eyes and that voice. It doesn’t get any better.

  • eve


  • jazmine

    zac efron!! yea baby he should be number 1!!! i lvoe him!

  • Dona

    !Yes! Emphatically YES!

  • dianel

    I would say David Beckam is far more sexy

  • tan



    Deb Furness is my idol.

  • C

    I’m glad that Hugh won! He definitely deserves it.

  • daily mail
  • Rose

    Hugh Jackson, definitely the sexiest man alive <3 Glad to see Ed Westwick on that list, but Michael Phelps? Seriously? Yeah, he can swim, and he has a nice body, but have you seen his face? Oh, and Joshua Jackson is on the list, love love love <3

  • anon.

    Hugh is the only many sexy in this list. The rest is poo.

    English magazines know chose better sexy men.

    People magazine is almost blind (at least Hugh is ok).

  • Toni

    Hugh definitely deserved it, i was happy he received this honor to me hes hotter than half of them on the list

  • Suzy

    Hugh was not a bad choice, but I would have chosen Gerard Butler for the top honor. Then take away some of the boys on the list and add a few men like Josh Holloway, Gabriel Macht, Ed Harris, Cristian de la Fuente, Tom Selleck, Oded Fehr, Aaron Eckhardt, Denzel Washington, etc.

  • Claire


    Go Hugh! I was watching the news tonight and he was like “Yeah, it’s great! But I just know I’m going to get ribbed back in Australia.”

    Oh, so true.

    *BARF* at the rest of the list… Where the hell is Patrick Dempsey!?!!!?!?!

  • Natalie

    Daniel Craig is so much sexier!!!!

  • w
  • dsdig

    They couldn’t have made a better choice! Can’t wait until the magazine comes out.

  • People’s choice

    Hugh is nice – he’s HEAPS better than Matt Damon IMO. But I can think of ‘sexier’ celebs. Just glad it wasn’t Clooney again – I’ve never seen his appeal. And I agree about Zac Efron – sorry, but he makes me think of a young boy who’s doing his best to look like a girl!

  • jen

    finally! they picked a real man..hugh is incredibly sexy and not only that, a great actor and seems like a great person as well….however everyone else on the list i could care less for…

  • Daniel lover

    In my opinion Danial Craig is the sexiest man in the world.
    Just look at the pictures in #96. He and Nicole are HOT in these pictures.